The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1«. 1981 IngenuityCanOvercomeHigh Cost of Materials at Home A lot of people who like to putter' problem. You sll back nnd let ihLnss H you collect seemingly useless around the house adding new | no ulnll prices come down ngaln, or items that most of us born strinj;- shelves. gadgets nnd other conitoi is j;you can don pretty good job ol I savers nnd-paper-box-pullcr-away ot liviiis Five rinding Hie cost ol- j building some ot Ihe things material is getting out ot hand. want lor practically nothing There are two ways to mrel this I your own time and mmcle. Home Owner Needs to Know Language Used by Builder The construction industry lia.s a jargon all its own and it Ls necessary tor the layman who is planning to build cr remodel to understand this language. For that reason, the US, Bureau ol St?ndards | has produced a glossary (Report 1 BMS-91) which .succinctly explains the words. Some of Ihe most-used terms follow: BACKFILL — Replacement of earth in a trench or against a structure. BEARING WALL — Wfttl which supports any lead in addition U> its own weight. COPING—Cap at top of wall to shed water. DRY WALL CONSTRUCTION — Interior wall finish in material other than piaster. DORMER — An Internal recess, the (i-nmlng ol which projects from a sloping roof. FACADE—The face of ft building. FIRE-BARRIER — Solid gypsum or wood block, or mineral wool Insulation, between stud,? to prevent rapid spread of fire through hollow walls. FLUE—Space in chimney through which smoke and fumes ascend. FRAMING MEMBERS — Studs, headers and joists, sills, columns, rafters. FURRING — Strips of metal applied to a wall. GABLE—End walls between wood Mopes of a roof. HEADER—Beam placed at rlfiht, angles to Joists or studs to provide for chimney, window, door or oilier opening. JOISTS—Parallel beams used to upperI floors and ceilings a»d in j turn Mipiwrlccl by larger beams 01 \ bearing walls, I MNTEl* — Horizontal beam supporting the load over a door or window. MILLWORK—Finished wood portions of a building such as doors, windows, door irnmcs,, panel work, etc . usually njssembJctl awuy from the site, MULLION—Slender bar dividing units of windows, screens or similar frames. PIER—Coumn of masonry supporting other structural members POINTING—Filling joints in masonry with mortar under tool pies- sure lor appearance or protection from the elements. SILL—Large beam resting horizontally on the roumlation to which upright.* of the frame fastened. STUD—Vertical wood or metal, usually 2x4 inches, supporting walls rs do, now Is the time to sneer at but. i the people who laugh at you. You can do lots with sturdy cardboard boxes, packing cases, and odds and ends of Jiirnlturc. That old* trunk gathering (lust in the attic, for Instance, 7>ill make a won tier ful toy chest for your youngster if you can bring yourself to throw nway the old high school themes and love letters slashed away In it. Paint It in bright colors; even add special decorations for the cowboy and doll set. If you want to get real fancy, make a wooden Imp, add casters to each corner, and nail Hie tnmk-turned-toy-chest to nnd partitions. TRIM—Finish materials such moldings and baseboard nrouncl windows and doors or at floors and the "ceiling of rooms. -Sturdy cardboard cartons — the Kind with reinforced Insldcs—can lie cut down to si?.e with a sharp, IIIK knife and made into a tier of shalves to hold your youngster's file of magazines and comic hooks. Paint adds strength, and you can cover it with odds and ends <jf wallpaper, too. Wooden boxes -the kind that bottled gooct.s come In—can be transformed into portable shelves for grownup books when stacked In Much of Fun of Living in House Comes From Doing, Fixing Things Yourself Much of the (ml of living in a house comes from the endless RC- cumulatkm of Jobs to be done — things you can fix yourself and make for yourself. Old hands seldom stop to think of this—the routine's in their blood. But if they ever had to live In * swanky apartment hotel they'd probably sneak- to the basement for a workout. After sweating and worrying all summer over the yard and garden. with resolutions to do better next year, the householder now b into the indoor season with a brave vow to finish all the jobs left over from !#st winter. He's going to shellac the insides and edges of dresser drawers that stuck in humid weather. He'll gel around to fixing that .squeak in the floor and paint the whole basement, among other Important jobs. But first, if he's human, he'll prob- [ Ably si art making something more \ or less unimportant—a bird house, no doubt. Well, you can't blame him. There are so many nifty materials at well- stocked lumber supply houses that it seems any dub can be a cabinet maker- And lar from being designed for useless Jim-cracks, they make It easy to panel a room in fine hardwood, re finish a bathroom or kitchen in simulated tile — or to build a doll house lor daughter, if you insist. • » • Various plywoods, harrtwood veneer*, predecoraied panelboard, color-impregnated woods, and several pressed hartlboards thai can be bent for rcund corners aie .some of the materials you can do surprising Jobs with. ! For instance, ihcie's a iMasonitO haniboard tailed leaiherwood that has a patterned i inusli similar to Spanish-grained leather H gives a bench or recreation room walls the warm appearance ol being leather covered. Another is a black tempered hsrtlftood. dyed in its manufacture to give a permanent ^los^y surface to counteriops. kitchen kick-strips and baseboards Fabricated h arc! boards, iucirien tally, are one of the most interesting products of modern industry. They are marie entirely of wood Ii- hers, yet have no grain to split or splinter. Wood chips are exploded under high pressure steam into a mass of 115110-0611111050 fibers. This mnss is felted into thin mats and compressed under heat. The natural lignln of the wood binds the fibers without addition of artificial binders. Because of their composition, hnrdboiu'd.s can be worked with all woodworking tools. You can nail them, glue tlitm. paint them, or give them nny finish thai wooc takes. tiers. PniiH them to match th»lr .surroundings. A coffee table can be mnUc out ol an old camp stool or luggage rack Scrape it down and paint or stair It; tuck two wide straps of sturdy material across the top of the frame then use your wife's favorite pretty trny on top. Ottomans are coming back itiU their own—maybe because they'n handy for watching TV, A cheesi or butter bucket, or a sturdy pack- Itig box of the right height cnn be converted to living room use by laddhifj the top, then Retting you: mndy wife to cover the whole thin* vlth her choice of material, fitte< vnd sewn like a slip cover. We've even seen the heavy cor ugated cardboard from big pack- ITK boxes pressed into service to he cellnr, The board was cut Into cover unsightly rafters and studs in squares or strips, like wall board, •wd nMlod Into place. The edges were taped, nnd the whole thing lalnted. It transformed a gloomy laundry into a rather cheerful place for Monday's washing nnd Tuesday's ironing, but we wouldn't recommend It anywhere near the furnace, None of these Ideas may be just what you're hankering to accomplish around the house, but they ought to stir up a few thoughts o: your own. After all, the handy mas about the house ought to have a 1U- W. A- LEWIS JIOMF.—Tills five-room house of brick and frame construction is the new residence of Mr. and Mrs, W. A. iJswis, Highway 61 South. Flooring is spruce and part of the interior walls are of weltex plywood. The living room, which has a drop celling, has stained and waxed paneled walls. A built-in buffet and china closet are in the dining room nnd sliding doors have been inbtallcd in —Courier News Photo the bedrooms and living room. The northeast bedroom has built-in furniture. Two floor furnaces provide heat and a bree?x?way connects the house and garage and utility room. Indirect lighting is used In the living and dining rooms and a porch has been built on the south side, All kitchen cabinets are also built-in with space for a deep freeze. Higher Mortgage Payments Make Economies Essential ville. and Bobbe Tomlinson. Cor $750: Lot 7 in Block 9 of David Acres Subdivision of Blj'theville. M. L. and Oracle-Russell to T. T. ml Audte Campbell, for J6750: the Here's Check List For Heat Plants Waste Paper Creates Hazard; Chimney Nee Cleaning and Inspectio Cold weather is not far away. *o It's important that you get your healing equipment in order. To make sure it's working properly, anc to reduce lire haznr<Js, use this check list: 1. Clean up around your furnace Waste paper, rubbish and oily rags are especial])* dangerous fire hu- rd*. 2. Clean out chlmrwy and imoke | pi[* leading to It from the furnace' or boiler. Be extra careful to clean out dirty filters and duets If you have a warm air system. Check duels for rust or other deterioration. 3. Check for leaks in fire doors and flue cleaning doors In your heating plants. Make sure all doors, chains and pulleys work properly. Put some ' paper under your oil | With shorter term mortgages now .he rule throughout the country, rioiithly payments on principal and interest arc considerably higher for a family buying a home today under federal mortgage credit restrictions Lhnn payments required from home buyers a year af>o, it Is pointed out by a Construction Research Bureau, nntional clearing house for building information. "For this reason," says the Bureau, "it Is more impmtant than ever to fid just family budgets to the higher payments and Jo effect -savings in home operation and maintenance wherever possible." Among money-saving possibilities suggested by the Bureau is to re pair nil home equipment immediately to prevent, much more costly repairs later on, and to equip the with , storm sashes and weatherstrip and to Inflate it ully with mineral wool so that one- htrd of the fuel will be saved. Increase In Terms Under present regulations, a Family buying a new home cannot obtain a mortgage tor a longer iierioc! than 20 years. This applies Lo war veterans and non-veterans alike. To buy a $10,000 house, a veteran must make an initial pay- ie ingenuity. tn- pay >er month on principal and ,crest of an $8.700 mortgage. Today a non-veteran must don $2,300 on a S10.0CO house and ills princial and Interest payments oil a 20-year 4'.;% mortgage amount to $43.74 monthly. Prior to last October 12, a non-veteran could obtain a 25-year mortgage, and thus his monthly payments in princial and interest of n $7,700 loan at 4 1 -: % came to $42.81. Using a $150 annual fuel bill as an example, the Construction Research Bureau of Standards anti other agencies which show that full-thick insulation of a home with mineral wool will save approximately 35% of each year's fuel. Such a savings amounts to 552.50 which is equivalent to one month's interest and principal payment on 510,000 house bought under present mortgage terms. ment of 51,300. leaving an 38.700 mortgage. To pay off (lie principal and interest of this loan in 20 years requires $52.72 per month. Before mortgage terms were shortened, a veteran could obtain a 30- year loan with payments of 541.50 tank t» •«« that n« fuel U Otherwise a mall leak might go KB- noticed. 4. With a hoi wat*r »>*Um of fth« c*c**d or preetvre type, make MM* .' rrilef valve Ls adjusted to opca below 3» potinda pr**»ur*. . Make Mife your hoi vafer or steam boiler to full of wafer bftoft you make th* first fir*. 6. Vent All radiators of air. You might also ask your heating contractor about the cost of replacing old, cast iron radiators. Because they often are slow to heat and equally slow to cool off, you may be wasting a good deal of fuel. The copper and aluminum construction of new units, such as the slim, efficient convector-radiatorj, often makes them an economical replacement throughout the house for th* space-consuming radiators which ll are found in so many old home*. Less than fivs per cent of **• nation's homes are equipped with a portable fire extinguisher. of the NEli of Sect. 8-T15- SPEND FOR THE HOME FIRST. H is Your Best Security. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Real Estate Transfers Mabel Hognn and Joe and Gladys Strickland, for $10 and other valuable considerations: Lot 9 and one- lialf of Lot 8 in Block 10 of Chickasawba Addition to Blytheville. Eula Wilson to E. H. Green, for S1200: Lot 7 in Block 4 of David Acres Subdivision of Blylheville. E. B. and Rovcno David to Boyd Ethel E. Hill to Bull L. Wilson, for Slo and other valuable consl.lerations: Lot 7 In Block 4 of David Acres Subdivision ot Blythe- Ternptr*H presseri woods, \ •* -1 nch thick, can be bent cold on a 9-lnch' radius with the smooth side out, or on a 6-inch radium with the smooth side in. Sharper bends can be made by soaking the board or by using heat, Regular table.-; have been compiled for the minimum bends possible lor all thicknesses.' j These various thin materials on- i new fields for the amateur j craftsman. Paneled furniture, fold- ; itiR screens, novel finishes, nil come within his reach- Virtually nil ply- woods and harciboard arc available in ready-cut panel sizes that range from 4x1 feet to 4x12. Predecorated panelboard-s cau be found under a variety of trade names at building supply dealers. CKL-0-GLASS Every Hume Has Need for Some. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. rUKI, HILLS Save one-third willi INSULATION. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. At Adams Appliance Now ! at No BAa Cost! A Home is Ihe Greatest of all Aids to Success. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Best Service—Rest Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 21.1 WRlnvit Phon* 2381 Prompt Service Expert Service Experienced Service PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI 109 N. First Phone 2731 • Complete self-contained phonograph ploys up to 14 "45" records. • Large speaker and "Golden Threat" acoustical syslem give exceltent lone. • This amazing value is too gooa . ~i miss. . . aik for the RCA Victor 45EY2 loday. of these 4S Albums RCA Victt* 43EY2 Choose from this list of RCA Victor "45" Albums Choon any ONI ot »!•>• CLASSICAL alkum> \VOM76? A\uilc of Johann Sliaun (Eugene O'mondy) WOM920 Sclieheralade-Syrriphonie Suile (Piene Mont WDM1028 The Swan loVe (Vladimir GoticSma™) WDM1075 Conttrlo No. 1 HadtnuininQR (Ailur RubiniK WDMI7S1 Symphony No. 6 (Pathctiqut) TdiaikovjVy ( WOMU73 Highlight! trom la T.oviola (famou! Soloiili WCTU Caruio— Tieaiury [Fmita Ca(uio) OS! choai* any TWO a< Thill Hit olbumi WP70 Wolliti You Sovid lot ,«i (Wajn. Kinjl WPS5 Atii. Shaw WPK3 Glenn Milltr NVPH2 On th» Moonbeam (Vaughn Monrot) WPU3 Nul<racV«r Suit. (Spile Jonei) WM38 A Co!« Potter Review ( Eo>«) Wf ISS th> Thre. Sum Pieienl WPI87 A Stnllmcnlal Dal. wilh P«ity Como WP303 Yoy ond Ihe NigM and 1h. Mwiic (lony MarliK WPri Sn>nll Con bo Hill WFJ?5Horl Srow Fovorilll WPI63 Cowboy Clauiet (Son» of Ihe Pioneeril VVP195 i'. TIT. Hill flom Ihe Hilll lUd, Arnold) •WY1I3 Soy Rogerl' Rodlo •WY399 Cinderelfo (Original Call) •WY386 Feler ond Ihe Woll (Sle.lio, Mollo-ayl •WV38* the lillle Engine lhal Cauld (Poul Win}) •V.'YJJJ Pinccchio (Clifl Ei»ord>) •Chrldren'iRenrch $97 .95 WHILE THEY LAST ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Taste it! You'll agree—silken is the word for Wilken. You'll be glad you changed to extra-smooth, country-style flavor—silken Wilken flavor. Try a bottle today. It's low in price! THE WILKEN COMPANY, LAWREHCEBURG, INDIANA • BLENDED WHISKEY 20G-20S \Vest Slain — Complete Service Department Phone 2071 NOTICE TO RESIDENTIAL WATER CONSUMERS In The City of Blytheville The Blytheville Water Company will render the water statements for water consumed every other month in the future instead of monthly as hits been the practice in the past. All residential melers cast of Frisco Railroad tracks will be read during the following months, October, December, February, April, June and August. All residential meters west of Frisco Railroad tracks will be read during the following months, September, November, January, March, May and July. All residential statements rendered after month of October, 1951 will be for two months water consumption. All statements will be due on or before the 12th of the month following meter reading. All commercial and industrial accounts will be read and billed the same as in the past, on a monthly basis. For further information, call our business office at .115 West Main Street. Phone Number 44JB. Watch your plumbing for leaks. Call your local plumber for repairs and checkups. We arc not responsible for your leaks in plumbing. All residential accounts will be billed only six times per year until notice of any change is given. We arc attempting to furnish the very best water and service to our customers at the least possible cost. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Blytheville Water Co.

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