The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT BUTHEVrn.E (ARK.) COUTlER NEWS THf NATION TODAY— Health Experts Place Emphasis On Value of Iodine in Salt to Keep Thyroid Glands in Action By Frank Carry (Associated Press Science Writer) {For Jam** Marlow) WASHINGTON, Sept. 16. (A>>— The government wants every salt •haker in the nation filled with "Iodized salt." That's ordinary table salt with a. little iodine added to It. Government and other authorities have just announced a new pro- trim to encourage Its use. They contend this will give the average person enough iodine to: 1. Help prevent one of the commonest forms of goiter. 2. Help fortify the people's health lenerally—because iodine is an essential food element : d some folks don't get enough o[ it from their regular food. Iodized salt is not new. As early as 1831 Us use was suggested to prevent goiter. Over the years various health groups have advocated its use. Now the government, (he medical profusion, 'Miblic health authorities and the salt industry have Joined to attempt to get everyone to use it. neflriency Easily Corrected Dr. W. H. Sebrell of the National Institutes of Health fNIH) says an article in. "Public Heallh Reports:" "Many people who take vilamin tablets and "are careful about getting an adequate supply of vitamins neglect the Iodized salt which will insure a health minimum of iodine for the normal person." Sebrell is direcior ot NIK'S Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine. He says that it has been shown many times in this" country and abroad that "Iodine deficiency is easily corrected and belter health achieved through Hie daily routine use of a table salt to which liny amounts of iodine '"ive been added by the manufacturer." This salt is just as pure as ordinary salt, he says, ju-t as cheap and tastes no different. (Caution: Iodized salt Is not suggested as the answer to all nutritional need.i. You have to have other essential elemer' In your food—iron, calcium; copper and many others. Iodized salt is a handy way of getting enough iodine, but only iodine.) Help« Control Bod.T Heat Why i« iodine so essential anyway? In your neck Is a gland called the thyroid. It .produces a "hormone" — or chemical messenger — that Is carried by the blood stream. This, hormone controls the rate of heat production in your body. It-aids in stimulating the normal growth of bones, hair and skin. It helps the -ormal development of the brain, helps stimulate sexual development at the age of puberty. It helps In the maintenance of a .normal pregnancy. And it aids in the production of an adequate milk tupply for nursing mothers. Ulf the gland doesn't get, enough Iodine it down 1 1 function properly ^"One. possible result 'of such Io- mne-starvation In the disease called "simple goiter." One form of •Jtpxic (poisonous) goiter" may result as a complication ot simple toiler. :•; Simple goiler Is an enlargement ?( the thyroid gland. The gland, in trying to produce hormone without sufficient iodine, literally over•train! itself and gets large. Experiment* in flying were carried on by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, N., C., because winds there are steadiest and strongest of anyplace in the United States. Seniors at Cootcr Sponsor Cotton Picking Contest The seniors at Cooler High School will sponsor a cotton Picking Con- trot, September 24, with '*55 to be awarded in prizes. The grand prize will be $50 ami other prizes will include J12, second and M, third, with $12.50 to go to the woman with the best picking record for (he two hours, and $12.50 to the child under 15 winning in that division . The earnest will start at 1:30. and the cotton will remain the property of [he owners. Prison Guard Turns Out to Be AWOL from Another Penitentiary JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Sept. IB —M>>—ifs like trying to hide in a goldfish boal. Willard Draylon, 27-ycar-bld Negro, has been doing " a pretty good job as a tower guard at Missouri Penitentiary since Sept. 1, Corrections .Superintendent B. Marvin Casteel said today. Draylon himself probably chuckled over Ihe siluation. But penitentiary officials have a bad h'Hbit of taking fingerprints- even or employes. And perhaps Ihe most unfortunate part—for Dayton is the practice of sending (hntn to the FBI. B Draylon now l s being held for California authorities. They say he jumped parole from San Queutln prison where he was serving a sentence for larceny. He wss arrested at (he ,*„_ itenllary here last night when he showed up for work. Now the prison ii looking for another guard. Truman Plugs Guard WASHINGTON, Sept. ig-f/p) President Truman, an old militia man himself, put ln , p,™" £ Hlltt n, that " new " Conferenc are eh ?"" d and the defenl ^ kb r e °' thfs """try's defense and he hopes the forth coming drive will be lUcces.., D of U'St lust, commanded Battery. lelil artillery In world war In Franc*. ANDERSON COAL CO. 300 S. 1st St. Phones 4907 3561 For Freshness Modern grocery stores and housewives keep vegetables garden-trash and vitamin-rich by using plenty ot genuine, hard frozen ice, Pure ice prevents wiited, dried-out, vitamin- starved vegetables, and insures your money's worth in full flavor and nutrition. And say, next time you make ice tea or any other summer dnnk try ice and notice the added zeslful, full- flavor taste. Ark-Mo Ice Co. Snyder Says U.S.NottoHike Price of Gold WASHINGTON, Sept. 16—W)— Secretary of the Treasury Snyder has notified the International mon- eUry fund that tlie United States Mil not agree lo a boost In the price of gold. His declaration Indicates that this country will. It necessary, use its veto power to kill any genera'l increase which rnisht b« favored by the board of directors o[ the 48 nation fund. Snyder made h[s statement it was learned, a t a closed meeting of the fund's committee on gold H helped to quash—for the moment— a South African proposal for a inud, study of a new, higher price I Is now J3S an ounce. But (he union of South Africa world's biggest gold producer, plan-' ly had plans to raise the Issue again before the annual governors' meeting of the fund. And it became clear that the lines were drawn (or a major assault—prolonged If need be—against the gold-price policy of the United Slates, the world's major buyer, Marianna Escapees Reported Recaptured MARIANNA, Ark., Sept. 16 (AP) —Two of the five Negro prisoners who sawed their way out of the Lee County Jail here Tuesday night have been recaptured. Sheriff S.C. Lan&ston said yesterday Robert Lcc Golden, charged with burglary and grand larceny, was captured earlier Wednesday in a field near here, the sheriff said. He reported that still at large are Judge Coates. charged with murder. Ozle Wade, burglary and grand larceny, nnd George Brooks, chargers were being held for the fait ed with assault to kill. The prison- term of the Lee Circuit Court. The first US. ice making machines were invented in 1850. Polio Epidemic Appears to Hove Gone Past Peak WASHINGTON, Sept. 16. (AP) The nation's |»lio rale is going down, and the pip>n c health service says the epidemic lias p;issed its seasonal peak. The agency reported a drop In the number of new cases for die third week in a row—from 3.119 in the week ending Sept. 3 to 2.623 in (lie. week ending sept. 10. The fisure.i do not Include Pennsylvania, which has not reported. Up to Saturday, cases reported for Ihe year (except in Pennsylvania) totalled 26.384, compared with U,I32 during the same period last year, Nineteen states .said last week that the number of cases had increased with Ihe largest jump. 30, rejwrtcd by Oklahoma. Tivenly- eight states and the District of Columbia reported decline.?, with the largest coming in New York: from 538 ncv, 1 cases to 336. $200,000 Is Collected Under New Use Law LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 16."(API — Arkansas has collected more tiian *L'(;0,OOfl .since April under the use lax law enacted by Die 10-19 lesula- ture, Ed McLees, sales tax .supervisor of the Revenue Department, said yesterday. He said the tux was collected on approximately $11,000,000 worth of merchandise purchased by Arkansas consumers outside the state since the tax became effective. The use Itix taw was enactcit to apply to Arkansas two per cent sales (ax to out of state purchases by consumers. Metres said the largest use tnx collection has been $(>7,71G on new automobiles bought in other states. The sales tax supervisor e.stiimu- ed thru if business continue.? good, the use tax act will increase Arkansas rev en ties by $500,000 this year. ^ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 194| Hollywood Continued frum I'Jc 4 turned out to be Art silicrlee of Columbia Records whon everyone calls Uncle Art. J Dinah met one of herilcl schoolteachers who said: "O course 1 remember Dinah. She >as a precocious, bright and intelligent child." i "I know," Dinah 'jilil, "that she hud | Me confused Vith someone else hut 1 was lljukful—she didn't suy she used t wipe my iinse." Bessie overheard tlis remark from an aced resition apparently confused by It all, ivp turned to i his wife and said: "What's all the exilement?" Tlie wife replied: -They're celebrating Dinah Shorts homecoming." '•I know," said th husband. "I read about it. Bui who's Din.ih Shore? 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