The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 18, 1946
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"V ' 'I BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS ' THE DOMINANT NKWCPAPKU OP NOBTHKAST ARKANBAB AMD SOUTHEAST IfUUSOUHI VOI,. X),III—NO. OS Blythevllle Dally Mem Blvthevtlle courier BlythcvHle Herald Mississippi Valley WATIIKVILUO, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY is, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Truman Insists OPA Is Needed To Hold Prices Conference Group Makes No Headway Toward Legislation. WASHINGTON, July 18. (UP) — President Tniuum pvcdtct-id toduy Hint prices will continue to rise unless Cimyi'c.s-s passes u bill reviving OPA. He told a news conference (hut price iiu.Tcn.scs during lhj* past Ihreo weeks bure out his prediction thul inlla(ion would follow the end of OPA. I President Tnunan made the predict in ti us e:mfereas renewed elTnrts fur the third successive day to thrash out a cmu- OPA bill thai lit! will siun. Asked whether he thought Congress would pass u .satisfactory OPA extension measure, he said that the reporter's was a.s yood as his. Mr. Tnminn .said that ho would delay appointing a successor lo Kco- noinEc Stabilizer Chester Bov:k-s until there was an OPA law nuking the job necessary. Bowles resigned just before President Truman vetoed a.s unsatisfactory the first OPA bill passed by Congress. As the joint conference on pries legislation met for the third straight day, there was agreement among tlie 14 members on only one score— that no settlement could be reached today. Brightest hope for an agrceir was voiced by Senate Democratic Leader Albt-n W. Hnrklcy, Ky., who thought It might come sometime tomorrow. Litllc Progress Made I The conferees battled through two stormy, unproductive sessions yesterday. House members blamed the absence of senators from the meetings for delay in drafting a compromise bill. Senator members cracked buck lluil representatives assigned to the conference "don't seem to \vant to take any action. 1 Discussions so far have centered on a pricing amendment substituted by Barkley for the proposal of Sen. Robert A. Taft, R,, .O. The Taft plan was singled out for criticism by President Truman in hia veto message on Ihe earlier OPA extension bill. The Berkley substitute- wbiild Mr low producers the increases in" prod.,_-!-__ then—but only if* the"; OPA 1 that higher prices would taid io Irt-~ creased production. House conferees reportedly favor knockitig out the "production increase' 1 clause to make the pricing' amendment acceptable to Tntt. They then would expect him. U> support ' restoration of price controls on meat, dairy products, poultry, grain and- other commodities that would Uc exempted from price ceilings under tlie present Senate bill. The Senate measure would revive OPA for one year- but wiUi itn- porUmt restrictions such as the ban against pi-ice controls on Iho food items, tobacco and petroleum products. The House voted to extend OPA unchanged until July 20. It is lip to the conferees to work out a compromise acceptable to both tho Senate and House as well as Mr. Truman. Approach of Paylcss OPA Pay-Day Brings flood of Resignations WASHINGTON. July 18. IUI>'-- CPA employes nee quitting Ueir jobs in Increasing numbers *'cr llic prospect of payloss i>uy-illys. Despite President Truman's request thai OPAs 3'I,OOD Job-holders stay at their economic bailie-sta- tions. (here lias been a "plclant; up" in the rate of resignalhiis since the. lust checks were passed cut on July 10, price officials -it Id. CPA h:ul no cxacl figures on the number of employes who have resigned since the agency lai>sed on June 30. Hill it said quite a )'ew already have resigned, wlii'e :L lol more are "shopping arouiui" tor other jobs. Russians Release Two Americans Craighead Poll Tax Lists Studied County Committee Acts After Delivery Of Free Receipts 1U. I lie ncnt , l . . . •at ic ' received without JONESBORO, Ark , July (U.IMTaking ;i cue from manner in which poll tax receipts were issued in wholesale lot.s in Garland County where Mayor .Leo McLaughliii of Hot Springs long has reigned as political Loss, the Ctaighead County Democratic committee yesterday begun investigation of the poll lax receipts issued in the county. C. D. Freierson, Sr., committec chuirmnn, itcted on tne complaint, of several persons who sMd the poll tax receipt i paid their poll taxes. The committee met Tuesday night, and action was taken .u that time to seize ah duplicate receipts in the collector's office in orucr that they might be studied and the source of the money used in tl\e purchase of the receipts determined. Authorization of tax receipts exservice lor b^nr I'loseculious Ilinttnl ' "A systematic and thorough check will be made ami if irregularities arc found, prosecution will follow," Judge Frierson said. Other members cf the committee include Herbert Me Attains, secretary; D. E. Fatten, Dewcy Taylor, Ben"*Mll]cr and L. s. Wiley. .1 residents said they had receipts -this- year, the final date for inn- receipts was hist Oct l, except for returning service men. 'Ihe receipts, however, were dated prior to the deadline. The committee indicated this was evidence of block buying of receipts. Three Boys Killed, Fourth Hurt In Fire Which Follows Truck Accident Near Carufhersville War rest IJerlin Clei'n):m> nourishment on arrival at tile tunuKiuurl a-JKA RiidLophoto by Hn 1 , of Major Clencrul Georgia Liberal Polls Heavy Vote Talmadgc Holds Lead in Governor's Race Under Unit System. ATLANTA, On.. July 1«. (UI'l — Eujjetic 'rnlinnflijL- wlio cinn|)a;i;nif(l for :t foinlll term ns tiovci'tior ol Grorglii on :i ijletlgc to |) white suijrcinHcy iiixl |-cltnUosf:)y combEU "alien" ii\n\ionccs \vhit-li lie chnii;ecl nrc seeking to innitniti: I he stiUn was virtiinlly nssiirncl of Mew Evidence Claimed in Probe Congressman May Designated as "Guardian Angel" Sudden Decision to Make Turn Blamed tor Head-on Collision Thiw Ciiniihrruville, Mo., youth* were-dcucl today of burns inul ollit'r injuries suffered yesterday shortly, after noun when (heir Irni.-k fiRiinnl ii: an iiccidcnt, caught fire itiici ImriK'i! tin Ilijilnviiy "U" four miles of Ciirutheirs- Willis, 17, ilioil Uiin morning in Walls J Beauty Contest Winner Prove Adept as Goodwill Ambassador Retailers Join In War on Prices for Ihe purchase ami affidavits of men also were obtained , victory today on the basis of latest returns from Wednesday's Democratic primary. The headquarters of liberal yen James V. Carmichnel, a novice at big-time politics who entered tlic | race against, the veteran red-Mis-' pendei'ed campaigner, .still clii'it: at noon to the thin hope Unit final returns would pull victory from defeat. Carmichacl held to an. apnrrxi- inntply 281000 vote lead in popular votes, but this is secondary in Georgia primaries where the nnlt vote system, born of reconstruction days, Miss HclK'cia McColl. who n!-: ready has bi'come widely known 1 ts "" .since winning! lie slate beauty contest last week] at Paranouhl. is making ne-v friends daily as she begins her •iMiilKtssadotshiii" lov tlie slal.c. 1 ionic for a brief rest of lid' innk- ng her first public appearance in Little Hock following the contest, she will |;o lo Hrinklcy (:>morrow to be e,uc,st ot honor ut a dinner. This affair will be ylvcn by the Eastern Arkansas Young Men's Club, which sponsored the sti'lc event, with inauguration of nc\v offlceis r,'is» to be featured. Because "Miss Blythcvillc" won over "Miss lirinklcy" for state icnors, people of that section nve cayer lo see and meet the Bly- thcville beauty. Stale President Jack I'oyter ol Forrest City, suid And they won't be dlsapi>pjute,t ;)f compliments Ijeing pi ,'ct lf)-ycar-okl .winner, more flattering than thwe J "otTTrl Arkansas lie Idcker call's visit to f.ittle Hock. suspicion lliat to can (here had been block buying of poll tax receipts where forgery of authorisation I slips had occurred. They said the committee was considering the advisability of employing handwriting experts lo determine if forgeries did c.xist. | Ai:pro.\imalely BCOO trail lax receipts reported lo have been sold in Craighead County before the deadline Ocl. 1, Shawnee Unit Of Taxpayers Meets Monday Resolutions, formed by officers of the newly formed Shawnee Taxpayers Association, will be otfercrt to the entire membership in a meeting Monday nlghl. 8 o'clock, at the .Shawnee School of Joiner. President Frank Dean of Wbil- lon announced today that .several proposals had been discussed by the Hoard of Directors which were expected to be favorably received by Ihe Kcneral gro-»P- This associalion has been formed, he said, in an effort lo obtain better roads for Hie Shawnee district of Mississippi County, and oilier such "just dues.'' BlythcYille Has Hottest Night With Low of 78 Waking up after Ihc ho'.lcs'. ni^bt of the Summer, IJIylhcvillc residents Ibis morning continued talking about the hot weather but oilier parts of the stale had still liipher temperatures. Blylhcvillc's high yesterday was f!5 decrees and the temperature did not fall below 78 degrees during the niRlil according lo R. E. IStaylock. official weather observer. High lov tlic reason here if OT degrees. , The weatherman gave a swcl- tcring Arkansa.s no hope lor relic! from the lOO-dcgrcc-plus tempera- lure that yeslcrday parched many sections. The best he could do was promise partly cloudy wriilhcr today, tonight and Friday. Highest tcmpcralurcs were 101!'s reported nt lialcsvillc. and, Oilber! •with Newport having 101 and l'"oi't Smith an tvcn 100. British Rationing Move Under Fire Churchill in London Tells Commons Idea Is Unwarranted LONDON. July IB. (Ui'i- Opposition r'ipadcr Winston Churchill tonight, formally demanded in llic Mouse of Commons that llic i;ov- ernmcnt. abandon it.s proposal to ration bread "n grounds that .-,'ich a step never taken in war is unnecessary in peace. Churchill gave Ihe opposition's full support to the spreadini; IV- volt both by the public and by Ihe bakers against the bread rationing plan scheduled to go itlto ellect Sunday. It was (lie first challenge to *i rationing program since rafioniir,' was inilially put into effect in 1;'40 and Ihc first serious crisis tf the labor Government. . is in use. I Returns from ],25l of the state's 1,735 precincts gave Talmud^e 'J-lfl I unit \ r oles. Carniichael Ml and for- In popular votes Carmiclntl had 240.e!10, Talmadge 211,444 and Rivers '',2,705. Many N'csrnes Vole I Talmadgc, whose hotel headquarters went wild with e,tcc as the returns ran to his column, issued victory statement in which lie proal- ' ised to carry out his promise when he Kols in office. "We'll gel along all right with the Negroes," lie said. "Their I trouble has been listening co Communistic doctrines from outside the state." Cannichac], 35-ycar-olcl Miiietlii •tUorney-induslrialist, rcfusc'l to New Jersey Butchers To Close Markets In One-Day Protest. WASHINGTON. July 111, tlll'l - - Tlii' Senate War ' liivi'!.tii;ulinn Committee, dlsrloslnn IL has uncovered "new evidence" In It.s war profits Inquiry, (udiiy delcm-d a decision on Iliulliii; u h'nal way I" compi-l Hep. Andrew J. May,' U., Ky.. to testily. Nature of Die new evidence was nil. dl.sclc.snl. Nor was U explained whether it hud any connection May who has been described by a witness us "P,ni\rdlan amtel" for Hie. two parent lirius of the "paper empire" munitions combine under invc.slli;iillun. Committee Counsel K.D. l-'lnim- j;nn suld the "urn evidence" » discussed by the eonmiltlee at closed session this morning. "We can't say who H Involves," he said. Flanagan paid tlie commlllce also discussed May, bill that a decision on whether to try to compel tlie chairman of the House Mill- tali' Alfnh's committee lo te.siity "is -still pending." Public hearings ended ytv^erday liut may lie reopened at any lluv. IlllKc 1'niflts llnrcil Witnesses repealedly IIIIVL- linked Mny's name wUh the lli-flrm Illinois munitions syndicate which handled more than $'II),OOn,QGo in I war contracts. The comtnlltco licensed Ihe combine of reiij "unconscionable 1 * profits, fcupicmc Comi Justice. Mni Ins offeicd lo testify, only on <ondltion that he be liitlnli Anlori Iliisnilal licrc. Chai'lcs \Villimn I'lu'l Hi. wen? Ininird lt> doai moved from llic willll'NSl'S, .Inhii liisltoi) of I'oplar liltilT, Mo., driver of the second I nick involved in llic iurulunt, wns injuruil but did not rtj- Ips, in. Ii Ijul'oru inl Robert I.oyil Dowe'il/ Ilioir hodics could be re-' llicir truck, according to Listed As 'Spy' i Gawttc rpcori«| ;ftptOf >r, in i. story of miss'^I^Slie began her story wilh "Girls like 'Becky' McUall of niythrville ate \-cry liliely lo I'estorc a jaded reporter's failh in many tninys. "V/iUi a smile oil the face that Cleopatra would have given Mark Ar.thony for, she relaxed in her room at Hotel Marion following her first public nppcr.iance since winning the Litte ot ".Miss Arkansas'' ami quite thoroughly dispeli- ' rd the 'beaulirul but dumb' theory. As the judges realized, slie's more (ban she's stacked up to be. "None of your ten-a[4e '.va-ta-la-, ya-la-ta' for Queen Hccky. The interview took a surprisiiiK lm» when liie 18-> r car-{dd riui/j'.cd a Gazelle reporter on 'Wliat do you Iliink will h:.])]>cn lo OI'A?' rur- Iher cinchin;; the idea that the l;ody and the mind can be cmu- the CPA. A week-long conccde deTc'M curly tudny, :\iul Tnl-| billed dgs adherents admilled lhat a Hood of laic hour votes could conceivably .swine Ihc election. Taltnadi;e look his lend despite (he ballots of some 100.000 Georein Negroes voting lor the ( Uine. The lotal vote was the heaviest in history, llic registration lists naviii': been swollen to all aU-litue hir;b by the franehisrmcnt of 18-yeir- old;;. removal of the poll tax, and Supreme Court rulings tlur. t<e- Cioes must be allowed lo vote. Despite pre-election fears of racial I roubles at Ihc polls, the v-iliiiL' was uneventful. In Ihe only reported elect ion disturbance, a fist fight beUvcen Republicans and O;'til-|l' a ^ ocrats caused temporary closing of. Vr ' the pulls ill Iliwiisscc, Oa. coss, Ai'kaiisas' America's lille lihilosophy. jandidalc for Miss s fond of reailing 4-Day-Old Infant Dies David Forrest Hubbs, four-d.iy- old son of Healllall and Ml Hubbs, died earlv today at Hlvll>"- villc H'i.spital. The )>:ihy. who died ill. 1! o'clock, had been ill i Incu ]>lill> Funeral .services were to be held tliis aflciiHjon at Cobb Hrane bv I lie licv. I.. C. Uanvj y. r ot A.'semlily of Cintl Chinch. Ijinlal at Maple Cirove Cctae- j'lery. The first rl;ild t Jty llnllrd 1'ress Rclallers In llirce slates today Joined li.bur. velcrans IM«| civic Croups in rcslsllnp price Increases. More than 400 members of tlie New Jersey Rclnl! untchcrs ASF|- clntlon planned lo meet. Tuesday lo consider closing Ihelr shops for one day as a rnolcst against Using wliolesale meat prices Broci rycoUcd dls ft ''^ > I ii)e i' ic otrts The committee lias Memphis, firm milk 4tatrlbuy icjicl d his londHionui oiler on ors refused to puss n 2 1-2 cent i;roimrts II would be yrnmlnK him a quart increase on lo consumers "special privileges." nendlni; congressional action on Committee Chairman Jaincs M. Mead, I)., N. Y., iinnoiinced earlier boycott on menf'thls week that no more "Informal purchases, backed by CIO nnd written invitations" would be sent AFLi Union leaders, was under,cut by tlic committee, way in Detroit. Union members in May—wiiose code name anioii^ oilier cities pledged their support.! Ihe Illinois munitions makers rc- The Conned lend CIO council was portedly was "Yunkel"—thiis :nr reel-lining other lalior organl/a-, has turned down repeated "Infor- llons and community groups tnr a tnal" Invilatious fiom the seAintors | state-wide ricinotistnilion next And he would have precedent lor week. I Ignoring a resolution to permit The American Veterans Com- him to testify, miller at Hoston said It wns plan-1 May was described as the "cuar- nlng n nallonwlde buyers' strike dlnn angel" of Erie liasl'a and of World War ir veterans if Con- , Ilwlnvln Metal Products, inc., nur- voled to abolish Ihc oi'A'c-nl companies In an M^nols syn- permancnlly. | die ate. The term was used by Mrs. In Buffalo. N. Y.. a "Cillstrns Klcanor flail, former secretary at Commlllce. lo Save OI'A" sched- .Ihe combine's Wa.slihH.i:on oitice. ulcd a mass meeting for July 'K.\ says Khr Wurkrd fur "J.rmdis" .Sir hundred union employes ot j MI'S. Hull, v.ho labelled her l«r- Ihe Conlin.'iilal nhimond Fibre text employers "a bunch of crooks," Pli:nl and the McCilll Manutac-' testified lilic once overheard one luring Co. in Valparaiso, Tnd., ».f i)». ni promiKhig May ?:i,000 and pledged themselyes to purchase S ay It would "be along in a day nothing at all on two days of each ,, ( , ;(J - wrl *- ' The perl brunette also test Sited leaders of 7,'t CIO unions In that: Philadelphia urged Ihelr members __ ' rf|l( . ij s | rm .d | r , on a company lo slop paying rent Increases and i,.! ( ,|,| 1011 (, cnnvcrsjilion concern!";; Livestock Weather ARKANSAS -Partly cloudy day, tonight and Friday. lo- ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III., July 18. <UP>- lUSDAI —laveslock: Hogs'14.000: salable n.000' market slow: barrow.s and gilts over 1701 Ibs. S1.JO to S2 lower: light wri^ht.s S2 to S2.SO lower; sows, mostly S1.5D lower. Shippers and butchers mainly early buver. Most Rood and choice 180 to 300 Ibs. R19.25 to S19.50: carlv sales S19.50 to $20: (op S20: few :«>i Ibs. up to SIS: most 100 lo ICO Ibs. I $18: sows larcely 518. Callle: 10.500: salable '1.500: calves 3.000 all salable: all classes in liberal supply with around -10 loads of steers offered; Approximately nO per cent of rccefpls cows. Gcnerallv dull and very little done with bidding unevenly and in many mslances .sharply lower than Wednesday. Good steers, barely steady, Slfc.50 to S22; on shipper account. Few otld lot medium lo good heifers nnd mixed yearlings. $17 to $19.50: cows practically at standstill; a few de.ils 50c lower on bulls; good b:ef kinds around. $16. Kiwanis Club Hears Public Health Nurse Mrs. Annabel Fill. Mississippi County Health Nurse told Kiw.m- ians of the work done by tlic County Health Department and the advancements made in Mint department yesterday at Ihn Kiwanis Club luncheon in liotc.l Noble. Mrs. Fill discussed the itison for the health department and''old of its achievements. Thomsm R. Atkins, ndvcrlisim? manager o! Courier Niris. \V.IH in- dueled into membership. Quests altencllni; included Cir.r- cncc Gnnn of Memphis, the Hev. V. B. nutterworlh of Santa KOMI, Calif., nnd Kirman liynum. lilyihe. villd High sriiool athletic coach and Y official. lliese paica's. First Class Keaman Hubbs ii'i'ii- lislcd in the Navy last Diciirlicr. aiter having .served Itt months, and now is in Alaska, Mr.s. lluiil;.-: lakes her home at (515 South Lill>. promisee] evictions pickel hou.scs whel'e have o<:cllrrcd. N. Y. Stocks A T ,V, T American Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bethlelvm Klcel Chrysler Coca Cola fleneral Klcctric Cloneral Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester v, ft-r; no i-'J mi . 4(1 "I hat fl.lX.O lor Yankct": 'J. fjllr h -d May ('.illllrin I,null <'.. Kiirpliis manager ot the Ki'lc IJiistn Washington nlflce-I hat he "hatl to be earrfill because In-' wires might be lappt'd": atul :i. .Slur believed 51 sealed envelope conl.lining $1.01)0 was delivered 1" May on o»e oeeasiot\ l>y Josph !•'. I'leuman, lavishly-paid WashliullMi nlatlvi; of the combiru Mis. fh.ll said May wns "Yankel" ni(«t of the ti her employers. A committee This rhoto "f Iijirirv wll--'i't was made while he was attending me Umvci-Miy ol ciiliiorinn in t.o.i Anp;clcs. 'I'lie Cam.dlan Govern- mrnt InvesU^nLi'v, Commission has llsled Wilc/.aK as a "super spy" I'nd says he attended the University for seven years, Ijcuin- nini,' In lfl;l!>. Tile commission also chanted that Ihc nn-i-sliinsboinjht 11 fm-^fd puKsyn>rt for ^Vltc/.ak and thai he Is still opcralln^ In the United Sillies. (NEA Tclcphuto.) Truman Names UN Delegates Nominations Made For September Assembly Sessions Hlshop and a farmer, whos™' name was not available here, vcro i'.poite t | lo be llic only survU'il.ig wltnesjies lo the accident. The}' did not know who wns driving Ihe i ruck in which the three youths were riding. H «as believed that n sudden decision by the youthful driver to make a sttiic!'. luni caused Ihc accident. 'Ihe two Inicks collided on tlio right side of the road shortly ntier 1 o'clock and almost, instantly tlie "b»b" truck nnd the cab of. the trailer truck wcro In Humes as the larger cub piled up against the .smaller iruck nnd both overturned..' The Iraller escaped the [Ire. -••*< Hlshop, driver of the Uoblnsori Trucking Company true*, was able to climb out oi hta,-. vehicle and escaped with severe bruises, laceralloiis and burns. He also suffered from shock. Thrown out or the truck, Willis wns rescued by pnssersby and a H. S. Smith nmbu'mnce broughV him to Hlythcvlllc, liodlcs of the other two youths were bO nod liuyohd iVco|iitlon with rescue Impossible bet m. the I lames died out. f' .'. An humtBt"' wns .Conducted late yesterday afternoon' by Justice of 1'cace ,\V. W. Corbctt 'al\9iiim travlllo. with thejun "" n- verdict "that -''CMri Whelps nnd Robert j-.^,^, einnt: to ileath by bunting Iff' truck on Highway 'U' near Carullir CISVlll.'." (llhcr Driver I'.xonrratcd ' Hlshop wns not, able to testify at,'Ihe inquest but later was questioned by officers with S'.tUis Trooper Wlckhum of Hnytl. Mo., In charge of the investigation. Ho wns exonerated, It was said. w|.i,ih of the youths was driving tlie truck remained unknown f-s Xvitlis nover recovered conscious- ncss before he died at 5 o'clock Ihis iiiorning. - -- : liroughL lo Walls Hospital a^ '2-.2Q o'clock, examinations revealed a brain Injury, severe burns and ne also tittered from extreme shock. . . •l\ \-l 01 I-'J Blytheville Contest Winners Are Guests at Rotary Luncheon Jllythcville h;is .some extra looking young people, as provi r\ bv iccenl contests, and some of tiics? were guests of liojior at thn llntary Ciub liin:-lir-f;n meciing iwi.iy. at Hotel Noble. These were Gerald H. Cavaily. Miss Rcbtcea McCall and ^ils•^ Betsy Huchanan. Miss Hcbecca McCall, who ^ "Miss Ijlythevillc" won the ^' iU - bcaiity contest liust week at f'.'ia- t'ould. made her first public aP- I pearancc in her home city when ;hc talked and sang today tor i |10 i;o:id Mcr:all, mei7iijcr of the Ko*.ary N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 18, (UP)—Cotten closed strong. Mar. . 34.91 35.^3 May July Oct Dec 34.78 35.45 33.D5 34.?0 35.0.1 34.76 35.05 3,1.82 34.77 .'53,90 34.00 35.01 35.6.1 34.45 31.76 The Uotarians enjoyed her I»U: but her first rendition here of th- toiiB "Don't Put, the I51a:i«- li[1 Mnhr.c" they liked even heller. This was Ihe same nuiubt-r slif used in Paragotild to portray Her talent, n.s well as beauty, in the "Miss Arkansas'' coniesl. "Miss 'Arkansas" told biietiy ot liow she will take a trip 'o ' ll! " 35.1'i | "Miss America" contest in S?l>- r."V»? ilcmber at Alia: Club. Alsy prc.ser^t was Miss Hc'M' Hu(;hanan tliird place winner in Ihe 'Miss lilytlievlllc" contest,'vitn Loth of Ihe beauty winners introduced by James Hoy. president ot the Junior chamber of Commerce, who also spoke briefly ot the contest and publicity it was bilngi'ij; IJlylhcvidc. Gil.ld H. Cassldy, Itullman farm youth who was selected lor Ihc leading male role in ft 4-H Club movie because of his lonk:. voice and personality, also was dl.'h nickname for "LItllo Ja'-X." and also could be used a.s a syi.o- i> tn for "Kubc." "It means lie's not too :anatl," Ihc counsel explained. Utility Offers Discount to Water Users V/ArillNO'l'ON. July HI. HI.P.) T'resldenl. Truman today nom- inaled Ihe U. H di'legalcs lo the mi'iltnt: of Ihe United Nallons (irnciid Assembly at. New York in Svplfndjrr. Nominated as senior American fir. | n-pic.srntative in the absence of calkd .Secretary of Slates James I 1 '. Byrnes wns Hen. Warren H. Austin. II.. Vt. When he resigns his pnst, in Ihe Senate sometime this I year. An.slln will become U. .S, I repic.senlalivc on Ihe UN .Security j Council, succeeding Kdward It. Slcllinlus, Jr., w'ho resigned this I :i]>i-1ii!?. I Oilier delegates lo the General Assembly will lie Sen. Tom Con- iially. .Sen. Arthur K. Vandenbcr and Mrs. r,leanor Knosevclt, widow ol President ItnnscvplL. Dominated a.s alternates were l!rp. Charles A. Eaton. R.. N. J., Ren. Helen Ochagan Douglas. D., Cal. John Fosler Duller of New- York, and Adlai A, Stevenson, Cliirago attorney. i Doub!e funeral services were .1° | be held ihls afternoon lor -the youths killed yesterday and ar,- iiingemcnl.'i for the Willis rites were unannounced here early this '•»!-. lernoon. II. S. Smith Funeral Home is In charge of the Willis funeral. Services were to , be held 3:30 o'clock at tlie Pilgrim Holiness Church of Carulliersvllle by tii'c i Itev. J. W. Bradley, pastor, with I burial at Llltlc Prairie Cemetery | Ihrrc. Lat'orgc Undertaklnij - Company was In charge. Tlie Phclps youth, a natire of Memphis, was son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. rliclps of CaruUiersvllIc, , Young Dowell. son of Mr. and Mrs. Hufiis Lcc Dowell of Carulh- crsvllle, was a native .of. Arkansas. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Levels and Mrs. Macel Hinea and n brother, William M. DowclK Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willis of Carulhersville aro parents of the Willis youth who also Is survived by a brother. Price of Hogs Breaks Amid B Market Rush I CHICAGO, July :3. IUP>—Hog prices broke sharply today at three Midwestern stockyards and farmers rushed livestock lo market for sale before prices drop further. I Hogs opened at Chicago $1 to £2 I Spots closed nominal at 36.25 up 08 ; audience was City. In father, E. complimented by Another guest GCOI-RC Cassldy, Huftman tanner. J. l.<iiiis Cherry had planned tl\c program of "Hlythcvlllo wlnncis." Other gucsls were Miss Shirley Barhrim. accompanist of Jti's MeCall: Owen Harrison, junior Rota- nan; nnd three Frisco Rnliw.i<! cfilcials. X. n. Campbell, T. K. Durcn and T. E. Bliss, all ot Chalfcc, Mo. ,, Mon mld the club. ., n ; iy U) .,,, c ., sl wns his father. •I'KXAHKANA. Ark.. July 18. (UP' — Customers (if the Tcxarkar.a Water Corp.. IKIVC been offered n 10 per- cent discount on all water bill'-, contingent upon adoption of a new franchise whrn the present one expires In IS 19. H. A. Oechan. president, of the the dlscour.t would pply to all customers of th.-^ rom- )-any In both Texas and The corpnralton also has rscr-m- mended that nn election he c,\H-.d io decide K taxpayers want to ouy the water plant. I The referendum Is sought in pe- . litlons filed with the Tsxnrkana, j Tcs., city council July 9. when the! council Ivsrt br-en scheduled to on Ihe issuance ot $2,500,000 I.I bonds lo buy or build a municipal system. lower than yesterday. Today's top prico for choice hogs was $20, and the bulk of 250-pound hogs sold for S10.75 lo $20. At Indianapolis, good and cholcs hogs sold nt a top of $19, $2 less Ihan yesterday's peak. At East St. Louis, prices were $1 to $2.50 lower, with an early top of $20. The hog market yesterday was ths The President antlrirnled (hat. Pvrnes. who leaves next wet'k for the Paris peace conference, will be able to attend some of the General Assemble mreltncs at New York. Mr. Truman said he had no plans to go to the meeting himself. In another vein of foreign affairs. Mr. Trt'man disclaimed nny inlenlion to ask Congres:! new for highest it had been since 1019. any additional funds for loans lo other governments. ,A'.ked if this meant there would not be a rctjtiest for a loan to nirsFia, the President said he knew of no such plans. He. cxvresscd the belief that a request for irtditional funds, reportedly Sl.W.OW.COO—for Ihe Expoit-lm'Kjii Bank—would como no aulnmaticnllv In the ncxl session of Congress. , N. O. Cotton N'EW ORLEANS, July 18. Cotton closed strong. 35.05 35.68 3i.03 34.80 35.47 34.80 3'1.25 3*.9fl M.» 35.01 35.69 35.00 35.16 35.81 34.10 Mar . May . July . Oct . Dec. . (UP)— • .• '3S.68h 35.4» 34.90; 35.W6 3».t3b

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