The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, July 17, 1946 DLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Chetnik Leader Is Put to Death Friend of Britain And America, Too, Branded as Traitor BELGRADE. July 17. (UP)—Oeil. Drajn Miklmllovltch was executed by » firing squad today us a wartime traitor LO Yugoslavia. Mikhailuvitch, bushy betu'deil ; leader of the. Yugoslav guerrilla f ,'orces called the clu'tnlks, died iwo days after :1 military court of Marshal Tito's army found him guilty "f treason, collaborating with the Na/i occupation forces anil other war ciiincs. I'-iBht of his 23 co-defendants were sentenced to die with Mlk- hallovltch. Two others were tried and condemned in absentia, and the remainder were given prison Ipi'tns rnnijitig from 18 months lo 20 years. Miktiailnvitch was onetime war minister in the exiled Yugoslav cabinet of King Pel,er and an idol of the United States and Grew Hrltnin us leader of anti-Nazi v e- Mstance. Elaborate plans hatt been made for the execution behind Ilia walls of the Belgrade military prison soon afler sunrise. Mlkhailovilch's last slim iiope to escape the death sentence, was hloltcd out yesterday. The executive presidium of the Yugoslav Supreme Court turned down nn appeal for his lite, and the lives of ihc eight condemned to die with him. Yugoslav law provided that the (leat)i sentences be executed within ' '18 hours after they were imposed . in I tie auditorium of the Belgrade Military Academy where they were on trial for 315 days. iMikhailovilch and his wife !)dth sianed the petition to the [ttlliin- nicnlary committee for a pardnn. When the sentences were itnuosrcj. <-. spectators in tlie courtroom complained openly because the condemned civilian defendants were to be shot rather than hanged. The three-man military court t v -liich heard the trial explained ™>int shontint: was the only sentcnc? that it coulil impose under its mll- ilary limitations. Kroger Manager FAQBRTB • SUNDAY SCHOOL UESSON Atomic Bomber Crew Back IrvU. S. Jesus and True Worship Scripture: IH-uU'roiioiuy 8:11-1), 18-20; isiiluh Scriptur 18-20; : Ueiitrronoiny ls;il:ih 40:3U-31; 8:11-H, Mark Roland Manning Roland Manning of I'ocnliontn.' who resided here, several yeni ago for a brief time, has returnei to niylhevllle as manager of the Kroger Grocery Store. Main and First. With the Kroger firm three years, he formerly was manager of the FYirrest City store . before lnu to tile Poeahontfis Store » '• year ago. He was reared nt.-Bcebc.' When In Blytlicvillc before lie' was mnnnger of the Pi Store. Earl Browder To Distribute Red Literature By WILLIAM K. (Ill, HOY, I). I). The Old Testament Is a Uuok of amhiB us well as or Inspiviiliun. II lifts us to great liei«hts throuul< ts poets, snints. :ind prupliel.s. luul I Inspires 'us through Its slorH's al heroie leaders; but it gives .solemn \vai-nhiL; ol wluit Iwiipens wh:m Cod is roriiolli'n unit people neglect their Kouls' welfare. The words in Deuteronomy H:ll- 1-1 warn the people of Israel when days of prosperity come not to tor- net tlie pass i» which Owl cuidcd them through the wildenii'ss, not lo fortjet llii> ' covenant with God. and not to foiyet their clrpcmleiire upon Ciod "Pur II is He (jlvelh lliee power to ncl wealth." Israel did format, and (he nation. Iniilt up to the Blury of .Solomon 1 went down in ruin and exile. H Is :< .'.l the story repealed tiijnlii and unaln In history, of nations drunk with material prosperity iieuleclliiK miit- lers of justice and tnercy, selling the righteous for a pail 1 ot shoes. and bi-ini'ini; upon themselves Hit Inevitable judgment of God uiid 01 God's law.s. It is what has been happening i our o\v ntitne, an<l ihose ancient vords are full of warning (or us. ven in Iho .seeming safety or our Veslern world. II can happen here. And iti spite of all the failh an.t goodness in which we rejoice, the s (hut nindc. for destruction in other nations— division and section- il strife, selfishness, debasement of iiomelife. si'xual looseness and Im- NEW YORK, Jllly 17. (UP) — Kansas-born Enrl Drowder.: deposed eader or the Communist Party in \merica, disclosed today that It WHS lie Soviet government's idea thai ic assume the responsibility of act"8 as a "go-between" for the dis- rlbution or Russian literature in the United Slates. Browder, who has set up busl- :icss in a mid-Mnnhattan skyscrrtper ofrice. said he went to Moscoxv lor personal reasons and that atter lie arrived there the United State Pub_ lishing House of _ Council of Sisters, Who Wed Twins, Get Divorces on Same Day on Identical Grounds JACKSONVILLE. N. C.. July 17. (UP)—Superior Court records here today revealed n story to end all -stories about marriage and divorce. Tlie court records showed that iwo .si.sters, who mruTied twins the some day and who became separated on the same day. were divorced on trie same day on identical chnrgi-s jigalnst~tlieir : -rcspec- live spouses. Judge Leo Carr. of Burlington N. C.. sitting on the cases, allowed the Iwo suits to uc consolidated, because, of the identical evidence of both charges. He said that to the best of his knowledge it was the rirst, (line in North Carolina / court history that divorce actions | had ever been consolidated. Here's the story: Sarah whlRcy and Irene Whitley, or Maysvillc, N. C., were married in Gaffney, s. c.. in a double wedding. March 'I, 1044, to twins Elbcrt and Dclbcrt Doster. The twins, natives of Shelby. N. c., were in the Marine Corps at the time of the weddings, ar.ll were stationed n l nearby Poliocks- ville, N. C. On September 18, 1945, Sarah and Irene separated themselves on the same dale from their husbands they charged that the twins Ministers of the USSR offered him the job. He also disclosed Hint ho has 8b pieces of Russian literature now o route to this country. He said lie shipped it by freight from Paris. •IU::!0-3l; Mark 12:28-31 false standards of success, etc.—arc so rife among us Unit we nlBht well pause and consider what s before us. We are prune lo forget Unit n diseased pail may destroy an otherwise healliiy body, prune lo (rust more In all that Is guoil limn to see the need of suppressing and overcoming evil. How can we overcome evil? One way Is in .seeking lo restore. Insofar as we have lost it. (he spirit. i:ul pnu'lice of worship. Chnrcli- lioliiB in itself cannot save a nation, but wo would b;> a meat deal nearer national >-alvailnu if all of our people were lomid on the Sau- bulh in places or w<irslii|). Kven Hint formal habit would mean a s:'ekltitf of something hlnhi-r and belter. lint we iii-eit sdinelhuiu more than just rhuriii-ijolm; and formal worship. We Ihink of worship us the adoration of Clod; i>m true worship is more than that, ll is a search for Clod's will and Clod's 'luldancc. II is a (|iiesl for help In living. .U'sus made this pluln when He said thai Clod Is a spirit, and Hint they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit anil in Irulh. What does it mean lo worship Odd In spirit? 1 .means Ihal worship is not just a mailer of form, a compliance with certain rites. It must bo the sincere worship ot Ihc inner life. What does 11 mean lo worship in truth? It means thai our worship must be related to fact and life, not taking 'us Into some remote and Imaginary world, but blinking Clod lo us, and Into (he world of our dally words and deeds. ConfT*Mteiul Inwr • \ congreMthan mad* an error Jn OranW cadet appointment, 'whici>< '•vfls made out to ur/sses" Simpson* Clinnt mid never corrected. Grant's real name was Hiram Ulypus, ^ \ "Dave's i;icam," I he H-2II of Able Day I'mnr. and her ^airfield Sulsiir Air Hase, Fnlrduhl, Calif., shortly after limy landed Mtvjjor W. I', S'.vancult. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin; Ca|)ti Mi'lur W. li. Ad mm; Sun llriniirdino, California; Major II. II. Wood 11 Glenn, Anderson, South Carollnii; dipt. Paul ClKinuhar, Ko«k Sprl Colhmar. ciitMliiii. Aliibania; Corp. n. M. Modlln, Franklin. Vlrgli iiols. (NKA Telephoto.) bomb dropplnn crew are shon'n at I lie HIT a fUnhl from lllklnl. l.ell lo n \V. C. lUirrison, Odesiia, 'I'exiiK; rdiTlr.wn, New Jersey; Lieut. H. M 111.1, Wyoming; T-Hen;l. .). W. id Corp. n. Lyons, ncealure, 1111- DIGESTS TRACT And Stop Doilnr Your Stomach With Soda and Allulizw*. • llon't expect to-RCt reiil relict from hcKidnehD, uonr stumach, gas und bad bri'alli liy Inkins; BO'lu and oilier nlkl- li«TH if tljo Iruo cau*o o( your trouble l» Intnbruw.yoiiYrojil trouWclanotla tlic Htomiii-li nt nil. Hut In lira Inlratiiul Irin't\vliur680%ofymirfiw<ll3il[i;r»l«d. An.l when It i;cla blocfccd H Aila'to »3u'o«t ])roj)orly. ^ wluil you want for real relief Is not nou:i or iiu [illcdlswr—but something to "unblock" your intmitinnl tract. Soin«. tlilill! lo clean It out otTectlvoly—Iwlp Nntnro oot Imrk ox hor f™t. ,r.. <lut Cnrter'H I'llln riuhl now. Tike tliriniLfKllri't:tod.TlLoyK f -iitlyiinilefr»c- "unWook" your dlijMljvo traet. 1 HIH iM.rniltH your food lo Inovo alonf' <r:m tiu.ii riiiu-li K. You t!ettiunulii« rolM. tliiU nuki'H you feel rttiJty vjoocl uvula. • lift Curlcr'H I'illH ut iiny drugstore—' 25r."lInblo<'k"yoarIntratiimUractf«r reiil rdltt from I " " ' Buck Private Who Gets $3? 5 A Month Still Short ot Cash had been caught in the act adultery at the -same time. The twins, however, denied the charge, but later withdrew the denial. Upon completion of the evidence in court, a jury rettirned verdicts, in favor of the plaint"is and they were divorced on the same date. Flying Eye TAMPA Kin., July 17. (UP)—The highest paid private in the U. H. Army Air Forces—and the father of Ihc largest family—today arranged (o rent adjoining l r !IA aparlments here to house his witn and 10 children when they arrive from Vallejo. Calir., next mon'.h. Pvl. James I,. Triplelt. 40 today, said he would probubly sleep hi 011^ apartment with the five boys. His wife will stay in the other npart- ment with the five Rirls. Faced witn the problem or moving his family across the continent. Tliplett asked the Red Cross lor n loan to help pay Ihc first montii's rent, of $-17.50 and rood, which nins the family about $3T> a week. He was in a tiuandary over how lo provide tninsportalion. however, when he learned that the Army does not pny tralistxjrtation costs of moving privates' families. Kven at hnlf-fare, the day-coach price from -Vdllejo will be" $2f>2.95. -railroad officials said. His Army pay now lotals $315.0(1 per month. Includl"); $28 ror hlf wire SM for the eldest child, IK, r.nd SL'O a month for each of (hi uhrrs raiu'.int; in ago from 11 year? to seven months. Hut he says Ilia still is not uiioiigh to finance thi. moving operation, The Tripletts were married U 1S1U3. A former Regular Army man Triplelt worked ;U Mare Islam Navy Yard during the war, hu when his paycheck dwindled alle Ihc >ir, he decided to Join llv Army again, re-enlisting at llamil Ion Field lust April. First college course in clcctrlca engineering was Instituted at Unle, Collein'. Seheneelady, N. Y.. in lilU SEE 01JK Valuable aid lo aerial operation is this giant "fish eye" of the American Airlines electronic labornlory, the "Flagship Alpha." A "radome"—antonn^ lor rm airborne radar inslallalion—H is intended to aid transport planes in navigation, Instrument flying, weather surveillance and terrain collision prevention. E. F. Hcrzog, designing engineer of General Elcclric's transmitter division which designed the apparatus, inspects Ihe "eye." I - Temporary relief tor ! symptoms of bronchial ASTHMA and HAY FEVER AT YOUR OHUGGIST This is an invitation to come in to our Catalog Department and sec the stunning new fashions we're going to have J in onr new 1946 Fall and Win- \ ter Catalog! We have just received the / advance pages of the Fashion Section of the Catslog, which { contains all our smart new coats, suits, furs, dresses end hats. •' You're going to be delighted with them, because our fashions this Fall arc a blend of t high style and low prices that will please the most discriminating and gratify the most economical. So come to our ' Catalog Department, feast your eyes, and be the first to place your order, at ... NOW IN PROGRESS! QUANTITIES LIMITED! LADIES WHITE SHORTS REDUCED lirokun sixes; some soiled. Smart Style. They're cool and comfortable. Reg. S.'i.'.IS SALE! WOOL SKIRTS Ju^'t a few at Ibis darstic reduction. Not every si/.e. Kome soiled. Air real buys, llegiilar $5.!IS $4.98 SLACKS ON SALE AT JUST .lust 12 pairs—not every size but good ijimlity. Darks, lighls. liny now lit this low price Ait SALE! SPRING PURSES Simuliited leathers, patents and plastics—variety of styles and colors. Keg. S.'l.ilH bags now MODERN TEXTURE f OR UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL SALE OF 150 GIRDLES PRICES CUT ON BOAT CUSHIONS! 59: Outstanding value at thl» low price! Close, serviceable weave in economical 54-inch width, assorted popular colors. Sec at Wards, today. You'll want yards to re-cover your old furniturcl CARRIAGE SETS REDUCED .lust 8 to clt'jtr. I'i'ict'd lit save you more than 1-li. Just the (hinj; to keep (why warm ft.,'i7 this winter. Kcjjulsir 5,'!.!)8 L SALE! GIRLS COTTON SWEATERS These formerly sold at SI.SO. She'll need cotton |.I1 sweaters when school opens. Buy several now ill I DARLING DRESSES FOR GIRLS I'relty prints by Penny Prim. Sofl falirics (hat will wash beautifully. Attractive styles CONVENIENT NURSERY SEAT Sturdily built bardwod training seal with adjustable fool rest, ('lamps lo adult fixture. •f.fiV llcKiihir ?1.08 I Assorted ilesijriis and colors! Hnhborixutl cover . . . kapoit filled. ICasy to wash. Nmi-slirinkahle! MEN'S HARVEST HATS CUT FROM 49c I'i'ici's cut almost in Imlf! lirond brims for protection, cool, open weaves. CJel vours NOW! 12 NEW STEEL GYM SETS REDUCED Complete with 2 noil-till''swings and I irapcxc lwr. (,'iin hu ensily moved about. Rcj?. $1 !).!)!> LINGERIE CHEST CLEARANCE Jusf a few at (his price—some shopworn. IdDiil I for luise, lingerie, .costume jewelry, etc. Reg <l;2i) i ..88 l MELODIOUS NU-TONE DOOR CHIME 7.95 Hcgonl, Colonial . .; typical o) llm period it rcpreientsl Twc lojiei for (ronlj one for bacV. i. „STEEL MEDICINE CABINET CUT-PRICED! 4 -* 9 AHracltv* white ertamel«d cabinet has mirrored front, 2 gloss shelves. Quantity limited! ALUMINUM TABLES REDUCED Strong enough to stand on. Use in kitchen as utility table. Can be used in hospital. Keg. fJt-^ SALE! SOIL SOAKERS WOMEN'S OVERNIGHT CASE Slm<F,'4.55 Strong wood frame, covered with pyroxylined carwat. Cow* hide binding. Plus 20% «x. tax. 9.66 WARDS 8-PIECE CROQUET SCT Complete 6-bnll croquet sot In Steel Rnck! 814 iii. hardwood mallets have screw-In tyjre handles. of sturdy canvas, IS ft. long. Connects regular hose faucet or garden hose. Reg. $1.90 S. 0. S. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS You need it for gasoline fires or around electric fires. Will not freeze. Now just ............ MOTH BALLS AND MOTH FLAKES Your choice of cither type. Both kills moths. Priced low for immediate clearance .....' ..... 1.77 1.27 8 MONTGOMERY WARD

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