The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1951
Page 11
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¥AGE TWELVE TH/VTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUttTEn NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 19W CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate prr line (or eonFprmtvi Insertion: Minimum rTiarge ,V)i 1 ttni<" per line .. ]iJ 2 tliiT-s per line per rltir \?i 3 limes por line prr clfty 9* 6 llnifs per Line prr dny 7' 12 tlmps jier line per day ,S' Month per MIIP . 8(tt CfiiiiK five avprnce words tn the lint- Art ordprtMi lor v\urp or six ilmcf miV stopped before fxplrhUon will foe rJiarx rd for t tie m i mbp r ttl Un i1": l>i e * c appeared and ndJiiMinrrit of lull mndp All classified aclvr clique mpv sun mlUrd by prisons rcvKhnt! o;:**-lii*r o the rlty must he *crorni»:vn!e<l hy CLI-OI Rules ntny easily be con; puled fron the above mi>le. Advenlstni; onlerrd for Urtr-.iUr Id eertlons takt\s ih<- one dim- tubU- more limn one Lm-oi tret In-nil am* rlftfMfK 1 d art Alt Ads are : Cypress, CoUomvoor her, ;2 Lj mi. N.\V. of iJ.ilf J .Moon. 1'h. G303. (J. CJ. Flowers.! 10-J pk 11-1 i " K K ST A U K~A N "f 01." A SS KS I H. A' M Pfili-s rr>. [ 1!7 K Main, Ph «a.«.9 ' f 20 fi; 111 ''" USECTCOMBINE | BARGAINS! All jiiiikps arc hero for vein i to oluiosi' frmn . . . priced as low as If 1")((! Sfi 1 us licfoi'c yon luiy. (You'll IJP jttiid you did !) j DKI.'I'A IMI'LKMKNTS, INC. 32'.' So. 'Jii I'lioiir fiS il-L'5 i-k .-il r.e» iirlpr N'rivs r reject nny or &en< 4 room unfur apt . furnace. Ons Closp {4V 50. ph- 2612, ill^ll l(h hath, floor 2.166. 3015 pk 21 room* A' l>;il h Clean I,,'i(Jy Ntrft for '.vor Main Bl, Th, livlnc a lne p.Lrls 2671. fllt Furnished hco-rooniE, by rtny nr WP also \m/ur. fipis. 330 w" V/ndnit. JO 12 pk Modern apt.. 3 roonn mid bFith, ly rtecorate-cl, pood fmnLlure, K!\* eq ment. Ph, 3373. F. Simon. 9 21 2 3-room, utifur., hpin. Pvt, bath. lrfd for Elccirlrity. Ph. 3?F,6. 10 1 1 pK IB . pood 3 rm. vmfnr. npt., locaUon. rii, 3325. Modern sle*\m lipatfd upartmrnt In Ingrain Building. Reasonable ront. rti J room Inrn. npt,, gns onotpxifnt. 1411 \v. ASK. 10:10 pk iv 3 room furn. npt. tor rent. Ph. 2170 Cr <33S. 10;12 pk. \f> Nicely fnr. &pts. E!ec. VUchrn. Ph- BIOS. ioa \v. Ky. inn pk 10 3 room unlvimtsbed npt.. recently redecorated. Th. 2350 or 6036. Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Asli, Ph. 2833f 8-4 ck tf USED COAABINES If it's a usoil t'^niiliiiK 1 \'nu Maul—SOP us first! \\'o, IUIVP a very wkie solpction — All ilakes & Models! Cash or Terms 61 Implement Co. X. Hi way 01 I'lmne 2118-.'il ck If I.nrge m»p|p drop le;if ilin- inp table in porfcct ccinditioti. ?55. Call 2780. 10-5 .Hi tf For Sale, Real fstate Attractive, inodrrn 2 brrtroom Jinu.^f l j pc(r*:l ronillllnn. nttlc [nn, rtonr rnr- narf. Molly Slrrel new ^fMstlon PLoiio 3675. , b 2!) pk 10 2!' Auto Supplies and Services AUTO GLASS New or Usecl WADE AUTO SALVAGE Plione 3785 !)-26 ck tf FOR SAI.K Good S room house, aiirl lialli, 71(5 Walnut, choice noi|;nli<>r- hoocl. There is MO better lota- tion for cluitT.ti, school nml your work. 'Pliosc rooms are all nice and large, recently renewed inside and out. Good 12 car garage and outdoor storage room. I,a rye lot. $l,()flO cash, maybe less will handle. Vacant. Jloclei n practically new and n tip top condition is this 3 jedroom home located 905 Pecan Ave. $1,000 cash will haii-IJ,", 1 , die. A real buy or investment.!" 1 . N°"t" See or Call Don't endanger ynur rnrnUy wll »ultr tlrt.%—BUY I.EE TinES. CHAPMAN SETiVICE STATION Main and DMslon Phone 2563 12 13 cX ADTO AN'D FURN1TDRE I.OAN3 Prompt Pcrsonfll Serrlrp General Contract Purchase Corp. 106 South 5th, Phojir. fisOJ Servrcej Baby BUtliifl —liv hour, 117 Clark. Ph. 6030. ay or nlcht. 15 pk 1R V.'e do custom oonn thrpshlnc, \V. T Inllnr A: Son. Blythevill*. Ark.. Ph. «M1. 1012 pk 11 12 Washing Mneliines repaired, all makes. Blythevillp Machine Shop. Phone L'S^S. 3-G ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair "PAT 0' BRYANT TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W Wsin'il ChDiir j:'.",! Plenty of Porking Space Custom Soybean Cinnliiniinr M. c:. GRI-:I-:\\VAY Blytheville, I'll. (>r>n.1 9-18 pk 10-18 Blythevill '49 Ford .. $1245 llrrr's Ihi l;ili. rnuili-l . .11 yon'vi- hern pi A IflliP Knrrl 'I'mfiir Sedan )n - atl-r a rid u:is- siivjiii; IIVIT- iliivi-; (;no[l-li>nki[i e bkirh lin- '49 Ford $1095 ItmkhiK ForiJ Tntlor Sf«l;»n lur only SI01':,' Wlu'M vnii ^lirn]^ I hr sliirihiK m.uf.i.n finish, .viiu'JI know U's ;i line t-m. Hail in and hiMlor, too. '47 Ford $595 Thill '.s rlfiM—yon ri*;n! it rr»r- rpclly. This Is ;i sh:ir]> 1HU Ford Tuilor Scflnn fr»r only S-i9, r t! Kiiiiljipril with ,1 K 1 " 11 ' hi'ater, (his KorH is the popular RUH mrtnl grey colnr. '39 Oldsmobile $325 If ynu'ir limkiikK fur n SIKH! liny in it (hi'ii|i, oliti-r inoih-l car, Ihcn SIT this ':tf» ()I(K. .lust $:«$: Its not h»lh Ji ra- dln and ,1 )iralpr ANN a pruc tn^ that's mighty luw. '49 Ford . [•Ijillijis ,Mi>lor $795 Co, has Un- for you! 1'hJs 'Ifi I'uril is :i ht'ckilpva gonrl buy ;i[ $Ifl."i. \\';iiil In flrlvc it? Cdtiir on cliivui t'l llro:itlvv;t> A (lihka- S;«VV|J;L in IHyllievilte . . . it'a ri';icl>' to K 11 ! '18 CMC $645 This (i.MC l-l/2-Tnn C:il> .t ClluMris 'I'rlirk in nffrrrcl In >..LI rn.u fr.r ji^l JIMS! If linn's I lie l.iml cif (nick viiu'vc col on your itliml, f)ii-ii iluii'l 1MSS lids nne up. H's :t hny! '47 Ford $695 ,M;ikr n licllrr Irnok Irnilr IIT i-uiiliiiK lu Phillips Mnli.r (',,. In lllylhcvlllr. This l-l/2-Tim Cal) * Ch.issls Truck Is |irlrr«l at a low, luw JfiSS—su drive (town IninnrTow. '40 Ford Here's i|iiiU> :i liny i up, This 'i-Ttiti n irtiim ]i.nnl jnlu. It'll ^ivr you a lot of service, al uttr low price of ?795. $795 il a I'U-k-- .nlrl is n clprbompany HM:^^T-V*J<'Kgl=lI» Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 Don't Wait Too Late /or your SOYBEAN LOADER. You can now get a MAYRATH Loader from Jack Robinson Implement Co. Oiceola, Dial 520 — Blytheville, Dial 2371 Hollywood C<mlini to si -il from I'd her to siiiy out of Mexico fur health H'iisoiis- Hubhy Ted Slanffec i.s liquidniiriK hl.s tnniale-tand interests itnd will go Into business in Hollywood, Heny Hntion's new role [>[ ;i ela- inor doll, in "The- Greatest. Slww on Earth" and "Somebody I/)S'es Me," should write finis to the slnm-bung, willy-niHy fhnv,\L-ver .nit ii.suatly pIcmi-hcMl ii)J fur Jiej at Piiramouni. Kvi-n O. 11. UcMLJli* is s new HuUiui'.s praises, "Vou'vii stcjjped ever let Tin push you biu-k again." Belly's rrncllon to Dp M i 1 1 e: "What- I Icnrnrrl about anting Erom tlint mflnJ Fie did things to me inside." Wrestler Tiger Joe Marsh, nixing a grappling tour for a role 1n a Fox movie: "The studio offered me H rmu-h bettor .soripl." EDSON Continued from Ha Re 8 lolal in HIU. Originally all collectors" employes were Also political ;ip|x>mlee,s. Bill a few years a^o ibrv were blanketed into the civil ,sf rvire. Most ot the irr run tor Hies in the lower ranks have been found in these employes. Commissioner Dunlap says that among the best collectors, there are record. 1 ; ot .success by both civil service career men and the political appointees who 'him 1 had broad tjn.sine.-,s i-Xpeui'lKT mul mv wrll- " advisii)K h her* : i <lu - ll " J< ' tl (< "' llielr H'*- ip. kid. Don't I He ll " M uot - iK'Llt've all colN-clor-s .should !>e forteit lo give up connections u-hon they so to vark for the government. Commissioner Dunlap himself bri.^ given many civil service employes permission to take out.side Jobs because they couldn't .support wife und -several kids on government salarie. 1 -. NOTICK OK SALE Notice i.s hereby sfven that the ul ITS illicit as CuimuisMoner in lnuiveiy. pursuant to the UerrvlHl on TV climaxes two VPHFS of film i Order of tlie Cliniiicry Court for Inactivity ami n \vaiiim> period that j tllp Cliicknsawba District of Missis- almost broke lier heart. Her mar- ( s'l'pl Counts'. Arkansas, r en tiered on September 24, 1951. in cause No. 1176-1 wherein D. P, Taylor, Trustee. et aL were plaintiffs and Ertiest H. Beadle. Sr., et al. were defendants, will offer for sale at public auction ic.-s titlpc!, "The Hoofer." About a! lo ' ne lilfiihest and best bidder upon ' a credit of three months at the Smith door of the Counhou=e \\ Blytbeville. Arkansas, on the Tib dn> Murk down "The Gilda Gray Sto-| of November, 1951. be I ween the Ho.sallnd Russell's decision to move to New York for a big whir] i rlage to Freddie BrSsson. by the way, s not on the rocks, as reported but SOI,TO, George Rj t ft is up for a new TV former vflurieville dancer who becomes a Ilrojsd« - ay detective. H*/p W.nteJ m in all nn]or to cttu- hos- Private Rooms :ire Inr^e brdrnoms, newly Ml. L'onvcnlcnlly locntcd. 1'h JOHNNY MARK Renltor Phone '1111 Res. I'honc 250r> 10-8 ck If Real Estate Farms—Cily Property LOANS V \.»\+r*t,\+4 im SujSni 01 *»UL*E ••• Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Karls — Glencoe Kltlif. Ph. 6868 lonnir whcTlir h cur —ir so. t t>i to rnkr with \IK. wri i-fH SoclPly, . Ark, at iiiodrl. To rrp- Blci'J . Hairs- in 12 ph ifi Nlce taint room. pclrAte baVh ami en- irftnco. Ulosc Ln. I'll. 4-1 J'i. 9,?2 ci it FOR KKNT: J5nsi!^oss Property on the corner ut" \V;ihml it Franklin, in Hlytheville. y si/.(.-s ut buildings to J'it any liii^itiess area now offered. Take one or all. For -, t^rtii no,- o P i,, for „«*• lli«n* contact PAUL liVKU.M. Soulhrrn Belt? Jumbo Btipcrvendor. j J)--?(i ck t f Tin- rni;.- of tin- n;i1kHi. First ttinp ncl- | Lroon H K YO tJ It O\V N IJOHH1 Wo -mnkor. I,i oof im<L .rll- clo Only. I'h 10,13 ck tf with jirnfltp up to ILmP proms, much Your Lnvr.s Only t.VW ti (jii.-nt fullx- (HIO prcurocl hy \f,C. lUltl COIltCilft. •TVICW. vvTttc i;Lvln^ ff. Writ.' tO();uv REAL ESTATE . If interested in H lionie or farm, sen UK. We have anything from a vacant lot to H plantation. CITY & FARM LOANS CATF.S-W1GGS REALTORS 1 15 S. Snl. St. Ph! 27ol or '.|^>8 10-3 rk tf HIT1IANAN S.M.KS COMPANY Sup^rvi-iul Ih'pnrfmrnt T O. flf\ 1?nO. Shrrvdport. I ;>. Female Help Wonted r5.on st Kirain K;vs([i-. 10 "2 ck Wonted T"" omplnii"! KlrlA to shnrr -4 rcr A ?fn; In-tnVf noon. IO 11 p-t For Rent'or Leose NOTIflE OF SAI.K Malice i? hct'chy KIVCII that the uuricr.sisnpci :is CoinmiS-sioner iti j (Jhaticpry, PUJ -suum t« I lie Drctrtnl' OrcJtT <if the Chancery Conn tor I Hie Chi4-kn.sni.vbH Oistriul of Mbsis-j .sippi ('utility. Afk;in-'.av. n-inlrrrd rjn S('i>um!>' v r '21. liljl, in i:iiu,-t! No il'riiti \\ht-ri-in D. (•'.'I'uyhir. 'I'liiMci', | <-t ;il. -Anc pl;unlif(s and Trulst G.| Sliiuiuno ft ai, \\ert 1 c1rfcLHlnnt,s, \villi offer £iir p^le nt inibLu; auriiun (o \ the his^lirst and best blcldrr upon n i credit of ihtn- months at the South] < Li Kir of the Cmit'thdiistr in Ulyi he- | i ilir. mi (he Tlh tiny :ii , No\ i-iiilii'i . 1 !*Til, LiT\\ rrtl the hmii:. [ of «».( Ylotk in the utiiniiiiK kind : I H ,un <i'rli-ck in tin 1 altet'iiDun, tin- • [ All -'f t.ot Nunuifi- Fiffcrn US' i MI ^JM-IK FUT '5 1 of fhc H;u id | Ad-rs SnfHiiMMon fn the City nl l ! .ly;l<i". i!lr. Arkan.-.fis. as 5lv-.\a by u't<irtlrn ulnt ol saul Sulxii- ry" as H movie marquee attraction for 1952. Agent- Helen Ainsworth has assinnpd wrilers to work on the story treatment with .Gilds nud is nlrpiidy talking dollars and cents to major studios. • • * The Kenneth Tobcy dusappeai me. act at RKO even has .studio in.sid- ers pirwled. He clicked as the Air Force captain in "The Thin^," bin hasn't appeared in front of a camera "since. The .studio also is Uirnhiij down all loan- out offers— (our to dale. ' « * • It's just a legend, says Gregory Pork, that he's Hollywood's champ in Hie I- turn-down- scripts lentrue. "I probably don't turn down as many as Cary Grant or Gary Cooper," Peck told me, "It's just that 3 try to avoid repenting a role. V/Tien I did 'Keys to Tne Kingdom.' they sent me a barrel of religicnis scripts. "After 'Spellbound,' everybody j ; warned me to play more psyc-hologi- j cal parts. I eot a bunch o( tired cowboy scripts after'"The Gunlieht- ' er " Now " rm ^ rttin ^ Biblical stories |Iossed at nie * ' KinJ? Sotomo » R "<* i ^ ^»«» t)f ^ebar It hasn^been ! ""^ t0 me and , T wmildn . l ll ° ", I .. hcres "° ZI " B l ° «P catin P a Headquarters For Used Car&Truck Values COME IN AND SEE WHY THE ® EMBLEM MEANS A BETTER BUY FOR YOU! 191!) Chevrolet Fleettine 2-<l<ior Sedan .. ylZ95 19-17 Chevrolet 1-cloor Sedan, black ...... $895 19-18 Ford V-8 o-Cassenger Coupe, a beauty V«vv IS) 10 I'lymoiith 2-door Sedan. . .only ..... $VUv 1010 Sluduhaker 2-door Seri;in for just .. v' «** 19:i I Ford V-S 2-door Sedan, a cheap one . . Vv » lillil Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, black finish, low mileage. See this extra clean car today! .Most of these cars are equipped with radios, spotlights, heaters and seat covers. hours oT 9:00 o'clock in the morning and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the following described lands All of t.oi. Number Seventeen m> in Block Five <5i of the Duvid Aeres Subdivision of ihe City of Blythcvllle. Arkansas, a.s shown by plat recorded !n Plat Rook One, paye I6f>. in [he Recorder's office at Blythe, Arkansas, The purchaser. If other . than plaintiff. wiU be required lo execute note ir bond with good and approved surety on the date of the sale. Given under my hand and seal on this 15th day of October, 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk and Commissioner The planet Mercury has a yeai only 88 days long. JUKI Chevrolet i/,-T«n Pickup Truck, red co | 0 r lil-tfi CMC i/j -Ton Pickup Truck. . .only .. 1!M7 ])odj?e P' 2 -Ton Truck with new faclory-rehnill motor ................... Hllfi Inlernationul I'/i-Ton Truck... the motor and tires are perfect ........ Easy GMAC Payment Plan / Remewher, Y»» C»n Always Get A Good De»I *t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W»st Wakiut PhMi* 4578 Open Nights Until 9 p.m. There are more than 160,000,000! One pound of sterl will make hooks in public and college Hbrar-1 mile.s of the wire i]=ed for wa ies-iti the United states alone. | hair.spring.s. Ci^.s in Hectrie lisht bullxs Is bc- lovi ahno^phcric pressure when the IniLhs are cold, but vvhrn they heat up thf. pf,^ expands and the pro. 1 !. c ure is about that ot the nlmo- > ph ere nrnu [id the bul b. to; CHEAP for Safe, Misc, CI OSE OVT Oil hta:rr«- Two fuli lots ant! 14 room house, well located, suitable for family owner to occupy I Erst l]fMiv;ind rent fourapnvt- mo?)ts nn seen ml floor. Kfttt? wmilil nmn' tltnn carry payment on loan. Harvey Stewart, ph. 802-1. H»-S) ck 17 f'.Tf hurrlnr [iroof <a[rs Small *,\ff« ,rti In. Ffi 40^7 in 4 pX II -i Oulv k town New equipment. Roix^n siKiny it»m i In Uio 11 r.- UrilKlini; ••<!. ]lii\(l liookrr, HolUud, Mo n rx IK Lost and found ,• !nil rtT FlTM HiijUlst ("li-iifti. •rcoid N!-' \V K H'i«-l^ti:i;.n. iMnnHlSon. !'}]. '>*'.W. JH ] pk HI Tlir plitriinsrr. if oilier 1 hn r; l.iir.ruf. -.Mil IIP irriiiirrri in excruu- intc nr h>:i nd u i! h i;nod ;lini ;i;i- urety 0:1 the time of • hr elk old jtv«>vecS salc\ (TL\CM ntidr this 15Mi tiny my liand niii! MN of October, 19SL For Rent ! llTT-l. iPbonr \Vlill- left fi.nik j All pin lies ol ten ; | port fi-h trom lf\! extern *">;it arm. For Sale, Cars and Trucks HFfKSrIIF.R WF.STFNT3 Al'TO SALKS *274 - 7l'I and Krnwxxl Save MIMIPV \\'hon You R'iy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAKKISOX & SOX FfRXITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf . . lore 7 20 a n.. For Inrtlv; JirAllh and F Sharpc, p JfiT'.n Dff-r 5 ftoj-.s In 6*37. i i pm.. n- m.-. dralr in 9 pk : in 13 p rprt for . 5HO Sa 1012 C ly Fh 10 12 p cry poort centime 4237 or in 2 Norrca ion. Phr-ii 10.1 S pit WHAT TO HO IN CASK OF AN AC- CIOKNT -11 VPHT nr l< ,3^m^c«l In ' i »-in ^Ivc you ft IT icp.^lr work of hVi;* ,.. 1T U paint- niaKfrt pait!i Free r 5rrvlre cn»l 6991 RPRNKTT HUD- 16 \ ed- not Ji.v - -- ! pf.Hir.atf* F r^(1 I rtjtys -- 4ii> SON SAI.F.S Insurance Call ;i553 Fur Complete Insurance Protection \V. j. Pollard Agency Platinrd Protoclion 174 W Aih fll Cil.ESC-OK 110 I El. nUUJlIXCi Jobs Wanted 4,33 t» IliJ.uxors. Ark. driver flfslrps reformers. Write n<i Concrefe Culvert Tile Si/r.i ui> In M In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si/cs up to SI in. Antnnutlr Flood (lilri Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sower Tile RoM Priors We llrlnri A. H. WEBB Highway Bl M Slalc I.lnt Phnnr 47U Who Takes Care Of Your Car? Open for Business MODERN HOME Interior Decorators Highway 61 S. C. J. BURRIS l'1'MOI.STKRER I'llnn f 8061 SHEET METAL WORKS == - — OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to "4 .inch thickness, Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Kronttway Phone 2651 1 they damp R Rood Job? If i ci'm't have coin [)le tp confl- ur in flit 1 service you're now lmi; t fln'ti 1 ry T. I. Rosiy Mu- t'ii. rrirjuity, expcii hei vice T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. (h n« a If r Phon« i FIRST SEE YOUR DOCTOR Then See Us! Kresh 1'rescriptions Kxperlly Prepared ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE m \ Ash Slrtfl RENT A CAMERA Mtirfe (!»mf rxi Flash Camera.i Bni Campras The Inrtpenslve Way (o rrr.wrve Itn^urLttil Occasions BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 21)06 West M»in 1'hone 3617 TODAY'S SPECIAL! 1950 FORD CLUB COUPE 51295 Every detail is important: Hie radio', heater, overdrive, new tires—and the sparkling maroon finish! Here's the car you've planned to own! Just ?12!I5. SHOES Repaired- Restyled SHOES DYED and CLEANED HflLTCRS OUflUTY SHOC SHOP . . I ' W MfllNST. • IfllB Ford 2-door Sedan, black finish radio and heater • 1M7 Torcl 2-door Sedan. ,S5 II. l>. motor, practically new tires • 19.iO CMC '/j-Ton I'ickup. ex-1 cullvnl buv $995 i or, prac- $175 • mis Jnt er national Mi-Ton short wheclbase Truck.. .It's in fine shape .. • !!! 19 Chevrolet 2-Ton S\V!i Truck with new motor. nnnx20 fires, saddle Innks and fifth wheel . . $995 GMC 2-Ton long wliccllinse Truck with practically CftQR new (ires y(K>3 • 1919 Dodge 3'4-Ton check the price • 1950 fiMC 3/4-Ton I'ickup. This low mileage truck has excellent tires • 1949 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton I'ickup with deluxe cab and healer .... HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your OWsmobiU-GMC Truck Dealer i Us«d Car Lot - - - 390 E«t Main Strett Just Call 6151

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