The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1949
Page 2
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FAG* TfTO BLYTHEVItXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1949 THE NATION TODAY Proposed Welfare Department Sought by Truman Would Be Mammoth Government Agency Editor'* Note: Tills li the second of several stories on President Truman't plans for reorganizing the government.) Br James Marlow WASHINGTON, June 22. (JP) —President Truman wants to create a brand new government department, called the Department of Welfare, Thi» was one of tile seven plans he laid before Congress this week as part of a program to reorganize the government and make it run better. + To understand why he did this, ind the background of it, Imagine you're looking at a chart of the government^ make-up. You start with: 1. The nine biff departments whose heads are members of the Presl- dent'» cabinet: State, Justice, Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, Interior, post Office, Treasury, and the military establishment (Army, Navy, Air Force). .2. Then you see the big Independent agencies and commissions which stand alone, not connected with any department, such as: The Federal Security Agency: Civil Service Commission; and the Interstate Commerce Commission. 3. Then you see swarms of smaller agencies arid bureaus tucked away inside of (because they're part of) the departments and the big Independent agencies, such as: The Federal Bureau of Investigation <PBT) in the Justice Department; the U. S. office of Education in the Federal Security Administration (FSA). FSA Hai 35,000 Kmpolvrs Those big Independent agencies, created from time to time to fit some special need, have grown with the years, in size and Importance. The FSA, for instance, with 35,000 employes, U bigger than three government departments: The Labor Department has only 3.500 employes; the State Department has 20,000; the Justice Department, 26,000. The next in size Is the Commerce Departmene with 40.000. Now Mr. Truman wants to create a new government department by changing the name of the FSA to that of the Department of Welfare. The FSA was established In 1839 but Mr. Truman says creation of a department of welfare is long overdue. Why? He says of the FSA: "The central purpose of the FSA is the conservation and devedop- ment of the human resources of the nation . . . The range of Its programs and the significance of their Impact upon national development obviously entitle It to a place in the highest rank of federal organizations. " The PSA now has a number of agencies under its wing. If it became the Department of Welfare Mr. Truman would want it to keep those ,agencies-which'promote the health, welfare and social security of the people. Many Related Atenele* For .ettmple, the Department of Welfare:would keep these agencies which the FSA has now: U. S. Public Health Service; Soc- ial Security Administration; U. 3. Office of Education; Food and Drug Administration; and the Bureau ol Employes' Compensation (It hand les injured government workers). Other agencies, now part of FSA but which Mr. Truman thinks belong outside a welfare department, would be transferred elsewhere. Mr. Ti'uman points out the' idea that a welfare department is needed is not new: President H&rcling suggested I In 1923; and a special committee appointed by President Roosevelt in 1937 recommended a Department of Social Welfare. And tlie Hoover Commission—a special, 12-man commission appointed by Congress and headed by Batesville Cop Halts Car and Slays Driver BATESVILLE, Ark., June 22. <jp> —A young service station operator wa» shot to death In a scuffle with two policemen here tut night. The victim wu Tom Williamson, about 27, who was returning to mi nome from a barbecue with hit wife and another couple. The two cars In which they were rld- ing were stopped by patrolmen who wanted to know what the couples were doing out at about midnight. Mavor Henry Chaney said officers Jess Long and Ernest Brookerson thought Williamson and the other man I the party, Alvls Ball. were intoxicated. The mayor said the officers and the men became Involved In j fight and that Long shot William son twice through the heart. A coroner's Inquest was scheduled this morning. ARRESTED—Krishna Venta, who calls himself the Messiah and "The Voice," stands outside a Jail cell after he was arrested In Los Ange les on n charge of failure to provide (or his former wife and two minor children. Venta claims a following former President Hoover to suggest of 145.000. He was later relented on ways of making the government run smoother—recently recommended: Setting uri a government department to handle the social security and education jobs of the government. Mr. Truman's plan doesn't follow in every detail the recommendation of ihe Hoover Commission. Hail. <AI> Wlrephoto). Contract to Repair Statt Capitol It Ut LITTLE ROCK, June 22. (f> — Herman Carty , Little Rock contractor, has received a contract to repair the capltol building. Carty's bid was I1M.OOO, but the pi ice will be cut Jiy elimination of alternates to »150,000. which the 184* legislature set u the maximum. ! quipm«nf tidt ROCK, JUM n. <*>— Blda were to be opened today for seven grade builder* for the State Highway Department. Bids will be opened tomorrow Meters Voted Down MALVEHN, Ark., June 23 (/»•) — M^lvern voted against proposed In stallatlon of parking meters at i special election yesterday. The vote was 277 to 306 against the meters. TABUT* Worms Luxora Veterans Form Chapter Of Young Farmers LUXORA, Aik., June 22—Members of the Veleran's Agricultural Program have formed a local chap ter of the Young Farmers of Arkansas Association. It was announced here this week by Auten M. Chitwood, instructor for the Veterans classes. This statewide organisation, now in It's second year, was formed along the lines of the national Future Farmers of America, vocational agricultural program, designed to aid young farmers, in organizational functions and- stress social contacts with similar farmers from other sections of the slat*. Selected to lead the local chapter for the forthcoming year were: John F. Bowen. president: Martin Wood, vice president: and G. C. Driver, secretary and treasurer. | Initial business or the organization other than selecting It's leaders consisted of selecting delegates to attend the state convention, which will be held In Little Rock July 11-13. Tlie newly elected president and secretary-treasurer were chosen as the two delegates to represent the meeting. With the Courts Common Plea.s: Blytheville Propane Co., a corporation v.s. Leon McGarrity. ^ «'. for collection on Account of $610,50 and Interest. | Chancery: Evelyn S. Woodhoiue vs. Paul E, ^suit (or divorce. J. M. Kimbrough et al vs. L A. Holden, suit for injunction to prevent defendant from occupying pulpit of West End Missionary Baptist Church (Negro), Read Courier News Want Ads. 5 doctors prove this plan breaks the laxative habit If you Uke ]«XfttJT« you can .top! Btcju« 5 N.w VorV do I" 0 "' 1 ("»" i»«y bre»lr the I. rlim cent of the cue* t<*t«d did £ ClKhly-thr* So cmn you. Stop tftkiac wlitUver wirt —0*°'"' w ~ k ~""t "«3i'"lfh1 takt I»2 CM.«T'• Third new chapter at this ' lod.y. YO?M b/rrltUwML' How can * laxative break tbe Uxati™ low rip*™'"* C " rl "'' ""* "u»blocW" the n«ke u£1t S oi?>Sur« r °M»^ °° '" " Kurt her—C»rt*r'* TilU eoaUIn no h»bit- ° £.".1 th.fti.lin h.bll . . . ^th Cvt~; ™i» • • . »nii be r««ultr n»tunlly. When worry, overrun,, overwork m.kt you irrecutar ternporftrijv—take C&rt«r'e l'il]« temporenly. 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Blytheville Business (above Guard's) 2«9'/j West Alain t'hone 2415 OB addition*! equipment, including 10 Jeep station wagons and one crawler-type diesel tractor. Contract! will be awarded at a High' way Commiulon meeting here Friday. Mother .f Notcaaily Beer first came Into use partly! because of a shortage of pure wa-l In ancient days, brewing waul by the housewife In her) ter. done horn*. WATER IS FREE! Wherever you find it, water is free, Deep in a well or out of the sea. G«t all you want wherever you go,— Read the simple directions below Put a barrel under the spout, Collect the rain the clouds give out; But watch for wiggler and bacillus,— Some bugs are almost sure to kill us. Melt yourself a pan of snow! (It's a crystal form of H20) Or just apply a little heat To frost or ice or hail or sleet I Dig a hole both deep and round, That's where lots of water's found. 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