The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 3
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THUKSDAY. JULY 18, 1946 ilI.YTIlKVILLE (AUK.) COUKIEU NKWS cirens Fate of ests With Judge State's Attorney Agrees to Ask for Lifo ? PAGU Food Is VVhora You Fine! if- CIIK.'ACO. ,Ji|lv i;i. UII'J I>I,K;»•.•.>• ill 111,- ;:l.:> ••:; ,-;,.-• u'iiiinsl Wil"•IM ll'-lU'il;;. !Y-yi':<|--;,lcl l-ollt'Kl- ••"P'unin.ip. ti!(l:>v ;iiv;ili"d llir luklni; "1 u mm- ..|,m JH i|| ( . ki(iii:i|i-sl-..y- ""' "I li"]. 1 :iir/:iiinr l)i>:;n:in mil '«;•' «'luv lull in....:;. Hi' 1 M'tlLll C'imtV.S-:i:>u i'l III,! lu-xl '.vlrri'liy Siali-V; AlKirn-v V.'il- .1. Timliv |, .is :iHm-rl ID ask :i • :!'' iiriM.M s.m -n<v. in.s'riiil of Hit <"':iili iirtialty. m return for -i wrii- I bill liij.i!".. nf LI,;, detailed h:nl been |)o',l|>[ijic<t un'ii Ui- !:iv!'n the aiacemen:.. Harold (i. \V:ml. v.-lio will h;';!r it <"•'•••' ill Criminal Coin!. If he do- Mred. ,li;(i••(• Witnl ,.( M || ( | ji !1V in> ;.,). ;lll[ JM.U. Strike Is ( _l nu in i if a Cl'-Mlspccts. sulil Ihe \yoitmn Fedcrril Mediator To Seek Solution 'i In Wage Dispute f-N. Alh . July 18. UJl'l — A Icdeni! in, was .('u ruutr In Ihirris'in hidi.y to (.(infer with union I'epiYM'iitaiivi. ol Ilic iMissiniit .in,l nii'.d, Tin' Irainnien yesterday the Tlio union Is sn'khiij r.n IU 1-1! t'i'iit nn hour \\'ii;u' ii» i'l luif vviili llic Niilioinil Ani >il May '.'rt. Tin- niiluiiul says 11 l« . llllivhlc to pay ll»' llll'.lu'l- . W-HH K I atiil Unit iipi'iallnn will o<' Mis- | ix'iuli'i! ami lli|. lim- nlmiiiloiu'd ii Ihc' r-liilii- niii'.s on. Miili'.ilin c. i'ully, piTMili'iil "I M ; utl A ]i'|iolhil yi-ilt'iday liiul Girl Murdered Body Is Discovered With Hegd Wounds From BlurU Woopon from having a tropical garden every summer, ' VI th« * J in I I 'civile t'ommis-1.,( i-uin was liH.kin;: nvei 1 Illr record'' "I ll't' company "jnsl hi r:(M'"J 11 ' MKIillMAN. Ml::;,. .Illlv III. .III' Tin- lullcml bnily of M'--; r.\; If.ick. the Holder, u l.'us i.lattoll lickd uvei wns found lytni; on' her bacX. with » . ,, • . , » liin-u Bush In Hie back of her A " ien specializes In raUIng lii'iul. nppiirenlly inntte by :i heavy I snored Egyptian Illy, ^nd h«s ap-' liiMiumcnl. Heath was iiUrllHilcd lot proxInmU-ly 1,000 plants which,he „ u friK'tm'cd "j*"']- , .. , . l scls out cu ch summer During the jf plm'nls^n "!nl!m!°MKs" 'l^y said [ >"<**<>• »'« iln-y lust saw tier with I.MM mil-' denlllted nicu. ( j Mulwcstorjter Grows Own Tropicul Garden I ,k<. '"' M ' NHl. (ll.l'J - I kc a tiopl- Bi'ovc, UK llic lilies resemble ,3 «iii:iil pnhn HECS," ]ic "txiiliilned. . IVurlnii the winter, the lio'rUci'il- " tin 1st pliinls the ))i:|l)s in 'pots In ... Ills greenhouse, shining them to " luri-.c 1 !' runtulne.i'ti as they mature. '•"'"• So Cnr nn lie knuws, Aint'ii Is . • Ihe (mly Ncljriiskun who breeds . ; H rhmilil li . . . .... „. A||[| . ]| ,,,,„.„,„ ,!„,.,,„.,. ],, t Ull , lliu fairly mro Illy, which Is- wor- 'J'liis lununy VioiniC'S" man wont on a reeonnni^sanee inHsicn diniii!; his "hmcli hour" and ended al a refuse lic-jp. He wa< fnrliinalo enough iu liiul ojic can IK. I entirely tvnply. !!,•'.; t:'^\iri^ Uio ccnltcnls yin^jerly to see i! are cililjle. ' ..... \Y:nc! icfii-.;.(l rommr-nt yvt V.IK-II (iiu'slioiinl jihniil 'a.-, 1'i'iiu. :i<l(ih|.; Hint. "I do.:'; i' i:; fair for me to )>r..jud». c-.i-v." -lililKi- Has Final Sav A^kixi about t!, e ivpr>ilc-d "So fur ns 1 know tin- I'l-.v has l l:ei-n <-haiv;c-<l nu timi. point, antl will have i ho tinii! word ^•lUt-iK'r on this [-asc." In inkUtion lo |!u' D.^ii::n slnv- iiis'. Jlcironr; has iKlinilled ;!ir Inil- t:il "li]jslic'k" nuii'dfr m ex-Vv,:\-e Francos Hi-own and the knife kill- ill!' of Mrs. .Josephine Rc>:«. an a!.- ti':ii:live widnw. 'I'h-. \'ou:h. ujHlcv inrlir'uK'nt r>v, •'n l;ui-.:l:ii-y :uul ;;-,siiu]t i;h- L u r,'s, ||' !ci il cinnity !>hvs!''i:iti \\-«-, .-vtt.iy ^ui;it vevi-laliun-; of his admii;-in;r, of the three C'l-iine.'i "nnt't he u'U". lie made Ihe r-i:iirin; ni K, D.. Willhm I'iniiK.'.-. iieiid of ihe Cfir>k Frail Youth -Admits Murder Of Teen- Aged Girl Companion OROVILLE, Calif.. July 18. 'Ul'i Slie — A. imiriter ehiiruc Mas to he fili-tl i In n \v:i.'; hurting it." Lili'l contessHni, Albert s" .sli'llc'f ;i^ r ainst a frail. l.|!d | h.. "ILOI m;td" when the Illyh school .student \vho ecinfessed ! the e;.!. li v.'iui tlii'n lu- -s;iitl. ! ha .sh'anylhH' a ieen-nt-ed eotnpatit'in he dcc-iiiea io kill hei 1 . and setting file ti) her hxly v.iLl! lii;hl<r fluid beean^t- hu 1 "wanted to kill .soinehcidy." "J uer.t dcMnlu..,]! on my bieycl mill i)0!i!'ln srjaie lijihter !lni<t. Wht-n I eiunc l)iiek to the luii^e. 'Ihe youth. Aiherl Jones, sichntl- i ' '"'" ! '""d '"'i 1 aim and twisted i; ted sla'yin,; Putricia Cran<l:dl. !r>. nll(1 pushed her into tin- hed.r<i->ni lust June 15 immediately after Iiffj' 1 " 1 " ""' '-"i- Then I choked her •.MIS t:ikcn inln rustdrty' ti>r n'U-s- I ''•' lt: -i :; i' ' I (omul on Hie floor." tinning in (hi! near-fatal shouting | A!h-;i •;.:_[ he look off Hie '^'l'~of Mrs. llnrel Nielsen, whom he watch ; l: .|i some peurl.s. \\hich in" shot the back when she '.vjnl to Met him :t jar of cookies. In a tremulous, rnlolcscent v<re? thfiv.' :r,.-a>' after smn.shinK them in sf' 11 th'.y \\c\\> yemiine. "I l"i !>er on the floor niiil Alhert tclrt million.-'; he commit- 11 ii l .,i n! : ii;:iii!u..s up uroimd ln-i. 1 ted Uoth crimes for money. Ipo-.trid ilic lii'iuer fluid ami .<ei "I wasn't mad at Patricia." lu'itliem cu file Hei hair '.is <;il said. "I just wauled to kill her. | fire ai:d binnh!;; .,lien I went out " didn't fight much. She didn't] .Mierili Huh i-'o; \vnrd said Ihc- i>nt imr.on.scunls ntv Hch;ivio'r Clinic. :uier h.'ar-! Ea - v :'n>'"' !l .'K nuich. She '.vns alone ; ,:irl v. peiitcjthai, i]i the cabin uliere her lolk.s liyed when I went up there. We Iv.ut «' nri!iiiiic-i>l iilxuil (he cat. Talks Io f'bysleians The stories had pointed om that arlmissions made while nniier Ihe iiiilnencr of a <iriu; ivoukl be \vilh- oill leira! slrnuliii'r. It was reporlcd reliably, luuv- ' over, (hat adinh-.sinn.-i np.Mi -A'hieii | the defense-prosecution :>?,ivemoui I was liaseil had beea m-idc wlill-- (lie ' vmith iWas fully n.nscion^ vJjUluut ' li:;e of (he driiar. ;, : ' In hi.s I'lie-.'iided con"ve]-snii:iii wllh , the physiciafi. Heirens was fnnteil , as sayimr; J "D->ctur. it's hard for m". iinin;; ni-iuind here all day with nothing | In clo. What clviiiw will (hay iry | ]ne on bnn;Iary?" 1 ^ When Dr. Knins; snid he di'l nol ',:nov:. Tlcinns continued: • "I'd likr- to talk to von same iiius. TJiie. f sui)]K\^e yuu'1] be 1 inii me tine i-f these days. My lawyer told me nut to talk id .myor-.c." Then, alter a, Hriivn; cotumeiiled: "flee, ynn must h:t\'e a Inr to (In around here, with nil these im'.s." Two Caino Robinson Soldiers Arrested T.ITTIK ;K::"1C. Ark.. July 1H. itr.F. i Two voniv; sokliei-s frcvm C'amv Rubin,sm» today were in Pulnski enmity jail in connecl-ion with Ih" alleged robbery of r. post CMh:i"':e al il;e c:im|). They were held in defanlt of $1.0"f' bonds after arraignment before U. S. C'oinmLssirmer Leo aiilcn. Tlie boys were identifieJ as] .Tnincs Gi!anr.lo Sluiw, 20.'.e c:ity. 111.: and .Inseph Charles Johnson, 18. New Orleans. 7,a. Military, police and an FBI Alt ..-11 had heen (]Ue;;VH)ned ^L'c- .'.t-'i'y l;ui \\"i.'; released \Vhen "She yeolded me for jjlaylng with auth;.fit i, s decidi-d I'alricl.i. ;iad ilic cat." the youth said. "K!ie. i.mncd io death whih' made a fuss when 1 pulled its tnil. > in Ijed. TRENDS IX SUPPLY: G3SSUMER HUMS RErRIGERATORS O M D J F M AUTOMOBILES (Pas=cn«crl TIRES (P«5 f M A M sor car | ONDJFMAM WASHING MACHINES RADIOS News charls nbovc tlcnriy slio-.v (lie uneven rise of (wislwar pro- duclion in durable {joods. Kole (hat Ihc <-ale;;orics vvhc'T. ttie Iflnfl- '; 41 average of production hits been surixis.-eJ :n'e the ones wbicb ' have not been directly involved in ninjor strikes. The- anlo iiidnslry, \vhieh was p:iralyxecl by a luii^j wrjlkmil. ;iml refri^eiTifni 1 makers, stalled by lark of motors and other prats, ore far behind (he prevvar levcl. News-charts arc based uj)C-:i Panics fro:n Ollkc of War Mobili- ! , Military, police- and nn FBI j s]u) .,.. h[ , rt , ^in^ ry?^r i nepnt in ,iis air r aH ec or nbom Sl.m in jf-^M t^^toc. r^^n J< 'Thn "hnnrlnrv in miration tonl: llad tcen I'awiicci in St. Lmiis. Too Late Io For Sale. 'I lie l-unrlary in question tonk place on li';ci seji.iraie nights. 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