The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1951
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams (ARK.) counren NEWS WflUJWR II, GOSH, CAN'T A PERSON EVEW VAWNf ESAD, M, TJASOrt f T61L HER C*l A J46AUTH CRLHS6/ HIS DOCTOR OCOERec A FEOIT rxET -5OKE' HA9 MOJ6D TO 1H6 ORftlOStt I WASN'T SAVIN NOTHISJV I JUS' WENT AHEM-- AHUM-- KIWPA CLEARJM'MV THRCAT LADVAT DE DOOR, MISTAH /WA3OR 6*1 SHe IXXOe HAD JAKe'S ATOMIC 0ATH 5ALT TESTED AKJ sue WAhiTStH' PAID FO 1 6TOCk6 i VJH.L V4X) TAKE WHY MOTHERS CiET Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A- BLODGETT E. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman Third Ward L. G. NASH For Alderman Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORE The hesperorate, a bird which depended on water for its very existence, once lived in what- Ls the slate o( KRIISR.S. NO SURVIVORS WILL HENRY THF KTOHYi J*h B VH RAM the five miles at slo«- At our house we keep ititngs right, It's Meyer's Bread every night. We serve our meals right on the dot, And Meyer's Bread sure hil the spotl REPAIR SERVICE A 1 1 appliance*: refrigeral ran|««, Bn4 wither*. Ra4i«< aW Hnall »»ilt»m<-«. All ••r w«rk la gormataeJ- Adcmt Appliance Co. -*- ging dogtrot. Thrusting fingers in mouth, I blasted a whistle in the three high notes of a nighthawk's cry, my call for Hussein, From the norlh, wild and thrilling, much nearer than I'd hoped, came his answer. The old devil had heard ni«. Two hundred yarda to my right, 3 bay bombshell burst from the pine timber, spraying snow and Ice in every direction. "Hussein!" Shouting and waving, I leaped into the open meadow between UK. Though dawn w*f now upon us, the light was not good enough (or hltn to see me yet. Just then a grotip of 20 gaudily-feathered Sioux cascaded wit of the timber on his trail. Now, either Hussein saw me or I was done for, for the Sioux spotted us both, coming np- MSTttttfTf* »Y MfA URYlCf, PHC Cearney that morning, Riding In, 1 levered my rifle into the air in ;he. steady cadence n( timed fire. Carringlon had. me in to see him at once. Fellerman was with him. gave my information without embellishment. The post commander's reaction -was logical, retterman's typical. "Fetterman, lake every prccan- ion to withstand assault. 1 want ;he powder magazine stocked with rations (or the women and children. They are to retire there when the attack begins. Mine the magazine so thai it may he blown ip it the Indians get over the stockade. Hold Phillips in readiness tn carry a dispatch to Port .aramie/* (Portugee Phillips was ;he scoirt-who had replaced me.) Fetterman acknowledged the or- a joyoiw, yelping mcadow swoop. T ran 38 yard* toward Hussein before h-e saw me and broke into a gallop ki my direction. Swinging onto his beck, I gave him his head. Behind us, the Sioux burst into renewed howls, the three or four who hnd muskets Tiring them haphazardly. The winter-thin Indian ponies had no chance once Hussein settled into his slride. The snow- sheathed miles fell away beneath his reaching feet like loose white pages nicked into the wind. Halfway to the fort, the Sioux quit, allowing me to slow Hussein first to a hand-gallop, finally to his spacp-eaHng single-foot, Jn this way we came to Phil Vladivostok is less than 100 miles from the North Korean border. Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miltt Extra Ptwtr Get The Best 1 Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 at once to eilect ders, leaving :hem. I followed him, listening lo him rap oul the colonel's order to Serfeants Kelly and Fairchild. When they had gone, h< turned on me, .snapping, "Well, what do you want?" . M I saw another wood train le*>v- ng. You forgot to tell Kelly to stop them," "Clayton, I don't like you. To me you're an Indian-lover and a rotten scout. Yon, yourself, reported those Indians 50 miles up the Tongue, Even \t they're coming, they won't be on us for 12 hours. I can have that train back in six. And I mean to have that wood." AT this point Carrington stepped out of his office, wanting to know what the verbal firing was about, Fetterman told him. "Fetterman, take a big detail Forty mounted, 40 foot. Go oul and get that wood train. And Fellerman! Don't go beyond Lodge Trail Ridge. I don't give a boot what happens, you're not to go beyond Lodge Trail Ridge. 1 jus want that wood train brought in Is that clear'" "Right!" shouted Fetterman. Within minutes the ,staclc:idc !iiles Mivung^open and Capt. W. J. Feltcrman rode out nt the hcinj of his HO men lo keep his dale vith destruction. lie disobeyed his orders before ? was out of sight of the foil. Ten Indian decoys showed thcin- < elves in the brush along B:g Piney Creek. They were so close .0 the fort Cat L'inglon actually .brew a couple 'of rannonshots n't them. Feigning panic, the decovs cut and ran for the hills to the lorth.—away fvnm the wood train, ""ettermnn swung his command after (hem. That was (he Insl any white nan, myself excepted, saw of Fel- jrinnn and bis troopers, alive. t • • JEEING him make this idiotic move (he had refused point' jiank to have me scout for him) I ran to C;irrin»ton. For once the colonel was ahead of me. "Clayton," he called, as I come up, "a •elief column is going out at once. F'clterman may get into real trou- jle. Capt. Ten Kyck will go after lim with the rest of the infantry. I wont you to tio with him." When I started up the east fork of Peno Creek to try and head Feltcrman, I ran into a literal wasp's nest of hostiles. The woods were alive with them. Only the fact some of the warriors were chanting a last-minute war prayer, saved me from blundering into their arms. I grabbed Hussein's nose, tied it tight with a piggtn' string, snubbed him short-up in a dense clump of birch, began snaking down-creek on my belly for a view of the ridge. Far down the ridge, almost to the bottom, rode Felterman with his 40 pony-soldiers. Behind him, halfway down, came the remaining group of walk-a-heaps, the whole command being already deep within the jaws of the waiting trap. 1 had time lo see Hie decoys riding back back and forth down on the creek flats, still drawing Fetter man's nre, before both sides of the ridge seemed to erupt Indians. They came rabbiting out of every conceivable cover, armed to the teeth. (T« B« Continued) South Mountain park, consisting) of nearly 15,000 acres near Phoenix,! Arlr,, is the largest municipal park in the United Slates. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores \/ vs \ / Jnoney p \/ \/ rom AN OLD FRIEND T JL hat's what we oder with no ifs, ands, or huts. 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HIS IS NATIONAL TWIRP WEEK/ THE- WOWAN IS REQUESTED TO WY.' ITS TIMS "K> BRE4K. WITH TRAOmoM .' ^ ! SO'llJATS WI1V L IIJWFN'T MADE A s EVERYBODY SLOWS Qgyvy RPAP ABour TWIRP . SEASON/ IN 6 P0a.™t CHECK WHILE H£ Of ACMES PRISCII.LA'S FOP Heavy Heart, Ujjhl lingers BY AL VERMEER NOW, MRS. BOTTS! YOU MUST BE , MISTAKEN! MO, IM NOT! HE 1 DOESN'T EVEN *CARRY MS' PICTURE IN HIS WALLET AKIV MORE! GOOD HEAVENS! I NOTICED IT LAST NIGHT WHEN I WENT . THROUGH PANTS POCKET'S ' AMP l'V£ AL WAY BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK / THROW A FLV1NS TACKLH AT Mm, WOULD NOLI, COPPER? PRETTY CUTE OF VOU—BUT NOT CUT6 AMY LA^T \ WHAT ^HAUL I WORD*, FLINT?./ DO? WE'LL ALL 8E KILLtO' BY LESLIE TURNER , HI NEVER uvt m*r DOWN; SUT i I COULD HWSDLV BELIEVE MY EYES' MR.McKEES AlWAYs BEEU SO POLISHED MID DIGNIFIED., KMLIKfK, TALK TO YOU-ER-IW * LESS CONSPICUOUS PUCEl WHERE'S THE NeMtEST WOODS? JOR.KIW WIU LtlkRM WHp rHCV'AEE W, WERTZl THEM HE'LL SO TO WOV L6N6TH PREVENT UV BUVIMS THEIE STOCK HO QMNINQ CONIROILIMO IMIEEESr COOLPH'T Off EN[> THESE SCOUNDRELS DA BOYS MUST QIT BUSY OU SPEECHES WE IS MMOU' M M STCV HOLDERS' TOMORROW ! HOR EXPLWM TO JOEKIM. TIPPIMG HIM OFF THftT THEV ARE MMUK6S WELL.VOU PUT UP SAME FlflHT, BUGS RUNNY Double Rrain ALLEY OOP Really a Rig Shot BY V. T. HAML1N , ,' MY GOSH. \WFLL,HERE r AM.HEXF rOTH'EMPtROK W£*' . / F OOZY. WHAT'S A ROME'S RICHF.SfGUY. YET T-JO6ODY p* 'S ( W?M1S? ? > BOWS OK SCRAPES OR EVEN ^i£-—^Z A 8REAKDOVVr4 OF DP V,ONMUG'S TIME- MAOtlKJE LEF'T W-LEY OOP f\ND FOOiY IN ANCIENT KOME.... WHERE THEY HAVE, IN AN INCREDtBLVSHORT TIME.BECOME IMPOR- TONT MEN OF AFFAIRS. KLL, ['LI. TELLYUH, \ YEH ,OOR.. OOZY. IF Y'W&MT / COULD BE OL.K3 TO NOTICE (YOU'RE RIGHT! rCXJ.YOU'LL HAf TA 11 GOUA WEAR /EARSUMI'iN / SUMPIUTIIA'S 5ENSATIONAL! A LOUD AW BRIGHT.' SURE.'GET )GOL[>PLMEI>:'M£?1 I LI YOUKSELP SHAVE YOU TOLIXI'LL SOME GOLD j WEAR NOTHING BUT Pl.ATED J SOLID GOLD! _-- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS Dory Is Down BY EDGAR MARTIN

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