The Courier News from ,  on August 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Athletic Show Slated Tonight At Local Field Six .boxing bouts and'three wrestling matches will feature the athletic show being held tonight nt the Outdoor ring next to the BAAP Recreation Hall, Staff Sergt. Jesse L, Clements, post boxing instructor, has announced. Among the bouts scheduled for the boxing card arc: Pvt,, Norman Troth, 200 pounds, vs. Staff Sergt. John Borryman, 230 iwunds. • .Pvt..', John Parsons, 145 pounds, vs. Pvt. Seymour Sldor, 145 pounds. Pvt. Irving Tcsslcr, 150 l»un(is, vs. Pvt, J. White, 150 pounds. PVt. Ed Sweltzcr, 150 pounds, vs. Pvtj Star.Iey Turkel, 149 pounds. Pvt. Irving Silver, 140 pounds vs Pvt. Irving Buckbinder, 140 pounds, Pvt. Earl Sleicher, 100 pounds, vs. Pvt. Relf Abbots, 160 pounds. In addition to these bouts, Sergeant elements plans to arr»»|>e exhibition scraps featuring Scrgt. Larry Dalglc, 126 pounds; Scrgt. A. J. Hendrlcks, 165 pounds; and Staff Sergt. Jack Paisley, 180 pounds. The wrestling matches, scheduled by Staff Sergt. Chris Belkjis, post wrestling instructor, will each carry s 10 minute time limit and will feature the following: Pfc. Frank Trlpimowskl. 145 pounds, vs., Sergt. John Todd. 144 pounds. Staff Sergt, Palmer Pederson, 105 pounds, vs., Pfc. Charles Olmstcnd, 200 pounds. Pvl. Roy Wellons, 210 pounds, vs. Pvt, Angelo Tainnsso. 230 pounds. Mike Meroney, veteran Blytlie- vllle wrestling promoter, will referee the matches. The first bout will Ijcgtu nt 8:30 o'clock. Pirates Take 2 Games From Philadelphia By United Tress - Fronkib Frlsch nnd his Pittsburgh . Pirates just don't seem to know they're licked. Maybe it's like trying to knock down a Plying Fortress with a bean bag, but the Biics nre playing the best ball In the National League. Belter ball than the pace-setting St. Louis Cardinals. The Bucs won two gnmcs from the Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh yesterday. They took the first game 1 to 6 and went ten Innings to win the nightcap, 6 to 5. The Cardinals trounced the New York Giants 7 to o, with Max Lanier turning lu the whitewash job. -At:Chicago, the Boston Braves oulslugged the Cubs to bent them 7 to 5. The Brooklyn-Cincinnati game at Cincinnati was rained out. In the American League, the New York Yankees took another whnck nt the Cleveland pitching slnfT. The Yanks collected 17 hits while trouncing the Tribe 10 to 3. At Philadelphia the league-leading St. Louis Browns won another slugging match. The Brawns banged out 15 hits to .defeat the A's 10 to 5. •In a night game at Washington, Bill Dietrich shut out the Senators to give the Chicago White Sox a 1 to 0 victory. At Boston Ihu Red Sox «nd Detroit Tigers battled (o a 3-all tic. The game was halted by rain at the end of the fifth. : Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Pet, Nashville 31 14 .683 Atlanta 30 14 .681 Memphis 25 20 .655 New Orleans 23 25 .478 Little Rock 18 24 .42(1 lyfobile 19 26 .422 Birmingham 17 26 .395 Chattanooga . ........ 15 28 .341 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. St. Louis 68 '46 .596 Boston . 60 52 .630 .Detroit 53 52 .532 New York 59 52 .532 Chicago 54 59 .m Cleveland 54 62 .406 Philadelphia 52 64 .488 Washington 47 68 .415 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet, St. Louis 81 28 .743 Pittsburgh 63 45 583 Cincinnati 61 46 .570 Chicago 49 50 ,je7 New York SO G2 4« Boston 44 6G .(00 Philadelphia 42 64 306 Brooklyn 44 67 395 Yesterday's Results SOUTIUIEKN LEAGUE Nighl games: Nashville 4, Atlanta 3. New Orleans 6-5, Memphis 4-4. Mobile 3, Chattanooga 1. Litlle Rock at Birmingham. Rain. DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE 'Admission 65e Incl. Tai DOPE BUCKET BY I. P. FRIEND DELAYED TRIP liKPOHT The other day a frUml (?) of infiic slojiped me on the street nud with the air of ti truant officer blurted: "You have been home nearly a month and 1 haven't, seen a thing, not a Hue about jour trip into Texas Inst month." I was so blabbaga.sled to know Dial anyone might be interested In \vhnt was going on that it was scv- crnl seconds before I could recover? from the shock long enough to meekly explain that I didn't think rmy one cared. "I don't," he retorted with a vicious clamp on his already bruised and bitten stogie." but I knew sooner or later it was coming and wanted to gel it over will)." "Well, if you Insist Ml try to hammer out n few lines," I told him, Hut 1 don't think he heard me. By this lime he was a couple of blocks down the street. But this is it. TAKE FISHING TRU'S There is something fascinating Rboiit going back to the place where one first saw the light of das'. Of course, thnt was ninny, many—too many—years ago and there Is but little that I can recall now. But to get another peek nt the ol' home town of Lufkln, and the first home my dad and mother, now both gone, built carried tremendous sentiment till value and gave me a feeling Hint nothing else could, I had the pleasure ot meeting a man who used to work with my father at the foundry there. The (net lhal lie remembered him well was worth ft great denl to me. I am happy to report that fishing was pretty good in the Lone Star State, happy because they were n dumb sort, the fish I mean. They weren't nearly tis hard to cntch ns the Arkansas fins, mid that helped to make my vacation .something of a novel thriller. It Is so unusual to find a spot where the llsh arc really fish ami don't have a prefcrr cure about whose hook they lie into; r.very vacation trip that Is associated with fishing curries a tnlo: Mine is three-headed and what story! The day after nrrlvln,; tilings looked pretty bleak mid I felt sure that my usual piscatorial luck was miming true to form. Crawling out at (lie.crack of dawn four of us, Glenn Tompkins, lone's brother-in-law's brother-in-law, his son-ln-law, Pic.'Leonard Wnllncf, on furlough from the Laredo AAP, and Lieut. Arnold Tompkins, who had just received his wings at the Blytlievllle Army Air Field, treked through n jungle-like section to it river. But when we got there the fish evidently had gone on vacation, or were in school, or smnpln'. Anyway, Ihcy caught only five. 1 didn't even get a nibble. But my gloom was short-lived. Later In the week :> group of us, Including Harold C. Jennings, considered perhaps the best fisherman In East Texas, certainly in and around Lufkln, went on an overnight trip to Pag Leu, n private club several miles onl, A fc\v of us got there first, Into in Uie afternoon, and caiiRlit about 25 before running out of bait mid darkness overtaking us. Early the next morning was a different day, and I do mean different. Harold and I were on the lake at daybreak and by breakfast he had anight eight bass and three goggle-eye. Pour of the bass weighed better than three pounds. His best luck ciimc with a green "Jitterbug" and a small plus, which he called a "Dopey", a special lor Ihc big month goggle-eye. , But the big ant, the gnuuldnddy,- got luvfiy. <!!eel-ly It did). But we got n good look at him and lind Uie fun of almost landing him. Moving Into r. spot where 11 sunken log was, Harold remarked Hint "a big bass likely is waiting for us." The cast was perfect. Drugging It down the log he cut It back of the end and was Just ready (o pull It from the water with a "I guess he wasn't there" remark when it struck. And did lie tear Hint plug up. From my ringside seat at the end of the lx>at I had the thrill of my life ns Harold toyed with the huge .boss Hint, close to the boat. After plkylng htm for n feiv seconds 'Hint seemed like mlmiles lit; reached down for the dip net. The fish made one llnal lunge under the boat nnd got nwny. FARM '0 LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. CQMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDQ. PHONE 3131 All Building Materials Are Many people have the mistaken impression that all building materials are now unobtainable. This Is Not True. The freeze order applies only to lumber. All other material such as Roofing, Windows and Doors, Paint, Cement, Wallboard, Insulation, Brick, etc., are available without permit, mostly at pre-war prices. LUMBER IS OBTAINABLE For Use On Farms Bur if you require more than 300 ft. per quarter, a permit must be obtained first. We have the proper application forms and will be glad to help you fill tham out. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. * . Friendly Building Service Ho hud (Killed nnd'almost Willed out the middle set of hooks on tho 'Jitterbug." Harold said he prol>. flbly weighed about six pounds I would have said CO. Bass of Ihe five iml six pound variety arc nol uncommon there, lie has severil mounted heads to show. Harold received national recognition several years ago by a clever slunt. He caught a SV, pound bass and had a dentist friend of his to insert a set of false teeth in its moulli. He had several pictures made and distributed them. A national flsh nmgaxlnc got hold of one and used the picture and a story. The requests for copies became so numerous Hint he had some post cards made for mailing, I brought one home and gave it to Mike Mcroncy, an ardent (Ishcnnnn Enroute home we stopped by Mt rieiwniil, Texas, and visited wllli our friends, Dr. and Mrs. O. J. Chaslain and his family. The good doctor hasn't lost any of his fish- Ing /.enl and we took one trip to the teaillifiil nangcrfleld State Park with fair success. Due lo a shoiingc of shiners we hud to rob wasp nests to go. It was n new winkle to me, but experienced fisherman say nothing is tetter for bream and goggle eye. We caught nine In about an hour, came in and ate picnic lunch before reluming. During the 20 days I was away and the six fishing trips we caught about 75 fish, mostly bass and goggle eye. How many did r catch? • Don't lie silly! Nashville Vols Oust Crackers From Top Spot HIT United 1'ress The Nashville Vols regained first place in the Southern Association night *illi n 4 to 3 victory over the Atlanta Crackers, erstwhile loop leaders, i Dnlc Aldcrson outpitchert AlJauln's Charlie Coanrt nnd the Vois scored Uie game winning run wllh the score lied at. 3-all In the seventh Inning. Tlic New Orleans Pelicans captured a pair from Ihc Memphis Clucks fi lo 4 mid 5 to 4. Meanwhile, the Mobile Bears, bc- hiud lire 10-hlt pitching of Bill Thomas, defeated the Cliatlnnoogit Lookouts, 3 lo 1. The Little Rock-Birmingham game was postponed on account oi rain. wlti\ a double-header slated for today. J^HEVjLLg^ARE.). COUHIKB MBWB Close Matches Claim Interest In Tennis Meet Two games In Uie Junior bracket of the Junior Chamver of Commerce Tennis tournament provided spectators with plenty of action yesterday afternoon, when the doubles team of Chnrlcs Warren and J. L. Johnson defeated Stanley Hood and! Harbor, G-3, 7-9, and 6-3. In the oiher outstanding game as far as the closeness of the match, Joe Sallba defeated Edscl Harbcr with scores ot 5-7, 6-4, and 8-6, .. : In the first afternoon ot tlicfour- <lav tournament., played at Russell Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Mc'inulik nl New Orleans. Atlnula at Nashville. Clmttnnoagti nt Mobile. Little Rock at Birmhiglmm. The Rio Grande Is the 22nd lone, cst river in the world—1800 miles. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. tf. Matinees Saturday & Sunday .', Best Washed Air Cooling System Friday "ARIZONA TRAILS with Tex Killer &, Fuzzy Knlshl SERIAL & SHORT Saturday "SILVER CITY KID' An All-Star Western SERIAL & SHORT Saturday OWL SHOW "NEVER A DULL MOMENT" with The Illti Brothers Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "PIN UP GIRL" Willl Betty GraMc Fox News * Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st 8t Sat «tarii 12:45; Sun. starts 1:15 Night show* 5:15 Except Monday, opens 6:4!l Continuous shows SjL and Baa. Friday and Saturday Double Feature 'HOME IN WYOMING" Willl Gene Aulrjr nnd "KNOCKOUT" with Arthur Kennedy SKIUAt,: "Adventures of tho Flying Cartels" Comedy Sunday & Monday 'RIDE 'EM COWBOY' wllli Abbolt & Cuslcllo Universal XCB-S Comedy GULF, SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main NOH- Under Management of O.E.'Nick'Nicholson Washing - Greasing Slnionlzlng - Tire Kcpalr ONE" STOP SERVICE , . .. . ' eS ' '" the selllor h' »" i score.5 of 6-2 and 5-0; J. I,. impsoji won over J. W. purllo, nnd £1-3, and Charles Brosdon RFIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1944 I __ victorious over Melvln HaLsell ' In the junior doubles, Hurry Car- ter F.IIT and Chester Cnlriwell defeated Stanley Hood and Everett Peterson, 6-1 and 6-0. Oak weighs 50 pounds per cubic j foot Open 7:30 Show Startt 7:45 Friday and Saturday 'Wildcat of Tucson' with Wild Bill Hickox SERIAL: "Desert H :lw k" Short Saturday MIDNITE SHOW The Curse of the Cat People' wllh Simone Simon ,t Kent 'Smith Scleclcd Shorts Sunday and Monday 'Crime School 7 Humphrey Dogart ,t Ihc Dead End Kids THEATRE Manila, Ark. WKKK-IMY Nir.IITS Box Office Opens 8—Show Start! at 8:15. BATUKDAYS , t SUNIMV8 Hox Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today "ACTION IN ARABIA" \vilh Gcorcc Sanders. Virginia Bruce, Lcnore Aiiberl & Gene Lockhart Selected Shoris - Saturday "FALSE COLORS" : Featuring William Iloyil as HopaloiiR Cassldy CHAPTEU 5: "The Three Musketeers" Disney Comedy Saturday OWL SHOW "ZIS BOOM BAH" The year's iCippicsl College Musical Comedy Cartoon Sunday and Monday "TENDER COMRADE" with Robert Ryan & Ruth Husscy RKO News A Comedy Good clothes add much to a MAN'S prestige Travelers ardine.. . f^|There's someting about a good gabardine that makes people look twice. It's so rich looking, and the colorings because of the very nature of the fabric- blend with any man's features. Traveler Gabardine is sturdy, and is as near wrinkle-resistant as any fabric made. And moderately priced at $45 MEAD'S 111 MAIN STREET

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