The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1947
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWB WEDNESDAY, JUNE .11, 19-17 Court to Rule On Belated Laney Vetoes BATESVliLE, Ark., June II. WP)—A court'lest'of. the Carpenter salary bill, passed by the recent legislation but later vetoed by' Oov. Ben Laney, lias been set lor July 7 in Independence County Circuit Court. 'Circuit Judge S. M. Bone agreed to the date in pre-trial conferences yesterday. The suit was brought in the nmme of Assessor John Whaley In ah effort to force county Jud, •Forrest Jeffcry to pay lus salaiy under terms of the new law, which abolished the 'county salary measure »nd returned the county to the fee system. In an effort to bring legality of the law to a test Judge Jcffery denied the higher claim, and al- loVed Whatey only what the county initiated statute provides. ' : VilIdity of the law hinges or the" question of whether Governor l*neys veto is valid or whether he cancelled the measure too late Assistant Attorney General Ike Murray has' ruled that the governor's action came too late. Court action on the salary bill probably wil Ibe interprctatcd as applying lo the Reed liquor bill, which was vetoed by Lnncy iinclor similar circumstances. The need bill would remove much of the discretionary powers of the revenue commissioner in issuing and revoking liquor licenses. $2,500 Ring Recovered From Sewer for Guest In New Orleans Hotel (NEW ORLECC.'S, June 11. (UP)— That $2,500 ri«S which look n trip ill the New Orleans ar-vcr system has been recovered. A woman visitor it llio I'rut- crmrlralu Hotel Hushed Hie rlnq down the drain by mistake Inst Saturday. The hotel plumly.'r said he didn't know wlml to do, so tiie city sewerage and water board was called in. Board Engineer N. M. Hrdmoml said there was no need to worry; or even to hurry. He wnll'.d un'.il Monday, then took his crew to die sewer line on c\ nearby street. .In two hours he had the rine. Mr. Hcdmond wouMii' 1 ; tnke any reward, but he ncccmc.l ST3 from the woman to be oivlilocl amons members of the crew. Last Minute Inspection Read Courier News Warit Ads. NOTICK Notice Is hereby Riven that undersigned will within the t fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State 01 Arkansas for a permit to sell txxr nt retail at 652 S. First St., Blylhe- ville, Arkansas, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that nc is a citizen of -Arkansas, of Rood moral character. Hint he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of tins slate, or any other state, reliu- Ing to tiie sate of alcoholic liquors. Juaniln Tillman Subscribed and sworn Lo before me this 10th day of June. 1947. Elizabeth Mason (SEAL) Notary Public. My Commission expires 4-28-50. •CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Painting, Replacing Steps, and other work. Screen Work, Windows HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Read Courier News Want Ads. At the Camp Wallace mun;uc, Mrs. J. p. Zetak lingers a remnant ot a man's shirt, wondering if it could have Ijcen worn !>y her missing husband who was working on Ihe Texas City docks when Uie S3 Ctrniidcam]) l;lew up. Hobby Gregg, a relative and Justice G. P. Reddell help sift Hie pitiful clue? Relatives are tryinj; list minute identification before the mass burial Sumluy. (NEA Tclcphoto.) "He cut his bunion on some broken glass, doctor—he wa» showing the children what fun it is to go barefootl" , FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Go Home, Lard Till) STOnYl A niT.d rl,,u« Mr, Jour* burn the CnrMlvtiN Be a»d pennllK the Totltvrrx, vrcre brblnd III thrlr mil. •o Jlv« OK thrre rvtit-frcc. >lr. M furnN out lo IIP Sum Nvl- 1'Kln, iilnx X:*«i'j» renewed itlnnM ti» Florn. KtnrtN ru- flylni; ngsnlii. leather iv.nriiN •!• (hut UII|VMN hf> iiilriulH (i) Flora kc'il hi-Hrr K«-t one wn. Siitlilvnlv Ihtr IIIIIK- •toent Mr. TolllviT cumea bume. * * * • XVI IT. FOE one had almost forgotten ; . that there was n Mr. Tolliver, although I remembered vaguely ' that Flora had once told me he was Lg traveling man and was seldom ^jibic to'comc home. :' He was a liltle man, hardly ''more than five Icet lour or five, : with a leonine head and a great '; inoss of long, wavy white hair, .which he wore brushed back from • 'beautifully modeled forehead. • -"Except for his mouth he was the handsomest man I had ever seen; •liis rrioulh "Was flabby and loose. . I had thought of Mr. Tollivcr, if ,1 thought of him at all, ns a por of tramp, seedy and shabby and 'unwashed. But he>was immacu- Jate^—indeed almost a dandy. .-r"'V£hcn word was finally flashed •JBrpund the town by telephone that Mr. Tolliver had asked formally ^by letter for an interview with _Mr. Forbes, Olsego was like 1 rchicken with its head cut off. V There arc several accounts o : that Historic interview — Sam's i Nelson's, Father's. "The one mos -relished is Weyman's. 'Cousin Sam was waiting for Mr 'TTolliyer in his library. He ha< had'Weyman set out t'.ie whisU> arid open a fresh box of Corona cigars. As Weyinan showed Mr Tolliver in, ho came forward will cordial outstretched hand. > Mr. Tolliver bowed. He ignorci the proffered hand. Ho refused k surrender his stick. He refused tt lit down. .When Cousin Sam* oflored him a drink, Mr. Tollivcr said insultingly: "I thank you, sir, but I am arlicular about those willi whom drinlv." Weyman insisted that poor Mr. iam's ja\v dropped a full six iches and that he looked for all lie world like he had been spit n the eye. ' A T great cost to •"•re. my personal 'celings I have ccmje lo ask on, nay, lo tell you, to keep away rom my daughter," continued Jrotlicr Tollivcr. "When I have •our promise, when you have sal- slled me that you menu to keep hat promise, 1 shall BO. And I Jive you my sacred wcril of honor hut thcrcador neither I nor any ncnibcr o£ my famil}' shall ever larken your doors again." Sam's eyes fairly bugged out, ind he \vns so hopping mad and so isfoimded lhat he kept swallowing ike he was choking. "Which daughter?" he finally ;ot out. Mr. Tollivcr was slightly taken a,back. "No subterfuges, young nan," he snapped, very sour-like You know very well whicl laughter." "I suppose yon mean Flora,' Sam said. "But why? What have I done to Flora?" This was plainly the opening Mr Tolliver was wailing for. Wcymai said he jumped to it. "You dare to ask me thai?" Mr Tollivcr thundered. "Yon win have taken the name ot a whil flower of n girl, a girl who trustee you and honored you above a others . . . you who have Irnmplcx her good name into the mud . you who have made that name . byword and a hissing ..." Mr. Tollivcr flung back his heai and roared that Sam was ncvci never, never to sec his daughlc again nor under any conceivabl circumstances to address a singl word to her. He, her father, he natural protector, was forced t go nwiiy in the morning. But h hnrt his ways of finding out wh; was going on. 11 Mr. Sarr.uc orbcs ro much as flung a glancs i his daughter's dircclion, Mr. olliver would rclnrn, yes, even •om the far corners of (he earth, ml so help him, he would horsc- hin Mr. Forbes within an inch t his life. Cousin Sam says he was never mad in his life. He said: "Why you snotty litllo opinjay! Clot out of my house nd stay out." Mr. Tollivcr invilcct Sam to put im mil. When .'Jam hesitated, lr. Tolliver roared that lie was oing, hut of his own free will and t his own pleasure. Me repeated is lineal of horsewhipping Ham t he ever again spoke to Flora-' die. Then lie .stalked out Ihc door. * 4 * ^Oli a minute Sam just slood •*• there. Suddenly the whole pisodc appeared incredibly funny. Ic laliRbcd and laughed. He took a drink, another drink. Vhen \Vcyinan, who had been lis- cuimi from the next room, sidled n lo ask if he should lock up Ihc louse, he gave him a drink, loo. After Wcyman had gone, Sam vound Ihe grandfather clock. He started to close the windows and .urn off Ihc lights. Quite close lo him he heard a litlle lap at one'of the Krcnch windows that opened on the garden, lie guessed at once who it was who tapped on his window at 11 o'clock at night. 'Go away, lillle white flower, lilllc innocent dove," he saiil lightly. "It's far too laic for you lo conic in. lUin on home and go to bed." 'lease, Sam, just tor a minute, a liny, tiny minute." "No." "Hut I have lo sec you. It's terribly important. I'lcase, dear Sam. 1 give you my word of honor I won't f.tay but live minutes— three. Please, please, pretty please." It was a warm night, and the late phlox was in bloom. Its fragrance drifted tu Sam in waves carried by a little errant breeze. There was no moon, bul Ihc s were beckoning candles. The ran hot in Sam's veins. Half willingly, half relnclanlly, he slipped the catch on the screen. (To Be Continued). 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MO MORE DOUBLE- •Dust about ihis time, Connie was giving Bat Denver the full treat merit. THIS OffKE IS PIEDSEO T I'VE GOT A HUHCH " TO A FM1SH FI6H1 ASAINST \ SOME FUNNV TW GAmeiERS WHO ARE ) TWNSS'll START 'CORRUPTING AMERICAN < POPPING SOON, MR. JPOR1S, MR. FltNT. MX> CAH \DI5TRtCT ATTORNEY. COUN1 ^»t ON MV I 50 ^-r^^ LONG. \ fif-^ir-s-itei^^Li^. CRO5SER5 IWE VOUR THINK IT OVER, BAT. YCtl LOSE THE FI6HT. COLLECT *50iOOO,AKD WE GET MARMED_WGIU AWAV FOU n^Sii3«« GES, I —I DON'T KNOW. 1 FEEL PREllY DISGUSTED VilW WERVTH1UG, AND THE WAY YOU PUT IT. IT DON'T SOUND CROOKED. GIMME A LITTlt- TIMC TO THINK.

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