The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1950 Dutch Report Troop Landings Indonesian Soldiers Move into Revolt Scene Near Makassar JAKARTA, (J.S.I., April 19. Reliable Dutch military sources said the central Indonesian government today landed 2,000 troops south at IMpssar, scene of a recent revolt adnst the Jakarta government. These sources, who have maintained good communications with .Makassar— capital of the state nf East Indonesia — said no fighting had been reported as a result of the landings. Leader Surrendered Rebel Indonesian soldiers, former members of the Dutch Army In the Indies, seized Makassar, " In the south Celebes, two weeks ago. The leader of the revolt, Capt. Audi Abdul Aziz, surrendered to the central government last Friday and now Ls in prison in Jakarta. An official Dutch army spokesman today said 300 Indonesian troops who took part In the rebellion had been disarmed. Indicating tlie Incoming federal troops might encounter little opposition. The spokesman denied a report, however, that the Dutch had disarmed all Indonesian members of the KnII— the Dutch army In the Indies— in the south Celebes area. It had been considered possible that these forces, numbering about 4,000, niight join in the revolt If federal troops were landed. Landings Expected The landings, which Indonesian army headquarters said a week ago could. be expected "at any time," reportedly were made today In two Waves. Lack of confirmation from Indonesian army headquarters of the movement was attributed here BL communications lag. Window Detail Is Costly to Cop OAKLAND, Calif., April 19. (/T)— Practising what he preaches, police Sgt. Joseph R. Mierkey mindfully locked his car yesterday when he parked In front of a cafe. Then he went inside to pick lip refreshments for, a meeting of the International Footprint Association --recreational organization for po- *' Ucemen, He returned to his car. Wliups! A uniform, his badge, a fancy foot- printers' shirt and three $300 checks were missing. Car doors locked? Uh huh—but the windows were rolled down. John McC/oy^Seefcs Hfit *o Anti-Semitism FRANKFURT, . Germany, April 10. (AP)_U.S. High Commissioner John J. McCIoy advised the "decent citizens' of Germany and their officials" last night to put a stop to recent acts of anti-Semitism. Citing the recent desecration of two Jewish, cemeteries and a Hamburg crowd's demonstration April 14 against a Jewish witness at a deNazification hearing, McCIoy In an official statement said: "Whenever any of these incidents occur, they are a disgrace and every German citizen Ls injured by them." - QUEEN-Ann Carleton Hadley, above, daugh- f r .v Mrs ' Albcn Ba rkley, wif, of the vice president, will rein, u queen of the 1950 Apple BloZ »m Festival at Winchester, V.. She is a student at Sophie Newcomb College, New Orleanx. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURrgR NEWS "TELt YUH WHAT I'M GONNA DO . . ."-Dressed IB top hat »nd apron, a Berlin street peddler makes hij pitch from the back of a small truck at the British-Russian sector border. Most of his customers are Eastern Germans, who find it hard to buy his luxuries, like canned food, In the Communist-dominated zooe. Criminal Tendencies Persist Despite Operation; Veteran Lands Back in Jail NEW YORK, April 19. W — A handsome former Marine, who submitted to risky brain surgery last fall to cure him of criminal tendencies was back in jail today — wanted by the law In four states. He is 25-year-old Charles Hinkley, arrested as a fugitive fora a Kansas Veterans Administration hospital where doctors had hoped he would regain normalcy. Hinkley was picked up 'In South Deerfield, Mass., at the end of a trail of bad checks that began with his escape from the Winter General Hospital in Topeka. Kns.. two weeks ago, authorities said. Top'cka wants him 'back, and older charges are pending against him In New York City and Florida. Last Oct. 27 at Coriil Gables. Pla. Dr. Irwin Perlmutter performed the delicate operation known as "prefrontal lobotomy™ oh Hinklev's brain. A hole was cut In his skull anrt the pre-frontal lobe was cut off from the rest of his brain. • Operation Debated The operation—widely debated In medical circles—frequently has reduced a patient's mental or criminal disorders. , But a long convalescence Is necessary. . p r.: Perlmutter. JJ»M ; it" wovld take up 1 to two^yenfs to/re-educate the'veteran and make hirtV a useful citizen again. Gf&fTHEW HOPE fOR OVER 50! tf TM'n Bee* SkUy For S«M TiM M*i Cart Twd Oat WVr Many ailments (stomach 1 trouble, in- dlgcstlod, constipation, Insomnia, nervousness and those vague sicknesses) which slow folks up after 50 can b« traced to deficiencies. So tafce HAOA- COL dally. H ADA COL «uppUes eitr* quantltlw of B complex vitamins foe wlilch dally needs have been established, iron and helpful amount* of calcium and phosphorus—great health-, body- and tissue -repairing el em en Is. HADACOI. has brought ain&zlng relief In case after case such us: Case report from Lafayette, Louisi- mr\a. Mr. Robert lleaux writes: "I had been sick a Jong time from digestive disturbances. I couldn't sleep and waa Just about KlvlnB up hope when I tried HAIUCOI- Today at 66 I'm happy and healthy, thanks to HAitACOL." Only $1.25 for trim size. Large family or hospital size, »3.SO. HADACDL "Soy It With Flowers" Btytheville FLOWER MART Memphis «iw»j rh*ne ttti While the supply las you can buy.this pro en fertilizer for only BIytheyille Fertilize South Hiway Po//ce to File Murder Charge For Attempt to Bomb Airliner PAGE THRM LOS ANGELES, April 19. (AP)_ Police said they will seek a complaint today charging 34-year-old John II. Grant, with attempting to murder 16 persons. against him. Accusations Involve 51,500 He Is charged specifically in New York with passing a bad check for 5198. There are other similar accusations here involving $1,500. New Vork lias asked Topcka to drop its claim on Hinkley. The police department here said a detective would (ate extradition papers to Massachusetts today. Hinkley is held in the county Jail at Greenfield, Mass., and officials said he will fight extradition. His arrest cnmo after South r>eer- field police were tippet! on his escape and kept an eye out for him to visit friends. Topeka Detective Chief Charles Crank said Hinklcy's new bin! checks showed up In Kansas City after his escape. Crank said the fugitive made no effort, to conceal himself, but telephoned Topeka friends at various stages of his trip east to tell them of his adventures. There were 16—Including Grant's wife and two small children— aboard an airliner yesterday when a crude gasoline bomb vox discovered in the luggage Just before the plane was to take oft. Police Detective Ned O. Logsdon aid Grant, nil aeronautical engi- leer. admitted In a lengthy stale- ncnt that he plotted the death of its family to collect $25,000 insurance and pay up his accumulated lebls. Detective Jack Gouldslone inlri he will ask Issuance of a complaint charging Grant with 16 counts of attempted murder. As Investigators delved Into Grant's tangled affairs—which include another woman who says she MAY K I I A FAMILY AFFAIR ) He was admitted to the veterans hospital last November. Hinkley had read about the operation in a magazine while held in the county jail at Miami on an auto theft charge. 'I'm a cooked goose," he told his lawyer. "I'm wanted in a lot of steles and I'm facing years In prison. If an operation con be arranged, I'm willing to be a guinea pig." The charges against him were not dismissed, but were held In abeyance to see how the operation and cure would work out. Acfcdcral charge against him also was temporarily withdrawn. Neither Florida nor the federal government has revived its charges against the former Marine, who was discharged as unstable during the war. But New York Is pressing an indictment for grand larceny ertlng. nose-pickintandmtor- ntinjr rectal Itch are often t*ll- siuns of Pin-Worms... uuly To Kel rid of Pin-1 pests must not or killed in the lar they live and n , aclly what Jarne'n P.W tablets do ... And here's how they do ft: First— a scientific coaling carries the tablfts into the bowels Defore they dissolve. Then- Jarn«'. modern, mcdically'Bpprovvtl ingredient noes right to work— fcittj Pin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't take chA nees • with this dangerous, highly contagious condition. 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Paternity Admitted Detecllvw said Grant had this to say of the Ne»' York paternity case: "The girl »as a young widow. We had been Intimate for some time and she was excpcting a baby. She brought charges against me. I posted $500 bond and came to California with my family. I had been *nm- ferred, but it was routine and had nothing to do with the . paternity matter. In March of 1947, on the advice of my attorney, r returned to New York and admitted paternity. I was ordered to pay »10 a week child support." Grant said he has not paid any of the support In the last two years. The other woman who says she loves Grant is Betty Suomela, 31- year-old airline stewardess. The accused man waa quoted, by d*t«c- "I was stringing her along. Why, 1 lied to her ao many time* that I cannot even remember my atorle*." l/wd Her Car Mtss Suomela la assistant auper- visor of stewardesses for American Airlines' Western Division, It was her car In which Grant drove hb family to the Los Angeles International Airport yesterday for a vacation flight to San Diego. Both Mjra. fh-Qnf ajjd fliljjs JJiK). mela said they will stand by Grant. Mrs. Grant told reporters "Perhaps all of John's financial worries have caused something to snap. Maybe he's had a nervous breakdown." At a press conference Miss Suomela said: "I want to help him if I poslbly can." Asked if she had professed love for him, she said she had and that he had asked her to marry him when he obtained a divorce. Investigator! said Grant'a debts amount to from »8,000 to |9,OuO and that Miss Suomela had given hi*, sums ranging from »50 to 1150 ea> various occasions to help him. Carl Merner has been cORchlaj Columbia University's track and field teams since 1920. 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