The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1968 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 6, 1968
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. 62—NO. 248 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS (72315) SATURDAY, JANUARY 6,1968 12 PAGES 10 CENTS POLITICAL MACHINE-Students at Blytheville Jr. High School yesterday used a voting machine in an election to choose Mr. and Miss BJHS. The use of the machine was a project of the civics classes taught by Mr. Bob Jamison and Mrs. Gena Wright. An explanation of how to operate the machine was given by Ed Allison. (Courier News Photo) High School Out Of New School Plan Blytheville's school board yesterday drafted plans for an $843,000 school bond issue which will appear on the March 12 school election ballot. The plan envisions a seven- mill tax-increase, four for construction and three for paying the salaries and other expenses incidental to the construction of new classrooms. This new plan avoids the sticky racial issues which led to the defeat of a million-do! lar upgrading program last fall. It is preoccupied with lower grades—one through nine—and includes the construction of a 350-student junior high school. Ten elementary classrooms and two elementary libraries will go to those schools where the crowded conditions are worst: Central (primarily white) and Franklin (Negro). A site of 40 to 60 acres will be purchased for the junior high. It will include a track, money for which has been set aside for years, acording to Supt. J. K. Williams. Although the new junior high might be small at its inception, it would be constructed in such BOSTON (AP) — Dr. Benjamin Spock, Yale University Chaplain William Sloane Coffin Jr., and three other opponents of U.S. policy in Vietnam have been indicted on charges of conspiring to counsel young men to qualms about Spock, the 64- Ferber, 23, of Boston, a graduate student at Harvard University. ..Raskin was a White House aide for a time in the Kennedy administration in the office of McGeorge Bundy, special as- None was arrested. The FBI said the five would be ordered to appear in federal court at Boston for arraignment. That date has not been set. of conspiracy to Selective Service Conviction violate the Act carries a maximum penalty up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, director of the Selective Service system, said he takes "no pleasure in seeing anybody get indicted," but said the action, initiated by the Jus- avoid the draft. "I have no going to jail," . year-old author of widely read books and articles on baby care, said at a news conference in his New York City apartment after a federal grand jury returned the indictments in Boston Friday. "This trial will better dramatize the illegal and immoral war and if this trial will further my efforts to stop it, so much the better," Spock said. Also indicted with Spock and the New Haven, Conn., chaplain were Marcus Raskin, 23, of ice Department, was necessary Washington, D.C., codirector of because "if they are not guilty the Institute for Policy Studies; ^ ey ougnt to ge t a chance to Mitchell Goodman, 44, an au- snow it and if tney ar6| jfoy thor from New York City and| ought to De p un jslied." Temple, Maine; and Michael, The indictments Ijsted u overt acts as a basis for the i charges allegedly having taken j place during four events. The events: —A meeting last Oct .16 at the Arlington Street Churah in Boston in which draft resisters allegedly burned their draft cards at the church altar during a protest ceremony. —A demonstration in Washington last Oct. 20 at which resistance to the draft was urged as the protesters collected Selective Service documents that later were left at the Depart- mnt of Justice building. —Distribution by Spock and Coffin in New York City last August of a statement titled "A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority." —A press conference in New sistant to the president for na- fin publicly urgedjegistrantsjn tional security affairs. """ J ""*"' " "~ "" York City last October where Coffin, Goodman and Spock allegedly told of their opposition to ,,the war and encouraged youths not to serve in the armed forces. The indictment said that Cof- the crowd outside the Justice Department to continue to resist the draft. Coffin, Spock, Raskin afld Goodman are members of "Resist," a Cambridge organization which calls itself an "adult" support organization for the draft resisters. All five oppose U.S. participation in the war in Vietnam. Spock said of the accusations: "We gave young men moral and financial support to end this Draft Tiff illegal war and commit acts of bit panicky. civil disobedience because wej "We're not a conspiracy. We are so absolutely convinced that haven't done anything under- a way that it could be expanded, Williams explained. Also in the program is a provision for a physical education building at Harrison High School (Negro). This would replace the deteriorating old wooden structures which was moved to the Harrison campus at the end of World War II. This is the only money which is to be spent at the high school level, in contrast to the million dollar program submitted to the voters in September. The old plan would have added a large vocational technical wing to Blytheville High School and would have merged Harrison with BHS. This integration feature is credited with defeating the issue, which was not tremendous- ly popular in the Negro sector, either. '•'.' The measure lost by a 1,061782 vote. Williams pointed out that:if the new program is approved, it will allow the district to employ full-time principals at each elementary school save Lange and Sudbury, the two smallest, who would continue to share a single principal. It Beats Me Courier Publishes Last Column Today By Herb Wight Managing Editor You are reading the last "It Beats Me" column to be printed. I've come on like a champ bearding city and county "lions" on subjects they didn't really want to have printed, such as: Raw sewerage bubbling up out It is going to be given a new name and a new format. I * " br ° ken sewer line and down s T | e „ r 0 k e n dowlli (at one Ume) ]aughable dt incinera . From now on you won't have t or . The Shocking condition of the to write in your questions. You may phone them in ... and the city sewage system . number is PO 3-4461. i Teenagers playing When you phone, however, machines; honest and sincere old gentlemen is worth all the credit Bly- fheville and all Mississippi County can give ... and more." That "honest and sincere old gentleman" is only doing what he is elected to do when he gives the city a check at the end of the year ($216,000 for 1967.) If he did anything else with the money he'd end up in his own jail since the funds repre- t . irlhall jsent a tax to be collected and p not an excess of money it takes this war is illegal and..immoral." Spock said he hoped that "100,000, 200,000 or even 500,000 young Americans either refuse cover. We've taken ads in newspapers and literally put our draft cards on the table." Goodman said he believes President Johnson "is losing his cool" about draft protests. to be drafted or to obey orders if in military service." He said he was questioned by FBI agents about a month ago in connection with his protest activities. "I told them what I had been! The Institute for Policy Stud- doing," he said, "and I told; ies, of which Raskin is a codi- them in great detail. But when 11 rector, is a private organization Raskin, at his home in Washington, and Coffin, in Washington for a meeting, both declined comment until they saw copies I of the indictment. started to tell them why I was doing it, they stopped writing." Goodman, at his New York home, said, "It looks like President Johnson is getting a little Crash Injures City Man W. T. Langley, 32, of Blytheville was slightly injured in a seven car collision on the Memphis-Arkansas bridge Wednesday night. This morning he was listed in good condition at Crittendon County Memorial West Memphis. Hospital at Langley's auto was smashed between two tractor-trailer trucks causing his car to burst into flames. His clothing caught fire, but he was able to seat out the flames and escaped with and bruises. cuts Dateline — January 6 ~~ Election Plans Are Taking Shape Candidates will draw for ballot positions in the March 30 special election on Thursday, Election Commission Chairman W. J. Wunderlich said today. The election commission will meet at 1:30 in the meeting room of First National Bank. Mrs. L. H. Autry and Ed Allison, candidates for a vacant legislative position, will be invited to be present for the drawing and will be told of other details of the election, Wunderlich said. "We will explain about thej MUM otw ward* in BlyUmvUle|boad issue." and Osceola and judges and clerks will be selected at the meeting." Wunderlich stated that (he $300,000 Act 9 (lax free) municipal bond issue also will be up before voters that day. This is money which will be used to expand Blytheville Canning Co., here. The canning company assumes full obligation for tiie bond issue's repayment. "They will be on separate baHots," Wunderlich said, "Each polling'place will have a set of ballot boxes for he legislative race and for the SAIGON (AP) - Communist troopers overran a village six miles from the big U. S. air base at Bien Hoa today and held it for five hours in an attempt to score a propaganda victory. The U. S. Command reported the loss of four more jets over North Vietnam, boosting the number of combat losses in the war to more than 1,000 aircraft. U.S. forces drove the enemy out of the village of Tan Uyen, 23 miles north of Saigon, at the break of dawn but the Communists had burned down 11 homes, killed six civilians and eight government soldiers. ADD1SS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - About 300 university students hanged President Johnson in effigy today and chanted anti-American slogans while waiting for Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey to come and talk to them. The students carried dozens of signs assailing the U. S. role in Vietnam, such as "Americans hands are red with the blood of Vietnamese children." Humphrey, delayed by a two-hour meeting with Emperor Haile Selassie, canceled plans to address the students. This caused one student leader to say: "We are very disappointed the vice president is not coming. We just wanted him to know how we felt." MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet Union accused the United States today of being "hypocritical" about damage to Soviet ships in North Vietnam and said the Pentagon is trying to "evade an answer" to a Soviet protest note. Tass charged a State Department statement on the Soviet protest "gives no clear reply to the Soviet government's demands." The Soviet Union protested Thursday damage to the cargo ship Pereslavl, Zalessky during a raid by U. S. planes that day on the North Vietnamese port of Haiphong. State Department press officer Robert J. McCloskey said that if the ship was damaged, "it was inadvertent and is regretted." # CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) - Dr. Phillip Blaiberg was reported in satisfactory condition and cheerful today after his heart transplant operation. The head of the operating team said he now wants to do a heart transplant on an African. On the fifth day with his new heart, the 58-year-old dentist is "enjoying life better now than before the operation," Dr. Chrisian N. Barnard said. "Even if he only lives for days, he's bad that. Wt'va given him something." that conducts, research in economics and social and political sciences and other fields. Until five years ago Spock See SPOCK on Page 2 the women taking your question won't be able to listen to long, drawn-out complaints or questions. Please be brief. Simply say, "I have a question for 'Action Line,' (the new name this column will have)." Then state.your question in about two sentences. You don't need to give your County property tax assessments; And a host of other items. Now, come on folks! Don't act like a bunch of losers. Since I asked for help last week no one has responded. "Help!" "it's funny to me that when you read in the paper the first name if you don't want to. Your i tn j n g you see ; s ( ne name O f Jan. 31 Is Tag Deadline .. Car owners have until Jan. 31 to purchase auto tags without chair, get a pen and paper and initials or just "Anonymous" will be fine. Also, this is the last column 1 will exclusively write. From now on answers will be handled by the entire news staff, which will enable us to answer more questions. Since this is my last personal column, allow me to say, "It's been fun. Thanks for your support." • Hellooooooo out there! Is anybody reading? If anyone is, ease your arthritic old bones out of that easy a penalty. jsend me your nomination for 'Recently some reports have • the oldest house, business been circulated that Jan. 15 is the deadline and this isn't true," Otis Austin, local revenue in- building and school in this here cunty. Listen, all you devoted read- spector for the State Revenue | ers, it REALLY DOES beat me Department, said this morning. I as to which buildings qualify as The revenue office on second' the oldest in the county. I need floor of City Hall will be open j help. Monday. I "Help!" Mayor (Tom) Little or Chief (of Police George) Ford. Seems like they are the only two in town who do anything. "Why doesn't our mayor give any of the men working in the ditches or sweeping the streets, picking up trash or garbage any credit?" - RRS, City. The fault is mine. Several times as I interviewed him, Mayor Little has complimented city employes. Last to run his department. Since he's the collector of taxes, he's only doing his job. ':.'; By the way, according to the city clerk's office, all of that $216,000'isn't .available to patch city streets. — •>. Only $35,451.17 can be used oa streets. Another $75,835.54 goei into the city general fund. Tht rest of the cash is used to retir* See WIGHT on Page 2 . School To Seek Bids For the third time in recent months the Gosnell School Board will avertise for bids t» construct a four - classroom ad- unsolicited statement that he thought City of Blytheville em- ployes were the best that could be found. He said he'd "put them up against any in the country." • The same questioner adds, "It also beats me when the mayor discussed the city's finances he failed to mention the nice turn back which Sheriff (William) Berryman turned in. "It seems to me that this OEQ Revamp Plan Revealed, Attacked LITTLE ROCK (AP)-A plan' to revamp the Office of Economic Opportunity programs in Arkansas was divulged Friday by the director of the state OEO and attacked by five officers of the Arkansas Association of Community Action Agency Directors. Glen Jermstad announced the plan which calls for placing the state's 75 counties in 24 poverty regions. The state currently has 48 counties participating in the program through 24 agencies. Jermstad said a law recently adopted by Congress requires reorganization of community action programs in the state. The officers who criticized Jermstad said his plan was based on improper interpretation of an amendment to antipoverty legislation. The officers, who said they spoke for all the members of the state's 24 antipoverty, Nuclei, "100 per cent" dissatisfaction with Jermstad. Jermstad presented the plan to a group of county judges Thursday and told the group that the target date for reorganization was July 1. He said that since the reorganization involved the possible loss of some money in some counties that phase of it would be postponed until July 1, 1969. Jermstad's plan call for the iously planned. Bids will be opened Jan. 10 and - if acceptable - construction will begin within one month weather permitting, according to Supt. J. W. Rea. Additional space is needed to relieve crowded conditions of the present 53 - classroom facility now being used by the 1,800 member student body, Rea. said. Two previous attempts to begin work on the project were stalled when bids submitted were too high, he said. Completion of the project will normally take 150 days, Rea, said, if all schedules are met and no delays are encountered. Once construction starts, plans to i hire four additional teachers will g o into effect. They will teach children in the middle grades. delta region counties in toe state don't currently participate in the community action programs. "If we don't solve our problems in the delta, we'll just continue to send them to St. Louis, New York, Chicago and other big cities," he said. Region I, composed of Washington, Benton and Madison counties, would receive about 316,000 less than they did in federal government to, in ef-| fiscal 1967 under Jermstad's feet, give the state a block plan. grant on poverty funds with the state office funnelling the monies out to the various regions based on their poverty index. Jermstad said the plan must be approved by R. Sargent Shrlver, director of the federal OEO, before it can be put into effect in Arkansas but that the plan has the endorsement of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. JermsUd said n«t «L tht The poverty index, devised by the federal government, considers Hie number of families in a county with annual incomes below $3,200, the poverty level. "We've got go many poor people in Arkansas that we may have to go to $2,000 as the poverty level because of limited funds," Jermstad said. He said there were 747,000 4 PUN to Pig« I J. K. Willims' Father Dies • Gladstone Williams, father of Blytheville Schools Supt. J.' K. Williams, died last night in a Little Rock hospital. Mr. Williams also leaves another son, Billy Williams, Marion, and a sister, Mrs. E. J. Jenkins, Jr., Crawfordsville. National Funeral Home of Memphis is in charge of funeral arrangements, which had not been completed as of this morning. iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) Weather Forecast Hazardous driving and cold wave warning north portion tonight. Much colder tonight as snow ends in north portion. Freezing rain mixed with snow in south portion. Low tonight 10 north to 25 south. . '

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