The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY. JUNK 12, 1947 French Railroads pi Operating Rumadier Reaches Agreement With Srriking Workmen PAULS. June 10. Kjpi Offer Steele Airport For Early Sale CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. June 1, "h» S 7 1 " Auxill «'-y Air Field has been made available for use K airport, property by the War Asssts Administration, according to an- nonnccmenl made here today T'le property will U e iffered for sale 'to priori y holders for,, i 0 . dlly ,„,,,,,, beiiinltig June r2 The field ' ' Deep Sleep BLYTOEViLLB_(ARK.i COURIER NEWS lias tw o runways 4COO by 100 feet each; nine n marking, llsiuing and lnxiw.iy.-i by J' -s lo K ;.| B::iO ...I.,. '.'•an Toumcmame. leader ol Hie j-ibor ti'eile!;,iii,n. L>,-Md- sulnirba,. ailtl m',ii'i"l'ii<> «rvic:c wi:s re.sio:, •; ThroiiBs of travrlr.-i nurr:e<i to! '•«<• tiescru-d Paris [::!>;!,;;•'•; W l en r'hY',' l 'o' ;;rub:;u:i1 w: PUD-! l.M.l'd. liy 9 ll.Jll. 1,1,- S!!,lic.|,S WIT" !;»*,! win, travc.,.,: ^"jf im-m stranded since !-'"K-iy ' i ''"•mi,-.- !'anl Hamad!,;'signed ,. n I .itu-emcnt win. union leaders it S i'imiouTn'e'oii 1 '"" 1 '' 1 '•'•> 1 "" K!st ™»- lirnnied the railroad n>en''va'', m i!, a creases a,,,! other p :l y l,;.,,^, !' talln.; il,(100,01111,1)00 fr.'.ncs < SI'-><•>•)()' ""'-' (<»' the i-eitii.Ind.-r <>( 1047' ..^u'ui'aiu^;;!;; 1 ^,,,: 1 :^;;;!;;^;:: last Friday. " >u-i-!,ti. 'I in. am-ei'inertl fnanlr-l wa-c i-- creasrj ir.u.cs t^aier tli.ili the figure previously set i-y be paid without jeo ( )ar;ii.:';i^ /,,e lAfne unions had deim-uded a l'> oTSi.ouu.oxxi franc boos:. The Mi-lkei's K'jLlwo-lhii-ds. of vvli.ii t'lf-y sons;lit. Trade Balances He'd Essential To Prevent Choos Srollaud, June 12 UJ >-.«.•!• staffoiy Cripps. presi- irriV I,"! 0 B ' 1:lr(l of ' niruie - Silifl 'cd.iy Una worJd ••dinos" woiiltl i-esiill unless the trade balance he- tivpcn LI, O United Elnles and the rest 01 the world i s restored. ••Tht-re i. s n 0 room for blocks or of countries fjijhtjiig nnci hni: nmonfst one another" On]-....; said in an address openin^ cash Work on Secret Weapon Said Led By British Expert AUCKLAND. New Zeiiiand June 12. (UP)-Prof. T. D. j. Leech, one of the scientists decorated hi the neiv British honors list, wns reported today to be a lendliv fii-- urc in the development of a still secret weapon described as "an effective alternative to the atom bomb." Leech is cngineeriii" professor at Auckland University. He was named a companion in the order of I he British Enuiirc. During the war he was chairman of the Zealand Munitions 'Advisory Board and di- reclor of scientific development Informants said the weapon lie helped develop was still a top «• eret among allied nations. They rave no elue of its nature. British. American and Zealand scientists engineers and naval officers were said to be associated in the project. Florida originally was selected as (he site for research, they said, hut the activities were transferred to New Zealand for security reasons. School Names Instructors For New Term CAHU T I1K1)SVH,I,K. Mo.. ..„,"- ^'l' 1 - ". M, Pierce aiinoimco-i »';'v ili«( tin- faculty for I94T-W 11.1,1 1)1-011 I'lunpleteil w ||li exeeutlo', ''''' W 1< "' VW <" U ""' 1 '">'»'• Mrs. %^£^ ™J^ r ™^™^^-^™™ ™™^^^^^,^™^ Army Gobbledegook Hard to Leave Behind .CLEVELAND (UP)~It was Patrolman Thomn.5 McOuiro of the Cleveland Police Department who investigated a bus explosion 1:1 which several persons were hurt, bul it :rems to have been Capt Thomas MeOiiire of the u. S. Army Air Porce s wlio turned in this report: 'In obvious mechanical difficulty, some iwrtion of the mechanical linkage or motive cower mat- functioned to the extent of self-destruction, creating a local flak register fac- area at approximately the rear door •T now tln-rZ-e! 1 !!-'' °' M T "'° '"" st SO|VC ° r in lH! no"' S: te=linical lanpnatjc the e t< n "s°''-e WC s !\ a " '' C -' flv wla>cl of the ^s buru and !.'r,f S? ; v^T,vr.?A,!s.^ u ^v hioiiifl1 lhc noor boards EolinUm"°'" " nist come into that.1 McOuirc plcke<| np his officiil i^,.;.,, ' ,...;,, ,. . GI Inneuage during his five-and^'"men oV nl,'rST 'n''" Wlls ! <"«=-half years »-. (he 'Army Air <li«:ii,-P ..u,,.. „; '?." II s ,. "'c Pro- Forces, and lie is weir acquainted University Gets Rare Collection of Bibles BOSTON (UP) - A rare biblical collection of more than 150 volumes has been presented to Bix 1 ton University In memory of thive of (he school's chaplains who lost their lives hi world War n The collection includes a Bible published in 1497 and copies of the- Bishop's Bible and a Mathnws Bible published in vm nmi 1548 respectively. Also included arc bibles m-intcd in New England nlore Ulan a century ago. In addition to the bibles, there are praver books, books of p«.'-.. s and testaments collected by Chap- ain Clyde Kimball who was killed 1044 D " lllc Ot thc B "'«i> '" His collection was foi-warded to nis «-tf c M rs . Clyde Kimball of Nashua, N . „., w]!0 tm . 1)ci| H to ioston University „., „ mc ,,,. miaj to h,m ami chaplains Ocor K c L. .Fox or Cambridge, vt.. and Ray- »'otw L. nan of E . |sl unvringt,,-,^ R*ad Courier News Wi uit Ads Jury Unable to Agree In Case of Okiahoman 110T SPIMNGS Ark. J ...... >Ck Kross -- • f5,000 "» 12 . , . - lahoma resident i; fiv>- on bond today after his 'trill " voluntary .,uin>laiighter ' Kress was chnr K cd in the death or -Fred sharp commercial fisherman, al Lake nan.llicii May a. Hie mistrial WHS cliwlurej when Circml Jndj;e Clyde H lirowi. dismissed the jni'y af',1- !r reported it was hopelessly deartlork- « a er «lelll,era(tn,; KWI , hours and K )iniu.te.s. j Kiv,. teachers of hxsl year dc, | ™ '" I"' re-elected. Includii i ' % !, J f .I'". rt ' Nl ' l!il> ". Mrs. J.-P. fi'e'.vi' ; " "I Miss Mary Jane Cownn. i ^i.iiy Cunstanee Acii/f wl||• replace J' 1 ^- l.unij li, the third Rrade; Mrs: ""I Kinlll, will replace Mrs }iui\- '.'»". also In II-., third tirade- Mrs . »instoii lirown »il| tench scr-nce in ihe sevi'iilh ,uid olifhth ni-.-H-s, rcplncliiK Mrs. Head: Mrs. Oori'an M'Ur will take Mrs. Nelson's place n. fi'ventii nmi ninth m-,,,1,. su ,|,,| M.ulies. it is experliid thai Hie !,«iiir • 'fiiiioiiilrs • vnvnncv lefl Uy Ml« Cowan's icsiHiiation will be llllerl Mion. liid.iKtrli.l arts will be added (o '.»• ninh school cuvrlcnlum for ..i.J HIM time next Kal| since 41MB II. At thai time, aflcr only one- yein'.i. "W nnIon. (his depiirtJiient was clos-' ™ as no Instrncloi- w,. s . available^ under wnr-tlnio conditions. , , Hurry |). ]j, uli of fi-,,,.j,| o>i Ml) ; «"d u Krndiiate of Stale Colleci'' 'Mnryville. | s („ have this <le|ia:l- nn-ni next fall, and be !„ cliiii»e f of buski-ll>iill. It Is planned to ciwl I an iidiUtlnn—at; by j-j fctt lo ,«« present vocational nijrlcnlture slioji' for the industrial arts classes. .The industrial arts course will In- I'liide mechanical druwlnx. woodwork, ami elcclrlcKy or mechanics Face Murder Charges FAYKTTEVII.LB, Ant., .!,.,„. 12 1 IUI>I Two youthful Noriluvest Ar- kinisns mountain brothers were lice on $i.f,ou bonds today'being chanicil with first dew- nuirdci- In the death of tlO-.\v,.r-old C E •Sempson. 1 Circuit judge Miuipl.i Cnn.mlniis released Hoy and Vernoii who were aliened to have .i,',,)t Sempson and his wife In an ai-isn- inetH over operation of a farm near' C.ioshi'ii. "lul Free Delivery Phone 2597 211 SOUTH FIRST STREET Mr. C. Rradloy, formerly with Piggly Wiggiy, j s now in eli:ir;re ol <nn- moat department. l ; . K. NO. 1 I 5 I'OUIKls 2\ ,....-; 5- Hi OUNC1-: JAR PRESERVES 4F mm , (>UI1( , 35 c FRESH TOMATOES M Fill HEADS LETTUCE P , cll OASTALOUPE Fl£h 29 BORDER'S CHEESE S0rlv '" ^OKEYE PEAS JROEOXYDOL 3^ in KKI/)\V No , (: ,, n 29 C ).-\('K Sl'HAT— NO. 2 CAN PEAS & CARROTS 17 A.MICIMCAN. l\ Oil, SAIID1ES 3I.1CKI) S1DK A I'outit! 07 OK T-HON'K " i( Can .... MJ'S STAR Daby »c P f. l>oimd 69° BUSKEE'SOLEO „„„„ 38' fJK.ADK "A" CHUCK 1'oun.J 39 C FIM.l.Y DRKSSTCJ) FRYERS Poimi , C9 c Airline Chartered LITTL1-J [JOCK, .lima |l>. (uvt — '"'Its Airways. In...,, bfijan today niKk-r [, pvniuii.i-iil -. issi.L-d yesterday l:y the Arkansas Public Service Commission. The airline had been upc-aliii'; . ii.sseiifi.;-, bngfjHjfe and rreijlit'i-ci-v- ICL- between i.lltle Do-;.; anil -Hot .- for some lime tij-ili'r ', lein porary certilicate. Hot .-jpri'v's M,,y or liarl Ricks Is head of t|,V. ii : ,,: ; Good Used Furniture Is Found or JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. F. M:iln Phone 2U1 AT DREIFUS-.. 21 -Jewel movement. Smart bas- ketweave b and. PARKER "51 SET World's most want&dpen. writes dry with wet ink. RONSON LIGHTER Smoker's favorite. Press, $jrso it's lit... release, it's out. 3 Remington FOURSOME Just plug [i. for sraoolli- er shaves. Oporalei SWANK TIC SET Very smart. Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. DREIFUS [eel Brnifny NO EXTRA COST) 15,000 Auto Workers Stay Away from Jobs DETROIT. June 12. iUl')-s 15.0:o 010 United Anlo \ stayed away from their Job "I Hudson Motor Cm "ItlllttttHi union, und tli tor Company remained slowdowns. Aboul 900 employes of Conllner- tal 'Molor s Cor|iorutlon relurne r i "i> normal production afle,- ,-allh,, "". jsllclown .Mrike for eight hours yW- lerda)'. ihe first such stoppage' hi .several years I,, the auto industr.,-. Chinese Troops Retake City in Outer Mongolia NANKING. June 12. IIJIM Chinese Niitlonallst. forces Itidav were totiortfd to have recaplured 1'el'- iishun, remole SlnKliini; p eenler previously rep»rted <-a|it.:red by Outer Monuollan foi:'es. A few hours, after Ihe Mutton-.1 Jefense Mlnlilry reported (he (own •iiptnred by Hie Outer Mongolians It made u new announcement sav- l"« thnl Natlphallst troops had re occupied the city. 1 Defense Minister Pal Ohunn-ll. anil Foreign Minister Wan« .Shlti- Cliicli both told ihe IcRlslnllvi. yuan Hint Ihe Incldetit was not so serious as lo,coii.<illf.ii!,> n ttireai to Cl.lnc.5e sovereignly. China has prolested Mronuiy lo the Soviet government about' the Outer Mongolian move Into clii- iiosc territory. The Chinese held the atiaek i 0 be Sovlel-inspircd. Chhitwe officials expressed nival hidlijimtlon at Chinese press reports thnl four Soviet planes hid aided In Ihe Outer Mongolians. 'Hie Outer Mongolian Kcimbltc Is closely linked.with the Soviet. Union uy a (rltmitBhlri treaty. PAGE 'Give Us this Day...'. —"" r•TT i-ir -•.-1 in,, * _ - ' Two to Face Trial for Aliened False Arrests TKXAIWANA. Ark., - U)l'>--Ttvii Hope men, C live counts with "fnu-iy urwstlng and dotaiiiliiK James Michaels and. others without letjnl .uuhorlty," as the result of Kin'enii; escapades e.irly i'>'i:,iT iriaM'mili'y s ! 1 i?'Mm h " l " l i < ;. ll i lll M. 1 , lwliy ' cull, cmirl on mlKdom.i.Mior characs ' n y *° rc nmis ° !l orposhu as of- They were rurnmlly accused on * llml nll ' t '- stln i: motorists. Special Introductory Offer! n'T llB - a r "!' "; n ccnls °" a packa s c of f'l.ikus just by lianclmg coii|X)n Mow to your grocer ! You bet it's a sensational offer But wo make ,t gladly because we k,,ow you'll l ote Chirioii ,om the start-so many millions l.avel CliilTrm has won more friends faster than any soap m htsiory So. sec today why ChitTon- lie all tm,e soap flakes-is gentler, quicker, kinder to your hands than any soap you have ever tried. ( „/ Armour<i*J&,„&,„? j CHIFFON II INTRODUCTORY OFFER COUPON Good for 1O< „„ ^H-e o, , »-- . akr Ihi, .«l«.Wc Ml™ lo y »« *»* [ ; ^ ,„ rctai l price. n your niwhasc .( a pack, E e of Chiffon SBB5Sp§ SiaConiiany, Chicago, IllmoB. 1. Con, ™ h tfjSSS&Sh! C(s»£||$ir iow ami Comiwny.CI .cag>. iwn° by Armour - iis.TliiS mnbic > u Vi,iaLiio 11 inois. ™« •333BSjtf£.v 1317. SSSSrArV^t wlrteKxl. in» »« — „»» - . tago, Illinois. 1JH- «_^J

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