The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNI5 la, .19.17 Anderson Pleads For Farm Foods Cabinet Member Asks Restoration of Cut in Appropriations WASHINGTON. Jlme , 2 . , UP ,._ TUP Ilim-ic trimmed the ctcpart- Aiif!ers-<m aske,, Hi e soiinlc today '^ii-, 1 ' 0 UlC ' 2a > m " C(>IU ^ lrt I'• i'ur»|Jl,, by the House so his <le- I'iirlnmit c::m furry out its promises lo Hie nation's farmers. Aiulft-son tt>M a Seinle Appropriations sulK-ommiUee that the Vlousc reductions wctiM tl,o A">-icul- ture Department "t n | )r c.ik promises to jarinors which congress hud plainly (iireoieii us to make " 'Hie House trimmed the cirin-i- niont'x l>iidset lor the h.seai ve'ai- t>c-jiiii!ilnK July 1 fro,,, si.1 S8 ;,[,,,<.'!> !u $84P.IJ(t«.o:o. The .slash (Ue w Plinrp crilicisin from Presi<!ni(, !."'•" » '"'« Kansas City speech S:il in-day. Anderson remise,! the House of "vine, to f]):ipc the p-iiicjes or Hie AMi-iumuro l>rparlnient by "m-|>- in;: ex[-.eiHlUii!-es. y\s nn oviimple. He ntetl th 0 asrinill imil coiiren-a- lion program which, he said was jih'imed with the as.suraiK-e ' thai SMn.dOO.onn would he av.-ulable Tlie cut [his amount In half, he said, and if the cuts are upheld liy t),c soii.ile his department will have to "abandon procedures of KunA administration." "The: bill before you." in- iold Hie MibL-onmiiitce. "would repudiate tile plcdgo () f congress for an efleetlve coiiserralion program this year an<! H would kill the program for next year." The nsi'iciiltiire secretary also appealed for restoration of fluids ir,r I lie school lunch program, crop :n- sursJte, meat inspection and nival "l^\n fully appreciate the desire "I cu nfiilly appreciate tii c desire ot '^1 majority party in Congress to lulfill its pledge-of economy." AiKlnrsnn said. "But for the sake of American agrieulturc and all our rili/on:;, let us make sure that we practice real, honest economy. :uid that we maintain the integrity of the government." BIATIIKVIU.E (ARK.) COUU1ER NEWS Hungry Europe Awaits Harvest FACE FIVJI N.Y. Voters Asked To Accept Taxes For Vet's Bonus ALBANY. N. 1 Y.. (UP)—New Yoi'k voters wilt decide in November whether graLULitdc to World Wai II veterans is worth $41.500.000 annually in new taxes for the next 10 years. If the voters approve the n-o- IXJSCd S-100 f O,in,(iOQ veterans' bonus they will be agreeing to add 20 percent lo tlic state liicume tax and Ic pay an additional cent lor eac'r naekn»? of cigarette^. Although voters will not phsr: directly on the new taxes, approval of tin; bonus \v ; n mandate then iniposUifffl^jan. 1 19-18, to ]>fiy oil the botiu? bonds in !0 years. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, um'oi whose ^tildance the bnnus prone* 1 ! 1 passed IAO legislatures, insisted o: prompt liquidation of the bonds '< r avoid payment oC heavy inters.-1 clmrges and the sartr^ing of future generations wit]: £ebt. The plan provides for pj.ymeni of bonuses ranging fvo:n $50 u S25D to the state's I.tiOO.OGO ex- Ecrvinciucn and women. Pa.ymciii.! am j-cheniilcd to begin early nexi yea r i f In o pnoplc n PP rove tilt bonus in November. (Jimlrnversiiit Issue Tho bonus question and accoin- pniiyins tax plan was a controversial issue in the recent session o ihe ]ni;i:slalure. The Oemofcrati* minority accusr^ Dcwcy and tin Republican -control let! senate and a. c snnb]y of adopting a system winch, if approved .by the voters, would require the veteran to pay his own bonus. Democrats argued that the cig- aiTlte and income tax boasts would faiyi*;ost heavily upon yonnjj persons who were beneficiaries of the bonus. Some veterans' groups nrsetl defeat or thn bonus at the palls because of (he new taxes involved. The vp/«fc m,s wore supported by ncinocrpt.j^lrtiislators who wanted the taxes shifted lo business and taken off "tlic- innn in the street;" DC wry":; answer was that corporation taxes ha f i nearly driven business OIK. of the 1 state under the administration ot former Democratic Cio\ r - Herbert IT. Lehman. L'uropc by food sho daily ration below more demonstrations c cd; present crisis to I through June. Planting 75 ptr cent pletc; crops in "good ' saps Radio Moscow. Verged on real famine during winter; excellent harvest forecast; may be able to export food by fa oils lock of tatoes; shopping lhan in war. Government promises good harvest will end bread ration ing; diet same as wartir winter did muchdc Situation critical "til harvest; poor diet in uiban areas; tail-end of UNRRA shipments help. Can ma ation scale; harvest c icts serious grain she until next summer, so demonsriations. Situation criti- ol, crop doubtful; bread rationing continues. changed—plenty for masses; good wheat Wheat harvest predicted 30 or 40 per cent below '46 crop; food prices jumped sharply since De Guspcri government resigned; food: demonstrations expected, 'M d shorto^o; hor- ospccts good. Russians Grab 825 U.S. Patents Dispute Arises In Hungary Over Royalty Payments HUDAI'KST, Jimp 12. ,ui'i • •• usslaii elalin.s to more Iliun lias American patents n>;ed In Hungary have Ijeeii referred lo the Allied Komiuaiidatui-a In llerllu for sett lenient, a U, s. ofridul s;ild loilny. liussln entered daiius to the patents, more than MID of I linn the property of I he Intel national Tele- phono mid Telegraph Company, a.i "Clenuan nsMls" l>e<;ini.w they were Issued IhruiiKh (lie llerlln e.npor«-» subsidiaries of I he firms Involveil. The official said occupation »u- , IliorUle.s (ibluliied a list of users ol I Mic palenl.s from HIP lluii|;iirl:m patent office early III May anil 1111- Illled Himrinrhn luaniilaelmei.s Ihey should make royalty pavmeiil.-i hencefiirlli direct to Russian' headquarters. Oilier American firms whose patients v ere Involved '.vcre combustion Riinlneers of New York. Ihe Underwood Corporal Ion. : , hl | f,],-.. I'l-Hcln Klrauss If New Vork. Hunum-lan firms feui-ril lliev miisht be liable to double royalties Mure I hi- Ainerlrun linns were ex- reeled lo file suit If all payments are diverted to liussl.i, 'I be Amerlc-an re|>icsciilallve on Hie Allied Control Council, llrli; (it'll. ficoi-(!c Weems. broiinht up tlic Issue In several council inrcllniji; u-lllionl ijullliiK aatlsfnctlon, Finally be notified u. cien. V. P. Svlrltl'iv on May Hi that ho had.asiicd U. S. Army Headquarters lo settle Uie Issue in the Merlin council. A mining ramp In Chile Is .said i h;i the hii' ImblULlon In the world. It Hen 18,-IUO feet above sea level. Old? Get Pep, Vim With IRON: ,** ...,,pT.m..*i CAtCHJM, VITAJHIM *i —;if'l lane (/-ires C'oiitMoj*? '»A'iv<i utitT MI — tiy t^Mjii-a old ju-1 l>ci "- i* f jiifv-«d vl .ill i3ru{ stoic* t M:i]> porirn^ currcnl food .situation in IS Kuroiii'tin i-ouulrics iU'c<iriliiii> (o n Unil.Ml Press survov I", Pohiiul, Hilly, imd Austriii arc Koinij luiii}{i-y through sprint; tinil .suintiu-r'siwaitinir full, liarv'csl' This »]M, nrml' to sonic areas in France. HCIIKHIUDK 13 nations are adequately, lli<)ii K li nu.nolonnuslv. fed.' A yood hurvcst •will' nnd all eating a hctlcr diet, while a poor harvest will mean disaster next winter -NOTICE- i We will be closed on Saturday afternoon beginning this Saturday June 14th . . .and continuing through the first Saturday in September. L. K. Ashcraft Co. H Blk. U. of FrLwu I'hu.-ie This Trick's a Pipe Governor to Appoint • Stadium Commission I'lTU-: riCCK, Ark., ,111110 12. f UP)-Many law:; or trie inn emergency clauses go Into efleet war year was in jO-l-l, vvU.n 134,- l.W.'liia tons. Tile inland wiitenci/r, s.v.tem e,>r- ries 85 per cent of th.i Iron. oi-J consumed in tlie nation a:i,-| nne in every 10 tons or uiuj mined iji the enuiihy «<ies up the Or.MI .Lakes, ilic association sa!(i. The apparently elongated dachshund crawling through the length of vitrified elay pipe is actually a pair of clogs—pets of J. Mayr. nt Kent. Ohio. Shipping Boom in 1947 Forecast on Great Lakes CHICAGO (UP) — A peace-time bcom- is forecast in -Great^ Likes shinning this year. - • Estimated tonnage might reach M7.!)55..i5a lno.000.000. said John T. Hutcilit!.!- son, president or the Luke; (jarnc.-.s Assoeiation. which represent: 1)5 per cent of the bulk ear^o ship owners. Car^o vohuiic last- • Ctip'Chiffon ] Soap Coupon! PAGES • Aiknnsns today—90 day;; nfler the clnse of the two-:nonlh.s lon;j session. Among thnsR becoming erfecllve today are bills Ketlbig up a 31- inember Icelslutlvc mid nine-member stadliim (ODiiuis- nslnn to supervise eon.struc.Mnn and management of a War Mom- ortal stadium. Gov. uen Lancy Indleatcd yesterday that he may make the necessary ap|x>intiuenLs to (licst! eouiinlsstons this week. Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches IWOUTrcrtment Often Brint.H.p^R.M . kt.lncy furn;llo!7i.cnnlln Polsonoila ni.-\Ucr to rcnuiin En your Utowl IL |iriR>-cjniscnRHKJiiKb»ckiiclie.rhciinuaiciin!nH • Its miiu.lau of iniji nml rntrKy. Kctllnii ui'i rit|..]i!« nwcllitic. imfnncu iin.lcr Die cyo», hrndncbci nnit iliizinrn. Krcriuctil oririititr rusMBo with imartlnir nnd burning BCIIIIC- timra nhowji there Is HOmelhlnK wronr with 3-our fciitncya or blnildcr. ' . Piin't >v«itl A.V your .IniEjjI.l for DOMI'S , I ills .Hurdle, u ,»,l .mces.fully l.y mlHinm for over 80 yc-.m. Donii'n nlvo >lir:n.llBf »ti,|.»ill hclii the IS mile, of Cancer Cases Increase i.irn.K ROCK. ,imiR i-j. tupi-- The State Health Dep-i: tiueiil 1/nliiy reported 11 new cases of cancer in ' Arkansas Insl week. Ij'!! the year'.; total lo 2-!H c.ii?s. 150 eases! more than t!ie same ; ")i?-"!-)d i 1st xear.' The weekly morbidity report . ( aicl that live of the new' c;\-.?s were? in" Ufii«n County, three i:: .Sebastian Ciiunty. and one each in Arka!)Fii.-. Critteniien. liKiependrncc. Lof;an, Kevada and Sevier Counties. i Hybrid Seed Coi« GROWN FOR ARKANSAS Sec Your Dcalcrt OWENS TRACTOR CO. Klythcville )i. A. CHH.HHKSS I.eachvillc HAKVKY SISTF.KS K.F.B., I.eaolivilte JM1SSCO IMl'I.lvMKN'T CO. Osccola I,KE WILSON CO. Wilson For What He Has* Done We Can Never Repay . . . However . . . A SMALL GIFT ON FATHER'S DAY Will Be Appreciated! ^' WHITE SHERTS by MANHATTAN TIES by WEMBLEY SLACKS by HOBBARD SUilS by CAPPS BELIS by STRATALiNE HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER . . TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blvtheville, Ark. Phone 2612 THE exalt DRUG GET READY FOR DOUBLE COMFORT FOR TIRED FEET FOOT BALM AND FOOT POWDER Cooling ftoxall Foot Balm to sooth A tired, fonder feet, together with Rexall Foot Powdor to lielp keep feet dry, JQ[ 70 odorless, and friction-free. . . .Both "Soaping* DULLS HAIR HA 1,0 GLORIFIES ITI BRITEN TOOTH PASTE TOOTH POWDER SOclPANA ; : . .... 39c 35c KLENZO TOOTH BRUSH .. 35c 75cUSTERINE 7 ... . 59c 50c LYONS TOOTH POWDER.. 39c SQUIBB ANGLE TOOTH BRUSH. 49c TAT TAN SUNTAN LOTION : . 50c RES SALVINE for SUNBURN . . . 50c VETO DEODORANT, 2-25c Jars 26c DRUG STORE

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