The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE la. 1947 five Arkansans Die Violently Truck Line Owner . Killed in Airplane Crash Near Foreman •At (By United Press) least five Arkansans have died during the past two days in a series of accidents. , Willard J. Branch. 23. was instantly killed late yesterday when his small airplane fell in a pasture near Foreman. Ark. William C. Lowcry, 21. a passenger, was seriously injured. . Branch, .who is a resident of Texarkana. operated a small trucking line between Texarkana and Foreman. 'Horace Thurman. 13, has died Isi a Monticello hospital from injuries suffered when, n tree fell on! him while ho was working at the Louis F° x Sawmill, 12 miles east of Monticollo, Tuesday. At Morrilton. 45-year-old Robert Field h»s d' ctl in a hospital from' injuries suffered when an ruitomo- Mle in which he was riding skidded off Highway 95 and overturned Monday. And Thomas J. Jordan, 47. became, the fifth victim when lie died in a fire which destroyed his honie near Marion, Ark., Tuesday. - The final death came when James Turney, 40. of Balavia, ended his life by drinking poison. He was dead on arrival at a Harrison hospital. Seniors cf Strike-Torn School May Get Diplomas In Dairy Barn If It Rains . 'LYNNVJLLE, Tom.. June 12f (UP)—The sixteen seniors of strife- torn Jones High School will gel their diplomas In n large dairy barn Friday night—if it rains. • . Principal Joa F. McAlistcr, prevented by court injunction from enterinq the school building since the school board fired him, hnr - made the arrangements. • MrAlister . filed suits totallin; *100,00 against school palrons and board members In Giles County Tuesday charging defamation of character and slander. The Giles board fired him May 29, and ordered the. school closed two weeks early. They said he demoralized the' schools, failed to hold regular classes, and threatened to withhold credits of students whose parents did not attend certain meetings. But the ousted principal has held regular classes on a lawn *the street from the school, and staged baccalaureate services there V Sunday. The seniors will get their di- pfomos on the same lawn Pridaj unless rain forces McAlistcr Jo use his alternate site—the barn on the property of Joe Sands, father of one of the students. Labor Experts Deny Hartley's Strike Claim WASHINGTON. June 12. (UP) — The 'Labor Department said yesterday almost 00 !>cr cent of lh« labor disputes i" which strike nolicCj were filed during Die first four months of tills year were settled amicably before the strike deadlines. A department spokesman said it was Issuing a statistical strike survey to "offset" an assertion bv Chairman Fred A. Hartley. R., N. J., of the House Pallor Commii- tee that a hMvy file of strike notcic.s durlnu May indicated so'nc union leaders were thinking of a Bcnernl strike. Hartley, co-author of the Tnft- Hartlcy bill :uvaltintj i)residential action, slid his "careful" analvils i>f t)ie uoticei made it "obvious thai unions want to he In n po- sllion" to hunch a protest sen- era I strike if the bill becomes law. Hartley s aid that in til? oast 31 cliiys the Labor Detriment, had re- V0(i more than 900 strike notices —"far above the normal number for that period." Edgar lj. Warren, chief of the U. S. Conciliation Service, prepared the dennrtincnts' survey. He saitl the number of strike notices filed niHlcr the Smith-Connally Act '« "misleading." Family Mourns Slain Baby City Pressured For Park Area As Hospital Site LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. June 12. (UP) — Gov. Ben Inncy expressed doubt yesterday that the University of Arkansas Medical School will bo moved from Little Rock Ir the proposed Veterans Hospital can be located nearby. "Should MacArthur park be deeded ror the V-A hospital, there is no question but what it would be a line thing for the medical school," Lniiey said. He added that apparently. the citizens of Little Rock are making fin honest effort to Iron out the misunderstandings concerning the Medical School and Veterans Hospital. "I regret that any part of the park -might ha,vc to be used for thq hospital, but I believe it to be the most advantageous arrangement suggested so far," the governor said. . «ii:i ; British Writer Backs Wallace As Candidate for U. S. President By IIKNUY ' TOSTI KUSSKI.I/ him president next year." United Press Staff Correspondent) Other questions and Shaw's re- Copyright 1947 by United Press) plies, BRUSSELS, June 12. .(UP) — i' Q—Can you suggest a formula icorge Bernard Shaw endorsed by means of which the so-ciillccl enry A. Wallace yesterday for., western powers could reach such csidciH of the United States in a basis of understanding with So- 948. The 90-year-old British sage and laywriglU praised Wallace's speaJ;- ]« tour as an aid to the >.ause <,'. eacc. In a postal Interview between clBhim and England, shaw warn- d that "twaddle about formulas" wilt! not help avoid a third world 'ai'. Political caiAcilyiof leaders ill determine events, he said. Shaw was asked, "On you con- ider that former U. S. Secretary ->! Commerce 'Henry A. Wallace is is not rcn.-icrlim a service to tho ausc of peace by his frequent ut- eranccs concerning the relations of Soviet Russia with other coun- rles?" "He is rendering the greatest lossible service to us and to Eu-i ope by proving Hint there are Americans with minds lai'RCr than those of villagers." Shaw replied. "I hope icrc arc enough of them to make vict Russia as would enable the much-harassed men In the jstrect of all nations to forget their fears of a third world war Involving Soviet Russia until. ? A — Just at present no sane and disinterested mortal from Stal- tlown to Hie poorest man in the street regards a third world war other-wise than as a sentence of bankruptcy a'.id suicide. Fullest advantage should be taken of Jhis happy siliialion during the lew years it will last. Twaddle about formulas v.ill not help. Political capacity «ill determine the course of events. Not charters and creeds and mouth organs. Q—Why should or should not the so-called victorious nations deprive themselves of better rations in c>- der to feed the so-called vanquished ones? A—The KOOSC that lays the golden cggR Is worth feeding nt the cost of fasting for a day or two In the week, The diiticulty for the moment is that the victorious nations arc themselves hard up for food. Q—Who cares whether or liow lorn; the British remain in India and why? A—Mr. Gandl, Mr. Nehru. Mr. Jlnnah, Loi'd Mountbatten and a few thousand nameless nobodies who are trying to kill one anotli;^ In lloriibay, Lahore, Calculta and | Inc Nunn-wcsi irj.itiers. O.hersi'ii- 1 agine they care but would not lift ' a linger to help or hinder. Q—Why should or why should not Britain cancel her s3-Ci»lled war dejits? A—Why indocd? She cancfll-d thi'in nf(er 1918. cancel I; a prettier word than repudiate. But we fliail pay America if America will' , leno us money. ; \ • ; Q— What If anything can Ihn man in the street cvehywhci'c '13 ( to insure more peaceful land proi-( perous governments throughout lh-r world? ! A— Ho can threaten consclcnUuos' objection; that is all. i . Q— Is Ben Ilecht right or wrong?! A— Never heard of the g'.nllcin.-uo (Heclit published an advertise-. ment in .support of the Jewish un-j dcrground in Palestine.) ! Q— Why should or should noU Britain get, out of Palestine ami, leave it to Us own rule? ,, \ A— (No answer). tl j j&> '• ' Read Courier News Waul Ads. f FOR RENT The office formerly occupied by the lufc Dr. C. C. Stevens is for rent and the office furniture is for sale. Located ground floor, Medical Arts Building, 411 West Main Street. Sec G. G, Hubbard at the Hubbard Furniture Company, if interested. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morton and Iheir children, Delorcs, i, and Shirley, 3, mourn the brutal murder of their 9-vvceks-old daughter and sister. Rosemary, who was found slain in the pediatrics ward of the Massilon, Ohio, City Hospital. (NEA Tclcphoto.) ata,ly will be minoimced, from All- Testimony before Brown's com- bama. I -mittcc indicated, however, thai it The plant is expected-to produce would Inks H months to get Hie tons of newsprint, anjiuaiiy. plant into production. House Committee Votes To'Freeze Payroll Tax WASHINGTON, June !2. (UP) — iThe House Ways and Means Committee yesterday unanimously approved a bill to frefz: social security payroll taxes at the present 1 rate of one per cent both employers and employes through 1943. JTJnder present law the rates are scheduled to go up to two and one-half per cent next Jan. 1. 'The committee also approved a new formula for computing Social Security taxes after 1949. The rates will be increased to ''one and one- half per' cer.t in 1950 and two per cent in 1957- Milk Producers Propose Pool to Stabilize Prices WASHINGTON, June 12. (UPJ— The National Cooperative Milk producers Association yesterday urged Congress to stabilize fr.rm prlcos through a national "holding pool" which would buy during farplus Rcrtods and sell when commodities nre scarce. The program was outlined to the House Agriculture Committee by John Brandt of Minneapolis, president of the association. The coriV- mittce is considering a long-range agricultural program to take effect when the temporary wartime n'ice simnort program dies. The proposed holding pool woi be administered by a non-partisan agricultural price and adjustmen board. It would buy up commodities whenever prices threatened to fail below a RUarantecd level and resell them in scarcity periods. Read Courier News Want Ads.' PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Thousands change groans to grins. Uw a doclori' tormula to relieve discomfort •( piles. Sent druggist* by noted Thornton & Minor Clinic. Surprising QUICK palliative relict of psin. Itch, frtitallon. Tends to soften, shrink »«-MlinrT- Us« focrtn- way. Get tube Thornton * Minor's Rectal Ointment or Rectal Suppositories today. Follow 1 •'.el directions. For »a)e M all i Here's Speedy Relief for Aching, Burning Fee! Emerald Oil Must Give Complete Satisfaction or Money Cheerfully Refunded. Gel n Uvo-aimcc bottle of Moone's Enirrnld Oil (full strength* indny. Svcry well-stocked drug store lias .his, with the distinct understanding thnt your money will he chcnr- fully relumed if It docs" not give you full nnd complete satisfaction. Two or three applicalinns of Moor.n'.s KniciLilil Oil nntt in double- quick time Ihc nchln,; sore starts to £O. And nf> for Soft Corns, u few np- lilications each nigiit for a nights—find out for yourself how good it is. No matter how discouraged you have been, if you imve not tried Kmerald Oil then' you have something to lenrn. Thousand.-; of bottlss are sold annually for many distressing skin troubles. Wood's Drug Store and every go?rt druggist sells Kmerald Oil. Satisfaction guaranteed or money buck. I drue stores everywhere- Deportment Leases Plant to Paper Concern WASHINGTON, June 12. (UP) — Rep. Clarence J. Brown. R., O.. reported today that the War Department has signed a 40-year lear.e with the Coosa River Newsprint. Co., Talladega County. Ala., for the production ol ncwtprint and paper. The property involved in t'.ic lease i s part of Ihe Army's Alabama Ordnance Works. Browii. chairman ol the Housa Newsprint Investigating Committee, said that dcUills of the lease prob- Give Your Car A 'New' Apearance Ha's KENS POK A SAV-so let's Eialp Dad tele- tita RSiGM OF HiS K1N3BCM with all fha 1uh, esnd pJeusur&s htj deserves. NVOOD'S has gniriered JcgsShsr a v/ortdcrfuJ group of gift ii3*5?£ t'hnt you'EJ waiif to corisienr before buying his Father's Day Giff. So csn?« in' and let us heip you seies? a perfect gift for Dad. SiZE . HINKLEPSLLS (i()c SIZE LIGHTER I'UINCK AM? TOBACCO AMITY BILLFOLDS I'UINCK AIJUCUT 1 Lli. 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