The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE II, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION SS'&J?" *" "" 2 tluti »« lloulh i,« r Count fir. SSS Advertising 'ordtr for ln«cmu IDMI- tloaB Uk«s the oo» tlm« tftU *»•»« Mo ropoaslbluty will tx' ttkn r*r " "7 For Safe My properly in Cnruthcrs- ville, corner Sixth & Highland. Mary K. Joplin Clark Klytheville, or telephone r>l(i Cnrulhcrsville. __ _ 6 4jik 7 4 A few used show cases and 1'liit top display tables and shelving. J. AK-ll l!r<>ok| •'r., 107 East Main St. ' 811. <; 2 c jj tf for SOILED BOO .poll dl when eilorle.. Flo. Julie ot bedroom furniture Including iprinn ma m»iirf»5. 1012 Holly CIlO |ik-1:1 Wlnilow fan. (?all :J09I. Gill ,,k-IS lli'nllh. Slyli- nn.l Coi,i(n rl Mrs ilo ,,,, I.UNIT. S|i»-IU'<>r (Nir^elii'r til 'KH. flifrry, l>)iono 3U91. ' 0|ll.|.!:.l I M fudi winilotr fan. 1.4 IjiTmTur, fmmpd Phone n5LU aft.'r rt <J •'"'''• ll|>k-ll IO.JS Jl'illf); Knurr. Oooil rniullllnn. I'tm-in r For Rent u. I'b. 902. J0«j». K. Main 5]:i|.i,k-0 urimlic.l kilrl anil Uudrooin U2L _XDrH, smi,. 6iio., l fc.ta -Viet. furnlKliril <i|'j-jifc-i£ ^ room furnliiljed au&rljiient ('limn En l-h..iie -M62. ' .. "TlJV" 01 '">«\ "'"I tr.ller. TToOOO. Also rarni Irmlcrs. W.ilo Au , o (J..J. V:IBU. llwy. 01 N ufll , |>, loue 37f , s <-<«,k Muv<(. 'filar "iruuVr" chi Ife'rul'if I'licinp 3202. Mrs. HprnUlv'y. ^ O'Ck.12 1 ».|B~".For.l IK ,„„ „,„,.,. |, n(ty (r - willi slock rai'k. K!i,.!|uii J|,,|',, r c" o . 9a-k.ll) riie famous brand of Goulds J'ileelric pumps are now Available at I'lanters Hard- .wiire Ci>. in ;i5!i (o 1000 Dillons per hour capncity. I.el. them install one for you tomorrow. 9 tk tf Uf,-il I):,!,)- l,,!^}.. o,,,,j coiulilion. lias- «fd l.iU-Iin, jink, full 20J l~ ur B*°lTt A'^'*"" < ? 00 ' t "*«!' Trade ^liniia 8!,9. «| 9 C;''' 1 I sf " K<lr i-'' 1Ier ' lat ' olla! Kcl) o<Ji IJu-^. 3 ''&"', C on r °"o"n,' r '°,T 1Si ' h V«'-'1»<'1" 1 --lvi-,1 tr.r(i. I. _[.o«n. 1'fici! *CO'00.00. V . i . ." •••"'vtxi tram uiani Mr,.,sJ. !•„,.,, ]8 ,., Klll Tel . 5 ,„ i^^w^.r.isr.i'&i f.l.J^: 0 -'. ri "" '">. i""' Bi'0,1 lin. "<• ljn>-in B n homo or farm, Wp inako lOnil, ,,„ ,.,|, „„,,„., ly „,„) , , | "--111 l,, u - rnu . of inlorost n.,,1 lonB ';,|.-^I»;MI % I'^uno :ir»OS. nfo -'7r.l. '"'""' ' "" ' ' '* Fnr,,i.ill trnclor u-lth 5-row nillivalor. >E. H. J:irrett. North of Closnell 015 |ik 12 Hoyol porlilile ij-prix-rit^r in lirst chsl tontlitioii. I'liuiie :to<lt X,.|z,)«- ug>rii;lil pinna in B ooil ron.lLlion. .'''"'iir 3l)!M. Front bt'ilnioir. convisnicnt In onth. Me only. C(« W. Mnin. 1'l.oilu .132. 4- 1-t.riunulli Tuilor. 2 nmnlli nl.l. T»k<> <-nr i,i Irn.T.'. \Vrili> llox \ I. <,1'i L'onrii-r .\Vvvs. lO-pk-lS ^ Announcing BOB'S F^ECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring • Repairs Phone 2397 BOO North 5th Slr«t Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your Business Appreciated Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 ChlckMawh* Kront b'idrooiii, convenient to b»tli Mm oul>. 603 W. Alam, ^han« 132 6130-cV-lt Kurnislie.l ai»rluienl. 112S West Sjvn. ' ur* for mulM, bor*«l mnii emllto hoiie aim. Hejroow, eonveul«nt tu t.ib Phono 3325. 6U W. Main Bedroom S!4 fc h 2330 litdroom. Cloia In. 31U W. Walnut _ :i room iiiifiirnisl.i.J ,,>t KJQ W. Clicrry. Coui.l,. only. r,|7.|,k^lU S«rv/c«j f-t us shnriipu ntk.l repair your Irawii nioviiT. rpKardli-ss i>( khi.l or sijo Opt yours „<,»., „„,! , vojl | ,,,,, nisli ^e uick up nn.l .Miv,-r. Illy, tl.uville Mnrhinr Sboi>, 211 .S. Xecmnl Kt. Pli. 2828. MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need a loan U repair or remodel? No down pay meat, no mortgage, no red tape. PHA approved ratr S*. Ask for detaib. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. " Bid*. BlytbeTille. 9-23-ck-tt Oil Slova All work Kuarnntceil I'icM ujj. i'Lune U51. ranicea. lost 'linton \i-rist wnlrli. Rosi- cnlnreil fare Icntfipr hHinl. R^war.l. Hil]j- '-• lim Her : ' «IB-I,I-I: ! We Deliver Meats Groceries Pasteurized Milk Swift's Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 21s| St. Phone 2602 LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! V 35c tfp to 9 Lbs Wry \Veight We Furnish Sonp Bleach & Killing Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Rendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take crnthes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Tuesday, Friday Open till 9 p. m. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sfa* T. L MABRY US MI880HU ST. . MZ7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Late Models — All Clean! 1941-1942 Model Cars 1946 Model Trucks .No vacation is fim when when your aVc continually Imvihfr auto trouble. Trade Uml old cm- in on a really food liilo-modu) used car at Phillips. \\V now h-u-'c on haml „ number of well-kept, smooth rmm \ HS HM1-19-12 model pas- W nj;or cars and l«M<i pickup Lrncks. Be Sure Of THere ... And Bockf Buy From Philips P H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at .Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 4BS—3716 Wonted fo Buy PAGE W " J ||J l"iy Iron, DWIHT .iii.ll 4 or .' ro.iiii )„„„ f w <'ll luntlril .V minium. 1)1 w !'• '"'''i'' 1 '•'•"•"'"ol'lo. An.w.r 10 "'•« (.'«ro I'uuricr iifwi. •' Mr (ciji |irici'» for u«.',l ol.ilMiiK. .'""• ); i»,,.,, -j „„,, ,1 ,,. UI .,,„*. " 'V ,. SI ".".' .**''"!>'iliiJ nulliilili NI.IK-. I'.. .M i( |i, niri' I Cash for wrecked or .junk au'lomoliiU's. Wadii Aulo HiilvMK'o, North Hi way (ii. I'lionc 37S!>. 5 30 pk <> J((» Hc/p Wanted ailrc-s« nil.I iwo, Olrl». Ai.|>ly K'!> N. Krsnlilln. I'h. ^TSll. All.',' .", I'"'. X 7 ill.-1'J Wanted to Rent 3 or 4 room furnlsliiHl or ,,r. t or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tl irayc sitflr*! for 3 rir^. Call Herman li,.ff :u 2W71. U-plt-l^ Position Wanted .l 1)101.-. Sliirhy H:, I'liom' ij or :nii:i CIlO rk-17 Loans trich. LJnih-iL Jnsun _.. ..^,... J . _, W. Main Si. <j\vr (hinnl'M Jnw Hlorc. , G!^ Children slionlcl Invo their flrsl smallpox vncclnnllon before tbelr first blrllidny, nccorillin; to nn cin- iiiL'nt, physlclnn. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoc Hotel Bldg. t24 W. Ash St. LADIES - - - Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern fll-AYTAG TV^ACHINRS. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon • Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9pm. 323 North 2nd Street FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. \Vc Deliver !Miim« (i'H We Guarantee RECAPPING with ilawkivison Treads «| Let Your Next Tires Be | GENERALS I i Cost More — Worth More* - i MODINGER TIRE CO. j 116 K Muln I'linne 2201 • lUYEH'S BEST ASSURAHtt IS THE SELLER'S A ME" Buy Your Used Cor From Loy Eich Chevrolet Co., and Be Satisfied. 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sedan. 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor. 1942 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan. 1938 Ford Deluxe 4-door Sedan. 1939 Plymouth Coach 1942 Chrysler Royal 4-door Sedan. 1941 Chrysler Royal 4-door Sedan. 1941 PonHac 4-door Sedan. 1941 DcSota Custom Sedan. 1941 Dodge 4-door Sedan. 1946 Chevrolet c«b over engine tractor and 24 foot Carter Trailer. You ccin't fell this outfit from new. Most-of These Cars Hove Radios and Heaters. Easy G. M. A. C. Payment Plan E8CH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close 301 Walnut St. Soles Depr open HI 8 Phono 578 A common ctay, railed lic-nlon- Ho. I.T u. 1 ;^! In molds In ftnnulnik'S mill ns "iiiutl" In linrliii; ilccp oil wells. PRESCRIPTIONS Fi-csli Slock Riinriintecil licst Prices Kiiby Drug Stores "WANT IT FAST OR WANT IT GOOD?" You roincmlior the remark of I ho bai-V.pi- when llio cnslomor told him lie wanted a jjood hfiimit—in ten minutes. ''Take yom- pick, Alislor," he said. "Do you want il fast or want it uuodV The same is the ease in car rn^ir . . . wc ,, rWe oul .. selves in humg .aficicnt, last and Lhoron,;! , In.t cannot afford to hurry through a job without ' LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 BUICK Sales & Serrice AS A NATURAL AID FOR H!GH BLOOD PRESSURE Hir;li blond pressure nssorlnlfd «-iili kidney dlsrasn may bis rt;liicotl hy ket-plni! kltlne.-ys fniicilnnlnt; |iron- <!rly. I'ui 1 7. r > years UOL-IOCK hnvu iinvwi-iliud Mils inlu- civil witter fi-oin Hot fiiielni(K. Ark. Piiru t:lf,(hi|; . •. not it htxitlivo. CROSVTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Miiln and Division J})jllj(.vi!le, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Tfprwrlttr Man- ^^^ ROVAI,, HMITn, COKO\A .nd KRMINGTON PORTABUt U0N. SECOND 8T. . PHONE MM (Every Trmvi'ictlnn MIJKT HE BATIBPAOTORI) I FARM DITGRE DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE RQAli S. JT. COHEN Contractor LYNCH.BLDG. .BfiPTttEVlLl£ JM<K.; • Phone 36&&OM12525 T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Radios'and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 PKICIF.LA'S POP I Save 50% Chopping Expense >! •*( ;»: I'hmt Chemically Delinled, Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED Rnvc Money—fi lo 10 T.hs. per Acre. Any com, pea or ;i Iican pfnnler will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. $ C;m he plowcil r> lo fi days after planting. UOWDIOV .1115 -»STONRVII.LE 2C — D P & L M For Sale Ity , BIYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-857 » >J Lvv^vvv -' I ^.T..^.^..T.*..*.»..»..»..»..«,.«.»..«.> | .«..». - » 1 4 »••*.'*'>"*'>!>"*',>!>"»:>;>;>;>"*»;»'»^»^c»^-tf^ (it-ecu Ujrhl M;i?/7 / spsnl< yat/, ' hurts me more than Gy AL VERMEEI

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