The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1966 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1966
Page 4
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fetfwdi WAJ «whr *•»« A CRBITEI ^^r x?== 5 ^ Thj mission) of an unmanned satellite called Lunar Orbiter i* cji crucial step toward the United State? S< ?'^ ° *«. « *• moon by 1969. OiHtarb scheduled 'to circle the moon for a month with a !ulti"1 ft™'"- ''" ? P hot °3 f «Pl>i= wareh for ST*Jj %" 9 "!?*• At its eloses * Picture-toking £», the «50.pound spacecraft will skim within 2S miles or tijd surface. j , c , ol * 1era *'" sn °P 16 long-range and 16 Close-up pictures of 10 different potential landing sites scattered across the ce«ter of tiie moon. It will photograph, .the position of Surveyor-1 and also take a peek at the moon's never- seen for side. Close-up pictures will cover areas approximately 25-i-by-lO miles, distinguishing objects as small as three feet. Muslims Preach Justice And a 'Separate State' (Third In a Series) By TOM TIEDE Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NEW YOKK - (NBA) Within the loosely defined but visible borders of Harlem are the Shabazz Food Mart, the Shabazz Realty, the Shabazz Novelty Co., the Shabazz Grocery and the Shabazz Restaurant. They are Negro - built, Negro- owned, Negro - operated and Negro - patronized. White America is definitely unwelcome. Only a fool or an innocent walks into any of them without a Negro passport or invitation. This books for a used school bus). Pious Muslims believe the movement's popularity is based on "peace, wisdom and belief in a black Allah." The less formal opinion, however, is that God, of whatever color, has nothing to do with it. As one member says: "We have strong appeal for the black man who has nothing, because we offer him almost everything." On Gene Tinkering Who Will Decide Future For Man is the Question EDITOR'S NOTE - Mankind is entering into the "genetic age" and the new skills acquired by scientists in altering growth and heredity will bring awesome responsibilites. The big question, "Who will decide what future man shal be?" is the subject of the following last in a series of four articles on genetic tinkering. Items offered: "Complete freedom, and equality." justice "A separate state or territory for the black race." reporter had an invitation to the! "Release of all Believers now restaurant. The miBtant society here calls this system "Black Power." Moderates term it ironic segregation. The militants hi this case are Black Muslims, the controversial followers of astrology, numerology and vooJoo as professed by frazile, Bible-spouting Elijah Muhammad who says he has voice communication with God (Allah) and ties with the ancient Islamic religion of which Shabazz was a tribe. This group, which claims national membership of 200,000 (impartial observers put it closer to 10,000), is the largest, strongest and best-known of all colored extremist organizations. They have at least 30 mosques in 2fl cities and 17 states, a weekly newspaper, an unrecog- held in federal prisons." Exemption from all white taxation." "Complete economic mainte- nancy by whites for the next 20-25 years." Moreover, Muslims want all Negroes brought home from Viet Nam and released from the armed f o r c e s, complete stoppage of integration movements, free schooling provided by the U. S. government and severance of all social relation- i ships with whites. So strong for separatism is the Muslim doctrine, in fact, that critics call it a reversed form of the aryanization once practiced in Hitler's Germany. Members of the faith won't deny their wish for a superrace of blacks, but insist they plan Louis Farrakan, Muslim minis- Despite such assurances, uneasy whites and Negroes are far from being convinced. Muslims practice absolute discipline blind obedience to a rather unstable Muhammad and an almost fanatcal adherence to j and mac ii _ ^e known. Known physical health and power; all also is the way - m which tney By RALPH DIGHTON AP Science Writer A magic phrase — genetic tinkering — has struck both hope and fear into the hearts of far thinking men over the world. The hope is that recent research in the submicroscopic world of the genes of the human call will lead to a new era of freedom from defects and disease. The fear is that this promised power over the form and even the thoughts of future man could fall into evil hands. Genetic tinkering means altering the chemical makeup of genes — Molecules in the heart of living cells which carry the coded blueprints for future generations and also direct the development of every organism, including man. * * * Gene specialists — geneticists — are beginning to crack the genetic code. -They have learned that it consists of a five-letter alphabet in which each letter stands for a vital chemical base, and that various combinations or "words" represent the raw material of life. The chemical bases — adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine nizeri university, radio and tele- ter for Harlem: "We are peace- vision outlets and fund - gather-' able people, and realistic. We i - too'-nioues which rangejknow force won't work against from tithing to collecting trad- white slavemasters. You are ing stamps (current goal: 400 too strong. You would crush us IN FRONT OF the Snanin restaurant, i Blick Muslim fciwki Wi Mtt'i newspaper. "Muhammad Speak*." LOUIS FARRAKHAN is the Black Muslim's minister for Harlem. of which, according to one disgruntled ex-member, "make them a deadly enemy of the white population." Farrakhan himself, although exhorting the hope, of a justice with order, warned that blacks are capable of employing other methods to hasten their struggle: "I compare the Negro America today to the Israelites in the Egypt of yesterday. The Honorable Elijah Muhammed is the "Black Moses" who has been crying for years to 'let my people go.' And soon he will take all of us to the promised probably." As proof of intent, he added: "We believe firearms are divinely prohibited." land." (NEXT: tant.) An Ivy League Mill- Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS lines jet plane exploded over Lake Michigan minutes before it was to land at Chicago's 0'- Hare Airport. Thirty persons lost their lives. NEW TAXI CODE BUDAPEST (AP) - Taxi riders in Budapest are allowed Today is Tuesday, Aug. 16, the | to take along their pet dogs and canary birds but must leave dynamite at home, the Budapest taxi users code going into effect July 1, 1966, said among other things. 228th day of 1866. There are 137 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1780, the battle of Camden, S.C. was fought. Lord Cormvallis led 2,000 British against 3,000 Americans under Gen. Horatio Gates. The Colonial army was almost destroyed. On this date: In 1777, Colonial troops were John the BaPtist The name of John the Baptist was given to the great prophet because he baptized people or which form proteins, the building blocks of living tissue. Ahead lies a staggering task — duplicating this natural chemical process in the laboratory — but some believe it will be achieved in a generation or so. If scientists succeed, they expect to be able to alter the process, perhaps by substituting other chemicals, so that living cells produce not organisms like their ancestors but strange forms, the variety of which is limited only by the scientists' imagination. * * * Can they really do this? Will they want to? Says Dr. Ray Owen, chairman of the biology division of the California Institute of Technology: "Recent advances have placed the opportunity of controlling human heredity in the hands of those who may want do so. "There is an antipathy in genetic societies against genetic manipulation because of the dangers in determining what what man should be like in the future. "It is foreseeable that science may be able to predetermine not only the physical characteristics but also the social attitudes of people. It may be possible eventually, through direction of cell growth, to choose only how many fingers a man should have, for instance, but even how he Will think — whether he will be war-loving or war- hating." Dr. Melvin Calvin, director of te bio-organic group at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory of the University of California said in a speech: We have before us now the requirement for a decision on a course of action probably more profound and far-reaching in its :onsequences than that which : aced the statesmen of the world following the discovery of nuclear fission in 1939 and the creation of nuclear explosives only six years later. "Both the immediate and long-range future of our country and mankind are dependent upon decisions on the way we use the fruits of this new knowledge." These men are not alone in ;heir thinking. Technical pub- Ications have carried similar counsel from scientists around the world. Few doubt that genetic control will come. The major point of difference is over how far down the road of research it lies. Some think it may take a century or two. * * * One of the more optimistic, Dr. James Bonner, Cal Tech biologist, believes some forms of human genetic tinkering will be possible in a generation. "My son will be able to have four hands — and he might need them to keep up with the pace of our changing times," says Bonner. Eventually, he predicts, "The brain will stay at 1 home, concentrating on thought, while the sense organs roam the world, seeing, talking, listening, playing. We will enjoy a new freedom — freedom from carrying our heads around." Some scientists fear if this new world comes too soon, be- lore men are prepared to use it wisely, it will bring with it great social and religious turmoil. Genetic control poses the overwhelming question of who would decide not only how many new beings shall come into existence, but what they shall look ike and how they shall think. The possibility of genetic tinkering raises endless questions — social, political, economic and are good bad directions and what directions to take. There are dangers in modifying people and dangers in turning out only identical people. "I am convinced there are some decisions which should not 3e made by scientists alone." Says Dr. Renato Dulbecco, geneticist at the Salk Institute : or Biological Studies: "Genetic reached the research has stage where we washed them in the water ofj must b in collecting and pro . the River Jordan as a sign of victorious in the revolutionary i cleansing from sin. Jesus came battle of Bennington. In WW, Britain's Queen Victoria and U.S. President James Buchanan exchanged greetings over the first transatlantic cable. In 1914, the British Expeditionary Force landed in France at the beginning of World War I. In 1945, Japanese remnants continued to fight in parts of the Philippines despite the end of the war. In 1946, a heavy rainfall broke a record of more than 100 years in St. Louis, and left 2,000 families homeless. Ten years ago — The Democratic National Convention chose Adlai Stevenson as the party's presidential candidate on the first ballot. Five years ago—After 11 days of negotiations at the inter-American economic and social conference in Uruguay, the U.S. and all Latin-American countries except Cuba approved the basic charter of the Alliance for Progress. One year ago-A United Air- to him to be baptized. AND PROUD OF IT LOUISVILLE (AP) - An ancient jalopy, often parked in the downtown area, has these words painted on the trunk lid: "Out of Date — but Out of Debt." Destroyed Tablets Alaska's Katmia National Monument, a park twice the size of the state of Delaware, is the largest unit in Hie U.S. National Park System. cessing with computers this tremendous amount of new information and, hopefully, begin picking committees to decide Helps Solve 3 Biggest FALSE TEETH Worries and Problems A little FASTEETH sprinkled on yovir dentures does all this: (1) Helps hold false teeth more firmly In place; (2) Holds them more comfortably; (3) Lets you bite up to 35% harder without discomfort. FASTEETH Powder Is alkaline (non-acid). Won't sour. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get FASTEETH at all drug counters. HANDS TIED? Because You Lack a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? You can gst a HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION at home, in your spare lime. If you are 16 yean or older and hgve left school. Writ* for FREE 60-PAGE BOOKLET. Tells you how. "AMERICAN* SCHOOL *•<>• Box 6Z3, Little Rock, Ark. S*nd m* your fra* 40-ptt* Hi«h Sttwot loofclM. (AD-3) religious. For instance, how will the churches, which believe the human form is divine, react- to proposals to change that form? And what might some future power-crazed dictator do if he held the key to the genes of a nation? The answers lie hidden in the future. For the present, genet- icsts can only say: It is time to start thinking.. Shake hands with LS.Green l> f LUCKY "STRIKE Lucky Strike Green. The fine tobacco cigarette with You Could Peddle It Yourself... Or... You eon place an inexpens/Ve ad in The Courier News pages and reach approximately 34,000 readers daily- ' It would take a lot of HORSEPOWER to reach that many poten- j tial customers. . '.' ffllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllBI™^ Let The Classified Ads Wor/t For You/ ; : i iiiiiiinniuuii BLYTHEWLLE COURIER NEWS

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