The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 1949 BtrTHEVTLLB (ASK.) COURIER NKWf FACT El* f tM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WiUiomi Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopU •res, BUT I WISH VOLCD LET T>f LEATHER TRADS* HAVE A LITTLE MORE PUBucrry INSTEAD or SO MUCH FOR TH IRON TRAD6& WITH ALL THO6S WASHERS BOUTS ANNUTSJ tT FOR AlKfT !T A CAMDV7 HE LOOKS-LIKE SUMP'N EVERV MAN FOR HIS TRADE •ft* ibN« of iwa <=OOWO»UK» 6RlHfcES TO M6- COe sSOT it! TM6 SIT IM '''/, MIS TEETH--' Craig/ieod Reports Sixth Case o/ Poliomyelitis JONESBORO, Alk., June 21. Ml— Polio chalked up No. 8 in Craighead county yesterday, this time returning to the Caraway vicinity where Hilter Gene Grady was stricken. The six year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Graciy, farmers, was rushed to a Memphis hospital. On* other case had been reported from Caraway this month., three from Monette and one from Needham. None have proved fatal. COfYIKHT IT HUM UWMMCt WHOM »»T«J«UTO Wl KM 3KOTCT. H«C. Lawrence Nelson far* • l»t»re *• 4 ike »m\j JMiHf w klnf Stark, w» Wllh klw ardlMK k»4 Marry. Tkere •!•• l» r •• tk* l«l«Krf who mm* ilrd •••tkcr [•lm M 4«r, Lilly Warta« Mate »l «k* tar St»»p»ti*«, H** «M rr*t mmme I- Mra. by Sugar. I'm no good and you do better without me , , ." Outwardly she had continued performing her duties in Army Intelligence with sufficient success to be in a position to ask favors of those in high places when she had b*en returned to civilian life. Inwardly " she schemed and planned. She used any person or means, the way she had been FM and AM 7 Tubes Plus Rectifier Listen to the Ball Gam* In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D H EIFI' S IVIul Dnifus . . . llh \\\'.,\ \\\\\ M Ulaad mm* •Iher evidence . k a tittle piece «4 e feeack lettered ttl «h« nmmm •» 1kat Ike rrafl ««•« l«c ike *l*rm. Fred said proudly. "Said I was 'emotionally immature.' Well 1 look the trouble to find out a few things he did after office hours. I arrested his development. He paid plenty. Gave me a good start in business." "You didn't come to this island by chance did you?" "No? 1 suppose you think I piled up the Gullwing just for the heck of it?" **I don't mean that But the four of you didn't get together by chance and come here." M I don't mind telling you now. COMt 1*4* •¥ *MA *fimcc. we. T. M. MO. V. •. FAT. «W. FRECKLES AND HIg FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER You'll See, Short/ "lt'» a vicious circle—I mow the lawn to make the grass short, then I water the lawn to make the grass long!" VATW QALS AMD Must INStOE. PANCV AS SOON us ME ARRIVES FROM THE RADIO STATION/ I'RISCILLA'S I>OP itlle Helper BY AL VKRMEER XXXIII N so short a tim« an adifice, T •*• which had been so long in building up to the point where it gave her a needed purpose to live, had been destroyed. Three years devoted to hardening her core of hatred, beginning at the moment the cable had reached her in Saigon. REGRET INFORM YOU JIM DIED BY OWN HAND It had been signed by Jim Martin's sister. Weeks later a letter from Jim had caught up with her. A gay letter dated over aix months previously. **. . . and TO* were •mart, Suvar, to lea.ra your* ID old Jim'i hanria, Like the good wiCe yo« • r«. Today 1 sure put or*r a rood on* OB a CUT D iinaed Henry Har- dlnr. Got rtd of tbat worthiest Bind pile you've been paylnc taxe* on mo IDTIK. Th« trt«b cash comta In bandy aod I'm. putting it Into "the Agency, an*d Baby yoa. won't know the otd »tand when you ret back. Only the bent for you from •ow OB honeyl Sure wt«h you irer* her* to ««• wnat I'T* don* . . ." It had hit her doubly hard, because she knew the ending, even before his last letter reached her. "... BO you *«• I'm no rood. I loit It all, even the lice DM and Lk« Marttn DetccLlv* Agtncy. Thert'a no thing for you now. But you'll get. along. Tou ret along better without me, Harding U drilling on the property already. I feel be will hit oil, but I'll wait and «e«. Henry Harding knew. Good- taught by war, to get what she wanted. The correct application of pressure, and she bad emerged as a 40-year-old schoolteacher with her maiden name of Bea COSKTOVC looking for a home on Spear* Island, Henry Harding would pay. • • • CHE left her rock, walked slowly •^ in the direction of the shelter and fire. She wanted companionship, for the first time in a long while. And she knew there was no one she could trust. "Heyl" She jumped at the call, whirled quickly to face Fred Sillwell. He sat in partial shelter of a ledge, with a bottle in his hand. "Come on over," he called. Bea walked toward him slowly, returning with each step to the present on Speare Island. **I'v« been trying to get a chance to talk to you alone. AH our privacy blew up with >the house." "You upset by King George and his queen?" He scowled. "I cant figure what got into George," "Maybe he found out about you and Nona." "You poke Into everything. But what difference could that make to George now? That was a long time ago, and it didn't mean anything anyhow. I gave her i break." He tilted the boitle. "How come you drink so much?" Bea asked. "I've been asked that before My folki even sent me to a psychiatrist once.* "A good one?" "Most expensive one there was," You can get a. chance to see what a smart operator I am. We came to the island to make pictures." - Bea'thought it over. H l wonder if the title of the picture was to be 'Days in an Island Eden'?" "You catch on fast. And I brought a couple of Eves with me. You know the sort of thing. Bathing in the limpid water. And a few long shots of Harding through a telescopic lens dubbed in at the right places. I'd like to have seen Harding's face when he : 1 himself on the screen apparently watching a pair of nude bathers." "You were going fco show K to him?" "Don't you think he'd have paid plenty not to have his little pet island empire upset by laughter and possible investigations." "Why didn't you make the picture?" "The fishermen were camped where we had to land to keep out of Bight until we got our background shots. We used up the last of our fu«l lying offshore and staying close In. Then the blow caught us." "End of buaineii deal," Be* prodded. 'I land on my feet," Sillwell boasted. "I've got a better angle. It'i surer and'U pay more. A murder rap ii better than ar*y amount of pictures." "You still think Harding killed Lilly WarrenT And the—fisherman?" "Who else. It's a cinch, I know enough so he can't afford to let me spill it." (To Be OaUnaed) HA7E.L! I SAID WHAT HAVE MOU SOT THERE? THE CALENDAR THEY USED TO MARK THE DAYS TILL 5CHOOL CLOSED.^' WHAT ARE VOU MARKING THE DAY5 TILL SCHOOL OPENS AGAIN.' VIC FLINT A Bonus Package BY MICHAEL O'M ALLEY and RALl'H LANE II lILH.ilLLl, jLlli.ll , WHAT WOULD VOO EXPSCT IN »OCM A AMD FOe YOU 1O TAKE HOME SO THE -WONG MAN A1AY LATER ENJOY THEM, A--HOW DO TOO SAY?- A SPECIAL BONOS THE YOUNG MAN.SENOR-- HIS FACE APPEALS TO JOSE. HEBE ARE HIS TWO RNE.' \ JUMPING BEANS. vcxmcrr ".rflAKIOCOUT •^•sl Of THKt. TACKY. WHAT'S WIT— MOKE JUMPW« KANS Some snake* can go three years without food because of their l*w energy requirements for simple body maintenance. THF GRAM'S <T)\||>.\V, Real F-tc o ^ t {(j 1 \ N|.-rl., ; MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS end GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediate*—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 4% HOME LOANS EJbert a Johnson Die Equitable Life Assurance Society PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete cnJverl*. 12 Incb to tB ineb, plaia or reenforced. Ala* Concrete Balldini Blcckx cheaper than Ivmber for barns, ehickea houses, pump hooses, tenant hones, Uo) sheds. We deUrer. Call as f*r free estimate . . . Phone Wl. OSCEOLA TILE t CULVERT CO. WASH TUBBS His Secret? BY LESLIE TURNER ney, POP— T SHOP! wss-ER-Doe, DO -wu QIMMfi A HAND \CAU- THIS CHNKY BOX A SHOP? WITH A (WTOR I GOTTA MOVE INTO *Y SHOP! BUT Et»EMti(t.,.Tt J AT MOMCY BELONSB TO THE WILTV ESTATE! IF vou PO r I«P DON'T TAK£ IT NNAYi BLOW, W5TEB.-OR IU HAVE WU THflOKEO M W MS F« LOITEEIU'! «*i' wwnt rwe BROKE SOME KFOO* CW.LHO- IN TH' COPS'. LOOK tteltEi YCXJMG AIM \WOMAUl I SUSPECT TO CATER M.LTHI5 IS MILIWD TO LOCAL / TO Htt* WHAT SOLTRB MKXIETS/ RtAlLV AFTER M THI» TOWM~. MUCK LESS THE POL ICE! Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The Meal *•; Ic remenilwf •ccasinnB. At** other type* «( ca erma f*r rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone TUDEBAKER, NEW STUDEBAKER '49er Cuts Cost Amazingly BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH H C O It's * new kind of truck—with new engineering that fives lop gasoline mileage—with new structural stamina that can take punishment indefinitely. So don't just trade models — TRADE MAKES and get * truck that thousands call, "THK THRIKTIKST TRUCK IN TOWN." Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly StinWrnker Dealer" Railroad * Asa Phone 88* UDEBAKI BUGS BUNNY Go Rowing Instead A.U.«T PER MY FIRST SWIM OF TH' S1A.SON.' ID tVSFTA BE GOSH HUN<SRV TO EAT THAT WA O swi it. rr* / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Greetings EDGAR MARTIN

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