The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1950
Page 5
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\ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1950 Th« Nation Today: Th« Pork Barrel— Rivers and Harbors Bill Is Example of Pork Barrel By James Marlow WASHINGTON, April 19. (If)— Vou think your taxes are too high. And you think the government is spending too much money. YOU wish It would cut down on the 'pending so it could cut down on your taxes. You never see, directly, most of the money the government spends, you wonder where it all goes, -urse, you'd see a Httle of it if the government would fix that bay near you to help fishing and recreation. So you—and by you is meant your local fishing club, or real estate board, or business group of landowners—tell your congressman and he sets to work on it. Bay Adds (O Cost If the government fixes that bay, it's going to add something to what the government Is spending. But you think your neighborhood ought to have it and, If you can get It, you want it. You may, or may not, remember that other people all over the country are putting in plugs with their Congressmen to get the government to do something about their bay, or river, or harbor. And when all these plugs are put together in one big bill—called the Rivers and Harbors Bill—the total calls for a big chunk of government money. Your Congressman, of course, is glad to push your pet project. That's getting something for the people back home who vote for him. in fact, his re-election may depend on whether he gets you what you want. This brings up the old problem of trying to have your cake and eating it, too, of cutting down government spending while asking the government to keep on spend- inj^i T^, A Wonderful Sight And it's a wonderful sight to see Congressmen, who complain about government spending, making a pitch for a big rivers and harbors bill when Congress get around to voting on it. This all came up again in the past week. The Senate was debating the Rivers and Harbors Bill. Senator Douglas, Illinois Democrat who Is also an economist, asked the senators to make some sacrifices, in the name of economy, and vote against some of their pet home-town projects. "I know only too well what we are up against," he said. "Local groups demand that their representatives and senators bring home the "bacon' or else. "All too often these groups loudly proclaim their desire for economy, but at the same time they want eral government's expense. They want economy practiced on the other fellow but not on themselves! "So my appeal Is directed not only to tiie Senate of the United States. It Is directed in an ever greater degree to the citizens of the localities themselves." The Old Pork Barrel In short, Douglas said, this was the old pork barrel bill, Altogether, the bill called for spending $1.505.000,000. Douglas offered a number of suggestions— amendments—for cutting $840,000,000 off that amount. The 'Senators voted down every one of his suggestions. Not all of the $840,000,000 which Douglas wanted eliminated Involved work on something as simple and perhaps as unnecessary'as rec- reatlpn improvement. Some went much further than that and touched on things which other senators vigorously argued were of utmost Importance in their areas and had the full approval of the u. S. Army Engineers. In some cases, they were angry they argued that Douglas didn't know what he was talking about, although he protested thai he had stndied the whole problem for 20 months before making this protest to the Senate The Budget Bureau—the arm of the government which figures how much is needed for everything, including rivers and harbors—had recommended spending a total of $19 8,0(10,000. Idea Once Sided The House previously thrust aside this idea of the budget bureau and approved $1.120,000.000, 01 $322,000.000 more than the budge bureau thought was necessary. Then came the Senate's turn*. I iupped the figure to $1.565,000,000 which was $445,000,000 more than the House thought necessary and $167,000.000 more than the budget bureau recommended. There's one catch in all this. The House and Senate didn't really vote that much money. It only "authorized" that much. That is, it said it thought spending that much money was all right. But— Voting the actual money comes later. And, when it does come, Congress may vote less money than it now has "authorized." If tha happens, or course, governmen spending will be cut. Until It happens, If It happens the congressmen can tell the folks back home they worked hard and got Congressional approval of th local project. There's a difference between getting approval for it and then getting Congress to vote the CREEK LEADER-King Paul of Greece has been advised to ask moderate leftist Nlcholai Plasliras, above, to form a new government, following the resignation oj Premier Sophocle* Venizelos. Vem'zelos, who quit under strong American criticism, indicated he would accept a s'ub- ordinate post in a coalition government headed by Plastiras. Rush Files tor Judge LITTLE ROCK, April 19. (IP)— R. E. (Ernie) Rush of Harrison Ark., former prosecutor of Boone County, today filed his corrupt practices pledge as a candidate for circuit Judge of the 14th Judicial District. Len Jones and Woody Murry both of Harrison, previously havi filed for the post. their local pet projects at the fed- money to get It stcrted. THE Cmt'KASAWBA IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS In The Matter Of The , Estate of Louise Golden Yarbro. Deceased No. 19T7 NOTICE OP APPOINTMENT AS ADMINISTRATOR Last Known Address of Dece dent: 521 South Lake Street, Ely theville. Arkansas. Date of Dealh : March 15, 1950. The undersipied was appointed Administrator of the Estate of th above named decedent on the llth day of April, 1950. All persons having claims agalns the estate must exhibit them, dul verified, to the undersigned withii six months from the date of th first . publication of this notice, o they shall be forever barred am precluded from any benefit in th estate. ' ( This notice first published 12 da of April, 1950. Lafayette May, Administrate Mail Address: Caraway, Arkansas in the 'edd' Is Blamed ri Changes in the Weather On May 27, Navy and Arm squads will compete In baseball, gol .acrosse, tennis and track and field By Howard W. Blakesl« Associated Press Science Editor BOSTON, April 19. (jp>—The common cold is probably not caused by a. virus as you have been told for many years, nor by germs of any sort. instead grandfather was right when he said it wae caused by the weather. This surprising view of colds was given to the American College of Physicians by Dr. William J. Kerr, of Snn Francisco, and of the University of California School of Mod- cine. Dr. Kerr Is eminent. His opinions he explained are backed by a lot of laboratory experiments. He eaid he doesn't- believe that colds are caused by any living organism, except that flu, grippe and some other diseases can damage the nose, and so start a .cold. The usual causes, he said, are dust, gases, emotions, and especially ' those changes in the nose which come with changes In weather. After an even temperature all summer, he said, you get cold fall weather. Your nasal passages get over-cooled. The jame over-cooling hjjpened in early days of air- ajytitionlng when buildings and ttain temperatures were kept down to GO in summer. All these changes damage the na- NEW Box Opens Week Davs 1:90 p.m. Matinee Saturdays & Sundays Mai.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST" with Grecr Canon Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thnrsday "APACHE CHIEF" with Alan Cartlss »nd Rtnsell Harden News and Short! sal passages. And that damage starts a cold. Germs multiply and make it worse. The cold lusts until the nasal damage is repaired. Dr. Kerr said lots of things happen when weather changes which go unnoticed as possible causes of colds. An example is when * whole neighborhood starts furnaces on the same day In fail. The nasal passages get a lot ol unaccustomed dust and gas. Dr. Kerr said you don't have to believe a virus causes colds just because there are epidemics. The epidemic does not spread from person to person, he said, but is something that a lot of people have because they are all exposed at the same time to nose damage. A person living a hundred miles from anyone, who cannot possibly get an infection from another hu- HEARS AGAIN FOR ONLY $1.50 A Hartford Cilj, Indian:, man i»,j, "I h«vt been Iroubkd »ilh ray lor Ikirtr .vtjn. But, OUR1NE ckingcd ill that >r,J 1 heir asain. 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