The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1947
Page 10
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PAflT TEN- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE II, 1947 World Tourists Visit Holy Lands FeraMr* Btyttwilk Womai. T-lhvof Trip To PokftiiM At*o. ' ^•s*, -S--J ** ^ t v •• *. •v , .. 'Jeruaavtaav—Then had been doubt', MxXifrftitr' frfln g able to obtain nfcrnjlfcton-J* vlsll/th*'Ifbly i Lands7becau& of'the troubled con- ditlonjS Irmhfl area but r there were no computations •British ajidfers stationed througli- out the city. Three zones were forbidden to enter, without a. permit aiict were barricaded with' barbed wire and sandbagging 'Soldiers steed guard with sul}->nachtne guns and on the stdes of "'buildings machine friines pointed menacingly yet Me at ease and had no fear hor tension ^ With such a setup of protection what cwld'happen? W<; stayed at the modern and attractive Hotel Eden with a charming garden and nice accommodations. The Bible l s the best-;gujde book of the Holy Land.' We drove six miles to Bethlehem where we visited /the church of the Nativity built by Constantino the Great in 336. In the Grotto of the Nativity, under the choir of the transept, the place o' birth is marked by a sihet stai with, the Latin inscription:' "Hie de Virgine Maria Jes'is Christus natus est". On the opposite sloe is the chapel with the Manger and the Altar of the Adulation of the Magi. The pviest who blessed our Rosaries \viis from Texas. Services were being held in the Catholic Church where descendants of trie Crusaders jwore white head drew with high tops to sll °*' " leir lineage The church of th'e Nativity is in the /possession of the Gre.eks. Armenians, Catholics Copts, ,und Abyssinians. Protestants Excluded •We were stunned lo learn Ihn Prolestans are not allowed to pra in the church but mil si'pray o-jt side." The' entrance-, door is ver low so that even a king must bo\ to enter. In the days when th Turlis held the clmrch they rod In on horseback so the entranc was made small lo keep out th horses. . : ' Christ. The Garden of Gethsemam- is a beautiful and quiet spot. W went to Bethany, saw 'the'trtulitlon al lo|hb of Moses and . passed thri the wilderness of jiidea enroute U the Dead Sea. Surely rio tourist ca had visited the sight where St. John had JBaptlzed Jesus' In the Rive Jordan since the war began fo the road was overgrown with brush We ;walked a great distance t reach the spot, We visited the Tomb of nache favorite wife of Jacob, the We of the Magis and the Shepherd's ' Field-on the raad between Bethlehem J.and Jerusalem. It was Stosl inspirational to visit the Mount ot Olives to the sacred spot that tradition places the ascension of Christ. •We entered the old walled city of Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate; in the West wall to see the Citadel, called the Tower of David erected by Herod the Great, (died 4 B: C.). he Golden Gate was wallejj up by the Turks in 810 '.o Brooks Trio in Egypt' his photograph'of Berry Brooks, his wife, the former Virgin).! Wnllor f Blylheville. and their daughter, Virginia (on ictl) was made near le .Pyramids In Egypt with Abu, the stilek of Glsa, on an overnight •Ip Into the desert. They nrc en route to the Interior of Africa where [r. Brooks, Memphis cotton broker, will hum big ijinne. M.'i. Brooks is ic author of. a series of articles dealing with their trip by plane iron Ii'lnphis lo New York City with stops in Ixindon, Purls, R<>iRt>, A'JiciK id Cairo. UNBLOCK eep the Christians from returning, n the Christian Quarter we vislt- d the Church of the Holy Sepul- hre which was marked In 325 by Jmpress Helena .of Byzantium and he church compleled 'by her son, Emperor Constantino the Great in 930. Here were found the Tomb of Jhrlst and Golgotha as well us the hree Crosses of the Crucifixion. On this Holy Site many churches lave been built and destroyed. The Crusaders built here in the first :ialf of, the 12th century, and the jell tower' still stands. •The present church was-rebuilt n 1810. Upon entering the church one see s the Stone of Unction, said to be the stone upon which the body of Jesus was anointed. A hiijje domi! with u gilded cross is supported by 18 large pillars built over the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre o! Christ ami the Angel's Chnpcl. There l s a stone in Ihe cenler of the Ansel's Chapel said to be tlie one which closed the entrance tc Ihc Tomb, and which was roller awny by the Angel. In Ihe Chnpol of the Holy Sepulchre with the Tomb of Christ (14 Station! 4 lamps hang from the ceiling belonging lo the Greeks (13), lo the latins (13), lo the Armenians (13) and the Copts (4). II surprised " to sen how the Protestants are ex eluded from things. Next we vlsit?d the Greek Chnpel ot the Raislni ot the Cross and the Latin Cliaue of the Nailing to the Cross nm the spot where Mary received the body of Christ from the Cross. The "Cleft In the Rock" Is shown In the Greek dispel near the spot where the Cross of Christ WP.S fastened in the rock. In the , time of Christ' Mount Cavalry was a green hill and garden outside the old city walls. The Wailing Wall is a Holy wall of the ancient western wall sur- roTuiriing- |lie' Temple area. Here . many Jewish .women were praying, crying 1 ; and prostrating themselves upon the sacred wall. We visited the Dome of the Rock and Mosque AL-Aqsa, the synagogue Beth Ya; (House of Jacob), and the _ urislan,built, by Charlemagne ;ts a| hofpice for pilgrims (800 A. D.). We returned to Cairo in i seven-passenger - Bcachcraft plane which was so cozy that the pilot lei Virginia wear his car phones to listen to a radio musical pro- gran). We left at 6 a.m. to take the Arkansas and Missouri lotfon Ginntrs Meet HOT SPRINGS, Ark., J^ine 11. UP)—The Arkansas-Missouri Gln- icrs Association entered the second Jay of the two-day convention here oday. Gov. Ben. Laney «nd E..-R. White, assistant to th« secretary of agriculture, are scheduled &s the principal speakers. B. G. West, of plytheville, and G. B. Segroves and Hale Jacksun of Osccola were among thos* attending from Mississippi County. WARNING ORDER IS THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICIASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. J. w- Goforth Plaintiff I vs. No. 10,080 I Trula Josephine Goforth, Defendant The defendant, Trula Josephine Goforth, Is warned to appear In the Chancery Court for for the Chiek- asawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plain-, tiff, J. >w. Goforth. Witness my hand as Clerk of ssiid Court and seal thereof on this 19th 'day of May, 1947. (SEAL HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Smith, deputy. Shane & Fendler, altys. for pltf James M. Roy, atty. ad litem M7&M& plane for Nairobi, Kenya Colony British East Africa on our last t'.v days hop. We were leaving thl land of mnjeslle mosques and slender minarets, of date laden Oilsis and pyramids to KO on -sufai-i. We warded a ten-passenger I/jckheed in the BOAC line with no stewardess, three officers, and a box ireakfast uiulei our seats. A veil of sand hunfr over the desert to >lot out the brilliant African su.i. At 2 p.m. M'fi stopped for the niuht it Khartoum. In the Egyptian Sudan where the Grand Hotel was a real; oasis In the desert with the temperature 133- degrees. We hid unch and slept until C:HO-.Hist before darkness settled over the vast desert. At 3 a.m. \ve wore up fly for nine hours flight to Nairobi. Here the natives were coal black with an amiable manner. Even the Walters and hotel porters were barefoot. We arrived in time to the British subjects celebrate Ein- plro Day with closed shops, n native parade of Black Hoy Scouts and a ball attended by elegantly attired Britishers. 'Nairobi Li 5.00 feet r.bovo sen lee- el and the nlithlK arc cold for It is Equatorial Winter here. Preparations arc being made for our trek to bcKin Tuesday May 27. when otn' long planned for safari shall begin. THAT COUNTS! PHILLIPS 6G IS CONTROLLED* FOR UNIFORM, HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE! • SpekinRa forehand drive to within an inch of the. base line, or building smooth, uniform jjerfonnunce into a gasoline both take control! That's what, Phillips GG does! 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