The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1946
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, July 17, 10.16 BLYTIUCVILXE (ARK.)' COUIUKR NKWS Violence Flares Anew in Trieste American Soldier, Driving Jeep, Dies; Two Others Injured PAGE THREB To Manage Store THIESTK, July 17. (UP)—Pear of renewed violence (-ripped riot- marked Trieste today after Ihrce Amerieiin soldiers were killed or wounded in a machine ynn ambush h'l Allied troops were alerted for fcvtiblc nt shipyards puraly/cd by .strike of U.OOO workers. '1'hc U. S. 88th Division aunoimc- d (hat a jeep was ambushed last "Bilinear Larwo del Hardo, 14 mlL.. outh or Ciori/.lii on the road lend- inlo Trieste from the north- vest. The driver was killed onl- iGht. another soldier was wounded bullet, and the third occn- >ant. a lieulenant. was injured when Ihc driveiless vehicle crashed The jeop was ambushed about -If niles south of (be spot where two Yugoslav soldiers were killed las! Friday i ilonu the T. N. Drumrielit Thonins N. Drumric,ht, formerly Italian Republic Facing Troubles Strikes and Rioting Follow Inflation and Political Unrest. HOME. July n. (U.P.)—Italy's Infant, war-wrought republic, still smarting from decisions of the Big Four roieluii ministers at I'nrls, today faced general strikes, mounting InClniiun and serlo u politienl dissension at home. A nationwide walkout of petroleum workers starred Itnllmi industrial economy yesterday. Turin's network of factories was Idled bv a, Kfneral strike. Mob violence was reijorled [torn the provinces, where hungry peasants seized bakeries and distributed food to the poor. Virtually all the work-stoppuncs. demonstrations, mid peasant raids of Memphis, has been selected as W1 ' re protests against the high cost manager of (lie Jim Brown Store of " vil >K. fowl scarcity and uncin- whiiJi will be formally u|>cnecl to- Jloymcnt. * ' production, Degnan Suspect Confesses ,,,,., . .... ! morrow on Main Street in <|uar- '" ," ' clash I tcrs formerly occupied by the Tom Anlo A "; l °j" VKi "" thc "tile Appliance Store. ftntjIo-Amenciin and Yugoslav oc- cnpation r.ones of Vciicxiu Ciiulia. Tension was roni Belgrade • I increased by news that 50,000 persons ^demonstrated outside the American and British embassies nsninsl the nig Four decision to intcrnatio'ial- •t.K Trieste. Dispatches .said the demonstrators were- well organized. They cried 'down with imperialism." and carried Communist and national ll-.i<>s and banner* in n torchlight procession to the embassies. Massed before the British emb:is-j sv for 15 minutes, the crowd shouted "Tric.sle for Yugoslavia," and "Justice for Trieste." Regular urmy soldiers stationed before Ihc embassy joined Ihc demonstration, brandishing clenched lists and ycllin-; ''down wiht reactionaries.' 1 The manifestation before the U. S. ambassy lasted only five minutes. ,It was 11:30 p.m. when tho U. S. Army jeep was ambushed as 11 sped Highway 55 between Ciori/jn ind Trieste. Automatic machine gun ire splattered the vehicle, sending IM-'nrcening out of control with the iltof'r dead and another soldier .it'Kcd by a bullet. The rjullct-woundcd soldier and :he lieulenant who was injured In tlic crash were taken to ths H81l\ Division Hospital at Udinc, west of Goiiv.ia. The HEH'n Division's announcement said the area was being searches and natroled by units of Mie division, "bin as yet no further dclalfj are available." Cotton Research To Be Speeded Under New Bill MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. July n. (UP) —The National Cotton Council yesterday predicted a seven-fold increase in cotlon research thrungn the $61.000.000 Agricultural Research bill pending in Congress. Tlic council Ls expected to seek at least $n.OOQ.«M of the funds if they are allotted. This figure is based on a statement by Secretary of Agriculture Clinton p. Anderson .^ho recently -said he favored $17.000.000 In Federal appropriations for encouraging cotton rescarcii and bring- about a needed $26,000,000 cotton research program. 25,000 Men To Be Called Into the Army Full induslrhii production, one bulwark aBiiinst Inflation, was halted r.t Turin's bli; nuloiiiobllc plants, where workers dennuutcd ••liberation premium" ot 10.000 tin apiece. They hud been offered 2,000. The general federation of labor met yesterday in Dome lo decide what action should be taken eon- cerninK labor's evident, dissatisfaction with Premier Alcldv de Gasperi'.s anti-inflation proKrnm. De Gasperi's newly-formed coalition government hits ordcrcil salaries held down in an effort to control prices. TYancesco Mill!, a former Italian premier, attacked the De Gasperi government yesterday for another reason. Curing a ixjliey debr.te in the constituent assembly. Nltll said De Gasperi was "appointing too many ministers" and holding loo many Jobs himself. Besides serving a.s piemiei-, De Gasperi retains the Foreign and Interior Ministry portfolios. While pca. c atits looted food stores i Public Province and disturb- iinccs spread to Sicily. Nitti assailed Ue CJasperi's foi'eit^n ]ioliey an<l implied ihnt the Fii^ Four meeting at Pai-is was aiiolhei' Versailles. IN ,Tiu; CIIAN( i;uv TIIK CllirKASAWMA DISTRICT MtSSISSH'I'l COUNTY, ,\K- KANSAS. unirsl, 1.. Woods IMalntUI VS. No. IBOI! ullii'rlne. Woods Di'feiuliinl WAKNIMi OKDHH Tile defcndain tJailici liie Woods warned lo appear In the Uhan- ery Court lur the Chk:kasnwln» 1)1^- Icl wllhiu thirty dnys and an- wev (he complaint of the iilalntlll, :uvnest Woiids. Witness my hand, as Clt'ik of snld ;o»rl, and Ihe M'nl ihereof, on this he IDIli day of July. 1911). UAltVKY MOIIKIS, Ck'lk liy P'rc'lda )!rl«ht, I). <;. leo. W. llarhiun. Ally, for I'llf, :d 11. Cooke, Ally, ail I.Item. iVoman Suffers Injury 'n Accident in Home Injuird when she foil whlli 1 palnt- ni; the biitlinnim. Mi.s, Ida I-:ii/,ii- beth Hnyder was removed, folUmlni! he iiccldenl yrutcrdny riUornoon, to llyllicvlllo Hohplliil. Full extent of her Injuries luid lot Ixjen determined this Htlurnpon. The 60-year-old woman wna'rc- ilecoratlng the bathroom of her wme, 108 Eust Vine, when the nccl- .lent occurred. Hlio )>lc|)|>ed from u :ublc la u stool which ovirlunied, Scientists lire now able to Rrow tobacco which contains no nice- Hue. At birth, kangaroos have hind legs and large forelegs. Baby Chicks, All Summer Heavy breeds, 3 to 30 days old. Prices reasonable. Good, supply feeds mid poultry supplies. North 4th at Elevator Feed Store. Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 G«K«t lined Singer Sewing Machine—sews like new NKW CEDAR CHKSTS—New Perfect Sleeper Innenpring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main All o*r EmpUjren »re War Veteran*. Phone 2302 WASHINGTON, July 17. <U1>> — Selective Service today drastically tightened draft deferment provisions and ordered the induction in September of 25,000 men, ly through 29 years of age. The current draft holiday Sept.. 1. In a telegram to slate draft directors. Selective Service Chief Lewis R. Ilershcy also authorized the re-induction of veterans in the 19-29 age group «ho neither served in this country more than six months nor went overseas. Hershey ordered that no deferments for occupational reasons be grnnlcd unless registrants arc "indispensable and irreplaceable lo tile national existence. 11 Pamirs, however, still will enjoy deferment under provisions of the .so-called 'r-ydinys amendment which face that .Small suffers one of £t;c lo agriculture. "biggest cases of swelled licnti 11 Hcr5hey issued the instructions a have ever known." few hours after President Trnmr-' Tlie senator's uncoinplimem.'irv lormnly set (he minimum n&c !or ciuarks fired (hiring a closed selective service, at 19 years. of the Appropriations Gctn_ I A selective service spokesman sai'l '.ittce. The h'ifriscript of the hear- [ 155.0CO men in the 13-29 a(-c K"'.ip shuold be subject lo induction u-Cler tlic nc\v determent rules. The September inductions will end a two-month draft holU'.riy. : Thcy will also end draft exemption William lleircns. 17, University of Chicago student, who has c»nfc.sse<l the murder of Su/anne Dcunan, at'ed .six, und of two Chicago \vomi'U, is re])oitcd to b w ' tty'inf; lo inn];c a deal witli the stale by which he can. by reason of lil.s confessions, escape death In the electric chair for his clinics, lie Is shown while behn; questioned by iwllce. (NliA Telenhoto.) Democratic Regime Charged With Economic Cannibalism McKellar Tells CPA Boss He Should Resign WASHINGTON July 17. (UP) — Sulphuric Ken. Kenneth McKellar, D ,.Tenn., bluntly inlormcd Civjlinn Production Administrator John 1>Small that he should quit because he i.s "the poorest administrator f±6l the, Government has." it was Pi-dosed today. i.k-Kcllar also told Small faco-to- • banned incfuction of men essential [ County Vhis''yea VA Adds Two to Staff In Little Rock Offices LITTLE ROCK, Arx., July 17 UJP»—Then* wore t\vo new physicians on the .staff of the Vt'tcriui." Administration regional oflico lioro today, following Ihcir appoint incut- yesterday. James A. Winn. manager, announced the ne.v members HS I-* 1 ". 1-Inrry O. Lynch of Hot Springs and Dr. Lylc Lclantl Hassell o' Conway. Roth were in service h" World War II. Memphis Child Dies Of Infantile Paralysis MEMPHIS, TENN., July (U.P.) —Mary Lynn House, stricken .with Infantile paralysis foltowing a birthday party Saturday, died laic ye.ster<lay and will bo buried in services today. Mary Lynn was the second polio victim to die in Shelby was made public today. Smal 1 —tight-lipped rx-Navy sub- larincr. flyer and Normandy bench icad veleian — didn't argue the charges. But he left the hearing with a committee recommendation or S20,CCt).000 for his agency. T .\ :e tioi'^lc brf;an whr/i t*ie iCLiiicticii cbK-f -\ns a bit too ac- j ii',<lucl ivc for McKcl!a:"s tnstcs in slop- non-e.ssential bialdtng in Tc-n- nessee. "I yot the idea." McKclInr told final!, "that you line! not brcn successful in business, and had ons of the biggc.sL cases of swelled ^2ad have ever known." The senator added that Small's appearance before the camniillce t-.rJ ccnvinrecl him that his judc-'. "Jit i\ns ccrrcrt. McKelEar recalled that the CPA head had "feigned courtesy" "in ; over the tcleplione build, ing citrt.iiilmcnt orders at Memphis and other Tennessee cilie.s. He added that the tone of Small's \oice indicated that stopping building in Memphis was an "insijnili- cant matter." enjoyed by IS-ycar-olds since M=>V TS. ',»hen "the draft was extended for six weeks minus authority lo teen-agers. Hcrshey ordered dcf«rmnnts prc- She was tho daughter* of Mr. and Mrs. Enmicll J. IJousc, Sr. Her father is vice-president nnrt comptroller of Union Planters National Brink und Trust Co. here. | vicnsly allowed undergraduate college Rttidcnls for llur complcUon of a quarter or scinc-stcr entintl. lUKh scliou] slnclcnts, however, will ho deferred until their ani;fi:i- tion or until ai'c 20. Men in tho Uti through 2G age group who have orcvinusly b p found unfit for initil:iry service will be recalled for a review of Hi clas-silicnUous. NEW YOUK, July IV. (UPt — Curi'olt Kccec. chiiirtiii\n of the Hc- puhllcati N u t i o n u | CoininiUec, eluu tied IJio Tnmmn adn;inisLiM- tioti with Marxism iiint said tt was dlreclly responsible "for hiyh prices today" Rcece, in an address be lore ft special lueoUnfj o l the National epublicati Clnb last nl^ht accused Democratic administration of economic cannibalism" and chnrg- :1 that the party innchinery hntl ecu captured by n group of "Uud ""aficlsls" which "is beholden to :ie political Ideology of Moscow." The administration, tin said, has ecu engaging in ft "political shell junc." faithfully following Marx- iin precepts de-signcd to impost' totalitarian tjovernmciu on the icoplc ol the United States. The Democrats, he ncidnd, have idopfed Marxian precepts \vh iiill for "first, confuse the lan- ;uagc; .second, debase thu currency UK! third, undermine coiiiTdcnc! n thi- iusliluUnns." Deficit .spendiu" ])racticed by the iovernmenl has increased trc-iiieml- usly the amount or money in •trciilaltun. he said. "Thut, coupled vith the policies resulting i]i cur- Too Late to C/ass/fy for Sale rirnty o[ mc-tr. SVvv l,>.Mtion—S. IijvMoii S1 riii>ii.- ^'''^'2 f..r i!rh\ .lOi" HK^TKH i:Rt>. A|v,:roximnlcly S500000.000 worlli of/ol;i gold wns brought to HS'.H EngUuri's wartime search loi' t\u» piccious melal. Ptnti-Cola Company, Tang 7sfcr.J City, N. Y. Franchiser! llottler: Pepsi-Cola Itottlincr Co. of Itlylhevill No Home is Complete without a Home RUDIO We have several 1!!4G rnnilel MOTOROLA Home Radios fov Immediate Dclivtrj-. r.-.i us today. We also have several cnod laic model used Kndios — prireil from S10.05 to $60.00. Fred Callihan Radio Service Sales Service Phono 26-12 106 South First Street Blythcvllle's Most Complete Radio Store tailed production. Is Ihc bash; MH •eul reason for high jirices loda "Having Hooded the cmmtry v, Ul uldltional money, the govern^:mil KMV seeks by artificial prlco con- rols to coTiccul from tin; profit the reduced purchasing powt'i' •-* their savings »nd tlicit 1 Income,' eccc asscited. The American economic syslem "whether it be called cauilali.sni .some other name," is the best 1" the world. Iteece added. Tint "the type of libc-mUsm pr ticed by the Ucmocrnllu n'Jmii trntlqii Is economic cnnnTral! because under • [is restriction I toric.s, railroads, power platits an other tools of production, whir are the source of the rjcople's comfort, welfare and national strength, are being consumed and not, l>cln(i rcplhced." FASHIONS tak» an early bow! JJGJiTEN. . TOO DARK' UCCY. TANNED SKIN Fad* frccklo Loose. Use nt l.ilrrv.Tls ZSc SKIN SUCCESS BUACH CRIAM CAUTION: Usr only u (llrrclcj. Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba BfythevlHc, Arkansa* Announcement! DR. J. L. GUARD DR. J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS Have Moved (o Temporary Offices Above Guard's Jewelry Store I''or Ihc Pigtail Crowd! GIRLS' COATS 14.75 Whether ulic wears plutalUi or not she'll lo\ f c this doutilo breasted wool coat! lUi iiolnleil collar and ixickcls are ])icttily stitched. Sl-/.ea 7-1-1. AND DOWN-TO-EARTH 29." 34" Suits arc wTngeit— With 5s many variation* in ncckln.o nn<l shoulder treatment at there arc birds in the forest 1 Coals cling to Ihc waist or have )>oxy roominess. All wools, worsteds, checks. FAD 1 VK 122 E. Main PAUL BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. Deep Freeze Units Attic Fans Elcctric Water Pumps Farm Wagons Farm Trailers Phone 404 FLAIR FOR FLATTERY . 3.98 and 4.98 Luxurious black suedes and patents in much sought- afier closed heel, open-toe styles, ever so slimming in appearance! And supple leather oxfords and linllics, as comfortable for walking as they are flal- tciing! Sec them, and choose your favorite*.' There's a Clejim to Them! PLASTIC BAGS 4.98 ai-.iming plastic—looks lite patent leather and wears like iron! It's a suit hag. it's a dreso hag, an every season bag jou'll be proud to carry with you! Assorted pouch and envelope styles. Choose Now! CHILDREN'S SNOW SUITS 14.05 — 18.50 Now is the time to select that snow suit you intend to buy Mils Fall, while stocks nre complete in colors and sizes. Brhig Ihe young lady herself in and lot her help you pick 111 Use our convenient laynway planl Size, i'^o 8x and 7-H. Y'' : "^

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