The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 12, 1947
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 00 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • ™K DOMINANT NKWBPAI-m OF-NOBTHKA^ AHKANIIA1. .«n «n,rrw««.T.,^.™. *.^^-« Wf *^ BIythevllle Dallj Ne Ely they Ule Courier Blythevllle Kemld Mississippi Valley L>*ultr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Marshall Urges ^Reconstruction Plan for Europe Secretary of State Would Include Soviets And Great Britain WASHINGTON, June 12. 'lUPJ — Colorado and Wyoming Report Snow in June; Temperature Hears 32 HI,YTilKVIU,K, A KUANS AS, TUUIiSDAY, Canada Gives Warm Welcome to President _SINCLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DENVER, June 12. <UP>—The latest snowfall in Weather Buivau history here was recorded today, and the Weather Bureau said mori! ', snow would fall before tcmpi-r.i- ' Hues returned to normal. | Sno'.v, mixed with rain, fell throughout last night j n Eastern | Colorado and Southeastern Wvn- mlni!. Tlie snow melted as it hit the ground, nnd temperatures hovered around the freezing point. An Inch of snow fell on Cheyenne, ^r^ioT^r Pr ^^^^^^^ :^e orte 'iS fo^C'wo-, ^^^»-^ { \ ng out reconstruction plans, hc livestock and some c ro s " c c cH ' included Russia and Britain as pa'.t maccd '" c n of Europe. ' lie did not, however, specify whether suggested U. S. financi:'! aid for European construction should include such assislance to Russia. •Marshall said at Harvard university a week ago that Europe must take the initiative in working out its reconstruction problems. He said U. S. help would be forthcoming when the war-devastated countries themselves go; together and began working out their salvation. 'At his news conference today, „ . ' n y U»ilcd Pre.ssi Marshal! was asked what bis do- . "> ssiuillt -y of new Hood disuslers finition of Europe wa s in Uik con- 1 " 1 Misson 'i and Illinois hinged to- I day on rainfall and a race bc- Cresf of Roods Nears St. Louis Threat of More Rain • Causes New Concern In Missouri, Illinois He replied that he was referring »porler asked. "Marshall replied that it did. Marshall 1 * statement was made as U. S.-Itussian relations were on the brink of an important showdown over Communist tactics in Hungary and other parts of Europe. He emphasized lo his news conference that the initiative in re-, — -., ..,.,., /nn,,.. i, construction of Europe lies with' m °"ed Past Jefferson City early to- of Europe .._ the European nations themselves. Marshall said lie had received no formal reaction to his reconstruction plan from any European country, but noted that Orcat Britain had made public two statements expressing general accord with the idea.' Marshall said the United States is following the idea lhat Ihc European countries would gel together to work out Hie. restoration problems on which their political future depends. He indicated thai the United States wculd be prepared to lend its flaanciai; support^ to the plan- At I bl»^.JU^^ii«»ii ; .,oonference in .-j- Wcks, ItM-duU:,, side-*t«*a Oc 111) qiifainns nhflufc -Wiirwmrv/- He to rivers should crest simultaneously at their confluence at Alton. III., North of SI. Louis. But Ihc Mississippi's crcsl held a good lead. H was last reported north of Winficld, Mo., nboul BO river miles from Alton and was expected to reach si. Louis tomorrow. The Missouri crest was reported about no miles from Alton. If fl President stands under the arc!, ot 'the IVaco arc: Dr. Ga:;pard Fnutciiu.x; Prime Minister Telt']'hoto.) Tower In Ctlawa Uoforc entering Piullamnit. Leli, lo King; ?rt- S K!eiil Trumuii; James II. King; J. L. llslcv. * ' right , day leaving behind 450,001)' acres of flooded farmlands. Hed Cross officials said latest count showed more than !>,tl(HI persons still were homeless as a result or .Midwestern flinds. They said 3,4C3 ivcrc hniiieless in Missouri and 1,71(5 Hi Illinois. Seventeen persons hart drowned. Surplus of Wheat Looms for 1948 Secretary Anderson Tells Congressmen of Plan to Curb Planting WASHINGTON, Juno 12. IUI» — Secretary of Agricultuic Clinl-in P. Anderson said today he would ask American wheat farmers lo cut acreage next year. He toUI a Senate Appropriations -^nlx-onunittcc thai increase:! pro- Housewives Free to Buy Sugar; Price to Remain Under Control The lifting of sugar r:illoiilii B last night found Ihe supply in lilyMic- ville small with most dealers reporthn; not enough hi mc<-i a rush |>v J " yi ' IS - ' '' l«B ! Hi-iaiI'"» The piTM-nl shortage Is no cause for alarm however within? uajorilv of wh ,sal, : grocers here rc-nortlnu tl,, lt they e.speci an mnpiti iuiiply hy (tie middle of nexl week. A few ,,r llic larg.:r retail stores in Dlylhevillc reported Mils ,,10111- mg that then- s,i,-;,lj. was large rnough to meet a rush bin wiuileyile lvali:rs r,:pr,rtc.l lhal their suppHc-s wc ,- 0 almost exhausted Oovcriuncr.t price ™il.rols nn*-— sugar stil] rr.'innin despite the Ilit- - - j HlllS IJ'( In great t|UanlllU's ehind the crest. The whi-al yield.-at n : 'rcp.irtt-. rushed small boats in- l ''-^^,"-'3.'5^^* i 'Du:^ii^> 1 - f3 ito.-^.( moderate government -Fei-enc Nagy. 2. 'I'akc strong economic and diplomatic action to draw a firm line, against Communism's Westward; march in the interest of preserv ing democratic governments in. France, Italy and Austria. In Ihc strongest language used by this government since President Truman announced his anli- lotalilarianism doctrine on March 12, the state Department served notice on Russia yesterday that the Mosrow r inspired maneuvers Hungary would not go unrrtallcnj- Thc future course of U. S.-Russian relations hinged on the Russian re-ply lo the American demand for an unlettered investigation in Hungary. K *m'° reply is no, the United Statfy plans to place Russia on trial before thc United Nations. Thi! stiff note hinted plainly that tliis. plan \vas under consideration. Thc U. S. protest charged Russia with "the most flagrant, interference" in Hungary hv overthrowing the freely-elected Nagy government. Terming the Soviet action r> violation of the Yalta agreement, the United States said: "Unless . . . effective action to bring abanl an adequate investigation i s agreed upon, flhe United. States), conscious of its obligations under thc Yalta declaration, as u signatory of the armistice with Hungary, and as a rncmbsr of the United Nations, will consider such further action as may be appropriate in thc circumstances." That "further action" will be to turn the Hungarian problem over to the UN. No matter what the outcome of the Hungarian protest, thc United States no longer was willing to sland idly by while Communists force their way into other European governments. by flattening the crest out over larger area. Moving their Mississippi Diver flood rcsuce equipment Soulhnnrt! u . into an area between Cbrksvillc. ._| Mo., and St. Louis, the coast Guard repirted that the wor s l was over^ provided thc Missouri nnd Mississippi crests do not meet. In the April flood 150 residents were marooned for 30 days in Kas- kaskic Island in the Mississippi River. 60 miles south or St. Louis. Today 100 were marooned. Tlie Red Cross evacuated 50 persons to St. Mary's. Mo.. Tuesday ' New Election Requires Posting Of List of Voters LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. June 12(UP)—Assistant Attorney General . . .. , but the other 100 refused to movo. They climbed (o a higji pnrl ot the- island protected by a lcvce,nnd said they iviidd wait for the rivcrT, crest to pass. Mrs. S.H.WiMJams' Pother Succumbs In Alice, Texas mcnt. It will start the Unitid Eicclricnl, Radio and Mac!-,-:!e Workers Union 'CIO). Ilitlwinklc Bill—Soil. James E. Murray. D.. Mont., call-rl Ihc Dul- winklc-Rced bill to cxsin)-.!, railr-iad rate-making from th.- p.nti-trirl laws a proposal to regiment "transportation under a syst-jrn of piivate collective controls." Sugar—-House Rcpnolican leaders abandoned legislation to end household sugar rationing in view of Secretary of Agriculture Clln'.or. I 1 . Anderson's action to Lh;,i end last night. ; " Chaplin—Rep. John H. Itankin. D.. •Miss., called for deportation ol film aclor Charles Chaplin. HI, action snl ofl debate that dol.iyta legislative aclio'j for a while. discrimination—Dr. Stephen f- : . Wise, president of th'; American Jewish Congress, los^fu.r; Lofore u Senate committee in suppr.rt of trg- islalion to forbid discriminatmi in employment on grouotis r.t rare, color, religion, and natiiiuil origin or ancestry. Sen. Allen .1. Wlendcr. n.. La., opposing Ihe odl. snit 1 UIL- South "has laken bevtr-: cnrc" f:f Negroes than oilier sections of liic country. Wise said Nc^.or-s shcnlvl permitted lo lake core of Ihrni- The Rev. C. R. Welch. 70, father of Mrs. Sam. H. Williams of niy- theville, died this morning al Alice.| Texas, where hc had l.cen visiting another daughter, Mrs. Louvernaj Day. Hc was pastor of the Ccnlr.d sr'.vcs but cannot if '.h,!y arc Baptist Church in Memphis. [ tims of discriminntion. Funeral arrangements arc incom- ' plctc but i'. is expected that services wii; be held Saturday in Memphis. Mr. Willnms said. He and Mrs. Williams wiil leave ior Memphis when definite arrangements have b?cn made. Thc Rev. Mr. Welch also leaves his wife, two sons and three other daughters. They arc Mvs. Andrew of Grenada. Miss.: Mrs. Flovd Chaffin of Fort Worth. Texas: Henry Welch c,f Hatlir-sbiirg. Miss.: and another s on residing in Mineral Wells, Texas Weather Osceo/o School Plans To Provide Fire Escapes The Osceola Grade school will have fire escapes by the bediming of thc Fall term if sufficient steel is available. Superintendent Fr'.Uk Sanders said that bids are now bciii^ received from Osceola machine shops for the work. War if, it April, 13.12. Anderson's edict freed from IUL-- Ihcr rationing such use"; us housewives, hospitals, rc.slailninls -intl hotels. Sugar sliil will be raU,,n,-d lo bakeries, soft drink an>! tancly manufacturers mid other IndiialrKl users, and wilt remain .under price controls until Oct. :;], unle.v; MI- derson decides to scrap' lhc:u "ne- fore Unit date. A'drive lo end price ronlitjl; r,n sntiar f;ol under v.-ny in Coiitiies:; shortly before Andersons order, and indicalions were thnl it wnmrl be pressed. Sen. nusjli riutier R, Neb., iiropnscd thai Con;:re:w' end Ihe controls June 30 by culling off funds lo administer thi-ni. He said recent <lcvclo;;mc:it.s madf it clear tluii (he leKislatnj-s nrcd in c-xlcmlini; the conlrols until Ocl. >!i. Republicans in Congress claim-':! credit for ciKlin» the raiionm" pointing out that they WCT- iu--ir- ing bills llimugh the HOU.S- afcl Scnalr: that would havn dour MIC joh if Anderson liadn'l- beaten llicm to the punch. llt.usc Rrpublican Icr.dor cl:a:lra A. llallr.-k cf inihana said lir. was happy that Anderson had "rcc<r;- niwd thr wisdom" of removing :bc sugar restriction. But ho cni']>;ri- si?ed that "ihis action is no", in line with the attitude !,! ,„":.;, Democrats . . , who r.ousisienliy have opposed rcmovini: the cw- trols " Ilrpublicans," -,nid H:dl> ck, N. Y. Stocks ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy. Fcatterctl thundcrfhowcrs in North-, _ west portion today and in North I Chrysler and West portions tonight. Not Ccca Cola qtiile so Mann In Northwest por-'ocn Electric lion tonight. Friday showers and net quite so warm. Closing Stock Trlrrs: A T iV. T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Ucth steel N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK, June 12. Ike Murray ruled yesterday that'codoiV cl'oscd barely' a I!M7 act providing that a list of Mar 2!!23 2323 28*! voters be posted in each precinct I May 2872 2374 2,W applies to school elections. Murray's July 3510 3620 3,wj ruling was based on the fact that! oct 3110 3117 M.10 school elections v.-erc- not specifi- , Doc 3CCO S005 2?>7i cally exempted under, the law. Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation 'U.P.'i— Republic Steel i Radio .'..'. 2053 Socony Vacuum 2SCO Studebakcr MM Standard of N J &M.O Texas Corp '" 2D7."> Packard , spect ion of Curuthcrsville restaurants and cifrs would br. held the Inlor part of this month, in keening \\it.h an ordinnnt'e p:i::sed by Hie cl'y council requiring all pu'illc riiHut! places lo meet specific health rorniiremcnls. Mr. Duncan r,aid Ihe places wotilcl be gratlntl "A". "JV urid "O", nnd those failiiv: h-low "ir 'clarification would lie Riverr 30 days to im- provn their place- to the mini re - ments. To gel olawificaiion of "A" the places must meet n icc.iilnlions cmhriicing tlie preparation of food, vcnlllallon. cleanliness of the premises, proper Mghtil.i;. rest looms r>nd wash rooms, cleanliness M cooking ulensils and rniii|vnrnl, di;prisa| of wastes, refrigeration. »ij'i nf employees. The ordinance ptnvidcs that violations shall bring a fine of not more than StCO. with each and every violation constituting a separate offense. The Pcmiscot Counlv Health I>- pailmcnt announced today thai a survey nf outdoor privies in Caru- Ihrrsvlllr is being oondnclril In :is- ccrtaii-, if they m<-o'. spcoificatl-i!;s of Ihn Sanitation Ordinance passed recently by Hie cily council. T)ie ordinance sols onl. Ibo mr^i- nrr in which sewaer mav be disposed of, and prnvidr's thai co:i- slruclion of o'.lliinor privies nniil. ho of a design norrovpoti by tlie -Slute Rlard of Ilealllv Penalties or from S5 !» 5200 are prtivldcd for violations, with oaril day a violation is allowed Marjorie Mayo Wins Title of Miss Osceola" Blythcvillo Contest To Be Conducted Next Wednesday Night Mississippi County's ijl.m;; fur pur- Uclpallon In the "Ml.w Arkmm.V iMimly contest nt Helena June M-viO moved ahead Indiiy wltn the M-IPC- tion lust night of Miss M,uj-nlo Mayo us "Miss o.sceol.i' and iho scheduling: of enlerlalners In iip;sun- In Ihi- revue during ili'j "Miv; ni v - Ihevllle" lieiiitly jmunint hi-iv Wednesday nli;ht. Miss Mayo. 'JO-ycur-oi I diiuithler ol Mr, unit Mrs. M. I.. M.'.yn of ():;•i ola. was crowned "Mlis (\<T<>oh >l IIW last night by Mis-; Anne Dlllahunly. winner of I In- 191(1 con- lost. Mnmwhlle, plan", for .ilnninsj the 1111" beauty pageant here, sp^irw- I'd by the Illythcvllle Junior Cluim- bi-r of Commerce, advanced as lal- I'lil for the revue In inlorsperse ,: 11 I ['M activities was announced liy .1. T. Kndbiir.v, onlci lalniiu-nl ch'iilr- innn for Ihe evrnl. Colic Stoll/.. whose bund. (ur;ii:;h- fd music for tin- pageant lust, year, Is liluled to return with his 1C-piece band and vocullsl plus varli-ly act.-i fcnlurlni! si'vi-n other»c: i s These acts will Include danc-: team", comedy acts, and enlerlaln- nu-nl. Mr. Kudbury sa'.d. To dull-, l!i entries in thv "Miss Hlyllici'lIlK" oonli'M have |>rm ir- iM-ivi:d. Mrs. (illlwrl Jlaminiu k nf I In: iiaiicanl cnmmlllm icjiorli-d A total of 20 yoimij contestants lias been iMilvrctl In the competition for tin- title of "Ml:;s Junior lilythevllle." she said. This conlvsl, for girls between the HKCM of three und six. is a new femur.; of llio pa- geiuil added for the fksl lime (Ids year. Deadline- for the .uxi'ptanuc of entries has been set for n o'clock Monday night. Mrs. Ihmimimd snid. 1'iircnls who have enUTcl children In tin- "Miss Junior Ill.vlhovllle." contest were Instructed i,.diiy hy h?r lo sign entry blanks l:ir them by nnnn Sunday. The hl-u-lc.-. art! al Mrs. Hammock's home nt 510 North lath. Mrs. Hummock ro-emphasted Hint, (here will he no Uilctr, re<|iilrc- menls In the content hcie. A rehearsal for Ihe p:>n(;nnl .will, be held'at li:30 Tuesday evenini! In the high school stadium for entrants' n both cotllesl.s, she annr,imcul. Tilt; rehearsal will bn luM In street and no special drcsi Is I (j- (|ulrcd, she suld. If It is possible, thure will lo n presei.tatlon of en'rants In rvcnu-i; gowns as well as hat;ii:i.( suits during tin- pageant Wadmadiy night, Mrs. Ilainmoi:k said. Tin: hloiull! iMIss May I, win) will rcpicscnt Osrcnla In liie llrlrna, WHS <orii;r;illd.Uril by MISS Ki-hm-a MrOnll, Blylhevllln y uln- nnr nf rity, stale ami national honnrs lust year. Selected first allorniit-: for MIRS Mayo was Miss Mary l.-iuhr: Ashmore, daughter of Mr. und Mrs H. H. A.'hiiKirc of Osceola. and second alternate chosen was Mis; Virginia HIWI.-II. (liniKhfL-r of Mr. mid Mi's. Howard Howen of Luxista. Tin- contest, held ;.t the high school stadium (here and witnessed by more than 1000 SIIL-I;! ilur-;. was s|ir>nsored by the Oic.:o!a Junior Chamlier of Commerce. Miss Mayo, sponsored by 1.113 Tall Moody Ice Cream Company of Osceola. atlended the University of Arkansas for a year, w'icre she was a member ol Ihrj K.ippu Knppn Ciarnma sorority. Sponsored hy the Mi.whsip;il County Hank. Miss Ar.hmore Is 11 nnd a junior In Osceola Itlnh Kr.hool. Miss li'.wen. 18, sponsored by Hit- Y/umi' Insurance Co.. (s a student nt Misslssijipi Slate College for Women. Following flic "Mis; Arkansas" crudes!, Miss Mayo wdl compile for the (itle of "Miss C-,irdl.; Uam" dining celebrations at L;a-di3 July -l-.-i. A Inlal of ?A rnlran'.s was Judged by I.ea n.icherlg, of th.! Mernphir, Cotton Carnival rniiunitlc; Hit; Trotter, cominetcial 'nanagcr of radio slalion KWKM in Vvc.U Mc-mphls: and .lack .Staulc.ip. whose band fliinlslied music fo r ,he ct.nlcst a:;d Ihc dance, lhal lollowo:!. Tim^flov-/!s, of the Oy:en'u Jay- ccr.s, was master of ccrcinr-nl?:; and licr.dtd the conlest commiltc^. Banker Admits Embezzlement Of $1 08,000 COLUMIIUS, Intl., June 12, (UP) —A 50-year-old teller udmlltc'l u- day lhal he cmbciwled more Than MOfl.OUO from the bank where he worked lor it) years, officials ol Ihe liwln-Uillon Trust Company iinnounced. The bunk officials said hi a prepared slnlomcnl lhat Ihcy liatl "a signed confession from Oclmer C. Truman Goodwill Visit to Canada Nears Conclusion President Must Make I mportant Decisions ; On Return to Capital 12 (UP; _ '' him and look fSchuttrr Into cusl'idv, and U. «. nislrlel Attorney 11, llow- nrd (J.iuglnan said al Indianapolis lhat clmr«cs »nul : i bo filed ngamsl him. Honored Again n >L %• "have been working con:.i-;i":-.1iy to eliminate unnecessary conlrd:;. limitalions and resti-icl.loi'S." Cl-.r.irman Jesse !'. Wolcott. I;.. Mich., ot (he House Bnnk-ng C;i:.i- mlttce said he 1 bought it would Ln a good idea if congress xv-.'it ahead and jwssrd its own :,i:;ar bill anyhow, such a move, hr si id, would tnke away the adi,i>nii;r;'.- lion's auihority to ,-,i- \w^i?'n. - ' B iv cii the company in a suit broughl Ibr- ± S , -,, crminit cc nPPio^t! i ngnhist thc £ [. IjOUJ s-Fan Francisco e .Mgar b.ll overwhelm,,,,^ and Ra i| ro;lrl Co . nn ,, o(h . rs ,„ thc I L i n R " ' S fco:11 " lill " p I''d civil division of the Chlckasawba cloaicd the way for floor acn,.-.. 1-4 | A similar measure being i-8|l>ushed by n Senate Banking suh- ing a separate offense. Lee Wilson Company Obtains $357 Judgment • The Lee Wilson Co, Inclav was awarded S351.71 In oroperlv "rtnirares «'hon Circuit Judge c;harlcs W. I Ight directed thai- judgment be :i-4 | S|>ots closed at 3804; tlo\vi\ ^9.' u S Steel 25 i-8 8 1C 18 7-8 75 .V8 02 :;-4 5 J-8 C7 1-8 commit lee when Amler.ion his announcement. In view of the secretary's no:i,-,n. the bills were expected t,> lie withdrawn. Anderson said three 'actors m.-.iio It possible lo drop sug:ir al last from the ration list: 1. Allocation of in alditio-ial 350,000-tons of sugar lo llw Ui'.il'.'d Stiitss from the world .siinav -xx'). 2. Prospects of nix cxtr.v 2JO.COO Ulstrlct of the Mississippi County Ciioiiit Court In .session here. , On completioi of this case, after a day-long recess ycslerd.iv. It was aoaln reported to the court that no other suits were ready for hearing and Circuit Judge Light Bordered a recess mutt tomorrow morning. Tlie suit closed today grrv ou'. of damage resulting lo alfalfa leaf meal shipped by the Leo Wilson Coin a Frisco lines box-car when soarks from n locomotive slarlcd a fire in the car, Ilic compblnt Mated, Cotlon Ginncrs Elect Officers in Hot Springs HOT srRINOS. Ark.. June 12. illl'i — George Hcmphill of Kcn- nc:i. Mo., loday heads the Arkansas-Missouri Dinners Association, following his election at. the Spa yrsirrday. Other olficcrs named included .Sidney Mack of Ncw"- port. vice president; I-\>rrrsl A. Mc- Ciinley of Hayli. Mo., srcrelary- Ireasmcr and executive vice l>ro»l- dcnt. House Votes /5 Millions To Repair Flood Damage WASHINGTON. June 12. (UP) — The House today passed nnd sent to the Senate a bill authorizing nn emergency food control appropriation of .$15,000.000 to repair, restore and strengthen flootl-conrtol work s damaged In recent Inundations. Passage \vn,( by voice dissents were Heard. •; **^WT&: - - ~. OTTAWA, June ^. lu , , ftchudcr, who Rrectcd patrons at ''resident Truman, wlndinp up Irs the, NO. 1 window for years | three-day goodwill visit,' to Canada ^chudcr (old them.he look Mv) altendcd an Infonnal luncheon to- money In gradually Incrca.slni! a- I day at the swank Seigniory Club mounts over a 12-year period, they I at Montebcllo, Quebec, an hour'-; Si> ' 11 ' • I drive from thc Canadian capital' Itt'o agents from the Fcderil There were no state funcl'ons liureau of Invcsllgallon cincstloni-d on thc calendar today for Mr •Iriunan. who' was Bchedulcd to leave for Washington ,\t 11 p. in Km aboard his special train to fucc. two of the rhost Imrjortuni decl-ilons of his White House c.x- rcer—action on the tax reduction I bill 'und thc Tuft-Hartley labor • measure. I Tho Seigniory Club, vacatio.i resort of American millionaires, is situated on a 1,000-acre wooried estate which once was the prop- ' city of Ihe Seigneurs of, PapiiiM-u In tlie days when CaimUa was ruled by franco. The president and Mrs. Truman dined lust night with-Prime* Minister w. U MivcKen/.lc King" at Laurlcr House, the town residence of the prime minister. The President was not expected to act on the »4.000.0GO,MO tax reduction bill until • Monday. Action on thc labor bin win com? bter In ihe week. AdiuliilKiruliuii sources, while declining t:j be specific, forecast n veto on both counts. To Visit Niagara Fills Mr. Truman will arrive back in I Wiislilnglon about 8:30 p. m Friday, shortly utter ft n. in. tomi.r- row his train will pass tiie famous Niagara Fulls on the Amerlcan- Canadlan Ijorder. it will make a brief survlcu stop at Bulfitlo j N. Y,, bul the President was net icxpecled to lenve the train there I The president has been received here in a manner that prompted him lo describe it ,,« jncnutilctl in his political career. . . Before a cheering Joint i;u:uum of the Canadian Parliament yesterday, Ihc-President, hid lor «in- porl for his "doctrine" of aid to I llin weaker nations and expressed confidence that Canada would go along with his country's policies. King assured him (icrald Clissldy MisscoiH Youth WinsNewHortors Gerald Cassidy of Armorel Meets High Washington Official WASHINGTON, June 12. top- The speech was received witfi" what thc President called "three cheers nnd A tiger." HeKrafcr.-cd to trip thunderous .chetr whirli followed his niipenrAncc before th<s Canadian Parliament. The polnl o( thc President's speech wns continuance of his »j- to Courier "N e,,[d C~assTdy.| ™' leU "^trinc" of^ancc! ^ mi(. of the Arkansas' four delegates, J., WCTKer 'Unions. Mar;Kcnjie lo thc 17th national 4-H Club Ciimp , J 1 8 . s> ">l >orLc d this in advauce in Washinglon. was chosen as ^ r^,-,^ ,""?,, the Prcsl " c " 1 ^ representative member to grectl I, 1 " 11 "'" 0 " 1 wllh * Prolnlfe that Clinton Anderson lotlny. Canada, woiil!* He and several delegates from other states escorted the Secretary of Agriculture Into Jefferson . Memorial Audllorium in thc Department of Agriculture's South building where hc addressed approxl- mMely 20H of the nallnn's ranking club members. Tlie secretary told the 4-H'ors thai they mid their parents are making as great a contribution toward democracy as anyone can by nroriucln? food for foreign relief. The Untied .Stales will have shipped (ifO.COS.Con bushels of cereals lo human beings in a year, more than all the world hud ever exported prior lo 10-10. he said. Tollnwlnc Anderson's address, tlie IS-ycar-okl Armorcl .youth appeared on a n.inel of six delegates who led n discussion on tlie fundamentals ot democracy. Orald will participate in the cilix^inhiji ceiTiiiouy, considered a highlight of the ramp, lo he hclri Tuesday, nuring his feven-day stav In Washington, he will lour many hisloric. points of interest, government buildings—itirlmlini; the department, of Anrlcuilurc and thc national agricultural research center al. H?llsville. Mil.—nnd will he a guest of the .Srnale and HOUEO ron;millces on agriculture. Hc- will return home Saturday. June 21. Bliss Simmons Dies In Home in Joncsboro Hfiss Simmons nf .lonesbnro, nicmbrr of a lilylhcville family, died this morning al his home in Jonesboro. His step-mothrr. Mrs Fr;-.nk .Simmons, and half oro'hc,-. n Simmons, will go to Jontsbrr.i ffii funeral services, nrrangemenls fc.r which were incomplete today. Mr. Simmons was hi th'! rcn- business in Joarsborj a-.>d hnd frequently visited heri! with the family of his fatln-r. ihe late Krank Simmons. He had been .111 invalid since stricken v.iln prv- nlysis a year ago. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hannah Simmons, two sons. Louis and Billy, and a daughter, Dovr- Ihy, all of Joncsboro. and a haiS brolhcr, collln Simmons of Miami. Fla. ' lid support tho American theory of foreign relations. Six Convicted Of Sugar Stamp Fraud in Chicago CHICAGO, June 12. (U.P.i-SIx men convicted of participation In nationwide black market, sugar ring today were fined ;i total of SB.OOO, bringing to about 50 the number of persons prosecuted here In the government's drive on illicit sugar deals. ' Federal Judge Elwyn R Shaw penalized thc men for -conspiring to obtain, possess and (render 1,'.!P,0 sugar ration coupons. '"Hie men, employed by a large brewery sold (he coupons to bakers irirt other industrial sugar users. Mercury Climbs to 97 For Second Time in '47 The mere;; 17 here yesterday climbed to wiihin one degree- of the year's highest temperature of 07 degrees, according to Robert E Blaylock, official weather obsryver. , . vote. No [Low din Ing l n sl nin'H was 70 dc| grces. Mrs. Ida Snyder Dies; Funeral Rites Tomorrow Mrs. Ida Enydcr died this morning at Walls Hospital. She was 73. I-uneral services wil] be conducted tomorrow al 2 p.m. at the First Church of the Nazarcne, by the Rev. Daniel Stafford, pastor. Burial will follow in Maple Grove Cemetery She Is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Dcrtle Snfdcr. Mrs. Lucille Snider and Mrs. Rut{i Chism, nil of iilythevillc. and Mrs Edgar L. Muir of flint, Mich., two sons, Earl Snyder of Blythovillc and Enos Snvder of Osceola. and two sisters. Mrs. D. A. Tucker of California and Mrs Bertha Carlhcart of Little R?«h. Pallbearers will be Ferd Boyd. O. E. Hanncr. Harold Thompson, Ray While, Fred Stevens and Oscar Alexander. Cobb Funcrnl Home Is In charge. Interesting Subject LITTLE ROCK. Ark., June 12. (UP)—Ellis G. Arnall, former governor of Georgia, will speak in Little Rock tonight on the subject "Whose country is This Anyway?" His lecture Is being sponsored by the Temple Men's club. Petrillo HominateH DFTFJGIT, June 12. (UP)'-Janies C. Petrillo was renominaled without opposition for presidency of the AFL American Federation of Musicians today and .will be elected to his eighth one-y«ir term W formal voting tomorrow.

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