The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Season to Remodel And Repair Is Here With materials in good supply al*- ovaBt prices, -better-trained labor ancr*!?iore money available than for many years, home repair nnd remodeling will reach a high level this spring, according to the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building Information. Inexpensive seasonal Improvement which many home-owners can carry out themselves Include interior and exterior painting, for which mild, dry weather is ideal; removal and storage of stormsash and doors; cleaning, repair, and installation of window and door screens; building terrace, porch or breeze way; laying or repairing brick, cement or flagstone walks and driveways; adding storage and shelves, kitchen cabinets and other built-ins; addition of new steps. Get Skilled Help Improvements and check-ups for whcih the average home-owner requires skilled worker's service include masonry, plastering and roofing; addition of, extra bath or lavatory; insulation of walls and roof; removal of partitions to create larger rooms; check-up of heating and. plumbing systems; conversion of attic space Into living area. , From a comfort and economy standpoint, insulation ranks among the most Important -f home improvements. Any home can be insulated quickly and without disrupt- Ing the normal family routine, by bloning hollow walls and other con- ceak^ spaces full of mineral wool. BatflPbr blankets of this natural fireproof material are applied in places where there is room for a man to work, such as in an unfinished attic. Not only does proper Insulation In exterior walls and roof area make the average lionie as much as 15 degrees cooler in summer, and more comfortable and warm In winter, but it Is usually paid for within three or four years by fuel savings. Financing Available Spring improvements and repairs will add-to the value of the house and provide more gracious, comfortable year-round living. Lack of capital need not deter such improvement plans, the Bureau points out. Usually, whether the job is large or small, it can be financed at low interest rates by an PHA- insured home moderzination loan. Such a loan is 1 obtainable through most -building contractors and banks and is repaid in small monthly sums over a 3-year period. Ij Mi' ^ ear ' ^^A made property imi^f-ement loans amounting to $607,000,000 involving about 1,230,000 individual loans made by private lenders to repair and improve properties. Real Estate Transfers (Chickasawba District) Max B. and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Robert C. and Dorothy Jean Poppleton, Lot 7 of Block "A" of the John B. Walker Addition, WOO, Annie Stevens Hamilton to Dale S. and Jeannetta J. Briggs, Lot 2 of Block 1 of the Shine's First Addition, $1 and other consideration. C. L. and Mary Catherine Liiciui to C. C. Thompson Lot 3 of Block 5 of the Wilson's Third Addition, $1,300. Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Charles E. and Mary Ruth Children, Lot 4 of Block "B" of the Hollandale Addition, $10 and other consideration. Max B. and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Dewey Elmo and Iris Dale Jones, Lot 6 of Block 5 of the William Lee Walker Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $900. Max B. and Annie Laurie Logan to Harold B. and Marie D. Wright ] to Ruth Briley, Lot 14 of Block "B" of the John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $900. Alice Gerbcr to Je.sse M. and Dona Clayton, Lot 3 of Block 6 of the Wilson Third Addition, $3,750. Lucy E. Bobbitt to Samuel and Vera Nabors, Lot 9 of Block 7 of the Allison Addition, $3,500. George and Agnes Skelton to J. S. and Maude Godwin, .Lot 28 ol Block 9 of the David Acres Subdl- 'ision, $10 'and other consideration. E. B. and Rovene C. David to jawrencc Edward and Joanna Clnrk, Lot 17 of Block 9 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. Jack Wells to Leslie Bill Hatley, Lot 3 of Block 7 of the Ruddle {eights Addition, $500. L. K. and Pay G. Horner to Joe and Jewell Hutton, Lot 14 of Block 1 or the J. M. Caruthers Addition, $3,500. Eve'ret and Marveltne Hillhouse to David nnd Virginia Horn, a plpt of 50 by 150 feet In Lot 2 of the NWjl of the NE14 of Section 31-15N-9E, $200. G. W. and. Mattie Morgan to B. A. Greenway.. Lots 3 and 4-of the jlock "Li" or" the Original Survey of Dell, $1,000.- lAllyce and R.,A.. u Nelson. Jr., to ° F ARKANSAS STONE-Stone used In construction of the Johnn^T" hon" ™± e) ° the kitchen and bath-and-a-half, in which linoleum is used. Windows are of the aluminum casement type. Omission of all trim such as window and door facings resulted In an interior of completely modern design. The fireplace has a flush mantel and contains a gas heating The seven rooms in the Mnrr home Include three bedrooms, living room, dining room and rumpus room. It also has an attached garage and storage room. Interior walls are plaster and the house has a composition roof. Floors are of hardwood except In unit. Mirrors frame the lireplac and both sides and above it. AH closests' are cedar-lined and doors throughout the house are of birch mounted flush with the doorways. The house is heated by'a gas floor furnace and wall heaters. Did You Know That- Quality Roofing Best Investment Home builders with limited budgets wculd be wise to concentrate their cost cutting on non-essentials n.iner than sacrifice quality in vital structural parts of a house, building experts advise. They declare that In such essential parts as the roofing, for example, quality materials actually are more economical in the long run because of their durability anc low maintenance cost. Asbestos-cement shingles, widely used in homes today, are a gooc case in point. Composed of nsbestos fibers and Portland cement, they provide both permanence nnd freedom from maintenance worries Moreover, they are completely fireproof. Joseph . and Lillian D. Beasley, Lot 3 of the R. A. Nelson Subdivision, $975. E. O. and Mary E. Adams, Lots 1, 2, and 3 of the Block 2 of the E. O. Adams Addition to Elton W. and Pearl LaRea Kirby, $4,000. E. O. and Mary E. Adams to Hiley B. and Weymouth C. Jones Block 2, Lots 4, 5, and 6 of the E. O. Adams Subdivision, $4,000. Holly Development Corporation Lot 1 of the Jackson Second Ad- II your income Is $3,000 a year.4 you can afford a $6,750 house, or times your income? One gallon of glossy paint will cover 600 square feet of smooth wood surface? About 14.7% of ,all residential structures are of brick? •1,000,000 dwelling units were started in 1949; 611,000 in 1946? One in 3 home-owners prefers a front porch, 2 in 3 a side or back porch? Average American laniiiy owns, or has partly paid for, Its own home; has a yearly Income of $3,300? The standard front door is 36" wide, 80" high, iy t " thick? Standard interior door is 30" wide, 80" high, l%" thick? In good "quality hardware, brass or bronze is used; In Inferior hardware, iron or steel is used? One-fourth of nil home accidents happen on the stairs? If plumbing Is centralized on a central stack, about 1% of house's building cost is snved? lowering ceiling.height 6 1 ' per story will save as much as 2%? A roofing "square" is the amount needed to cover 100 square feet? Outdoor painting should, not be done 'when temperature is under 50 degrees or over 90 degrees? • Lumber more than 4" thick Is referred to as "timber"? In a 16-year period, 24,000 home fires started from common hazards, such as roof sparks; defective chimneys; hob ashes and coals; ignition of hot grease? 21,000 from special hazards;. 13,000 " from unknown causes? Some Ideas To 'Revive' Tired Rooms: Two rooms divided by an archway lose their dated look when the old-fashioned arch is replaced by a semi-partition oi opaque glass or glass blocks. The result will be n Urge, lignt room to serve the purpose of two cramped ones. Ugly old mantels may be disguised by covering with a new wall of plywood paneling, leaving the fire opening flush with the paneling for built-in bookshelves on either side of the mantel. An "L" of low built-in bookshelves under adjoining corner windows will give smooth, continuous architectural lines, and the book storage will be convenient to chairs placed in the corner. Cracked, broken and shabby plaster walls can be concealed behind panels of building board or ply- w.roi! panels, which are applied quickly. dition to Arthur R. and Mary Jo j Kitchen Needs Adore Than Single Fixture Ol.sen, $13,tiOO. Osborne-McKinnon Company to W. B. and Annie R. Anderson, East 50 feet of Lot i of Block "D" of the Osborne-McKinnon Subdivision, of Manila, $6,500. Holly Development Company to Gilbert B. and Emma Katherine Mann, Lot 20 of Block 6 of the David Acres Subdivision, $7,150. Holly Development Company to Troy and Susan Davis Lot H and the West half of Lot 16 of Block 6 of the David Acres Subdivision, 57,250. Calvin C. and Freida M. Smith Lot A kitchen with only a single celling fixture is poorly lighted, no matter how much electric wattage is used, because shadows are cast on work surfaces. Modern- 17 and E|2 of Lot IS of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $7,250. Osberone-McKInnon Company to James Wilson and Kathryn Lud„ „ , ^ . iene Branum, east 75 feet of Lot 3 Holly Development Company .to ', Block • "B" of Osborne-McKinnon Addition In Manila, $7,925. In a 1950 National Basketball Association playoff game between Syracuse and New York, a total of 88 fouls were called vith six players from each team fouling out of the game. A 35-mcet schedule Is planned for the eastern intercollegiate tennis association's IItil season in 1950. Fire-Safe Roofs, Siding Favored in Modern Building Trade reports from many sections of the country show a steadily Increasing buyer-resistance to homes or questionable construction quality Buyers or ready-built houses are becoming more exacting about tin type or materials in dwellings thej purchase, according to builders Tht trend also is evident among persons having homes built to their specifications. Properly so, builders say, man Importance Is being attached U such features as durability, sarcty low maintenance cost and attractiveness In materials for various parts of dwellings. The trend is especially noticeable in consideration of roofing and, ii :he case of frame construction in the siding. Asbestos-cement products, for example, are being used ir expanding volume. Builders point out that roofin[ ind siding of. asbestos-cement can be expected to last the life of a house with little If any maintenance expense. The material requires ru initial painting and does not deteriorate [rom ordinary causes. In fuel it becomes: harder, and strbiijjc: with years of exposure to the ele inente. Its first cost generally is tin last. Made of Incombustible substan ces, asbestos fibers and Portland cc ment, the material serves as a fir protective cloak which cannot b penetrated by sparks or flames fror adjoining houses. That is an ex tremely'valuable safety factor, ac cording to builders, who cite com bustlble roots os one of the lead!: causes ot dwelling rircs. ize and provide shadow-free light by placing fluorescent tubes over sink, range and work surfaces. The outmoded incandescent center ceiling light may be replaced by a 3- or 5-tube fluorescent fixture with egg-crate baffles to diffuse the light. Fluorescent tubing behind a ceiling cove all the way around the room gives excellent general Illumination. Work areas require additional light. 50 Plumbing : ixtures Put Stress on Style Plumbing fixtures, model 1950, right In color nnd streamlined in esign, made their debut nt the ox- osllion of the National Association f Home Builders In Chicago re- New typos oi vanity lavatories at- raclcd the attention of builders rom nil sections ot the United tales. A new design In sinks, a ivolutioiiiiry Innovation In faucets, qunrn baths, silent and non-sl- honing wnler closets, and colorful :nls brought fnvorable comments •cm builders. With iiomc buyers becoming more ?lcellvc in their of homes, uildcrs are turning to colorful ntliroonu and step-saving kitch- ns as sales apjicals which help to peed tbe turnover of new houses. Outstanding among the plumbing xliibit-s, because of eye-appeal for lie feminine buyer were the new lesigns In Invoratories, says the 'lumblng and Heating Industries Bureau. One manufacturer exhibited a new vanity lavatory of light •ellow with an extra wide ledge on -•ach side of the basin. It Is also ivallnble in any one of seven other •olors. Another lavatory-dressing able combination featured a low- irhjed lavatory of small dimensions milt into a table about four feet ong with a flat area for cosnictfcs, mishes, combs, etc., on the left ot 'he lavoratory. Innovations In bathtubs include single or double built-in seats for square or near-square designs, treasuring about 4 feet on a side, these tubs can be recessed in the vail, or Installed In a corner. Ovcr- lead showers can easily bo Included,, as little extra piping is needed for n sliowerlicad. An entirely new lypc of kitchen sink wa.s displayed at the exposition. The sink was a removable chromium-plated brass strainer built Into he partition separating the two aasins. It is the plumbing Industry's answer to tbe old problem of quick, Military garbage handling. 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BLYTHEVILLE GLASS & PAINT CO. 136 East Main P|, OM 47 16 A% permanent « lK« fine .wood of whicli they're mide, SLATS-O-WOOD Awmr 3I mean .ofid comfort «t low coil for y»»r> to cornel Let in t - Itccp out sun. Let in tir • keep out rain. Protect porcH or l«rr*cr, window! or doon wilK tnesc long lasting, good looking 4wnin3! styled to tnc dciisn of your hom«. A pHone call Mill bnnj out doijiur to 3ive you • free estimate on theit aid) to solid comfort. Beautify Your Horn* and Your City Now During "Paint Up—Clean Up—Fix Up" KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO. Throw Away Youi Lawn Mower! riant UtiiUpeda l,aw» (Iran »nd /iave » i«ermanpnl f beautiful lawn. TJIR NE1V fiKASS ritOM CHINA NF.KDS NO MOU'IN'G OK ARTIFICIAL AVATFJUNH. Crows In *nj »olt—sun nr ilndt. lints not die In winter, 1'rcvnnls •ncc-a growth, Atop* cio^Tim T.-Il!i Id evcr-llilckcninr , carpet. Setid natno anil address for narlltutars on penny poal card ta you tan pUnt al once. Wellborn-Anderson & Co. BOX 133, COIjUMHUS, GA. 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