The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, IMS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NOT A BLEMISH.' THt» »C«SC SURE KNOWS HOW TDTAKE OJZE OP HtMSCLf NCTASCWfTCH.' NOT ABRUIS6/ NOT A BLEMISH.' HEROES ARE MAP6-WOT SORX1 _!:% —>« BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) OOURIEK NEWI Our Boarding HOUM with Moj. Hoople WftH 1 MAD A e»TTE« CtGAR.' MA. HEMINGWAY ~- MY QEO- OLAR SHIPMENT *«*«. UtWAUA MAS 8*EM DeLAYSD/-— MOW, ' AS I WAS SANtMG, THE OA"Y AFTER I Too* HAMLET'S ROLE j FOC -frit A1UCJG SIR U6*JRY • IRVK46, He B06H6D, BEAMIK1& MR? MV AHEAD — *AWTS ME fO USTEfl SIM6CC, WSME's' CSACK Hi HER VOtc* NOO COULD HID* A ' . BMJ3O IKl.'-fc-i.ET'* 60 CATCH TUE GAB VOOR. MAY Be 8ETT6R Vto FOR SALE Concrete culvert* 12 inch to iX inch, plain or reenfureed Als« Concrete Building mtetu cheaper than I urn bet for barns chicken h'o uses, p u mp b a met, te na nl houses, tool shed* We deliver Call us Tor free e&tlmate Phnne 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS: That's why pau'U save yourseU many a dollar by having jour shoes repaired by our expert workmen.- Next time 1x7 us I H-flLT€RS c q.iTY SMQC SHOP For the Finest Prescript-ion Service Steps t he.; BMMUwJ k, Nf A H IVICl IMC. T 1 "" »TOm:i II.(H B.iry B.M- * rt «K' - MINIUM ••*•• ih« ||| r »f <;"7"« •!>•,*•» 7..BKC, .1.,,. p., (..,«! ».. ,,. w ,. »«„,, fc j. fn _ »°-"l .1 _.rrl.*«. Tin c._. IV «""««•«» ••«••»«»•. ««,» »«r. aa4 tell* btraelt «b« will K lv« "«"7 Ik, ...wrr k* • •.». B.< fr.u" '•"'• U *T»'I •» > »!»••*• k-"£<H.*rHy"~ «••*'<" ""I l»~ <k« U I. *.»."«l(»"rtiL'** 1 " XXII CO this was lave'. This was what the song writers sang about the poets praised, what made the world go round. This giddy dizzy feeling, this pounding of the pulses, this breathless expectancy this ridiculous, yet altogether lightful madness. Gaynel was not quit* sure whether she liked it or not. She knew H bereft her completely of all reason and common sense. She knew she had never lived before that the world was an entirely different place. And that she would have to snap out of it one of these days and face facts. For facts, cold sober ones, were stored somewhere in back of this rosy daze. Not just yet. her heart whispered, let it last a little while, this beaulnul singing world. i« may never, never be K lovely quite again. She told herself th«t reality would drown and destroy >ll this sweep the mythical moon out o( the sky and land her, with a plunk back down on .earth. Sunday Fritz took her to BeBe Isle to make a day at H. Or a* Fntx said. To oelebrau. That's wfe»« this IB. my (ow. in case you're not awar» ot it. A celebration. I've got * new Job. You are now gazing upon the newly appointed promotion manager ot the Enterprise News Syndicate Congratulations are • order if you please." "On, FritzT Gaynel had to lit down upon th« nearest park bench. she wss so overcome by inch big news. Tm so glad, so terribly glad. Sh« was, of course; and yet crowding out thai gladness came the thought. It's come. The time to look reality in the face Does that mean you'll be going away?" "Not right oft." Fritz gave her a wide grin, as he sat down beside her on the bench. He took her hands in his, pulled her around so [hat she must look into his eyes, ^'You don't seem to be taking this the way you should. With somersaults and one war whoop, at least." 'I'll him them in a minute," she promised. But the way her heart behaved when he looked at her made other acrobatics impossible at the moment, "u kind of struck me in the middle. All of a sudden. The way you [eel when something hits you and you lose your breath." 'J KNOW. It did me the same trick. I almost got tight last night. In fact," his grin was rueful, "that's why this celebration being held here today. I spent my first week's salary In advance Today, my love, we dine on a couple of hamburgers. You don't mind?" Gaynet shook her head. How Rild she mind, aa long n h« was so near, his tweed sleeve brushing her own. his hair all rumpled and shiny in the sun, nil eyes to blue hat the *icy above looked faded n comparison? Yet sh« knew she should mind; that was ju*t U Part of those sober cold facts that would have to b< stared but at countenance. These an exceptional ham- lurgers, ot course," fritt said. "Just wait till you rink your teeth -n them!" H« crunched his own in inticiparion, wet his Irpa. "That's why Pw been dragging you for miles aU over thia Isle; to whip 'our appetite into shape. Boy!" H* stretched his le*s in front of him as far as they would reach. which was quite some distance' "It does feel good to be 'set' Suppose we postpone the feast and Just commune with nature awhile." for E, at tlie moment, was > black squirrel approaching them cautiously, yet with a hopeful gleam in its bright eye and In the flag-flung triumph of U, bushy tail. Fritz nudged her to sit slitl. He reached out a hand, clenched as [hough containing some hidden treasure; made a clucking sound with his tongue. The squirrel came toward them once more, a little pause between each eager advance; with a leap it landed neatly on Fritz's shoulder, to perch there a moment then dashed down his coat front, took • nibble at one button, poked an inquiring nose into his hand. 'Aren't you ashamed?" Gayne! asked, when the little creature alter giving them a reproachful look, had scurried away. "Not me.- Fritz returned inelegantly and shamelessly. "The little rogue probably already has full winter's store piKered away." 'Smart fellow," Gaynet said. "We should take a leasoo," she said. "Save up (or that rainy day. I U bet you haven't one nickel in a savings account young man. Or any Intention of ever putting i one there, which is worte. What will you do when winter comes?" That's an old one," Fritz stretched his legs a little further Havenl you heard? There's always spring, the wench, sneaking up, wagging her tali behind, like Mary's lamb. Now III ask yo« " He pointed an accusing ringer at her. "What would I do with a bank account? I'm not afraid of the rain. When are «• going V> be married. Gay?" Gaynel took a deep breath: then he plunge. "That's what 1 meant," *>e MJd, "about a bank account low can you talk so blithely of aking on the recponsibilities 64 a "mily without one? 1 don't quite * how we can get married, CT» Be C«nti»«e4) Say It . . Wilh Flowen THE FLOWER SHOP GleneM BallOlnt il w rr« In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blythtmll*) It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service More than > hundred kinds of birds h«ve become extinct in the last 200 years RENT A CAR Drlre Anjwhen Too PlraM Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 "Oh no, Son, / ne vtr fcot/, er ^ tarings. I get a loan from GSHtKAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION " STABBS Refrigeration Service and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-554 Blylheville Willys Sales Co. 410 K. Main TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operatori! Use the protection afforded by the State and demand • licemed operator Experienced, Reliable. Termitei Hnnsehold Pest*. BIjthevMie'* onlj licensed operator WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. I, Bos 8-W. Mala 8t Phone J7« ^V* s M %// ^ i \ N S / (' XOUR ENGINE ^i , SINGS A MERRY TUNE whin o«r ix|»»rt mtchanks bandit your tun*-up work I N« (umblinf . •i»n<. Our f •nttfit flnaly*! wlrK T»ur (ft Mi* rh« rigM tlu- t *Kaetly what'l wrong ni fh«n rh«y quickly Chamblin Sales Co. _ ., Railroad & Ash ,, ho(| , 888 PAGE FIFTEEN . "Mother, sent me to tell you to be sure and stay In bed for your cold, and to borrow a cgp of flourl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER And That Makes Sens* TJ4C STATE rV**>*S tXVYiD IS NON- PARTtSAN. VOU NEED ONLY MEET" CERTAIN MINIMUM RKlUeeMENTS AMD HWB A UTTIE OkPfTM/ MALT A WU.KX Tl KNEW rr/vou> SHOULD DO / CANT uia;Lv / — ••- PRISCIl.LA'S POP HY AL VEKMEKK THAT TEACHER SURE THINKS THE WORLD OF OUR CHILDREN! ME THE VERY SAME SEAT THAT CARLYLE HAD WHEN HE WAS IN JUST HOW DID SHE SAY IT, PRISCILLA ~,-j LONG OUR NAME IS CARVED E DESK, I MGHT WELL USE VIC FLINT Job for Manihorp KY MICHAEL O'MALLKV and RALPH LANE RUNMIMSINJOVNO. THERE'; A\ DIFFICULTY /CHARTER BOATMAN ™ WITH THAT AUCN HERf CAIUD STAU- CKW Of YOURS, \ CtJP. I WANT MXI V£ SA 7 _^y\ JO CH/4RTER ON NOW VOUVf SEEN THE MOTOBOOS VERA OARKIWS.THS NEXT STEP IS FOR YOU K) CHARTER ON WITH SUCK STAlLCOP/ HE MUSTN'T KNOW.' HE'D SlMPtYSttTME/ DON'T EVEN IET ON THAT YOU KNOW Mf / *«WNTHO«P, THIS IS VERA DARKLING. I'M AT HAIFWAY HARBOR AND IVt WHAT DOTS BUCK THINK Of THAT IDEA? WASH TUBBS LESLIE TURNER GUESS WHATj VOU* TBAI* ItFT W HOUR AGO, AMD TWEE'S WOT AiWTHEE. TILL MOKNIkj}! WHV, SAEAI WHAT'S TH' FOESIVE ME, GIG! I_I SUDDEMLV FEIT 6O ALOUE IH THE WORLD., J*,N AMD I HM6 ALWAYS SEEK SO VERY CWSE_ SHE WAS SO,..SO CRUDE I CAM UEVEE FEEL THE SAME FOR HER AGMM. NOW I HAVE NO OKE BUT MY W.BV 60VI OH, CIS. I HEED A GOOD CRY OH A STRONG SHOIM.PER YOU POOR KID! BEEkl FEELIUG SO SOKKY FORMVSELFI ALMOST FOR SOT YOUR DISIWOtUTMEMT 1 LOOK.SABA... I'LL FLY YOU UP IN THE COMPANY PLANE! tWO HOURS. WEIL 1AKE CATHY, TOO! VOU'RE AVIOBL. GIG! I'D LOVE LITTLE HILAE.Y TO KNOW CATHY! AtlDlTll. GIUE US A FEW MORE HOURS ro BOLSTBRONE MOTHER'S COURAOE! BUGS BUNNY Yen A FAKE/ YOO CANT NO Wk(_M5/ VLVE5TE!? STEP INSIP6, GUVNOR...I'LL DEMONSTRATE/ ... SORRY, GUVNOR, BUT I CAN'T KEE-R ON REAPING YOUR I I KNEW IT... PALM/ /VtK A PAKE/ YOU YVKONS GUVNOR/ I READ ONE THING IN YOUR PALM/ you HAVEN'T GOT THE DOLLAR TO PAY FOR TH' REAPING/ I 6OT A NOTION T' REPORT YA / I!Y V. T, HAMl-IN -THEY'RE PCTWN. SOME- WHESE IN NOSiTH AMteiCA..AvE KNOW THEY ENTE(?ED Oue AIR WITHOUT FLAMING SLIT O OUT OF HOLD IT SEEMS THAT DUE TO T=CH- N;CAL DIFFICULTIES. THIS TFLE- CA5T OF MAN'S FIC5T POUND ^T^TfTrl™ W - L 0E .., UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE \V5JECKASE Of THE BOOM COCKET CAN B= ' 5Y5TBM SIGNING OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HY EDGAR MARTIN n HVGH "bCHOOV.!

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