The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1968
Page 3
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WyrnwHta (Ark.) Courier N«w» - Mondtr, 3muuf », Md»j-P«g» POVERTY (Continued from Page One) beds and a stove; no chairs. This aside, he's quite good look- gravel road. ing. Both obviously are intelligent and optimistic. Mrs. D's principal trouble is that her husband, a low wage earner at best, just had an oper- Mrs. E's face bespeaks quiet, nternal concern. * * * The F family is Spanish- American (or Mexican). You hear it said that no one ation. My day to visit her I • Mr. F is a cotton puller. He Is ever so poor they can't af- marked his first day back on any sort of job. The rent is $25. Mrs. D. wore a thin, short - sleeved blouse. Two broken window panes were stuffed with rags. This amily is white. Paper was peeling from the ford a television. The A's are that poor. The son is a nice fellow with i herculean and discouraging task. As I left his front door, he smiled and thanked me for dropping by. * * * Mrs. B. lies in bed with a months old granddaughter be- has worked one day in six weeks. Inside his damp, dismal and dirty shack huddle six children, five of them, including two beautiful girls, in grades one and five, are in school. The fifth-grader was giving low ceiling and dangling dan- « h°Peiess go at homework in iie only heated room of the home. The heat is fading fast. ...- „ „ - The aroma of cooking cab-! The y are burnin S wood chips side her. She and Mr. B. are bage at the doorway of Mrs. , antt me y don '' Durn verv lon S gerously over the hot flue. * * living better than the dying A's. Mr. B. has a job and he's happy to have it. He makes $65 t week. They are the parents of nine children. They have no 'and handsome, has epilipsy. teevee. Medicine for him costs about "It's in the shop and 1 owe j $15 a month. them $25 and I don't have it." ! Mrs. E's home is as well An unvented gas heater burns bpt as conditions permit. The fiercely near the center of the blonde children are overwhelm- FLYING LOW-Instructor'Ed Robinson explains to student Norman Sage some'of the ground rules followed by pilots, as he looks over the instrument panel of one of the four aircraft to be used by the newly accredited, local flight school. (Courier News Photo) City Airport Offers... Flight School for Veterans or very hot. E's house is staggering. She is the mother of eight of he most attractive children in Arkansas. Mr. F's wife has left him. He A five-year-old boy, b r i g h t has no money. He's doing the VIETNAM (Continued from Page One) Slhanouk'8 cooperation in rejuvenation of the International Control Commission for Cambodia so It can serve as an effective border watcher. . • Western sources in Phnpra Penh believe that Sihanouk "will be unenthusiastie about discussing the commission. The commission cannot make investigations unless the Cambodian government asks it to, and it is believed Sihanouk might be reluctant to make such requests. The sources pointed The "forecast is for 10 degrees out that after a large Comirui- that night. best he can. A raven-haired girst-grader in this flock has lights in her eyes and would charm Ebenezer Scrooge. The children are ironically room. Small children toddle by j n g i n their beauty and cheer. it. It represents many dangers Ifulness. to the life of the family. | One girl sits in a c o r n e r. studying under a dark lamp. ° I go over to turn on the lamp. 'here's no bulb. cheerful, and they smile and shake hands with me and tease Mrs. B's grotesquely withered hand and arm are exposed as she turns to Send to the baby. She can not walk or use her Mrs. E is happier. Her hus-| me about my limited knowledge " Spanish. Their dark eyes sparkle. They are eating rice and tortillas. The rice was prepared ail uuii rtcun. vi uj^ 111.1 ••••• **« *-« •*-• »iv.(.j*»^i. m,i uuu- .. , , t. i* 7 t since an auto accident band has just returned and has l?" the . dying heating stove and some years ago. Her knees prop j job. Things look better, the blankets like sharp sticks. | "It takes character to study They have a problem; the [when the other children are eldest son does not get out of playing," I tell the girl, school prior to the time his father leaves for the late shift job. This means the invalid HEART By Webb Laseter QI Staff Writer Veterans in the Blytheville area can now take advantage of a new service offered by the local airport. With final approval given by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), the (VA), and the State Department of Education last week, the municipal airport is now authorized to conduct a flight school for qualified appli- eligible to participate cants. Those must be veterans who are hi service or who have served at least six months active duty and have received an honorable discharge; be able to pass a second class physical examination as designated by the FAA; and must have a private pilot's license or the equivalent in training for that license. With these requirements met, the student receives one month of ligibility for each month of service since Jan. 31, 1955, at the rate of $130 a month, with Veterans Administration paying 90 percent of the cost of Daily Record the course. Instructors for the school are Lee Richardson, who has 27 years flying experience, and Ed Robinson, who has been flying for five years. Both hold FAA rated instructor's licenses and their combined total actual flying time is over 6,000 hours. Aircraft to be used in the training are some of the most modern Cessna's available, the two 1967 said, model 150 trainers; one 1967 Skylane; and one 19681 Cardinal. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a graduation certificate from the school. mother and small children are at home for about 30 minutes alone. Last week the water heater caught the rar of th hous on i:re. j Rent is $15 a month. f The B's are making it ... , .™ [barely, but making it. An injury I chance to live." ' or illness to Mr. B. would be She smiles broadly. Their little four-room home i it is rice with tomato juice on it ... that's all. One of the bright - eyed little hombres is devouring it. Their spirits are high. They push our car from the sits about 10 feet back from a ;mud r w . he jf tt |f stuck laugh loudly and wave goodbye, smiling as they stand in the mud and ice. (Continued from Page One) be able to give someone else i tragic. White asked the doctors If there was some way his dying wife could help somebody else. The C's own their home. It is Dr. Shumway said her heart two rooms. Their about 40- i might save Kasperak. year-old son lives with them. | White, an electrical company administrator,- talked it over with daughter Judy, 18, son the municipal airport. OEO Burn-Outs in Hotels NEW YORK (AP) - Forty- one persons 'burned out. in 14 fires over the weekend in Maner ._ __ _ hattan, Brooklyn and Queens Tm interested first of all in' were given shelter in hotels, the (Continued from Page One) opposed to the plan because Weather Markets Open High Low Chicago Wheat Mar. — '•— ' Way July I.Mississippi County and in carrying out the programs to reach the impoverished of this tast area. 148% 152'A 152% 148% 152% 152% 148% 151% 152V4 152% 265% will keep the attitudes I have right now." Chisogo Soybeans Jan. 265% 266 265H Mar. 270% 270% 270 3 /4 May 275 275 274% 274% New York Stocks Texas GS 120% Chrysler 55% RCA AT & T . . D OW 86% logger, died Saturday at his Xerox 231 ] /2 home at the Forty and Eight GM 83%' community. Pan Americ 22%; Born in Hayti, he had lived Fprd 5 4% here since 1931. W'house 67% He was a member of Mary's US Steel 44V' 2 Chapel Baptist Church at Huff- Curtis Pub 13V« man. 51%, 54% (J. S Weather Bureau Agricultural Service Reiser, Ark. Drying conditions fair to good today and fair to poor tonight and Tuesday. Dewpoint 0 to 10 degrees, ris- mg to the teens tonight and Tuesday. About 70 percent of sunshine possible today and 30 percent or less Tuesday. Precipitation possibility 20 percent tonight mainly in the west portion and 50 percent over the area Tuesday. Precipitation likely to be sleet or light snow tonight and freezing rain, sleet or snow Tuesday changing to rain in southern portions. Rainfall generally less than one-quarter of an inch with no significant snowfall accumulation expected. Wind mostly east to south eight to 18 miles per hour. Outlook for Wednesday little change. Precipitation Jan. 1 to date—.18 Saturday's high—34 Sunday's low—fi yesterday's high— 22 Overnight low—10 Weekend precipitation (to 7 a.m. today)—none Precipitation Jan. I to date—.61 Sunset today—5:06 Sunrise tomorrow—7:07 This Date A Year Ago Testerdas's high—82 OvernlElrt low—23 World Deaths CHALON-SUR-SAONE, France (AP) - Jules Basevant, former president of the International Court of Justice at The Hague, died Saturday, Base- vant, 90, was a member of the French delegation to the Versailles peace treaty and later participated in work at the League of Nations. ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - Dr. .David McCord Wright, professor of economics at the Univer sity of Georgia and a well- known exponent of the free enterprise system, died Sunday. _ = Wright, 58, wrote several books f services were today at 2:30 "My first loyalty is to the | impoverished of this area and 148% i to Judge A. A. (Snug) Banks, 152 (president of the (county) OEO Greater New York Branch of he American Red Cross reported Sunday night. The ages of those sheltered ranged from a woman of 94 to a ioy of one year. board. "And until I get a directive from Judge Banks and the governing board — made up of 270%' Mississippi County citizens — I WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas. on Leroy Choonick Leroy Choonick, 72, a retired welfare — state and $10 IHIRLEY ANN PINKERTON, Faubus," Mrs. C. explains. Plaintiff, vs. No. 17476 ; Outside the temperature con- JOHN PINKERTON, Defendant, tinues to fall and the wind stif- The defendant, John Pinker- fens, ton, is hereby warned to appear I within thirty days in the court I Comsat -. .................. 49 Amer. Motors ............ 13 Sears ..................... 58% Parke Davis .............. 26% Gen. Elect ............. ... 96% Beth. Steel ................ 33% Reynolds Too ............. 45% He leaves his wife, Mrs. Maudie Choonick; One son, Freddy MatSieny of Tennessee; One daughter, Mrs. Pauline Daniel of Blytheville; Two brothers, Louis Koenig Chicago and Murl Koenig o: Standard NJ .............. Holiday Inn .............. 51% ; Memphis; Ark-La .................. 39V4j A sister, Mrs. Georgia Petti Ark-Mo ............ (Bid) 10% j gre w of Memphis. will i man. He smiles a lot. I Their living room ceiling is about five inches above my head. With shoes on, I'm about 5-9. The house is plastered with paper on the inside. A few pictures of Jesus Christ are seen about. The family is white. "This is our house. It's not much. But I hope my mansion's going to be in heaven," Mrs. C. explains. She said she bought the house four or five years ago by "sav- "They all said yes, and when Impersonators Caught PHILADELPHIA (AP) When 46-year-old Henry Slaughter stopped his car to pick up the pair—one in a miniskirt and the other in tight slacks and a sweater—he didn't realize the two were not what they seemed to be, he told police. The result: The female impersonators strongarmed him and escaped with $80. Police, using a more discerning eye, spotted two men dressed in women's clothes and nist camp was found inside Cambodia by newsmen, last Nov. 15, the Cambodian government did not put in a request for a commission investigation until Dec. 1. WARNING OKDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lawrence T. Schrimp, Plaintiff, vs. No. 17477 Carol A. Schrimp, Defendant. The defendant, Carol' 'A. Schrimp, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answed the complaint of the plaintiff, Lawrence T. Schrimp. Dated this 4th day of January, 1968 at 2:10 o'clock p.m. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Opal Doyle, D. C. H. G. Partlow, Jr., Attorney" Everett E. Harber, Atty Ad Litem 1-8, 15, 22,'29 PRITOEGE8 AUTHORIZED AS SECOND CLASS MAIL . Blytheville Courier Newi BLXIHEVILLE, ARE. v. ZIP - 72315 Hanr W. Baltics, Pnbllilur 3rd at Walnnt St. :, • Bljthevlllc, Ark. PublUhed daily eicept Sunday Second class postage paid it Bls- tbeilUe, Ark. in Blj-thevllle ud towu In tlu Blythrvllle trade territory. I talked with Dr. Shumway charged them with robbery, about 30 minutes later, I said yes," White related. "Knowing that she is helping another is easing our grief, he was t!ie type who would want to do this," he said. Doctors said they made very effort to keep Mrs. White alive ing dimes and quarters and, a!erted transplaT1 ted' her heart raising _. garden and ironing | to Kasperaki ^ fourth humari Imprompru Church BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) Nearly 50 hardy worshippers braved Sunday's storm and haz- _ _ ____ r ardbus roads only to find that but finally her heart and breath- j the heating system at the Brening halted and she had no re-1 'wood Baptist Church had flexes. She had died. The surgical team, previously clothes. I heart transplant. They trans- f • -S rrn • ) 11C<*11> U aiiaviaiH,. J.11CV Lidiio- y f1 f1S ™ d -P ere »"55 Panted one of her kidneys to %0 CS fro g m f h8e0 ;-other patient in t.e hospital, from Governor . . f mdoor toilet. Mrs. D's house is reasonably The kidney transplant was successful, hospital spokesmen said, but they did not identify the recipient immediately. Dr. Sbumway predicted that heart transplantations will develop as kidney transplantations did. The heart transplant he and his team performed alter al- failed. There was plenty of heat, however, in a school bus which a churchgoer had used to bring his family to the church from nearby Exeter. So the undaunted worshippers climbed into the bus, turned it into an'impromp- tu church, and proceeded with the services. Dilly HOME DELIVERY BATES BY MAIL PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Within 50 miles of Rlytfievillo 58,00 per year More than SO miles from BlytbevfOa «18.00 pet year _.. Servtees By COBB FUNERAL HOME INTEGRITY ; - j MRS. ETTA GKINDELL BRANDON, 2 p.m. Tuesday;'Cobfa chapel. , ?"V : * * * LEROY CHOONICK, 10-30 a.m. Wednesday, Cobb chapel. * * •*• DAWN RENHEE WARREN, 10:30 a.m., Tuesday Cobb chapel. Now PossibleTo Shrink Painful Hemorrhoids And Promptly Stop The Itching, erton. Dated this 4th day of January, 968 at 2:10 o'clock p.m. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D. C. 1. G. Partlow, Jr. Attorney Sverett E. Harber, Atty Ad Litem 1-8, 15, 22, 29 say, "Good morning." It is 3:15 p.m. One of the lads has a crossed eye. Aside from that, he is handsome. The eldest — about six — recently brushed his face against a kettle of boiling rice. The skin on his forehead is patched by a chocolate discoloration. a clinical trial, he said. The operation today must be restricted to desperation cases for which there is no other answer, the surgeon added, "but with more Information the heart transplant eventually may become therapy." Relieve Pain! New York, N.Y. (Special): Science has found a medication with the aVdity, in most cases — to promptly stop itching, relieve pain and actually shrink hemorrhoids. Tests by doctors proved that in case after case, while gently Relieving pain, actual reduction n Most Cases. of the inflamed hemorrhoids took place. The secret is Preparation H*. There's no other formula like it! Preparation H also soothes Irritated tissues and helps prevent further infection. In ointment or suppository form. Divco-Wayne 54V4 1 Mrs. Hays Mrs. Minnie Hays, 89, motti- er of Mrs. Kenneth Mullins of Blytheville, died Sunday in a nursing home at Pine Bluff. The funeral will be bed 11 a.m. tomorrow in Sheridan, Ark with South Funeral Home, of Pine Bluff in charge of arrangements. In addition to Mrs. Mullins, two sons and six daughters. Mrs. Atkins Mrs. Clara Atkins, 88, widow of J. D. Atkins, died Saturday night at Parkview Manor Nursing Home. and served as economic adviser p. m . at Howard Funeral Ser to the government's National v jee chapel, Rev. Martin Sif- Resource* Planning Board. ford officiating. Burial was • Memorial Park Cemetery. ROME (AP) - Gen. Mario | She leaves three sons, Joe Services will be 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Cobb Funeral Home chapel, Rev. Paul Kirkindall officiating. Burial will be in Dogwood Cemetery. Pallbearers will be W. T. Metzger, Bert Hardesty, John Ward, Ernest Morris, W. T. Metzger Jr. and Fred Faught. Infant Dies; Rites Tomorrow Dawn Rennee Warren, 3- month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Warren, died early this morning at her home at 1904 Sycamore. In addition to her parents, she leaves two brothers; Wilburn Lee Ensey of the home, and James Larry Warren of Booneville; And two sisters; Patricia Roatta, woo was chief of the Italian army's general staff when Italy signed the armistice of World War II, died Saturday. Roitta wt* tt. Atkins of Blytheville, Louie Brice of Healdsburg, Calif., and J. C. Brice of Dallas, Tex.; Three grandchildren and one grwt • grandchild. Phyllis Diane Warren of BOOM* ville. Services will be conducted by Rev. Floyd Hatfield tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Cobb Funeral Home chapel with bur 1st in Dogwood Cemetery. HOW TO BE BOSS and make the whole family like it Even your husband win approve. The secret? Just keep right on as you have been, "bossing 1 . 1 the electrical servants in your home. You'll be putting your electricity to work in dozens of ways to make life more satisfying and enjoyable for every member of the family. And chances are, you don't realize how oig a loss you really are. Just for fun, count up all the ways electricity works for you every day. Can you think of anything else that gives you that kind of value for TOUT moneyT Ark-Mo Power

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