The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on September 25, 1966 · Page 14
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 14

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1966
Page 14
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Delta Democrat-Times . Greenville, Miss, 14 Sunday, Sept. 25 t '56 Yugoslav Rebel Claims . Persecution ZAOAR, Yugoslavia (OP1) - Wihajlo Mihijlov, the young jvrjter-inteUectual who faces a atoonth Jail Writenoe for *i*nd«ring Prtsldent Tito's teglme, complained. Saturday he Ik being hounded arid ; 6r**CuUa : by his fellow Two Parties Shoot Same Targets Mihijlov, 32, was convicted j Friday (rf jprfldihg lies arXrut · Yugoslavia's Communist sccie- y through his writings abroad, ile was allowed to return to his ipartmenl at No. 9 Victirns of Fascism . Street pending an \pp4al. He said in an interview Shere he has been receiving ' irdatening telephone calls and letters. + * * THE letters and telephone ^alls afe intended to force me §o leave Zadar," he said, "but I Im nit. I am staying here." - Mihajlov described his situation in Zadar as extremely Difficult for him and his 'friends. j "My friend, Marjan Batinic, Suffered a jaw injury on the y home from the court on Friday," Mihajlov said. "He Svas first punched in tho face find when he bent over to pick 3ip his glasses, which had fallen lo the ground, he was kicked in r jaw. 'Another one of my colleagues was slapped iround. 4 "We are in a very difficult ^situation as far fts Obtaining ifood is concerned. As we leave She house, several persons ^6!low us to the stores and tell She grocers not to sell us iinything. They said, "It's jMihajIO Mihajlov. Don't sell QJiirn any food." .^ Mihajlov said, "I am waiting :'Jor the official judgment which |s expected in the next two or ?three days. Dr. Ivo Glowatzky, gray attorney, will drart up an fappeal to the Croatian Supreme 5Court in Zagreb within the Sallotted seven days that' follow, i "1 believe that the decision rf line Supreme Court frill be In imy favor because I Was not .labfe to advance some of my ^arguments In rh« Zadar trial." .; the Croatian Supreme Court ii» t6« same body to which JMIhajlW tuccessfully »p JfAilowlflg his conviction for Slandering the Soviet Union in ftr* Belgrad* monthly Delo in | January-February IMS. | Scout Council I Sets Budget } At $142,827 ' CLARKSDALE -- A budget of .; $I42,$27.SO has been adopted by 5 the Delta Area Council, Boy '- Scouts of America, for 1967. J- the budget t«al is the sum that | will be sought in the finance ± campaign to be staged in the 5i2-county council area during 3 October and November. Pre- ^liminary organization of the cam- Ipaign currently is underway in 3 the various districts. - The biggest single expense In | the operation of a Boy Scout Z Council is the professional staff, J which in the Delta Area Council Snow includes 11 men. The total ? field expense will be $33,630.50, 5 with executive salaries accounting jfor $72,160 of this total and the 3 remainder divided between retire- 1 ment and social security, $8,410.50; field expense, $18,000; and public 3 relations, $1,100. · * * * 1 OFFICE expense is another big ~i iic-m, totaling $25,180. The break- J down In this category includes: Office salaries, $15,200; utilities, $3,300; postage and express, ^ $2,400; office supplies, $2,650; 3 office equipment, $500; building 5 mainlenance, $730; miscellaneous .-3 and exchange, $250; and audit, 3 J150. 3 A total of $17,957.30 has been 3 budgeted for program expense ^ during 1967. The items Involved t here are: finance campaign, $1,100; heallh and safety program :; $18,80; activities, $765; year-roura camping, $3,800; organization and extension and church relationship $500; awards and supplies furnish ed, $2,643; leadership training, $2,223.50; insurance, $5,282; anc national quota fee, $1,625. -V Noting that Ihe budget total was '! somewhat higher than the )966 | total, Council President W. K, ] Anderson said that the greatly .-3 expanded program had necessitat- 3 cd the employment of an extra 3 field executive and that this 3 factor alone required a substantial 'y budget increase. ... Other costs to the council also '£ arc np, however, and all these -j added'costs figure in the slightly if higher budget lotal for 1967, the 3 council president said. By ANDREW REESE JR. JACKSON (UPD -- Communism, Civil rights and President Johnson's Grcal Society are the favorite campaign issues in Mississippi this fall, with Democrats and Republicans shooting at the eame targets. So far tlie 1966 races for Senate and congressional posts have failed to generate more than casual statewide interest, but tho politicking s expected lo pick up between now and Ihe Nov. 8 general election. Sen. James Eastland. facing the sliffest GOP opposition of his career, opens his campaign for a fifth full tenu Thursday. Fonner Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwaler is Scheduled to Speak at a GOP rally in the state next month. t * * EASTLAND is opposed by Congressman Prentiss Walker, a 45- year-old former chicken farmer whose startling victory in 19C4 made him the state's first Republican representative since Reconstruction days. Walker forces admit they nre lighting an uphill battle against the veteran Democratic lawmaker, but figure the chances for an upset are better than ever. Three other Republicans nre running against Democratic incumbents for House seals. In addition, State Sen. W. B. Alexander is running AS an indepen- dent with GOP backing against Democrat Thomas Abemelhy. Tho Republicans, hoping to cash in on the state's biltcr feud with the rational Demo^the GOP more truly represents cratic party over nave been hitting "Great Society" a civil rights, hard at the nd claiming Cotton Men, Mill Officials To Participate In Forum STONEVILLE -- Key textile mill representative* and Della cotlon leaders will participate in Ihe "Delia Cotlon Quality FOrum" that Will be held in Greenville Tuesday, The meeting will b« held in the ballroom of the Downtown, er Motor Inn, in Greenville, beginning at 2 p. m., ac- N cording to Delta Council President Monty Payne of Winter- '4 ville. $ ThOsb taking part on the program Will include Frank Mit- 'i' cherter, Jr., Sutnner, chairman, Delta Council Cotlon Quality '~1 Improvement Committee, who Will preside; R, Dave Hall, Bel' jil monl, North Carolina, chairman, Cotton. Committee, Amen- j( can Textile Manufacturers Institute; Graves Jones, Pacolel Industries, Inc., Spartanburg, South Carolina; Ben F. Tipton, Dan River Mills, Danville, Virginia; Dr. William ft. Meredith, ARS, Delld Branch Experiment Station, Stotieville; Dr. C. R. Sarye, President, Staple Cotton Association, Greenwood, Mississippi, and Jamie Carpenter, Assistant Director, Mississippi Extension Service, Starkville, Mississippi. * 4 * TOPICS to be covered at the forum discussion include: (1) Changes in rriill requlfemehts for cotton. (2) What mills look for in Delia cotton. (3) What Delta breeders are doing lo improve quality. (4) Marketing known origin cottons in the Mississippi Del- Members of the ATMI CottOft Committee will arrive In r -| Greenville on Monday and Will hold a business session rf their ·" committee during the evening. Tuesday morning will be devoted to tours of cotton research facilities and programs at the Delta Branch Experiment Station, U. S. Cotton Ginning Laboratory, StoneVllle Pedigreed Seed Company, and tila Delta Pins Land Company, Scott. the South. * THE Democrats, however, also iav« been acidly critical of tho 'ohnson administration »nd con end they are "Mississippi Dem ocfats"--a term which COP opponents claim Is without mean "g- ' Rep. John Bell Williamj Is the only . Democ ratio. i ncumben without opposition, but- one of more . civil: rights,' candidate* may attempt to inde pendents for ,various posts tore the Sept, 29 deadline, . Despite the rtipid Increase li Negro registration, over, recen months, tl« Negro vote Is ho expected .to a major factor Except in a few isolated areas Negroes afe still heavily o-Jt numbered by whltft voters. WALKER has attacked Eastlam repeatedly for supporting Presi dent Johnson in the 1864 elec tions, accusing Eastland of being a ''double-standard" Demo oral who says one thing Washington and another back home. Republican leaders hope tin visit by GoMwater, who captur ed more than 87 per cent of th state's vote in 1964, will provide 1 ' , the extra spark needed in the' carnpaign Rotary Clubs Exchange Color Slides LEI.AND - English civic club members are not a great deal different from their counterparts in the United States. Or so it would seem from a Slide show presented to the Leland Rotary Club Friday by member James Richardson. The slides were given by tho Rotary Club of Ascot, England in a trade arranged as part o! tho Notary's "matched club" program. Views of Leland citizens, Industry and points of Interest were also sent for tlie use of the English club. The English presentation depleted Ascot ns a town depM- dent primarily OP. horse. racing in contrast to Inland's dopem dene* On cctlOn and agriculture. Indeed llio Rotary Chib prcs- idant was manager of the world famous race track at Ascot, Pictures of club members were shown including bankers, accountants, outo mechanics and other business types. A major attraction of the town, it seemed, was a nearby garden which wouM rival Bel- lengrath Gardens in Mobile in floral beauty. A club spokesman said tins *as a favorite haunt of the qittert and queen .molher during their trips to the local polo JAMES RICkARDSON * * * matches. Richardson said lie WM toM the Royal Family often atleftd- cd both'the matches a«d racing 1 Ascot. iNews Of the Services S i . . . . . . « 4 _ » _ » M ! i _ - _ . tl^Hrwi f*r*rtflmv R 1 Sharkey Sheriff Has No Response To Plea last week. ment during the week that ho would investigate any vide no specMk Information are no great help in doing th* Job I am personally ready and willing by local citizens. * * j IfE SAID that, it person* report- inft liquor violators would *'g» ' fidavits charging lh« ·I will bo overjoyed to indicated arreslJt" Cooper i»!tl tho enforcement ol the state's new lkuwr laws "calls for the cooperation of all interested cilliens." He said, however, that he wanted facts and riot just rumors, "Vague and general accusations which n am a ho named and pfC- THE SHERIFF titd he hid had a few *Wh reports but n« Many/' CcxWf rtiad« tto ohirges of sUfc- peeled liquor law violators In his 'Army Specialist Fourth Class Billy 1. Williams, 24, son of Mr. and Mr3. Jessie B. Williams, Mayersville, was ' Assigned Sept. 15 to the 25th Infantry Division in Cu Clii, Viet Nam. Spec. Williams, assigned as a military policeman In thb dl vision's 25th Miliary Polk* Company, entered the Army In February 1964. He was previously assigned to the 520th Military J'olice Company, Su' prone Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe in Paris, r rahce, Williams, W!KSC wife, Belly, lives in Altoona, Ala., was em ployed by lha Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Vicksburg, Miss., prior to entering the Army. He is a 1%1 graduate of Roll ing Fork High School. 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