The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on February 11, 1974 · Page 24
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 24

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1974
Page 24
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6-B Monday, Feb. 11. 1974 Show Times 'Serpico' Is Tough Film of True Story ' By Jim Montgomery Times Amusements Editor Frank Serpico, you may recall, was the New York policeman' whose, testimony brought about the formation of .the Knapp Commission and blew apart widespread corruption in all levels of the New York police department. jjjven from the distance of headlines, his courage and honesty inspired awed admiration: here was one man who could not .compromise, who refused to bend principles for personal gain and who, eventually, could no longer turn his head and pretend to ignore what was going on, even in the face of threats, accusations and personal harm. With his story for starters, any film could be expected to be powerfully dramatic the individual pitting himself against incredible odds but "Serpico" exceeds even those expectations. It is not, you might guess accurately, a pretty film in any sense of the word. Its head-on view of a cop's world is uncompromisingly hard, tough, cruel, crude and above all, real. Its environment is such that its characters speak the foulest of language consider yourself warned and work in the grimmest depths of the human condition, dealing as they do with the side of society that has gone wrong. Yet what remain, even after screenwriters Waldo Salt and Norman Wexler have wound-out their script and director Sidney Lumet has plunged a viewer into the world where it takes place, are the remarkable conviction of Frank Serpico himself and the incomparable job of acting Al Pacino has done to portray Serpico on the screen. As Pacino plays him, Serpico is an Italian kid who grew up in a tough neighborhood, but whose hero figures were always the policemen who walked the ' streets. "All my life I wanted to1 be a cop nothing else," he says. But when director Lumet begins this picture, we are in a patrol car, sirens screaming, rushing a wounded Serpico to the hospital, where police guards are placed by his room not to ; protect him from criminals, but from fellow cops who would prefer to see him dead 'and silent. We flash back a decade to ' Serpico's graduation from police academy, and follow him as a rookie patrolman, Jearning as he does the tough realities of the job, the seaminess of the streets and the winked-at system of bribery that is fattening the pockets of his colleagues. As despicable, too, as those who accept the bribes are the higher-ups who, despite their own clean records, discourage any investigations and corrections because of "the way it 614 Milam ALMOND CHINESE DISHES-COCKTAILS PH. 423-4933 Open 10 A.M. , Close of 4 A.M. ORDERS PREPARED TO CO! The OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY "WE CASH LOCAL PAYROLL CHECKS" 610 Marshall Street- Downtown Downstairs in the) Lana Building VOID mttmmmmmmuuv Jerry & Sylvia's Music "Shreveport's Organ & Piano Specialists" 2742 Greenwood Rd. Phone 635-8009 Presents A MUSICAL RECITAL Teachers Mrs. Diane Muncy Mrs. Inez Medlin To be held at the Sheraton Bossier Inn, Feb. 12, 1974, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The public is cordially invited. THE SHREVEPORT Tin would look for the department." The character studies in the film, given detail by Lumet's accurate eye for surroundings, have a thoroughness that belies their brief moments on the screen. - A captain, dining on lobster, advises Serpico to "forget it" when the young cop tells him of an anonymous bribe he has received. A detective, grinning as he explains -his rationalization, says "We're not doing anything bad just skimming a little gambling money. It's not like it's dope money or something." And, equally real, there are the honest men who stand with Serpico when he tells the whole story to The New York Times: Bob Blair, a Princeton graduate whose flair for politics has landed him on the mayor's special investigation squad; Inspector Lombardo, a family man with much to lose but a conscience that keeps him going; and Sidney Green, a commander whose support leads Serpico to the ultimate expose. Pacino's work in portraying Serpico is sure to win him an Oscar nomination, and may well win him the award. Tony Roberts as Blair, Ed Grover as Lombardo and John Randolph as Green give strong support, as does Jack Kehoe playing Tom Keough, a corrupt fellow detective. The film is not without its humor most of it as a result of Pacino's playing or its love interests, particularly a woman who shares Serpico's life as the pressure builds, but its dramatic power overwhelms those elements. It's a blistering, stunning portrait of a man who stands for what he believes, made all the more effective by the knowledge that the story is true. "Serpico" is now playing at Quail Creek Cinema. Peking Lays Oil Crisis to Firms TOKYO (AP) - Oil companies in the United States are responsible for the energy crisis and have made "fabulous profits" because of it, Hsinhua, Communist China's official news agency, said in a broadcast Sunday. "The present oil shortage in the United States is entirely due to the fact that since the end of World War II, U.S. oil monopoly capital, while ruthlessly plundering the rich oil resources of the Third World countries (especially the Middle East), has repeatedly cut down U.S. oil and gas production," Hsinhua charged. The news agency described' the United States as "one of the countries reputed for its richest oil deposits in the world." "Moreover, in seeking profits, the big oil companies did their utmost to persuade people to increase their oil consumption, Hsinhua said. Nanking restauran? Downtown Shreveport DUCK 2.00 Penny Arcade Automat BILLIARDS S j Amusement j Calendar Broadmoor "American Graffiti," s PG. ' Capri - "The Sting," I PG. '"I Don - "Walking Tallv 4 R Joy's Cinema I ! "Bootleggers," PG. f, Joy's Cinema II 'j "Scarecrow," R. i Joy's Cinema III h "The Police Connec-, tion," R. :; Quail Creek Cinema I "Serpico," R. Quail Creek Cinema I' II "PapiUon," PG. P Shreve City Cinema "Chariots of the Gods,"G. Strand "Billy , Jack," PC- Don Drive-In "Billy Jack," PG. Showtown North . "Billy Jack," PG. Showtown South . "Hell Up in Harlem" and "Night of the Cobra ,' Woman." MUSIC Civic Theater Fred ' Waring and the Young Pennsylvanians, 8:15 p.m. ART Barnwell Center Exhibit by Louisiana ' Artists, Inc. LSUS Library Exhibit by Flora DuVal. Centenary Library ) Exhibit by F. P. Lar-y moyeaux. State Exhibit Museum Exhibit of American Indian Art, . , .... . FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children G ICNfflAl AUDIENCES AltAptlAdmillfi IPG PAMNTAl OUIOANCI SUOOUTIO lorn. Miltrnl May Nsl It I Ullafcfc fl Pr.TMii Mrrmcrto firtm v Atfuii Gudi NO ONI UMDIR 17 ADMtTTIO lAfli liffHt may vary in etflain arvai - MPAA Printed o a publk Mrvlc by Shrmport Timtt J tiULF STATES THEATRE V. Shffvc ti;y Cnm 6t Up I FEATURES 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 ADMISSIONS ADULTS 2.00 CHILD 1.00 ENDS TOMORROW DID SPACEMEN VISIT EARTH IN ANCIENT TIMES? NOW WE HAVE PROOF! Based on the controversial book that shattered conventional uheones ot history and archeology CHARIOTS O? THE GODS? TECHNICOLOR Alvarez-Welch Report Hormone Often Helps Control of Depression The hot flushes and sudden drenching sweats that so often go along with the dwindling and cessation of menstruation in middle - aged women may disappear promptly with administration of small oral doses of female sex hormone. In most women, treatment can be dropped after several months to a year or two without reappearance of symptoms. But that is not to say that the cessation of menstruation may not be as uneventful as its initiation, attended by no symptoms at all. It is regrettable that the notion has gained currency among doctors, as well as among many women, that the menopause causes crying spells, lassitude, headache, insomnia, anxiety and melancholia, and that the treatment for all these troubles is to take a pill containing female sex hormone (estrogen). There is no convincing evidence that such symptoms, not to mention decreased vitality and a diminished sense of well being, are in any way . related to estrogen lack. Symptoms Relieved It is true that some women are so upset by flushing and sweats that they may become anxious and depressed, and that they will often lose such feelings when their sweats FRED WARING AND HIS ALL NEW YOUNG PENNSYLVANIANS SHREVEPORT CIVIC THEATRE TONIGHT ONLY 8:15 P.M. TICKETS $6 -S5-S4 For Reservations dial . . . 422-7155 HELD OVER! Fliait it from th (inning at 2-4:25-1:50 nd 9:20 P.M. if PAUL ROBERT NEWMAN. REDFORD 'Lika wow, "The Sting" is a gas!" Lane Crockett 'Butch Cassidy" team strikes again" Jim Montgomery A GEORGE ROY HILL FILM II , . . (? 'H,'n.Mniln:r.n-i.u-i.r..ii- i E AL RACINO ()l:30 S 4:15 LAST WEEK ALLIED ARTISTS presenis 7:00 9:45 STEUE ill FRANKLIN J.SCHAFFNER Iijt and flushes are relieved. But the idea that the menopause invariably causes such feelings and that estrongens will cure them is simply not in accordance with the facts. Estrogens are not candy and are not without hazard. They should only be taken under your doctor's guidance. They can cause unexpected vaginal bleeding, nausea, breast tenderness and fluid retention. More important is the risk of increasing the size of tumor - like fibroids, the non malignant 'muscular overgrowths that sometimes appear in the uterus (worn-b), and there is some evidence that estrogens may play a role in the appearance of cancer of the womb. Effect on Body Tli ere is no convincing evidence that estrogens cause breast cancer, but it is a fact that removal of the ovaries (the normal source of estrogens in the body) often causes cancer of the breast to recede. Sometimes, estrogens are prescribed for the prevention or treatment of the softening of bones (osteoporosis), due to the loss of calcium salts in .c n liftlo r THE STING lnterta(' Inlerslale s OOWMOWN . (i?Q MII.W ST "SERPIGO' DUSTIil the bones of menopausal women, but the effectiveness of such treatment is by no means certain. The most reliable experts in this field do not recommend estrogens as a routine treatment during and after the menopause because there is no adequate evidence that it is beneficial and it can result in very real hazards in some women. They agree that short term treatment may be helpful in relieving severe sweats and flushes. It can also be used locally as a cream or in suppository form if the lining of the vagina becomes thinned and irritated as it may in some menopausal women. I E 737 JUMBO BURGERS 55 C "eg- 70' WE DELIVER ANYWHERE l(0 KO M0 E.TEXAS ST. BOSSIER Dining Room Curb Servict The WONDERFUL WORLD Of HORSES it Roj?aI bipizzan Stallion Show Ste . . Over 40 horits Including th treat white stallion . perform their world limouj mineuvert and hone ballet . ado tee a salute to Direct from lis 1974 Premier Opening in Madiion Square Garden HIRSCH MEM. COLISEUM 8 p.m. Sat., Feb. 16 t 3 p.m., Sun. Feb. IT Reserved Seats Arena Floor, Bo Seats, First 10 Sideline Rows . . . S5.00 Top 6 Sideline Row $4.00 General Admission Adults . . .$3.00 121 Under... S2.00 TICKETS ON SALE AT ALL FOUR PALAIS ROYAL STORES AND THE) STATE FAIR OFFICE ORDER TICKETS BY MAIL: Send! check or money order to World on Horses; P.O. Boi 9100, Shreveport La., 71109, along with a stamped self-addressed envelope. xo' irruurrD wm thf smhish dinc khwi "HELD OYER" STRAND SHOWTOWN DON DRIVE IN STRAND f HrrnVrsonl STATE ( Annul. il CINEMATWIN (M.irslviili CINEMA I IlfJfNJVH'VVl CRIM Call Theatres tor Show Time , V MCIUMM . . . ABOVE GROUND" ; TS I SIM Price Rise For Food Predicted WASHINGTON (UPI) r-Consumers can expect to pay higher prices on virtually everything from beef to beans in 1974, but there should be no severe shortages, a top Agriculture Department economist said Sunday. Dr. Don Paarlberg, director of agricultural economics, said that prices for beef and pork would be "at present levels or higher" for. the remainder of this vear. but dairy products would be short, forcing prices higher. FEATURES 7:18-9:20 P.M. FEATURES 7:10 ft 9:10 GENIE AL HACKMAN PACINO It FEATURES 7:34 Et 9:10 THE POLICE CONNECTION ChiihDutM tg,CrMIMTIOIHOUSTmis ;K'"5 GULF STATES THEATRES WEEKDAYS 7:30 9.30 P.M. SATURDAY-SUNDAY 1:30-3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 WALKING i In Color WEEKDAYS 7:30 9:30 P.M. SATURDAY-SUNDAY 1:30 3 30 5:30-7:30 9:30 Where were you in '62? FEATURES 1:00 3:00-5:00 7:00 9 00 ADMISSION ADULTS $2.00 CHILD $1 00 "CHARIOTS OF THE GODS" im rrr no . - Open 6.4') Snowlime 7:15 Rdtffi iRI "Hell Up In Harlem" In Cnlor Also - "Night of The Cobra Women" Held 2nd Week "Billy Jack" In Color Held over 2nd Week "Billy Jack" In Color A . pTALL T,3 f v- .vJ- You're set on six TODAY IHE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Premiering 6:30 p.m. THE MAGICIAN 7:00 pm Bill Bixby is The Magician . . . internationally acclaimed sorcerer THE GREAT ESCAPE 8:00 pm Steve McQueen and James Garner star in this WW II Adventure film NEWSCOPE 10:00 pm the best news you'll get all day with Al Pierce ---ir irrtrir"--ir- - . -

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