The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on January 25, 1976 · Page 41
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 41

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 1976
Page 41
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PACE IQG^-THE DUQWNSVllLK HERALD--Sumluy, January 25, 1976^ u^yy^"tf*afM'MVViAjK/x/uv/vvvAAJXJVVU'u\Ar^ 1 Court Records 1 103RD DISTRICT COURT FILINGS In Re: Amelia Diaz Reyes and Manuel Reyes, divorce; Celeste Leal Garcia vs, Joel W. Ellis, personal injuries; In Re: 107th DISTRICT COURT Maria Guadalupe Gaylan FILINGS .Lopez, divorce; Brownsville In Re: A Laura Mitchell Savings and Loan Assoc. vs. Lenhart and Stuart John Guadalupe Lopez, et. ux., Lenhart, divorce; In Re: promissory note; In .Re: Cameron County's Unemployment Figure Is 11.2 Per Cent As Of The End Of 1975 "BUh-systems emtxx.y a* pnxluct.on,,nepers-*- . ^%Sti%ES. mar^r^meni; a is Dine and .fork, lift ^»-^ffi» humiily possible to obtain operators," said the personnel But If we canton.****,** maximum reliability," said director of a manufacture company,*l * c ^ f TM^ n . ni.nt «hn asked to remain Antonio, Houston, or Corpus, Statistics released by the Brownsville, and said «· was' establishments are 'now . .... _ , _ _ ... , r _...., r Robert Eugene Peroni and William R, Crablree and Texas Employment Com- probably "typical throughout covered by unemployed .many refinements as is machine^ PeUa A. Atkinson and Lupe p a t r i c ia sue Peroni, divorce; Jacqueline K. Crabtree, divor-, mission indicate that Cameron the country." ' ·· Insurance. . ;, i«, TM==iu. M ,w«i n ooerators. Atkinson, divorce; First Brownsville Savings and Loan re; In Re; Salvador Barbosa County's unemployment rate In The unemployment rate Is . Another item put into TEC's »'··"·» ..« u ,.. v , -- _ . - - . . . - . ^^ National Bank at Brownsville Assoc. vs, Micheal J. Kalil, and,Rosalinda Cruz Bartosa, 1975 was 11,2 per cent, com- figured by dividing Ihc total ! forrnu)a lsMh e number, of Guerra. · P , T£ Hirw^Ti^ suunc,^,. vs. D a v i d R. Mulder,' promissory note; Bertha May divorce; Texas Valley .Leisure pared with an 8j per cent number, unemployed by. the federelena p, oyes , n ^county. puzzling to Guerra (manager nameless TM aw«or ^ Fer8 onnei director of a promissory note; in Re: Jan Algoe Owens vs. Aetna Estates, Inc., el. al. vs. Bale- nationwide ratelast year. total civilian labor force, accor- Fyiatl agencies - ^^ m a the TEC), Is that the unem-- results haveJmprweasBW ne F · Kay Taylor and John Alvin insurance Co,, suit to collect an man Construction, Inc., et. al;, ^.TMn.. «,,.-.«.« ~~ rf!-...B.^ n.~-- i,i~, · . 5 -- - .. .. .1 ,,,.,,!,,.,,,. K^,TM..,H ih» TMu!remenl of a IMn grade *lp Jsmanumg y Taylor, divorce; In Re: John insurance policy; In Re: suit on contract; Knapp Anthony Velarde and "" Lee Velarde, divorce Finocchiaro Torrisi," divorce; iSfeVrcdprocairinR*: GiTda C o n n e r , d i v o r c e ; Dora market analyst Leonard C, TEC in Cameron County "is fYo m ~~Wash{n:gton ; s way of ' S o m e . ' p e r s o n n e l In Re:' 'Ruben Cavazos and mz Bozeman and Robert Leo ilodriguc*vs. Pedro Gonzalez, DeBona in Harlingen said the identical," I'-.......,-- _..,..., arfminkiratnrs In RmimTM"* L e T o u r n c a u , sam Annie Gonzalez Cavasos, divor- Bozameri, divorce; W.T. Liston personal injuries:; In Re: final figure would,vary little, If ce; Ex Parte: Jose Luis Co. vs. Holly Beach Co., sworn Eloise Ewing and Robert L. Loredo, application for account; In Re: Praia and Ewing, divorce; Roy Earl flt U l C I Cj\jf) IJ tilSt Wrc UllCtlr «.«»··»·* ·-- · - ----i , ^ The TEC's figures were com- ding to Porfirlo Guerra, labor jj^TofhTfEOea'chi^lhr ployrhent rate has been over 11 ta requirementof »l«h^de plete with the exception of market analyst for the TEC in BT EC's method for" deter- per cent considering the growth education was dropped to me the Houston, or Corpus," saldHerrera. Port of Brownsville, asking [hat himself and his company remain nameless, believes [here is a lack of skilled labor In Brownsville to meet area needs, He said they have no SiiPila n n atonal unem- administrators i n Brownsvi'le L e T o u r n e a u , s a m ine - - u Vn^,,^ Tne rale Is an estimate, as ^^ fll niw, OMnTSd have similar feelings to employment situation there has 'TMJ«.J'Jf'««"*'"«J atall. any TEC official will pomt cut. Z^ improved In recent years, bu *mi : sk ed obs, but saldthey The total, for 1975, by each But the process of calculating it SSdHfreWe nSSy *"* * an obstacle to many added, "We still have to recnnt have difficulty finding worker L,oreau, a p p u v a u u n iui account; in ne: rnuu aim awme, uivuji;i=, iw/ i^-. . . . - -- . -- . . - , _ , - _ - - ,,_....,., -- _ -- _ _ -- ,, . . i luuxnu , U s ajuuuu uii; vuuuuy -- : - - . -- -- ~:'~ T y. "'".' .,, ,,,., ,r inum fnr uimc frr hlohlv skilled DOSltiotB such occupational license; In Re: Rhonda' Dean Winn Pnutt, Massey, Jr., et.ux, vs. Richard nv.nlh^a^: January,_9. 5j cr b.«.lengU^^^ " "». ^^,, of lown f ° r MTO - JSJK" Albert S. Pela, Jr. and Susan .divorce; Hiram Salgado, ind. Dixon, suit on contract. Pela, divorce; In Re: Ruby 'and a -n-f Veronica Salgado, Hertel and Raymond Cisneros, Andres Salgado, et, al, vs. divorce; In Re: Gloria H, Wilbur D. McLaughlin, per- Rodriguez and Nicolas P sonal injuries. Rodriguez, divorce; In Re: 138li DISTRICT COURT Maria Josetina Reyes Cortez FILINGS andCarlosCortez, divorce. i n Re: Antonio S. Lopez and positions." "When positions are open for cent; February, 9.4 per cent; 70-step worksheet. Guerra ^id not say which is more unemployed ranks. March, '10. i. per cent; April, stated a few components of the accurate. ' "We have had trouble hiring 11,4 per cent; May 12.2 per process used to determine the : __^ ^ _ -_.-Realtor President Do DEALERSHIPS AVAILABLE HYDRAULIC DIAL DIRECT TEXAS TOLL FREE 800/592-1437 CONTINENTAL 800/351-1624 OR WRITE . . . co, me. rmi S15'655-;I25 P.O. BOX 584 S*N AtlGELO, TEMS 78901 SAN HKtlO mECiUTlHC I UC. CO . cent; June, 12.6 per cent; July, amount, of. people comprising 11.2 per cent; August, 10.1 per the unemployed and the total cent; September, 11.6 per cent; labor force. October, 10.2 percent; Novenv Questionaires are sent out ber, 12.1 per cent; and Decem- each month to a representative ber, 12 per cent. sample of employers in the JuanGuerra, Manager of the county. The information Speqk H ere On Monday T e x a s A s s o c i a t i o n of one in which Wfl must 10:30 a.m. in the LaFuentc ***· jfff^f, Pecan Tree Bicentennial Presentation _ The Texas Forest Service TEC in Brownsville, cites derived from them is the num- Realtors president Prank Nix vigorously reaffirm our seU-np- meeting room No. 2 Monday, and the Texas Forestry several reasons contributing to ber of persons currently'. of Waco will address the joint pointed pledge lo protect agaln- Association are presenting Cameron County's relatively employed and forecasts of meeting of the Brownsville s t o v e r c o n l r o l and each county in the state with a high unemployment rale: the employes in three and six mon- Board of Realtors and the over-regulation in almost every Teiaspean tree as their official number of people living at the ths. Harlingen board Monday at area of our lives." Nix has just · poverty level, which leads Data is obtained by field noon at a luncheon in the .'jecn installed In the TAR office other family members to seek representatives each month, Valley International Country in Austin ceremonies, and he work to make ends meet; the w ho make visits to persons club, it was announced here by and wife will be visiting with influx of resident aliens from directly connected with Dayle Baldauf, local president, the member.!, more than 30,000 Mexico, many speaking little agriculture, such as earners This will mark the first men and women, in every part English; the population and food processors. Estimates official'· .visit,; of the TAR of Texas in the next few moo- ceremony is being sponsored growth, adding more persons to O f farm workers are obtained president for the Bicentennial ths. Accompanying the Nix's by the Brownsville Rotary Club the job market annually. thisway. year lo any of the 110 boards in will be Erv Luedtkc, executive under the direction of club Guerra speculates another --Information on the number the association. Nix, past vice president of TAR. Baldauf president GusPenaSr. reason for the unemployment O f unemployed comes directly president of the Waco Board also indicaled that Ron Brown Accepting the tree for level is that applicants don't to TEC offices, as persons and a longtime leader in the or Victoria, vice prestderi of Cameron Couny will be Judge have the skills required for the applying for unemployment stale association, is expected to TAR, will be on hand at the lun- available jobs. benefits make application take a stand in his talk against cheon. While not having data to there. .Guerra said major "any further encroaclimenl on verify this, Guerra .says, "1 employers, such as large individual rights by govern- Baldauf has announced that suspect it is often the case." He industrial concerns, as well as , mental agencies and bureaus. 1 Nix, Luedlkc and Brown will be bases this on his experience in grocery stores and food ' see the role of the realtor as meeting with board directors at national bicentennial project. The tree given to Cameron County will be presented during a ceremony afternoon at the courthouse grounds ^beginning at 1 :00 p.m. The 'local Ray Ramon. Others attending will include Brownsville Mayor Ruben Edelstein, and Mexican Council Alfonso Bollesteros, guest of the mayor and official representative of the Republic of M e x i c o . M a s t e r of ceremonies will be Marvin Brown, district governor of Rotary International Trie ceremony will include a performance by the students of Homer Hanna High School Band. NOW YOU KNOW Frank Nix A situation likely responsible 'for the lack of skilled labor is the .amount of vocational programs in the area. "There p r o b a b l y aren't enough vocational programs," said Guerra. Carlos Rodriguez, owner of the Texas Language Academy, conducted a feasibility study lo determine if a need existed for more vocational training in Brownsville. Rodriguez said "there Is room for private enterprise in this field," and trill open a vocational instructional school about Feb'. 1, . ] In his two-month study, 'Ftodriguez contacted employers in (he area, the TEC, and (he Manpower Program. He found a need for diesel mechanics, body repairmen, nurses aides, cashiers, bi-llngual secretaries, and bookkeepers. Mora vocational programs may be an answer to reducing unemployment, bul Guerra said the "healthiest way of fighling it is by attracting new business to the area." HEAVY-DUTY Popcorn was discovered by the American Indians. The first white people to eal it were Die Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving dinner. Feb. 22. 1630. illards·** Save 50% on men's famous-name shoes Sears Kenmore Washers Pick the Capacity That Suits YOUR Needs! -- -- SALE IN EFFECT MON' anuary The number ot winter visitors registering 'with ; the! Brownsville. Chamber of'Com-,' merce .climbed to 4,1« last week with 505 more persons signing up, ;.-: · , ' ··,· :.-.\. Minnesot a led the list with 79 registrations;,while Iowa had. 73, Illinois 61 and Missouri 60. ; Following Is a list of those; registering by states: ALABAMA: Mrs.' E.'.-H. Ilargls, 'BrimiriKlsam; HollLs Sleplii'iismi.llirliinijliiwi- "' ARKANSAS:, Mr. 'and' Mrs.) US. "Verne" Whits, Helena; Ciilhurinr -nmj Mervyn M, Crooker, Lowell; Mr. arid Mrs. Jack Lane,, Hardy; Mr.'and Mrs. Dan, Huffman, .Booger Hollow; Charles L. Mc\Vhorler, FayelleviUei .Mr. and Mrs,'Ray,' Ragasdle, .Ft. Smith; Chester', and Dolile Albright, Fort'' Smith; . . . ·"'·'··' COLORADO: Mr. and Mrs. CleoJ, Scll, : Pueblo; ' DELAWARE; Mr. arid Mrs. llelge Carllhg, West Hartford; GEORGIA; A. R. Jones, Jr. 1 , Pelhain; ' ILLINOIS: 0. D. Twist, Pekin,- Mrs. Corine Ottwell,, Hartford; 'Mrs. Eva Z. bttwell,' Wood River; Lee and'ljoulse Kimtnons, Goreville; Lawrence tee Jones, Metamora; Mr. and Mrs. W a y n e Earp, nosevllle; Mr. and Mrs, G. H. Perry, Aurora: Mr. and Mrs. Hcilx'ri ; W I.ixjsi'iv Ibistdn. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Paschal, Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth .G. Shockey, Ridoll; Mr. arid Mrs. Donald J. Bray, La Salle; Mr. and Mrs. Elm Powlison, ' Johnsburg; Bruce and Ana Curry, Springfield; Charles and Zcna Gaskin, Mollne; Mr. and Mrs; Earl E. Cazel, Dwighl; Mr. and Mrs. Kermil Will, Moline; Robert and Itcva Stephens, Peoria; Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Bcntz, E. Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel THE EROWNSV1I.1.K HERALD--Sunday. January 25,'1976-PAGE UC.' Garber, East Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. H'i''G.;Slacheir, Streator; Mr. and,Mrs. Robert Flesher, Normal; Mr. and Mrs. George Schrock, Pekin; Mr. and Mrs.' Chester A. Stark, Glenvtew; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Willetts, Rochelle; Mr. and.Mrs. S. E.' Head,' Elgin; Bruce Geoding, Dwight; Carl and Bez Anderson/ Geneve; Mr, and ; Mrs. Fred G. Limper, Oak ^Park; · Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Fuller, Springfield; Mr; and Mrs. John H. Norris, Streator; Mr. and Mrs, Charles Gaskin, Moline; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Durdan, Grand Ridge; Marie D. Parizon, Granite City; INDIANA:., Mr, and Mrs. Norman, Empeart, , La Fontaine; Mr. and Mrs. Mathias J. Stensaker, La Porte; Mr. and Mrs. Archie McRoberts, S. Marion; Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. James Neal, Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne K. Martin, Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs, Mike Malone, Rensselaer; Ro'oert and Tluth Bulliana, , Indianapolis; Ed and Dorothy Bobilija, Ft, Wayne; Mr. and Mrs. John M. McKinstray, Iiidianapolis; Eugene and Jessie Koch, Logansport. IOWA: Mr, and Mrs. 0. H. Black, Grinnell; Douglas Dickinson, Oskaloosa; Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Williamson, Corydon; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bowers, Fayelle; Dalton and theii'na "Oarrah, Corydon; Ruby Epperly, Muscau'ne; Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Wolfe, Iowa , Cily; Mr. and Mrs. Sheron Scpyill, Marshatlton; Howard anil' Freda .lamison. Wycming. Mr, and Mrs. John Brantsen, Orange City; Mr. and Mrs. George Johnstone, Boooe; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lockwood, Cherokee; Mr. arid Mrs. Homer Kite, Emmetaburg; Russel Runkte and wife, Hartley; .Clarice Stenby, Iowa City; Mr. Regristrations Pass The 4,00 and·"Mrs. Dale Dickinson,'i Oskaloosa; Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Cooper, Salem; Mr., and Mrs. Lewis Matthews, Greeleyi Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marst; Greene; Mr; and Mrs, Darrell Davis, Greene; Mr, and Mrs, Paul V- Leaman, Waterloo; Mr', and Mrs. Ernest Walschkow, Iowa Falls; Mr. and Mrs, Clayton (Bud) Dye, Clea,r Lake; Mr, and Mrs. Lewis Seakman, Rembrandt; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon "Mnsohn, Rembrandt; C|eo . Morrison, Grinnell; Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Buess, Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beach, Oskaloosa; Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Scheib, Yale; Mrs, Lloyd Ehrp, LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Max Burch, Fort Dodge; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Olsen, Elk Horn; Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Boeck, Harlan; John and Erna Lange, Elk Horn; Mrs. Faye Smith, Emerson; Mr. and Mrs. Ante A. Berg, Neals; Paul P. M a r k a r t , Council Bluffs; · Wallace Carrin, Neala; Mr: and Mrs. U r n i e . Lund, Des . Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boles, Glenwood; KANSAS: Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Ree, Shawnee Mission; Mr. and M r s . Earl Johnston, Eskridge; Mr. and Mrs. Ver- nbn Rose, Alma; Fred and Lila Komarek, Bushlon; Mr. and Airs. Glenn Pallister, Lyors; Ed and Faye Lefmarai, Gardner; Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Dorst, Olathe; Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Meuli, Heringln; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wilcox, Wichita; Lela .Liby, Salina; Mr. and Mrs. C a r l W. Anderson, McPherson; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Clark, Wichita; Leslie V. Wild and Helen, Salina; Mr. and Mrs, E J. Krenke, Cheney; M A I N E : Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ross, Gushing; MARYLAND: Mr. and Mrs, C h a r l e s , E. Adkins, Jr.^ Baltimore; ' · · ' · ' . MICHIGAN; Lyle and Tina. Krick.-Piersdfi; Mr, and Mrs. Willard. Walthorh, Crystal; Mrs. Gertrude Borgen, Dearborn Heights; Mrs. L.A. Pfeif- f?r, Allen Park; A.W. Lomar- dini, Ferndale; Howard and Uernadine Taylor, Battle Creek; Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Stcchow, Grand RflpiHs; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford, Pon- tlac; Mr, and Mrs. Frank Novotney, Pontlac; Howard and Ruth Shelley, Pontiab; Mac and Gladys Powers, Battle Creek; Hector and Mary Boatin, Taylor; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Youmans, Saginaw; Raymond and Agnes Amluxen, Holland; Nelson and Elizabeth Lynch, Peerson; Mr. and Mrs, James. Robertson. Snult Ste. Marie; Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Sliverson, Auburn Heights; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Claborn, Dpwagiac; Robert W. Bignall, Linden; Mr. and Mrs. Waller JMddlingmeier, Grosse Pointe Woods; Jerry and Ruth Lynch, Rogers City; MINNESOTA: Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Maney, St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hutchins, Minneapolis; Lee and Rose Frocmke, Wahkon; Mr. and Mrs. Jay K. Nelson, Storden; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hoepner, Alwatcr; Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph C. Burke, Willmar; Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Barte, Wheaton; Ray and Olive De Shaw, Minneapolis; Jack and Eleanor Harrington, Duluth; Wm. Julius, Holland; Del and Bcrnlce Swedbery, Milac; John a n d D o r o t h y Wallace, Garrison; Clinton and Vera Osgood, Minneapolis; Eugene Stapleton, Duluth; La Verne Bzdak, Little Falls; Mr. and Mrs: DeWayne A. Lee, Ironton; A.E. Dyling, Mound; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wood, Min- neapolis; Carl and Hilma Sandell, Golden Valley; Mr, and Mrs. Edwin Herman, Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Zimmerman, Zumbrata; Mr, and Mrs. Eddie Hansen, Kanaranzi; Mr, and Mrs. Jack Iversen, Fergus Falls; Mrs. Herman Priebe, Wadena; Mr. and Mrs. John Zibert, Grand Meadow; Mr, and Mrs. De) Shoemaker; W. St. Paul; David Range], Minneapolis; Stella a n d " R a y . 1 Kothenbeulel, Rochester; Mrs. Laura E. Fuhrmeister, Rochester; Mr. and 'Mrs, Lincoln Nelson, Aflon; Mr, and -Mrs. Alvin Scherff, Worthington; Mr, and Mrs. Al Katzmarek, Little Falls; Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Davis, Edina; Mr. and Mrs. Bert II. S u n d q u i s t , Minneapolis; Alphonse P. Cole, Moorhead; Mrs, W.F. Miller, Maw-head; M r . a n d M r s . Leonard Erickson, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. I. Jelvick, Brainerd; Al and Lorraine Rothe, Minneapolis;; Mr. and Mrs. Don SimmerUnk,' St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Dickey, Willmar; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Thosaas, Benson; Mr, and Mrs. Leonard Miller Brainerd; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Juras, St, Paul; MISSISSIPPI: Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Ruffin, Civksburg; Grady aiid Martha Leese, Vicksburg; MISSOURI: Mrs. DeanHunt, Independence; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hart, Liberty; Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Burch, Atlanta; M r . a n d M r s . Benton Showalter, Neosho; Mr. and Mrs. R a y m o n d Seidner, Morrison; Mr. and Mrs. DonE. Bay, Sibley; Morris Pierce, Albany; Hal and Charlotte Aii|clroth. Neoshu; Mr and Mrs. B. Sanders, Perrywlle; Dr. gild Mrs. J.F. Carver, Bucknar; Frank and Anne Rose, Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderson, Cote Camp; Bill Neukiim, St Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mulvany, Protein; Mr. and Mrs. C, Wilson Lane,' Perry; Mr. and Mrs. Vic Koephe, Bridgeton; Mr. and Mrs. W,U Ruddell, Raytown; Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Bowmann, Kansas-.City; Dr. and Mrs. H.D. Rodabaugh, Kirksville; Mrs, MaryHiggins, St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard North, Camderilon; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Stewart, Sl.-Louia; Mr. and Mrs. Landis Karns, St. Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Van H. Hals, Hazelwpod; Mr, and Mrs. Albert Day, Foley; Ray and Elsie Wilkek30n, St Joseph; Mr, and Mrs. Stanley K. Lockwood, St. Joseph; Everett and Dolly McrNutt, Raytovvn; Marie Reardon, Brashear; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Parrish, Hutledge; Mr, and Mrs. J. Waldo Shockey, Kirkville; Russell and Mary Vandelicht, Washington; MONTANA; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dariielsdn, Terry; NEBRASKA: Mr. and Mis. Chester Slum', Ceresco; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jansma, Norfolk; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jares, Elwood; Mr. and Mrs, Ray Jensen, Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Schweitzer, Norfolk; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Neisius, Pilger; Tillie Stevens, Orchard; C.L. and Verda Baiimtiarmpr, Lincoln; Mr. and Mis. John Bohling, Aubum; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Elsasser. Lincoln; Waldo and Ethel Clark, Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Loyal E. Mason, Plainview; Mr. and Mrs. Irvin A. Thompson, Omaha; Mr. and Mrs: Ed Campbell, Hemingford; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zed- nich, Wilber; Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith, Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Major, Decatur; Mrs. Reuben Gilbert, Tekamah; NEW HAMPSHIRE: Jean Gratton,Claremont; AND TUESDAY ONLY.' Space-Saving 24-inch \nlomatic Washer Buy 189 O l i I C ) s II i.lral anjwlirrr ^iif« 11 ..mrimliniMinrl.2wi'}r C(W: VIS IT SMS \ M I S K K t l l K HI.I, II!' ff.lSIIEKS.... S E l l . 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Bmni sra us «*.» FAmiwr..... «i.w iniii.mnfflY.iuon ssw.n r.\nu\a: . S i » r , . . . l l , ..... . ,, ( III,. l)i,]| n ,,l N.,,, A i n l l n l i l r r,,r ViiH,.,,a B ,.n. .NEW JERSEY: Howard and Gladys Langley, Aubum; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tulenko, West Paterson; Howard Woods, West Orange; · ' NEW YORK: Roy and Jo Ann Alachbackcr; Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Walton, Boonville; Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Gnenther, Old Forge; Mr. and Mrs, Jerome J. Gralien, Buffalo; NORTH DAKOTA: Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb G. Herman, Kulm; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Steinwandt, Kulm; Mr. and Mrs. Seymour A, Osor, Fargo; Mr. and Mrs. Hay Hudson, Rolla; Mr. and Mrs, Henry Eikholn, Wing; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rickhagen, Kulm; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kelland, Park River; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolf, Sterling; OHIO: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jones, Cleve Heights; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shenk, Lama; Mr. and Mrs. C. Metzler, Millersburg; Dale and Helen, Elliott, Millersburg; Milan Devois, New Philidelphia; Mr. and Mrs. R.V. White, Cincinnati; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trupp, Tipp City; Arnold and Rose Emma Smith, West Liberty; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McGill, Grafton; Mr. and Mrs. John D, Call, Cincinnati; OKLAHOMA: Mr. and Mrs. Al J. Hummel, Grove; Mr. and Mrs, George Corkle, Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Omer Crosslin, Lament; Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Kiesel, Oklahoma City; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hauser, Covington; Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Horhe, Moore; Mr. and Mrs, Ray LaMunyon, Buffalo; OREGON: Percy E. Wood, Portland; SOUTH DAKOTA: Mr. and Mrs. John Schmuth, Haven; Mr. and Mrs. Art Keller, Tolstoy; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Isaacson, Sioux Falls; Mr. and ..Mrs. Lawrence Krieger, Beresford; Ted Holzworth, Menno; Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Sinclair, Huron; TEXAS: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil. T. Alexander, Roby; Mr. and Mrs. Coy Stuart, Roby; Mr. and M r s . R a l p h Coble, Houston; Ralph Lowrey, San Angela; VERMONT: Mr., and Mrs. Henry Hoy, Derby Line; VIRGINIA: Mr. aid Mrs. G.S. Brown, Onancock; WASHINGTON: Claude and Grace Lewis, Grandview; WEST VIRGINIA: Frank and Mabel Chapasco, Frin- "eeton; -.. WISCONSIN: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mueller, Plymouth; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Schmidt, Omro; Mr. and Mrs. John Duitsman, Pardesville; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Skamer, Superior; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dooley, Janesville; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Quam, Stoughton; M r ^ and Mrs. Norrii Underud, Stoughton; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wright, Woodruff; Mr. and Mrs.' Frei Lautanbach, Plymouth; Mr, and Mrs... Edgar Hamin,' Wisconsin Rapids; Mr, and Mrs, Russ Petreat, Green Bay; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hcrgert, Oshkosh; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Toman; Mr. and Mrs. Archie Reiser, Neenah; Kenneth and Sarah Whistler, Wheeler; Elwin L. Zick, Wild Rpse; R u t h Andorholm, Menomie; : WYOMING: Mr. and Mrs. CANADA: J.A. and Maura toNiven, Milton; Harr/Gatos, Melville, Sask. ; Hazel Law-son, *** Melville, Sask.; R.M. Colman and Wife, Winnipeg,; Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Longmire, Kindersley, Sask.; Mr. and Mrs. J. Oiisiiiysnri; \Vi;i;l Prince Albert, Sask.; Frank and Emma Pott, Woodmore, Man.; E.J.. Hancox, Dominion City, Man.; Mr. and Mra. James Rcvtcky, Dankirk, \Vinn.; Joseph Sprout, Dungannon, Ont.; Freda and Bill Wimmipet, Man.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cloct. Delhi, Ont.; M i l t o n a n d Lois Fretz, Vineland, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. Stive Antonious, Winnipeg,' M a n : A Autumns. Baldur. Man.; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kellum. Sioux LookOut, Ont. ***· Monday -- Illinois Picnic at Dean Porter Park. All Illinois visitors and former Ellini are invited. Bring a meat dish and another dish to pass. Pot-luck lunch will be served at 12 noon. Registration begins' at 10:30 a.m. Also bring a gift 50 cents value for games after lunch. Thursday -- Kansas annual pot luck picnic will be held at New Pavilion Dean Porter Park. Registration from H a.m. Eat at 12 noon. Coffee will be f u r n i s h e d . All Kansas visitors inviled. Bring covered dish and a meat dish. DEAN PORTER PAWLION 1:30 p.m. -- Beginners Spanish Club. 7:30 p.m. -- Monday movies, program material from you collections welcome. OLD POUTER PARK PAVILION 7:30 p.m. -- Square Dance classes. Beginners or intermediate students invited. Professional callers. Small charge. TUESDAY PORTER PARK PAVILION :30 -- Intermediate Spanish class. 12 noon -- Pot-luck Luncheon. Bring your covered dish table service. ( Bring your own bread.) Coffee and soft drinks available in the pavilion. Play cards and just chat after lunch. 1:30 p.m. -- Ballroom dancing class. Basic'steps (box trot, two steps, etc.) No charge. OLD PORTER PARK PAVILION 1:30 p.m. - -- A d v a n c e d Spanish Class. First class to be announced. FRIENDSHP GARDEN 7:30 p.m. --.Weekly social dance. WEDNESDAY PORTER PAHK PAVILION . · 1:30 p.m. -- Round Dancing (Pattern Dancing). 7:00 p.m. -- Waekly card party. Games of your choice prizes, . . · THURSDAY' PORTER PARK PAVILION 9:30 a.m. -- Beginners Spanish Class. 1:30 p.m. -- Dance Practice. 1:30 p.m. -- Imermfdiate Spanish Class (1st. class lo be announced). JACOB BROWN AUDITORIUM 7:30 p.Vn. - Weekly "Winter Residents' Club Party." Door pri7£s, entertainment, refreshments, games and dancing. Admission by membership or a small donation at the door. All .visitors and retirees welcome to the big weekly party. FRIDAY PORTER PARK PAVILION 9:30 a.m. -- Advanced Spanish Class. 1:30 p.m. - Weekly Winter Residents' Club Games Party. 7:30 p . m . -- " M e r Squares" Square Dance Quo. Especially for winter residents and their friends. Professional caller. Small charge for dancing. No charge for watching. Shuffleboard Courts at Porter Park open from S a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays they are open from Ho 5 p.m. TUTUSTA Bowling League bowls Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30 at.lntem.Rtiotiai Lanes. .Prices, refreshments and lots of fun for experts or beginners. . · · · ; . · WINTER Texan' Golfing at Riverview Municipal. Golf Course Club House by 8:00 a.m. on Monday. All wsilors and retirees welcome. For further information on programs and activities, contact: Miss Lois Humphrey, Tourist Hostess. M6-7042-Dean Porter Park. You Are.Invited to the ANNUAL RIO HONDO BIBLE CONFERENCE January 25 - 31, 1976 Sunday, January 25 11:00 A.M. 6:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. Monday, January 26 "MATINEE" ' "GO-GETTERS "REVIVAL 1IME" "HOUR Of POWER" Gene Morion - Tabernacle Agape Singers - Tabernacle "Smokey" Boyle - Tobcrnccte 2:00 P.M.-George Schultz - Fellowship Holl 6.-30 P.M.-Joe Cruse Tobemocle 7:15 P.M.-Bob Miller Tabernacle 8:00 P.M.-Joe Multoro 1 Tobernaele Tuesday, January 27 " "~~ "COFFEE HOUR" "MATINEE" "GO-GETTERS" "REVIVAL TIME" "HOUR OF POWER" 7:00 A.M.-Bob Miller-Fellowship Holl 10:00 A.M.-Joe Mulford-Fellowship Hail 2:00 P.M.-Joe Muliord-fellowship Hall 6:30 P.M.-George Schullz Tobernocle .7:15 P.M.-Joe Cruse 0:00 P.M.-Bob Miller Tabernocle Wednesday, January 28 "EARLY BIRDS "COFFEE HOUR" 'MATINEE" "GO-GETTERS" "REVIVAL TIME" "HOUR OF POWER" Thursjoy, January 29 "EARLY-BIRDS" "COFFEt HOUR" "MATINEE" "GO-GETTERS" "REVIVAL TIME" ' ; "HOUR OF POWER" 7:00 A.M.-Bob Miller Fellowship Hail 10:00 A.M. -Bob Miller Fellowship Hall 2:00 P.M. -Joe Mulfonf fel'.wship Hail 6:30 P.M. -Harold O'Chesjer Tabernacle 7:15 P. M.-George SchulU Tabernacle. Cruse Tpbeiracle _ 7:00 A.M.-Bob Miller Fellowship Holl 10:00 A. M.-George Schultz Fellowship Ha/I . 2:00 P.M.-Harold O'Chesler Fellowship Holl 6:30 P.M. -Bob Miller Tabernacle 7:15 P.M. -Bob Meadows Tobernocle 8:00 P.M.-Joe Muiford Tobernocle "COFFEE HOUR" "MATINEE" "GO-GETTERS" "REVIVAL TIME" Solurdoy, Jonucry 31 7:00 A.M.-Joe Muiford Fellowship Hall 10:00 A.M.-George Schultz Fellowship Hall 2:00 P.M.-Bob Miller Fellowship Hdl 6:30 P.M.-Joe Muiford Tabernacle 7,15 P.M.-Harold O'Chesler Tabernacle Menjale Women's' Choir 7:30 P.M.-Sob Miller Tobefnacie Failh Templo Choir RIO HONDO BAPTIST CHURCH CHOIR K Gene Morton, Postor, Rio Hondo Baplist Church 2. "Snwtey" Boyle,iaymin. i VlPres. Burlon Auto Supply, Harlingen 3. Joe Cruse Famiy Singers, Jacksonville, Texos ' 4. George Schullz, Poster, First Boptisl Ch., Seguin, Texas 5. Bob Miller, Pastor, Faith.Temple, Killcen, Texos 6. Harold O'Chester, Poster, Allendale Baplist Chi, Auslln, Texas 7. Joe Muiford, Evangelisl, Hialeoh, Florida 8. Bob Meoo'ows, Pastor, Gardendole Baptisl Ch., Corpus Christi, Tx. MODERN NURSERY OPEN

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