The Sonoma County Journal from Petaluma, California on November 24, 1855 · Page 2
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The Sonoma County Journal from Petaluma, California · Page 2

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1855
Page 2
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;-.:v . r ;Ltv.,; f..:,v- r . " t J- - :V THE PETALUMA JOURNAL. THOSUS U'.TaOSTSOlf. EDITOR FR0FR1ET0R. ; PETALlfMA, tfOYEMBER U, 1855. tBteaxnboat Disaster. Tksterdat' our "town" was" the scent of oa of-tholo hearWending.cikmitiea - or which California has become noted steamboat 'disasters. .So far as we have been able to gather the particulars, thiy aa follows:. - . . "Abbot fiveisinutes past ten o'clock a. .yesterday as the steamer Qeorgina was lay- -in at her. finding, a few rpda; below our, .. jffioK taking, frailbt -'and .paSBsengere. - her boiler exploded, doing a terrible work - of dieath and? destruction. How many were instantly killed, is unknown, but it is xery probable there were sercraU. Of those known to have been wounded or missing, we givelhe following list: WotNDEPGcor "TnhV passenger ' receivetl a severe contusion over the left eye, and another on the left arm, was also severely scalded Mr. F. is proprietor of ;the'Oak Grove House, about tour) miles from here, on the Bodega road. - 1 0. Busha passenger a jrcncnmmi, . left leg broken in two places and his right side badly bruiieH. : Talentihe Ikenpsscngr slightly scalded and bruised. Mr. I. was thrown some 40 feet, striking on a heap of wood. . John. Flood fireman an Irishman, left leg broken and foot nearly torn from thfi btrfvrTic'htleff -also: mmMmfntmtfim-miKtrt' 1PftJnrtmrt.i,rT57rr.rtt7i iKKv '-riwrty sv;..Tr:tTiimi Tfrrn nrrfivreuwd.-Imt-at such - '-LriL;. -un,u i.iWv 1T , ana ma vh vvm v..mV T-' "v : lived in the most excruciating pain about two hours. " Missing. Of the number missing, little can be learned. One or more gentlemen passengers names unknown are report-:ed:to.haTe been in the. cabin aLthcjtimc. of the explosion, who must have been instantly killed and their bodies fallen iuto the Creek" - i Capt. Thompson is among the missing, but he in all probability escaped death. At the time the explosion occurred, he was standing on the forward deck, and was probably thrown ashore, without receiving any serious persoaalinjuryTln eya . witness assures us that he .saw him on the bank, badly smutted and bearheaded; and ' , ... , another gentleman that he met him a short ilitionon frnm-tho Bpnnp nt n Knstrr t.nnt wv..w hrwastthtrat-almt,-reatly-exeitedmlT said, "Give me your hat, and say noth- 1nff."and nassedohr There can be nodoubtir'v ' " . VC w .. . of his escape as bothrof these gentlemen have long been personally acquainted with him. ::: ; - - ,-- The acting engineer of the Georgina, who was standing near the bend of the boiler at the time of explosion, and escaped without injury, says that the explosion in all probability, must have occurred on the -: under side that he had on ten lbs. less steam to the inch than allowed by certifi cate, and that he had been blowing off steam, when Captain Thompsou ordered him to cease, as it frighted the mules . he was taking on board, that he obeyed and the explosion followed almost instantly after.doing so. ,. . . ; . - ,, , !SheJ such as loellemolisli "the top works o'f Jastera-r-ra distance of some 300 feet; trjk fkhoACad iotirhTiffiiiagh "tag Bome istanceheycrad the Haffeif pla'ceWe; won the love and csjteenrxf an of lBnn.-Argooi tortune H. had hauled ; farther up the creek to : take on frehrkt. Had she been at her re? nfar landing, we fear even more serious , woald have been the result as she was also : "jjust On the starting point.. ' r irBijuuu, paruettuu wrauwy,' wure la prompt attendance, and everything ! which ; skill or kimluess could dictate,' waa.dpne for the relief of the sufferers r A Coroner's Jury has been called, who wilt give all the facts in their report. i. . y;e Terrain from expressing oar viewsjin moa flt Sacramentor Delegates are opon the: Bubjcct at present for want ofjpresent from all parts of the State. The ume ana space. ; ; t v . T & Bhiler, of Sonoma, and had -been on this iroute about two months.' Charlie Baxter, has bar thanks for his u ftitentiong .Discretion being" the better -par .viTuur,; we . iraaerrea-jne iicei admission to the Allied , jJauqaet,, &jlfl,a offered by the ; brother of Mr, f . iriend of toote Hercopnoiui 4-; 4si to thft .' Pacific Emress ; Comnanv w rr are Indebted fori early deli? cry of: letters pm pacaaget ; ana torn em, irargo, & to, for supplies of papera; y$&m& i&f hi of the most cold-blood1 and cowardly , mur-ders Of the age, was..' committed at San Francisco, on Saturday evening of;, last wwk,' about half pastjix o'clock, 00 Clay street near Montgomery. The victim was WmJLJlkhardson, IT. S. Marshal,-and thepcrpetrator a gambler named Charles Cora. It appears that the parties had a ilight difficulty the previous evening, but mutual friends interfering, it was supposed J that all bad been settled. On Satur - rrhjov lvenina; the" parties were observed j standing in front of McAllister's building, on Clav street conversing, when Riehard- ln wag heard toremarkf"elLJaitjaiL! right?, to which Cora replied, "Yes," A few minutes later, Cora was seen to seize IlichurdsoTi'B coat collar with his left hand, amj' Mr. li. heard to exclaim, "What are ; y0U KOih'g to do? Don't shoot me ; I ani unarmed!" Cora, before he could be prevented, presented a single.. barreled;. pistol 1 to Mr. It.'s brc&st and fired. The ball en j tcre(j tlie body about two and a half j inccs abovp the left nipple, producing al- ; InC(st instant death. Cora was taken Into j custody and conveyed to prison. ' The excitement nnd indignation ,of the people was intense, and serious apprehensions were entertained on the pnrt of the ' officers of justice that the prisoner would be taken from their hands and sneedv I 1 1 1 1 . : . justice administered, liat wise counsel prcvailed, and the cowardly assassin and! an outraged community now await the!tcntions one or more of their nuniber i .1 j-.j.t--s..'.. ami ueeisiou. For a true index to the public and pri- vate teejirig of - tins much abused and in- of her most public spirited citizensTand of--the defenceless widow and mother must lie 1 the direct ion of Nin Salvador. IJoth these dignat community, we refer the reader to fieient officers; and bis poor wife and child, I remembered, and unless an e.airile be omecis wi re ton mners and mercenaries. the spirited letter from our attentive San another soon to see the li-ht, if the made of this the most heartless murder ' 'alH., nt Carlos and Castillo, n . . , . . ,:.i, . , ... , : I;, . . , .... ., , ,:hal been.spikcd and the garrison .descrt- yranciscQ correBpondcntArrai'k.-?'' "'The .mother shodld sarrivc the terrible shock; that has disgraced our .. btate, then indeed' , 1 b .cruuc.i8-a.ucnious oae.-and ttte.caasft.wJiielat-haBll(m-pon her,) will - scarcely 1 led to it of such a character that all good 'cease to mourn for one who had. all the ' citizens canuot but feel nersonallv attack- ed in their social and domestic relations.! No wonder then, that our correspondent deals in plain, and may be, severe lan guage. T.VP PI'U Tlio clim nt f flniiof tf nnri ... . , , , . ... . t citizens at" thc school room last Wedfies - day evening, we, think, reflects a greater degree of solicitude for their physical thnn intellectual well-being. For the credit of 1 , , . , , , ' 1 V1R. Baiter, who lias kindly consented to - . ".4 . 4 ,-Jv i deliver an Address suitable to the occa- attendance at the meeting on Wednesday evening next- ; '; Chartered. It will be seen by reference to the notice of Mr. Minturn, in to-day's paper, that the management of the steamer Kate Hayes has passed from his to other bands. She has been chartered by Cnpts. Baxter,-Latapie, and Goodspeed7nnd Is under the command of the last-named gen-man. We wish you much success, gentlemen. ..v--.--- --- -T-- Dkath ok Cait. Smith. Capt. Stephen Smith, one of the pioneers to this State, and for some years pasTa resident of Iio-dega-port, in this county, died at the resi-denco jf Xlr. James Bq wjaauin $w Eran-r clsWlm - iPlriy isplaycd during his residence among MOurn s dt'Prturc s a public loss t.apt braith was a native Iass-. be -was born 1 00 maKing mm py years REu'ctous. We are requested to sayjimposing, and the funeral service was per- ma uivine service wm no periormea at the Roman Catholic Church in Sonoma, one week from to-morrow Sunday, De- ccmber 2d. Colored Convention. A - convention of the colored trcntrv of thi State, is now avowed object of the meetincr is cousultins t with a view of ameliorating., their coudi- tion as regards civil disabilities. Reward Offered.- A reward of $1,000 is offered by Gov. Bigler' for the apprehension of the villianu' who murdered Messrs. ; Wall and Williamson. Another Wall for the same object, toDThrUfSrGrand Jury bai returned true bills agamst Capt. Kethen,j of the Sierra Nevada, and Cant. Colli nsj of the Cortes, for carrying J n excess of enirers. ;; ::: ' 1 Dassenirers. 1 ' 'V, - .... . a s ..-.. . ...... I , t Ci-i .-.. . '1 San Francisco Correspondence. . Sx ?&akci$co, Nov. 20, 1855. I little thought that in penning the account of the murders of Messrs. Wall and Williamson last week, that I should in this, fe compelled, to mention one of the most tttroaons, heartless, and cowardly assassTtretions," "tbtt has ever wearied In California or any State of the Union. Oen Ricfiardson, U. S. Marshal f this State, was on. Saturday night last enticed to walk with a man to an unobservinK pa'rtof theVity, and without the "legist showing for his life, was shot by that per son in the region of - the heart, and imme-diately expired. - That man,- or rather fiend in human form,, is named Charles Cora, a gamhler, and keeper of a public prostitute, The cause, as follows: While Gen, Richardson nnd his wife were at the Metrbpplitan Tbeatre, .this man - Cora brought ia liis .woman," and seate'd her by the G eneral and ,hi& fajuily, A-frifuid jur formed the General of the character of those -sitting by him, and he very properly .com plained to the police of the tlieatrc; tho i:eino ved the ta. The pa ra ntou r a ml kr imn vmst le revmgtd, and with the assistance of some half dozen accomplices, ganiblers by profession, murderers in heart, j they made the G eneral believe that no dif- ficulty should grow out of it, and induced him to this belief the 'more, read ilv to tnkuicalous, he feels not " htm unawares, and they succeeded. Had the General been aware of their real in-1 1. . ..... ncss.. JJut tneir plans Mere too well laid, and our city has to mourn the loss of one , - j pnoMinr- fmnlitif s: of n kind and nfr.-ftionntc husband and father. I cannot give yon all the details of the excitement nnd feeling among our citizens - aroused by this most cruel act. The man I has been arrested, a coroner's inquest de-f rentes that he killed the ireneraLijut the , looseness 01 our pmciuis and tne Knowi-edge v that ihkm -- and Mrrfp?-ers " are now holding ofliees by eleetion and apptrintvu'nt in this city, causes Citizens to think that the criminal will escape. The fund that ; Tiui aiid will be raised by die loose -wonien ' and gamblers in thi his city, may possibly , ,mvc l!wn -y .,l.I,u,-,!k'r f r''k ; j-t Kak ceiftittu-tniuttrws-'-w-' Tfiatiou-"tt' Ji i si. eoit;fen littpo''- -TT '' rn il. i' fit . 1 ' ' ' '. ' clear hlm,'nci sible. In this case the mm of I i'"ir cular of Mr. Swadly. bears the names ofi hirge number of persons prcscut to wit-will be more thin re-enacted, and a general ;J. II. Brown, Wm. Ivin.i; and Kdward ll.jness the feat. cleaning out be effected thourh some'of ly?l"l as references; now .mr inquirers de-j kK(Vkiu;i! The JDZTof Tuelar our best citizens lose their lives in the at- fn.t-4- I. nftlint. Irti.nhftpnnnn Mine--rtc- A iri ll. 1.J K t.. 4 ...!.!. 1 iiiu ivui iu, i( uu n ruy oiiil-i.t, iwnii a city officer, (with ! fcw.?xcertions) is to bo a thief, and it is charged that the dead body of Gen. llieh - nrdson was robbed of bis Watch and iiionov , by some of those connected with the Slier-: ' iu i UU11.V iu tins iiijr. uui cicviiuiin air M (Q il ; ( 1 cdiitrollcu Uy the same set ot 11103 rfjto these scou frouXftmong us, there w iH lwtiay:forir-wttf fam ue uanueu over eniireiv to inose wno now who now pave the Way to scenes like the above.; formed by the Kcv. ir. Kcott. The pro-! vm': ?. '"vr. ua,v, ,y (Siblcfor the stuns advanced to Mr. Swud-jl a virtue. San Francisco with a popula-jjy by his contrilnitors, and if .so, what ; tion of 50,000 souls is ai the mercy of a , their means of refunding may be in case M ofnhuiicoundrels that wonld disfu t to prodiice the promised work?. grace the lowest purlieus of any eitv in -'V'-rl T ;t,u'y,Ies,re,to ,my .vkl' . of Dartmouth : 11 .4, -j . many scads, ine people wlio have been ' - V V ' , " , kji vaiHuumu, i ironni w,t i snectators . men. wonipn nm L i . . 1 v . . the corneous ( av i rcumu n w h ? 1 BUS IttlKtil aiH.-iBivu,.wu W "SVW . rr., , , . - - VOTV I 111 re. -aild MTM:nteltAtinn--ienthn nP in tho vnni-i " . . 7 - Z noeriu towarus an enure stranger, and , t -r :r: , ' ; cliildrengazingupon the procession.' The so confidin- in his baro : promise: require we e "U' l Xo V ilw of 49J 01 flg- ceremonies at the church were solemn audko know the particulars; will Mr. Swadlvii p , U1 " pleasant jt would tie cession was led by the Masonic fraternity,. Samuel Garrett, charged with the niurdefS eZ?o?$Z who performed the last sad duties to their of Aurial Bricknell, at Sacranieikto, ou the ! nrdpy. It is very neat, - beautifully exe--Mother. . 26tli of August, took place in that city on cuted, and will doubtless prove a most The wife of Gen. Richardson, is hardly. Tncidayi'ud ' resulted ': UC his conviction. ; llVfnieilt addition to our currency. 5. exneeted to survive the shock, r Siio!i'mi.i-.:.xr r , . . I Sun. "T " . , r"-' i . j u . to contemplate. An useful and honorable, member of society with a wife and family mm; to be shot down in broad day-light, and ; by. whom? , by a wretch who never earned all honest dollar in his lifCj who has been a thieving, steal ing gambfer since he was a boy, and. whose associations are such that in no other city 4n the world would he be allowed toju- trudo hruiself npon any society claiming the least repctabili ty . Yef, here even in Sajn Francisco, arc men to be found who claim that he had cause to murder the unfortunate man whom he assassina- tear Time will "show whether not . our citjr is . as npV" as represented; woe be to the fevil-docrs. Thcfjcitjzena-of this place have; suflexedVIong and patiently, butt the end is not yctf 1 Charles Cdra, the Italian gambler and murderer,' is nev er Allowed to walk ngaht the streets ,of San Francisco, aud, if, through the wick edness and carelessness of our Sheriff his depit the eity tkey tmtijuiiii&iffitefa. strong language but I feel like one who claims this-State as his home. I desire that my children should , bf. brought up and educated in tins "tTe pleasantst and happiest State of bur Union. I feel that I could make any sacrifice even of my poor life, rather r thanJ. so lipnioiis a crime sliould so. aniiuuished. ; The assassination near Monterey, the as-j Commissioners had arrived from Leon, .... . . , , . . , - who had acceptcu the treaty, nnd nonnna-sassinat.ons of this : city, the band of pick- tod AVaIlcer for prosident. Both parties pockets, thieves and, murderers whoare ) urfft.j hm to take the office; but he would elected and.iwpr t.utMv are enou'gli 1 r f.ur ray-Si are eiHiuga mad and if our wen our. Wives.and daugh-'as vt- . . A to drive a sane man fa'J'it is time Jhat jwrl. ters take up anus ana anvc tins gang 01 1 Corrat Uen, 'alker was then appoiat-desperadoes into the Bay, Look' "at' thcleftdnmianifeTfiii-Cluef Pall the forces in homemade desolate, hear the tearful -moans 1 Nicaragua and sobs of-the broken-hearted wife and Parker H.. French, Minister of -Fi-' ' -, ,'. , ... t 1 r."""i -'K i nmnce the balance of the oilices in the mother, when she hears: that her husband , R UimiM! $ ly diviUed bctweeu has bcqn murdered ; who can paint her an-; tjiei two j,arA . ' guish? who among us can hear her Wail-5 Since tke-surrende? of Corral't here has jug without a 'desire of signal vengeance j Look asnin sit the cul culprit his heart is;l; V eh an occurrence never was before, 1 ' ' , r , .1 iii the history of tlie: II'. iinlilie, or sinc6 and cares not for the fl .. .' .... ; . ' 7 , the toumlittiou'Ol the city, lite barricades '1 T n t 1 1 a 1 a I . . jareautui crime no nas coninnueu, or vne misery he has caused. He and his parn- 'mour are proud that he has killed ' hiding, all' part ie iMcinjr7in--'the : prospect , Ti:. . .1 ..i.. i.j ., rprieei in turu muat me ieo iu uc aei- : led. -The blood. of the victim cries aloud, - s , . - T . ' ts "Calitorrua worthy ot being niotteairoin the escutcheon of our Confederacy. We 'shall see. Ahuack. 4 Statu Diiux'i'ouv. In sjieaking -of this i n -mm , " 1 Wiig. promised worK 01 mv, ftwadiy, lor; which our citizens have and are yet solicit- ( to hJ the Mr. Owen spoken oi, tins rau riancicci oh, uses ine ioiHJW-p' . ."l...,.tAJV.f.,Jn '"n.r nulling pertinent language: - porary insanity produced by some affec- iV A person .signing kiinself W, AO wad, r1) of tlitj brain. The deceased was a ly, liiis been for a long tinie eugaged in' native of Wilmington, N. C. levying contributions throughout the State: for the purpose, as he says, of get-! SrnM iu x K.-Cap.Lr31athewsr-.on-iSatiX:-' ting fluid 'ft uds to publish a ".Business Dircc-: bT the State of Ciditoniia; i ii... i t i.. R icatcd? whethcrlliev ui'e4 l3 hel .... . . . . " "'V t . '""J ""- "Mi.ivil.i ..,.,1 l4i. i. !.., ,. t0 tin; public lor the security of the mon-jue 'ys i entrusted to him? Still more, a' per-; of anil nut iiii i nu iiua til ill iui v liuuillllly 1 SOU Calllll" lililiselt Owen, is also rais-. lis proposed work, be informed wheth- m ""ioiuio wr inis proposeu worn, .iinil tlii'V vii ii 1 1 1 hi . . In. 1. 1 11 iiifxl ...... .ui u... iu ..u luiuiunu vl- er Mr. Owen is authorized by Mr. Swadly . a't as his agent? The terms on which be, delivered to; subscribers at. $10 iof fipquality4s also very high, sell . . j r 1 . i . . 1". . . ''..... : , ...1... ' cu kam, that Mr. wadly and his asso-- dates, have been canvassing the State for tlie past eighteen mouthy during: which T 'deu to satisfy their.rc(piest?'' AirnnEKER Convicted. The- trial of J - ue jury were only about ten minutes in making up their verdict. It will be re-' membenid'that the nrlsoneTclonod with tbe daUghtcr of the deceased, and -after his relu- .io Sacfainchto, sho the deceas - U at the Golden Eaffle Hotel. " 1 time, he has undoubleiwv hived a irood 1 GoxE.-The clSer Ihipiatealleft ViWwT T r f T lT 1 j r, An j . 7 tons are. 10,00.4 sacks of barley, 134 bacfc ' San Francisco last Tuesday morning, for 'and 402 bales of .wooV 227 bales of ra A " Hong Kong, taking a full freight ' and 98 bales of sheep skins, 1 00 boxes of tea,' some two hundred and fifty or three hun-'a" S-0 hides. - A novel as well as a vajj-dred Chinese ".peugersall from the ua'Ji cX0--$ ' Y- Cfcte'rw- and Enqitr- the! poorf but hard working, fi-om-diirl , ?REB fT A IBTt, Tha Wgays that ,: shores.1 ' i - ;. fa huly residing in Happy Valley, felicita-, ' W her lord on Monday by the presehta-, Importation of Shee?. Two, vessels tion of three jhiidren, twp boys audarrri1 arc on the'wny from Australia, each hrih-?- The m&sculinea "weiffherV ing to Califoruia.a large, number of the,l'iccvwhile"the daughter- weijrhedrseTe'n" anoMarhlo she. ; ; . - : : andabalf. i ;.: . b '"' v alker Triumphant. , -Bv the arrival 6(f the Sierra Xevada, we are itpprlsed of the. termination of the warin Nicaragua, and the success 0LC0I; Walter The country is quieta-nd there U universal rejoicing at the prospect of a plrmancnt peacett : -: C - On the 22d4dt.-Gen7 Corral, the Commander-in-Chief of thervCiianiorrista, or LegitimitParty; came iuto the Plaia of. Orenada, and snrrendeml himself to Gen. Walker, acknowledging the Democratic Government of Leon as supreme, in the Republic. A trenty was afterwards agreed " to and signed, which is published jn tlie Xicarontence. Four hundred pf the Cha-' morrreta l'iarty hadcomeinto Grenada, icans,nndcrGcn. 3Yalker, . ; i noi juxi jii, r jiihii, ou i ainciQ ifcivns ' wa selected for the post, and inaugurated pentad interim sv:, oat; tlie'tf eat v made . between Walker and not accept. Finaliy, Iku Patricio Itivas not hteu a prisomr 111 the city of Grena- piai .tn t,ct n cletroyofl lv Wnlkt-r. Confr- d- nc e was established and business reviy- aiftt - pi - c una sntiKticf.. with ihiLWmXr . Gin. Loiuct, at last accounts, was at .., v .. ,, if; K'OII fl illilJ 'Kl i" l V- I II I'll 1 v - v 1 vvnin I l ca. ;il;ir(!i0!a ,hd ih'd, it is supposed in ( Kin my was at San Juan del Norte, 'with but few followers. v?t icim:. Cantaiu Archibald McRae. I ' ;Con'imamh'r of tlie-U-S.'Itcremnr Cutter 11 ', 1 . . rt ...1(1 .1 .i I ' 1 1 1 I '-'"r; vuuua.ueu ii.iciu on uoam ma vessel m un Francisco harbor, hetweeu tl'c hours of 11 n.Hl 13 o'clock on Satnr. urdiiv, s:iys the NhI? Jourim! performed ' marine armor, under -water, across tho ' '' -v' H ('r1 !'ft 0 m!U "apta: ' There was t n 'stntl tll:lf C'-ll.f TJniwl llI l,n ra'? lc last or tnc treasure trom the wreck of the steamer Vnnkcc Ulade, and that he is reported . to have made some 0 0()0 hy ,is operations at "tho wreck ' .-. f .11, ...t n I'.lll.l 1 lii'lll.!-. r i .... . -Our markets con tin- to lie well Wuppjiud with all description dsn'i,ynproiluce,..thougli not genernllvi of the best quality moitju demand, ''-of San Jose ami Butter the article mitei ju ueuiauu, especially trom the danes 'j'iI S!ti oriil 1 ti rt I n. r . n sidcred s.iijicrior to any ot her made iu the . u.i unu 1 liuiuilia, MUilll IS LOH- tate. This now commands from $1 J)0 . TTT rn'.Mng- rcnmty tytirornc.; 7 0 -to- 0 t 1; i... .4 .... i . ,-..-, .-..-.- -. - v. -. . .. - ,u -I'.-iiiQ. .iruuty 4 " - r " . Vi T . f i"l-- JU8' " Three Dollar Gold PiECEs.--Gpltf Arrival of Wheat and Flol-r from California. The clipper hip Adelaide, which arrived at this port yesterdayora S406 tSS? , i K SsIS JpfflotrVrSS i lo.iinu .suiiury sucn cuiiiiKS. 1 i . Si' 4:-- - 4 4 'Xf- V"'-'':.j;

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