The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1949
Page 2
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F;AGE TWO (AMLT eotntzeit mwi GOPPIansAtlack On Administralio .r.WhVrry Soys Party Will "Give P«mos * Hill" Thi* Y«ar By Jack tell WASHINGTON, Sept, 16. M"» — Republic*™ who have been calling for ill-out mtlicks on the Truman administration grabbed for the Gt>P campaign reins yesterday on the- strength bt a Pennsylvania special election victory. As an example. Sen. Wherry of Nebraska, the GOP Iloor leader said his party's success .in a trial run In the 26th Pennsylvania dis trict "shors there Is no room for me-tooers and compromisers in next year's "KM toT control of Congress." "•We've got to give the Democrats hell if we expect to win," ..Wherry told a reporter. As flgor leader, Wherry oflen finds himself in the minority even among his Republican Senate col- leacn°-s'in his o'nnrisition to President Truman's domestic and foreign pol'cy proposals. He has contedcd. along with some other party members, thai the Republicans tossed away the presidential election last year because Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy put on a sweetness'- and light campaign in contrast with President Truman's vigorous', stumping. Wherry's hand seems to have been strengthened by the victory of Republican John P. Baylor over Mrs. Robert L. Coifey, Sr., Ihe Democratic candidate. In the Pennsylvania congressional race where the President's p 'gram was a main issue. No Pussyfooting Sen. Hickenlooper (R-la.1, who has voted for far more of the administration's proposals than Wherry, said the Pennsylvania results prove that the Republicans can't win by pussyfooting. "I think the .election demonstrates that when the Republicans meet the Issues quarely and vigorously, they can win," he said.. Saylor talked In his winning campaign about the "regimented semi- police state and the socialistic welfare state philosophy" he said the Truman administration is fostering. Similarly. Hickenlooper said he to going to talk In -its 1950 reelection - campaign against statism, a term he and Republicans generally interpret as a move to substitute paternalistic government for individual enterprise. This Argument will get a workout also in the New York special Senit* election race. This contest begins officially today with major party designation of candidates (or th» November contest to fill the Mat vacated by the resignation of Democratic Senator Robert P. Wagner. '.-.<^- . ..,.,•Sen. Dulles (R-NY)," scheduled to receive the Republican nomination, already has teed otf on what he calls the trend toward .statism on the part of the ^Truman administration. Tokyo Rose Grows Weak During Long Trial for Treason SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16. (/P) ^-Tckyo Rose appears near the end of her strength. She' seemed almost to stagger as sha left the witness stand yesterday «fier her sixth day of testimony, the last three under cross-examination. But the pattern of those six clays —solid denial on her part—was expected to continue when she resumes the stand today. Tile 33-year old defendant, Mrs. Iva TogUri D'Aqnino, is accused of treason through wartime propaganda broadcasts for tiie ajpanese. Mrs. D'Aquino denied yesterday (bat she used war horror episodes on her broadcasts or that she ever prepared or broadcast a script about U.S. naval losses in the Battle of Ltyte Gulf. MID-SOUTH FAIR and LIVESTOCK SHOW MEMPHIS TENN Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbn SWIFTS PREMIUM ' BRANDED BEEF W* Specialize in Fancy Meati and Grocerie* W. De/iver Phon* 2043 Plenty of Parkins Spat* CAN SWEAR ON TUB JJOB — Mrs. p:dna Huggles (above), glove lactory worker a I, Marlon, Ind., gloats over an NLRB examiner's t'd commend a I Ion that her swearing -should not have her her job. While waiting to return to the position she held for H years, she is working as a waitress in the trucker's stop her husband. Clarence, operates at Huntlngton, Ind. She said, "I'm pretty damn tired of the whole thing." (AP Wire- photo). Farmers Making Fewer Dollars In the Mid-West .WASHINGTON, Sept. 16. (AP) _ Mid-Western farmers mode lower dollars January through July than in the same months last -year, the Agriculture Department rejwrls. Farm Income for the first seven months tins year was ! year, the Agriculture Department reoorts. Farm income for the (Irst seven months this year was lower in every mid-western state than for the corresponding W4S period. Iowa led the 12-state section, ns well as life entire nation, with cash receipts of ?1.168,072,000 from farm marketings. This was a drop of $151,822.000 from last year. California was [he only other stale whose farm income for the period cleared the billion dollar mark. Its farm income was $1,013.627.000 as against $1,112,811,000 in IMS. Third largest farm Income was recorded for Illinois with Texas fourth .Illinois had 3942,425,000 and Texas M52.722.000. After the leading quartet of states canie: Minnesota, $628,110.000; Wisconsin, $551.937,000: Nebraska, $547,- 157,BOO;j Kansas, ' $542.155,000; Missouri. $491,82,000. Pitching Horseshoes BY B11XI ROSE Missing Kansan's Body Found in Wooded Area KANSAS CITY. Kas.. Sept. 16. >, _ Edgar E. Smith. 79-year-old church worker missing since last Sunday, was found dead yesterday in a densely wooded area in Wyandotte County. The body was found near 43rd and Nail Ave.. not far from where the missing man's abandoned motor was found late yesterday. Smith's billfold and jewelry were Intact Smith, who retired nine years as treasurer ol the Employers Reinsurance Corp.. was last seen Sunday when he took his wife to the First Baptist Church. He had been a deacon in the church for inanv years. Major General Harry Vaughan, The White House, Washington, D.C. My dear General: Like everyone else, I've been read- Ing the carpy comments about you and those supercharged Iceboxes and, frankly, I don't know what all the hollering ts about. In my time, a fellow had to steal a railroad or a hunk of Wyoming to get hi* name In the papers. Nevertheless, everything; considered, it intent be advisable to billion up your beneficence for a while. Or, better still, whenever you feel like doing somebody a favor why don't you— But perhaps I can get my point across better by first telling you a story that's been kicking around for a pas.scl of years. . . . Once upon ago In Buttc, Montana, a prospector known as Lodestone Luke hired a lawyer to bring suit agahist a sourdough named Stubby Jones for claim jumping. The attorney boned up on the case and came to the conclusion that the party of the second part had done wilful damage to the party of the first part by circumventing statute 1495X. Sec. 3, Par. 11. amended Jan. 4. IW\, by counter-claim filed in absentia, with an ipso facto and a tloy-floy. ''This rase is as clear as black- s,trrp mo]a. c .se=." the lawyer said. "I doubt if even the judge will be able to figure it out. but I'll do the beAt I can." "Ya know what. Doc," said Lodestone Lvke. "if the case is lhat ornery, mebbe it mighten be a bad idea to send the jedse a barrel of Mission Range applejack." "Mv dear fellow." snld the lawyer, "the trgal profession operates under a code of ethics which goes back to the days of Solomon. In my opinion .if you were to send such a bribe to His Honor, he would automatically decide the case against you." "This applejack's one-t went y proof." said Luke. 'That would make it all the more automatic." "I gctcba. Doc," said the' prospector. Well. It toofc 21 days to try the case, and by the time the lawyers were finished their objections, reservations, rebuttals and counter- rebuttals, the learned judse looked as bewildered as Victor Moore. "It's my guess that His Honor will reserve judgment and study the case a while before announcing his ac- cision," the attorney whispered as the last witness left the stand. But to everyone's flabbergast- ment. the Judge Immediately decided in favor of Lodestone Luke. A few minutes later, over a victory drink, Luke's lawyer Rot a grip on himself and said, "I must have been in good form today.. Now, about the fee—" 'Glad ya mentioned it," said the prospector. "Ya sure used some purty words, but if ya keep in mind them ethics ya was talkin' about, ya won't charge me ovci much. Mostly on account of It was me. vhat von the ewe." "You . won Uu cue!" Mid the lawyer. "Why, I didn't even e»U you a« » rHneM." "That ya didn't," *ald the pro*-' pector, "but it WM nu who *ent a barrel of M Us Ion Ranie applejack to the Jedge." "I don't believe It." said th« lawyer. "Judge Andrewi U a man of integrity." ' "You tole m« that before," jald Lodtttone Luke. "That'« why I put Stubby's name on the card. ..." Catch on General? What I'm suggesting l.s that the next time you help a fellow let a little lumber for | his racetrack, send along a card Taft." reading, "By courtesy of Senator • Sincerely, Billy ROM (Copyright. IftM, By Billy ROM) (Distributed by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Costelfo Denies He is Trvinq for Political Power NEW YORK, Sept. Bambler Frank Costello says charges that he Is trying to get political control of New Orleans and Los Angeles are "poppycock, nonsense and. Just plain fiction." Both Mayor Fletcher Bowron, of Los Angeles, and Mayor Delesseps S. Morrison of New Orleans, have claimed recently that Costello waj seeking political sway in their citlei. The New Yorker said that Bowron must be the "Innocent victim of a shell game," and that Morrison "must be getting his information from the same bottle as Bowron." '..Morrison said he is asking a whom he accused of offering to foot campaign bills to beat Morrison out of mayoralty. Bowron accused Costellor of contributing sums of money in a recent Los Angeles mayoralty campaign to try to beat Bowron. Girt, W*d4ing, Takn Yowi ***•• «•••. •*!*• U. <*> - Th» third tim*.wu the eluon for MU T Nixon, UM eo-4 who y»n- labor Day from i train tak- h«r to her Mian in »«m- t City. The M-jwar-old OnlUh, -Ku., tiri and KiuseU John»»n, 24, Inde- pendenc*. Mo., w«r» siarried yen- tertay aft«r two prtvfaui d*U;i. InvlUtloni were recalled last sprint when the prospective brio* became ill and underwent an appendectomy. The wetXtnt WM r«- Mt for S«pt. 19 at Buckner, Mo — but thU time Reathi disappeared from a train u «he was en route to Kansas City, when Joruuon wu Into Jfotoion Riot* ALBANY, K.T., Sept. 1«. (AJ>) _ Oor. Thorn* E. Dewey has ordered a sweeplnt (rand Jury investigation of the rioting that followed singer Paul Robeton's concert near Feek•kill Bept, i. The (overnor said Wednesday night tht violence obviously was provoked by communist groups. He directed lhat a special grand Jury be called In Westchester County to determine whether the concert was "sponsored for the purpose of deliberately inciting disorder" and whetlitr "it was part o! the communist strategy lo foment racial and religious hatreds." Railway Ti* Association Ends Memphis Meeting MEMPHIS, Sept. If. (f) — Elmo Jones ol St. Louis,was elected president of the Railway Tie Association as the group closed its annual convention- here yesterday. W. P. Arnold of Pittsburgh, Pa., was named first vice president and J. R. Keig of Beaumont, Teus. second vice president. DANCE FRIDAY NIGHT-SEPT. 16 to tht Music of TED FISHER and hit Orchestra •t th« TWIN GABLES CLUB 905 No. 6th St. For Reservations Phont 3984 RESTAURANT FIXTURES We are cbsinr «»r Blytberille Cireterla «n* we Intend U mac- ridee the beaitltal krand new Hitirea, china and silverware at le« than the »riiln»l eMt It must be iren to be appreciated. Bonn ef tke Items are: Refriserator—all itainleaa steel, double door, IS in. ft. «a parity. Sii Inrner ihort order rinse—for buUnr jav Twin nrn—1« fatten capaeltj. »Ulnle»s steel. Stea* T.ble—ttalnlen rteel. ]«' Ion*, 12 vegetables, 4 •eata axtra pana, Maplf Meat Block. Two larfe (atTaniud >iak>, (alranized eanopy. BeaMlfol aMortment »t krind new kitchen ntensllx con- aijttif of luge butcher knltM. spoons, ladles, potato mishen, aaace pans, failure pans, chlniware, rlasaware anV atainleM iteel knirn, forks and spoon.. Original Wholesale Cost Over $3500 Willing to Sacrifice It at One-Half Bring Your Own Truck Terms to Responsible Party C«I1 Don Nusbaum — Blytheville 4861 During the Day, Evenings—C-o Noble Hotel, Blythevill* : .' --'"*' .-..•[ Duro-Chrome Corporation Blythevill* Airport — Blylheville, Ark. Lutfreirs Fine Foods IS THE LATEST fw tktir tntks M rt« ftretts Tlicre's a reason! "Job- Rated" trucks fit the ,-pj. i ney reduce operating costs - • . last longer ... and are more dependable, Blytheville Motor Co. "Soulh's Finest Service" Broadway & Chickasawba see us for ibe facts in CAPPS FULL MEASURE CLOTHES THi tXHRT CRAFTSMCH OF THt HOUSl OF CAPK OFFIR YOU THKl IMPORTANT DETAILS IN MVtRY SUIT: •*• Full Cut Arm Cyclw if Expertly, Hand Tailored Collars •*• Precision Tailored Full Drape ir Scientific Shoulder Balance * 100% Virgin Wool Fabrics C«( Copp« •xc/utirt/x "* HUDSON'S m tLYTHIVILLI. HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR CLOTHIER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER If, 194, \ WHEN You Go To THE HOSPITAL O WHO WILL PAY THE BILLS I Our ntw compretwmive policy covers hospital confine- trwnt resulting from either accident or sickness in recognized hospitals anywhere in the United States or Canada . . . and can be written to cover YOU and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. Hospitati«tk>n is an expensive experience—you owe it to yo'jrself to investigate our HOSPITAL PREPAREDNESS PLAN . . find out how much it dcos and how liHU it costs: Our Insurance Department now offers one of (he itiost complete policies written today at a mi»< erate cost. ..«>•« mua- Farmers Bank & Trust Co. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Phone 3121 Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance Legion Arena Sat Sep 17 Those Who Like to Square Dance are Cordially Invited J — Featuring — SLIM RHODES His Mountaineers Also Star Rhythm Bays Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance Amateur Show All Types Amateni Entertainen Eligible Those desirinr tu enter must register at the Legion Hut Sat. urday between Z p.m and 4 p.m. DEFOLIATE . . by AIRPLANE * I'erfecl coverage. Defoliant available at competitive prices. SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 Miles South of lilylheville Phone 438g The.Best, Costs You Less at- EAGLE Beauty School Shampoo and Set I'ermanenls Cold 75 and up $2.50 and u] • 55.00 and up EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL 10 Licensed Hairdressers OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. SHEET METAL WORK. 7— OF ALL KINDS Lustom work for e ins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Curtom Shtanng up to 1/4 inch thickness Fr^Simmons Tin Shop IF YOU LIKE THE BEST TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS

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