The Chehalis Bee-Nugget from Chehalis, Washington on April 3, 1931 · Page 13
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The Chehalis Bee-Nugget from Chehalis, Washington · Page 13

Chehalis, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 13
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CBWBAU«, WAMIXNOTON THE CHEHALIS BEE-NUGGET, FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1931. John H. Jones, Cinebar, Seeks Information Of Brother Not Seen For 66 Years John H. Jones of Cinebar, well known and successful dairyman, who has resided In Lewis county nearly 35 years, this week related a most unusual story of a young brother who ·was lost to his parents, Mr. and Mrs Joseph Jones, while they lived at Saw Mill Plain. Pennsylvania, 66 years ago April 7. Mr. Jones, who will soon be 74 years of age and who has been a resident of Washington since in the eighties, being a member of the state senate of the first Washington legislature, is now making one final and last try to locate, if possible his missing brother. When elected to the senate Mr. Jones lived at Franklin, King county, where he was engaged in mining. The story of the younger b r o t h e r ' s disappearance reads like a story from a book. The fact that this man, if alive he may be, bears a prominent and distinctly evidenced birthmark, leads Mr. Jones to hope that possibly with the aid of the press, he may be found somewhere in the country, most likely in the Pennsylvania portion of the United States. This boy, whose name was William, was six years and three months old on the day he disappeared, April 7, 1865, the day before President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. From that time to this he has never been seen nor heard from by any member of the Jones family. The lad had been sent with his father's dinner at noon to take it to the latter. He did not reach his father and although most extensive and nation wide search was made for him no word was ever received of the child, who would now, if living, be a man past j 70 years of age. William Jones, who is missing, is described as having blue eyes and brown hair, as a child. On his left side, just above the hip bone, is a brown birthmark or large molish growth. When he was a boy this was about three-quarters of an inch wide and an inch and one-half long and it is possible that if he lived it increased somewhat in size. He was rated as bright and intelligent for his age. Mr. "Jones is hopeful that some word of his missing brother may be unearthed somewhere in the country and in that event will be highly gratified to hear from him or from anyone who may be able to help locate him if he happens to yet be alive. As a man the missing William Jones would probably be above medium heigh and of medium frame. J. H. Jones of Cinebar has one other known brother living, Charles Jones by name; also a sister, Mrs. Mark Barker, both residents of the state of Washington. :cs Starts Official Testing. T. L. Fishback of Adna has recently started official testing under the direction of the State College. The Fishback herd of registered Jerseys is an outstanding one and ranks high for average herd test much of the time In the Lewis County Dairy Herd Improvement Association. Oxford Polo's Susan of this herd, after being 19 days in milk, produced 47.4 pounds of milk in one day which yielded 2.4624 pounds of butterfat. Elma to Hare Pair. Gray's Harbor county will not ho*d its fair this year at Elma. However, a number of enterprising citizens down that way will, instead, hold a "substitute" fair on a Saturday and Sunday late in August. Support of the Pomona Grange, commercial organizations, 4-H clubs and other interests have been assured and a creditable showing is expected. Gate Man Sells Pine Sire. John Hagloff of Gate recently sold a splendid Holstein bull to Gleason Brothers of the Satsop valley. The bull is from a dam that made 580 pounds of butter at two years and eight days. His sire, Nugent Valed- essa DeKol. is out of Nodel Segis Prilly Gelsche, 1283 pounds butterfat, an all American cow for 1926. With such a sire the Gleasons have made a fine start in building up a herd of real dairy cows. Heavy Rains Worth While. Within the past week, since the March rains began in an apparently earnest endeavor to make up the 12 Inches winter's shortage, we have been at various times greeted by friends who have asked us how we liked the wet. Uniformly our reply has been that the rain was fine, which was the correct answer. Continued rains now rather than later should lead us to hope that when we really should have good weather within the next few weeks It will be here. At any rate the added moisture that has fallen within the past week or more will do no harm. Cranberry Outlook Good. Pacific county cranberry growers are rejoicing over the crop, outlook, after the disastrous experience of last year, when their crop was practically a failure because of the severe cold the previous winter. An average crop of 40,000 bushels is expected compared to one of 7000 bushels in 1930. Dividend Notice! Puget Sound Power Light Company The Board of Directors has declared the Quarterly dividends, payable April 15, 1931, to stockholders of record at the close of- business March 20, 1931, as follows: Prior Preference Stock, No. 12 $1.25 per nhnre Preferred Stock, No. 71 fl.50 per Hhnre F. T,V. BROWNELL, Treasurer Yelm District Promising. Yelm prairie, rated as the outstanding blackcap raspberry district of the entire northwest, will probably have a record yield the coming season. Hundreds of acres of blackcaps have been successfully developed there and in addition a large total of red raspberries. There are 7000 acres of land under the ditch at Yelm, 5000 of this total being suited for berry farming. Ample water from the Nisqually is available and this spring the irrigation district organization is^jspending. $2.0,000 improving its system. Has Safety BuU Pen. A safety campaign that is worth while is under way in the Lynden district where a local bank is displaying a sample bull pen which should interest owners of these too often fractious brutes. The model pen provides for at least 1000 square feet of ground surface, sufficient for exercise purposes, with several simple e n's arei Needs For Spring and Easter Are Provided for Here at Thrifty Prices A Snappy Model Ask to see the "Barclay" 1 It's a smart combination of black calf and Scotch grain trim . . . with a clatter-plate heel that will cut down repair bills! $3.98 .75 Greatest Suit Values in Years Black Calf "Bronx" . . . shown here, a "best seller" in its own right . . . is typical of the smartness, comfort and style you find in all J. C. Penney shoes at $3.98 Comparable Quality Would Have Cost $5.00 More a Year Ago Free Free CINELLI'S Macaroni Products IMPORTED STYLE BEST DURUM SEMOLINA EGG NOODLES SPAGHETTI SEA SHELL ELBOW and LONG SALAD MACARONI The Snapbrim at Its Best! The 44 Forecast" Comparable Quality!* Year'Ago Cost #5.90 Jaunty, with restraint . . . because of the higher roll at the back. An outstanding "Marathon" hat ... for its smart colors and its two-tone satin lininsrs. F ABRIC group--firm finished worsteds and twist effects in medium and dark shades, all fashionable spring colorings . . . plain and fancy stripes. Everything considered--Style, Quality, Workmanship --these suits represent the outstanding values of the day. Extra Pants, $4.98 -- FREE COUPON -This Coupon Good for One Package of CINELLFS MACARONI PRODUCTS At Your lindepondcnt Grocer Regular Size Package ' NAME ADDRESS - 891 Market Street Chehalis, Washington safety devices which eliminate the risk of life in handling bulls. The pen may be built for a material cost of around $32. The Whatcom county agent's office will no doubt furnish complete information to anyone who may be interested. Tacoma Grocery Company DISTRIBUTOR -- CENTRALIA MODERN, well appointed furniihingi do not alone make a good hotel. They arm ��tun- Hal of court*, but they «i» not enough. There must be · genuine appreciation of your patronage expre»ed by · service policy which makes you glad you are our guest. If you haye ever ifopped at the Tacoma, you know what we're talking about -- if not -you have a treat in itore. 2.00 *»J up J. F. Mickey. Eastern Bnlb Growers Coming. Due to the continued success of the bulb growing industry in Whatcom county report now is that a number of eastern firms are planning on moving their operations to this state Bulb growers are optimistic over the outlook for further expansion of the business, Inch Cauliflower. County Agent Leslie Sorensen of Gray's Harbor county was last week presented with a prize head of cauliflower, grown by Herbert Grossman of Ocosta. It measured 10% inches across. TACOMA Tnrd Contest Interest Grows. With 320 country homes in Lewis county now entered in the 1931 farm yard beautification contest, this district should present a most attractive appearance to those driving through the country the coming summer. Nothing adds more to the pleasure of the public than to see well kept yards, whether it be in the city or. the country and the example being set will have a most inspirational effect. Unless we miss our guess, these contests, if continued, will develop into a movement where within a few years, we shall see a thousand or more homes entered. Bantam Business Booms. There must have been a real boom in the bantam chicken industry within the past two or three years, judging from the number of pairs of these pretty birds that one sees these days, especially in the cities. The bantam is rated as the most economical and effective preventive of the pesky earwig that has yet been discovered- In addition to the effectiveness with which the bantam works, the bird adds beauty and attractiveness to~the home yard where kept. Their plumage is in a class by itself; and, talk about pride, did you ever notice the lordly strut of a bantam rooster as he strolls about the premises with his sweet mamma" beside him doing hia stuff" in quest of the earwig? Head IJettnoe Work Begins. In the head lettuce districts of the this salad food are producing profitably and hundreds of carloads of the product are shipped annually to all parts of the United States. , Snohomiah and other valleys the spring work IB now well under way. Hundreds of acrea of Politicians at Banquets. Last week the bulb growers of the Puyallup valley had a fine banquet, attended by around 350, most of whom are engaged in that business. The only suggestion we would offer about the affair is that its serious business was marred by the presence of a few wordy politicians, whose talks were ill advised and out of place at an event of this kind. At Chehalis the Chamber of Commerce has for several years held its annual Farmers and Merchants picnic. Last year for the first time a speaking program was eliminated and this made it possible to shut out effectively the politicians. The result was that all who attended the picnic in 1930 agreed that it was the most enjoyable of any that had been held locally. "Link" Now Bank V.*P, We note that President "W. A, Linklater of the Western Washington Fair has been made vice-president of a Puyallup bank. What with the honor of being at the head of the greatest fair In the Pacific northwest and :he now added honor of being 'hooked up with a substantial bank, "Link" is surely stepping along. WALKATHON CONTEST STARTS NEXT SUNDAY. Olympia, March 30.--A. no-time limit amateur walkathon contest will open at the Schneider's Prairie- dance hall seven miles west of here, Sunday after-, noon, officers of the Moose lodge, sponsors of the contest, announced, today. High lights of the dally programs will be broadcast over KVI the Puget Sound Station, - Tacoma, A cash prize of $'1000 for the winning couple has been posed In escrow and a large number of contestants, sponsored by local firms, have already enrolled. Entrance applications from neighboring- cities had begun to pour In today, indicating a large representation from districts throughout western Washington. Julia "Waldrip Kerr, Olympia attorney has been retained to receive and pass on all applications for entrance. Engine and Motor Fuel Improvements Noted Refinements in modern engine design and constant improvement;? in motor fuel are j o i n t l y responsible for the easy flow of power enjoyed by the owners of today's motor car, according to local executives of the Standard OU Company of C a l i f o r n i a , whose new "Standard" gasoline has become popular almost overnight from Canada to Mexico. A premium, gasoline at no increase In price, "Standard" gasoline is declared by hundreds of enthusiastic users to be quicker starting- and "faster on the trigger" when get-away and power are required. A n o t h e r Important advantage claimed for the new motor fuel Is that It contains exceptional anti-knock qualities for a "white" gasoline, and makes cars in every price field run more smoothly. "Standard" gasoline Is the result of extensive laboratory tests and fifty- three years of refining: experience, and according to oil company officials, i receiving the most cordial reception of any motor fuel ever introduced by the Standard Oil Company of California to Pacific coast motorists. The new gasoline is being- featured at Standard Stations, Inc., and red. white and blue dealers, ··· Bee-Nugget Classified Ada Get Results ac Little Cost, Kelso, March 28.-The silvery horde of smelt, still running in the Cowlitz river in the eighth week, has been worth $60,000 or more to local fishing interests. About 25 per cent, of the fish have been shipped by rail and the remainder by motor truck to northwest and California markets. /OU KNOW IT'S SAFE. The strength is in the engineering. You never see it--perhaps you never think of it--jou arc so confident. Equally in gasoline, your reliance is in the skill, capacity and experience of the manufacturer. "Standard" Gasoline--newest of Standard Products--is already famous among motorists of the Pacific West. Have you tried it? At any price it is a truly superior motor fuel--the finest we have ever produced without Ethyl. AT STANDARD STATIONS, INC, AND RED WHITE AND BLUE DEALERS

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