The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1950
Page 14
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BLrrHEVILLB (ARK.-) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 18, U I Excise Tax Cut Prospects Slim Forthcoming Bill for Veto by Prcsidant WASHINGTON, April 18. (IP)— •KM outlook for a $1,000,000,000 •UEb In *«•.!«* levies — or any reduction »t all this year— looked dim today. The tax bill being whipped up in Congress may run into a Presidential veto. Chairman Doughton (D-NC) of the tax-framing House Ways and Means Committee told newsmen the prospects «re not bright" that tin oonunlttte can produce * bill reducing exdises-ron such things as furs, jewelry, luggage, toilet articles, transportation and communications —and at the same time make vp the revenue loss by larger collections elsewhere. In a special message to Congress Jan. 23 Mr. Truman called for a cut In excises, but he said he couldn't approve such cuts "unless they were accompanied by provisions for replacement of the revenue lost." The tax legislation managers on capital hill have not, given up hop* of coming within the specifications the president laid down, if a veto U to be avoided, Aak< More Net Reserve Bui some say they hope ivfr. Truman will sign the bill, if it falls only's. few million short of finding other tax sources to cover up the excise cut. The President proposed a $655,000,000 'reduction in excises, and that .this be offset and that an additional >1. 000,000,000 net increase IP revenue be' provided by: 1. Plugging t«k law loopholes; 2. larger levies on corporations and on the inheritances and big gifts. However, the Democratic leadership, in the House already apparently has abandoned any Idea of providing a $ net Increase in revenue to offset the cut In excises. Moreover, it looks now a.s though the ways and means committee may call for excise reductions near $1.000,000,000— far 'beyond what the President has .requested. The committee resumes; today its etofled-door efforts to get a bill itito •hape for House action. It has not met :since the House began Its Easter recess; it may take the committee another month to draft the measure. House Resumes Spending Bill Debate Today WASHINGTON, April 18. The House wound up its Easter vacation today to resume debate on a 429,000,000,000 appropriation bill. The opening of the major league bnseball season w..s a. complicating factor at the Jlrst post-Easter session. The Washington Nats were hosts to the Philadelphia Athletics and enough House members had tickets to break up the day's session early. Chairman Cannon' (D-Mo) of the House Appropriations Committee said in advance he hoped to dispose of one of the bill's eleven titles before the ball game. The first title appropriates $12,000,000 as the federal government's share of the operating costs of Washing- Eon's municipal government. Other titles In the bill which finances more than 40 federal agencies for the fiscal year starting July 1, may take several weeks of discussion before the bill is sent over to tlie Senate. While discussion of the bill generally ended before the Easier recess, two hours of debate have been piloted for each title. In addition to unlimited debate on ain- endments. The most controversial selections of the measure supply money for the Defense Department, the Interior Department, the Federal Security Agency and the Agriculture Department. UN'S YUEN—A loaree of minor confusion at United Na. tiooa headquarters, Lake Success, N. Y., u pretty Ophelia Yuen, a bilingual •ecretary from Peru. Her last Dame fe pronounced exactly the same as the UN initials, causing Mia Yuen frequent laughs. Obituaries GAS Continued from Page 1 he pointed out. The average family In Northsast Services Held For Hayti Infant F'unerM services for Ronald El gene Ledbeltcr, two day old son of Mr. and Mrs. l^awrence Calvin Led- bcHer of Haytl, Mo., were conducted a t 2 p.m. today »t the Church uit Torgef Practice PASADENA, Calif.. April 18. (/!>}— ti excited caJler told police two nned men were "casing" a bank. A few mlnules later officer Joeph Nichols arrested two men near lie bank with guns in their hands, Jut they weren't desperadoes. They were enroute to & pistol range for target practice. "We were carrying our guns in plain view," they said, "because it Is Illegal to carry concealed weapons." Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111, April 18. W— (USDA)—Hogs 12,000; active, uneven; weights 180 Ibs up 15 to 35 higher than average Monday; lighter weights 25 to 50 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 16.15-35; several loads 16.40-50; top 16.50; few 180 Ibs down 16.00; 250-310 Ibs large- ly 15.25-16.10; 15.75; 100-130 140-170 lus 14.00- Ib pigs 10.00-13.25; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down H.50-15.25; heavier sows 13.25-14.50; stags 8.50-11.00. Cattle 2500; calves 1800; supply ol cattle small; some steers, heifers and cows strong to unevenly high- er; bulls strong to 25 higher; veal- ers steady; one small lot 1000-1H steers 29.00; low and average good steers 27.00; medium and good heifers and mixea yearlings 25.00-27.25; good cows 19.50-21.00; common and medium largely 18.00-19.50; canneri and cutters 14.00-17.50. EASY ELEGANCE from SPORT GOATS Baptist Men Attend Brotherhood Supper Fifty, men. from the First Baptis! Church attended the brotherhooc supper a£ the church last night held in conjunction with the observance of "Men's Night" at the evangelistic crusade being conducted there. Kendall Berry, president of the brotherhood, and the Rev. E. C, Brown, pastor of the church, presided at trie supper meeting, which was devoted chiefly to testimony and prayer service.. Following the meeting" the Evangelist, the Rev. George Phillips of London/ Ky., directed the service toward the men 6f the church. To- high t's service will recognize the women of the church. Spurned Jap Female Rattles Shutters Tpim>, April 18, (AP)—T. Su- ruki, after much soil-searching, made 3ils choice between two girls, married and .settled down lo life in a suburb. There was only one Jarring note. Once each week at midnight a rain of pebbles rattled the shutters. Police hid in bushes and captured the spurned female. Gross Fire on Rose Blythe ville's volunteer firemen .answered a call to 425 Ensl Rose Street this morning to extinguish a grass fire. . NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given 'that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of ArkanRas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 110 South 5th, Blytheville. Application is for a permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951. Philip Applebatun For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION Arkansas uses about 8,000 cubic feet of gas per^ month, Mr. Rnney -said. *V>r thUs anioust, the cost in Jone.s- boro is $630 white It Is $1025 In Cape Girardeau, he explained. Higher Than Jonesboro "I don't say we could give yon .Jonesboro rales, but we could give you gas cheaper than It i.s in Cape GIrnrdeau," he said, Mr. Hancy said rates here might be about 30 per cent higher than those In Jonesboro. Assuming this difference, he said, the cost here for 8,000 cubic feel would he $8.30 compared to $10.25 in Cape Girardeau. The di F/erence in costs to suppliers could mean a savings of $50,000 or more annually lo Blytheville consumers, he said. In submitting their proposal, Ark- Mo officials also .sfiid they could serve the Blytheville area with gas at rates higher than those in Jones- bora but below those In Cape Gl- rardeau. "Rates should be 98 per cimt of the council's interest in a gas proposal," Mr. Raney said. XTrges Hiring of Englnwr He also suggested that the city hire an engineer to check both proposals that have been .submitted imcTtlien have the engineer confer with the technical staff of the Arkansas Public Service. Mr. Raney said the federal government maintains a claim on Tcx- as-Eastcrn's "Big Inch" pipeline and could take over Its operation hi time of war or national emergency. He read to the council an explanation of this that was published in a pamphlet printed by Texas-Eastern. The government retains n "dormant estate" in connection with the "Big Inch" line, he explained. Effect of this, the pamphlet staled, Ls that in the event of a national emergency during a 20-year period from the date the government relinquished control of the line, it may resume control and operation. Meanwhile, it stated, the transmission company is obligated lo maintain the oil transmission facilities in a standby condition. During the war, the "Btg Inch 1 ' was \ised to transport oil to the East, coast. Offers Clunnuilrr During the flurry of debate that accompanied Mr. Sanders' motion to give the organizing firm three weeks to present final details and rates, Mr. Rnney made good his offer to put up $10.000 to guarantee the submission of this data within thai period. To remove any doubt, he pulled from his billfold a cAshicr's check for $10.000 drawn on the Commercial National Bunk of Little Rock, of Christ in Haytl with burial in at the Hayti Cemetery. The infant died yesterday Skaller's Clinic in Blytheville. Survivors Include parents and a brother. Lawrence "Ledbetter.- The Holt • Funeral Home of Blytheville was in charge of arrangements. Chimney Sweep Builds Own Coffin Too Small tor Use MORPETH, England. April 18. (>T) —Chimney sweep Anthony Rape made his own coffin and lived 20 years to admire it. He made it lovingly from the branches of an oak tree he used to climb as a boy. Then, when It came time to use the, coffin after Pape's death at the age uf 83, it had to be discarded Pape apparently had neglected to measure himself for it. It was too small. Senate Takes Up Foreign Aid Bill WASHINGTON, April 18. (IP)The Senate .begins' work today 01 a $3.372,450.000 foreign aid bill. Most, lawmakers were expcclcc to knock off enrly. however, to sc President Truman, loss out the firs bnll in the American I^eiiguc opcne bctwcqn Washington and Phtlndel ifll'JiV--- Democrnlic Leader Lucas of 111 Inois bulled up the foreign aid measure last night after the Scnnte disposed of a SI,839.000,000 bill for rivers nnd harbors Improvement.-.. Chairman Connolly (D-Tex) of tlie Senate Foreign Relations Com- mitlce has predicted the Senate will approve the aid bill before the week is ended. Full Cut California Models Smart, 4-Patch Pocket Style Soft Shades of Tan and Blue Is there one most popular white shirt? Hirohito Pays Visit TOKYO, April 18. f/Vj—Emperor Hirohito made his tenth semiannual call on Gcnernl MacArthur today, The subject of their talk was not disclosed. require that he post this gitnrnnlcr The details to be submitted in Hirer weeks include cost of con&tnictinp a ga.*; system, operating cast estimates, cost of gns and (\ rate schedule, Mr. Raney pointed out thai Blylheville had go tie ncnrly 50 year- without natural gas and thai waiting another three weeks will not endanger its chrmccs for obtnlninp the fuel service. He nlso recommended a gas system that would be scp- However, the council did not a rale from electric power service. eated majority of coses invest!in several hospitals ond subnormal Kidney function was improved. Bladder pain ond dtKomfort reduced offer the use o( Mountain Volley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed yo«r condition at functional KW"•y mtpoirmeB* this natural, an- JT»ot«d mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. * « delicious, pure-lastinfl, and •toy b* consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J «•»-• — ^^^^ MORE PLEASURE PER PENNY than anything on your table A SPECIAl KIND OF COFFEE MOUNTAIN GROWN c Extra-rich in flavor... wir^y and vigorous. No other cofJea flavor is quite the same. So Extra-Rich in Flavor You are urged to thon with lesser flavored brands! ARROW and ARROW DALE! They're favorites —and they deserve to be! The Arrow Dart and Arrow Dale ore nSe whit* shlrls with the perfect Arrow Collai that never needt starch, yet slays neot and fresh all day I Both are Sanforizod-labeled (shrinkage less Hian 1%). Pre-lesled fabrics ond anchored buttons o4so insure long, satisfactory service. The Dart, of long-wearing broadcloth, h $3.65. The Dole, of on extra-fine quality broadcloth, « $4,50. (Regular or French cuffs.) (guaranteed for Super Wear or a New Pair FREE. Nylo>/ and Nylon Content Socks by / Buy them ... fry them . . . give them Hie works for 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied with the wear, washability, long- lasting fine appearance, return them and 9«t a new pair FREE! A host of smart styles and colors to choose from ... for every wearing occasion. 7950 F45MION R. D."HUGHES CO.

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