The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 13J4 Published Every Friday In the LntereBt of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. 1SLYTHEVILLE'(AIIK.) COURIER NEWS Improve Cream, Butler Quality Prices Will Depend On Whether Product Is Up To Standard The Mississippi county cream producer's pan in the nation-wide effort now being made to improve the finality of cream i and butter will determine th c price the farmer receives for his cream and thc demand the buying public will have for Ihe butler innde from it, according to Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent. At the present lime, siic explained, the production of good quality cream is more important than a't any time in th e nation's history lor Ihe government is buying large quantities of the highest' grades of butter and thc balance, lower In grade, Is all that is left to go Into trade channels. Some butter made from poor quality cream an ( | not fit for food, has Wen seized and destroyed by federal food and drup officials. tf the buying public is to get good finality butter, more high quality cream must be produced. The quality of butler has a great influence on the rate of consumption, Miss Coleman said, for people eat more good butter when it can be obtained. Creameries that manufacture Arkansas-produced cream into butter are dependent upon the quality of FARM NEWS-PEA 7URES f AGE THBJ5JI Lnter th« Plant-to-Prosper Cm-1 testa sponsored by the Courier 1 News and Commercial Appeal. cream they receive for the kind of biuter they turn out, the home demonstration agent pointed out. pood butter cannot, be nmdc from inferior ciciiin. II should be mark- elcii at least twice each week, she explained, ror good butter cannot be made from ercsiin a week old 1111«a II lias been produced and handled by better melliods and equipment (nan are found on lite average Mississippi county farm. She emphasized "clean" and c °ld as the two most Important words'In quality cream production. S soon as passible after milking, tnc milk should be removed from Ihe barn, separated If ti separator '!• used, and quickly cooled by the best possible menus. Water Is the. cooling agent that Is generally available 0 « all /nuns. Warn) cream should never be mixed with cool cream, but should be cooled I "'•si, Ilielv added to the other cream mid carefully stirred Cream cans should be protected from the fun on the wn v to market, she add- Fair Committee Named For Blackwater Group A meeting of the Blaekwalcr 4-H Club was held Tuesday, August S with Myrtle Pay liobirds [(residing Twenty one club members and one leader were present The group sang "Swing t/nv, Sweet Chariot" which was led bv Fay Williams, song captain Those appointed for llic Fair Committee were: Fminie Mue Phillips, Mildred Bennett, Ijtvern Price, Bcnnle Anderson, Robert Raslcy' nncl Wiilter Price. Miss Cora l,ce Coletnaii, liotiie demonstration agent, discussed the 4-H fair exhibits and Keith J. liil- brey, county agent, discussed tlic Softball touniamenl, Brown Club Elects A meeting of the Brown -I-H Club was held Tuesday, August 8 with Freda Wagner presiding. The newly elected officers were as follows: president, Freda Wagner; vice president, Dcnloii Pankcy; secretary, Kutliryn nobirds; reporter, Tula Mae Gallegly; and song captain, Joyce Earl. Those appointed to serve on the Fair Committee were: Joe Reed Tlirelkcld, Wllda Matthews, David East, James Allen Co them Peggy Barrett, and Mary Lena Giles. Redman Club Elects New Officers Aug. 8 A meeting of the Redman 4-H Club was held Tuesday, August B, with 11. c. !x>n B presiding. There were live leaders present. New officers were elected as follows: president, li. c. Long: vice president. Bobby Hoggnrd; secretary, Vcmell HogBuni; and reporter, Alice McCnnn. Tlie committee appointed for (he County Fiiir included Harold Chlp- man, Cluvern Loveless. Wesley Wright, Mavis Lee, Billle Little Alice McCnnn, and Verticil HOK- gard. Tlic county agent and the home demonstration agent were bolh present at this meeting. Cantaloupes Rich Source Of Vitamin C Consider the cantaloupe, nnlier- nldcd and unsung for Its vllnniln C, yo.t as rich a source us oranges anil grapefruit, and e vcn richer than lo- umtoes, ndvlsetl Arizona Kxpcrlmenl Station. The mini who slls down lo a half cantaloupe for breakfast on n .summer morning probably never thinks of its nulrillvc value, yet may get from it enough Vitamin C fur his lull day's needs. Tests nl ine Arizona Stnllqn show that half n ciinlatoiipc of average size H',i lo 5 inches In diameter) is equal In C lo a tumbler of orange or grapefruit juice; a whole grapefruit -of average size; two small oranges; four medium slued loimi- loe.s; or two tumblers of canned to- mnlo juice. Cantaloupe Is markedly superior in C lo most of the other common fruil.s—apples, apricols, peaches, pears, grapes or plums. Slrawboi 1 Hes, the exception to the rule, nrc richer. Jn choosing fruits for family meals thc housewife Is wise to consider their C value. Because fruits arc acid and often eaten raw. thev hold their C belter and lose less iii cooking than vegetables, Many vegetables are naturally rich In tills vitamin, but before they arc served at meals, have lost much in keep- Ins and cooking. Both crocodiles mid alligator* are found in Florida. Thai's what it amounts (o when you gci your equipment back from us after a check-up and overhaul fob . (he knowledge that every job you statt will be finished \vith no unnecessary delay. No,, the premium you pay isn'trbh/••' and it gii-cj you the best possible protection on your tractor investment, for a lay-ofTof your equipment adds up 10 important Joss ip your food pro- duciion program You will save all [he way around by adopting our regular service check-up. You will prevent trouble, you will save the cost of a breakdown as against a timely adjustment and your tractor will give you tlmt dependable performance thai means satisfaction and profit. •• "^ " Our Service Shop has thc men, methods, and material to keep your equipment in perfect working order. They have the "know how" too because they arc factory trained. Missco Implement Co. BLYTHEVILLE OSCEOLA Plan How To Attend the OC SALE To Be Held In Blytheville Elm Grove Hereford Form Barn . . . Offering Hie finest Perigreed Duroc bloodlines in America. 15 bred gilts, 25 open oilts and a few herd boars. Officials of the National Duroc Record Association will be in charge. Hiss. County Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" Top Pedigree Durocs For Sale Ry These Members: C -£' u M 'n H ^ ?° N STANTON PE PPE Blytheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. J.C.BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Blytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. WhisrIeviUe, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blythcvifle, Ark. Burderte, Ark. Burdcttc, Ark. ROSS D. HUGHES JR. Blytherilfe, Ark. GENE BRADBERRY Manila, Ark. Farm Woman's Column Mississippi county home-makers, turning their thoughts to keeping cool while cooking and serving food not too hot and heavy during the August weather, should keep In mind Ihe need for simple yet well balanced meals, economics In food and fuel, and comfort at mealtime, says Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county 1 home demonstration agent. Meals should include during ihc day a green and a yellow vegetable; tomaloes, citrus fruits, raw cabbage, melons, or strawberries; other vegetables and fruit; milk; meal, fish, poultry, dried peas, beans, or nuts; whole ssrain cereal; and butter. Fresh vegetables nnd fruits arc natural summer foods neither rich nor caloric-loaded, Miss Coleinnn explained, in recommending them for summer meals. She suggested raw juicy fruits made Into quick, appetizing desserts and raw crisp vegetables, such H.S cin-rot, turnip or cucumber strips, wedges of cab j bilge, pieces of cauliflower, shredded beets, or quartered tomatoes be served often. If iced beverages nrc the family choice, they should not be allowed In prevent Die family from getting Ihe regular quota of milk In some form, whether 'in cheese or ice crc-am or cooked In foods. Milk itself is refreshing when served cold, she suggests, and should be cold lo keep safely. Care should be tnketi to ensure perishable foods against souring or otherwise spoiling in order to prevent waste and, even more Important, to guard against food polston ing, the home demonslrntlon agent said. Dishes that take short, cooklni and little preparation, for inslanc many egg dishes, often have th greatest appetic appeal on a ho clay, she reminds. Cooking on to of the stove, rather than baklncr leaves the kitchen and the coo' cooler than when the oven Is used However when oven cooking i necessary, the kitchen will not hav. :i chance to become so heated I the baking schedule Is planned sc Ihe kilchen does not heat up mor< oflcn than necessary and if tin oveti Is started just in lime to b< at the correct temperature whei Ihe food is ready lo bake. Oas, • electricity, or wood will bi saved if the heat Is not used untl U is needed. Miss Colemnn recommends thai food be brought lo a boll iu high heat, th cn the heal reduced just enough to keep the food boiling. If there is a porch or similar place that is cooler than where meals arc regularly served, a :hangc of setting may add to comfort at mealtime. Serving cafeteria style, letting the members of thc amily fin their plates at the stove saves one person from making Mirny trips back and forth on a lot day, she adds. F. S.A. News The FSA County Committee met n Blylhcvillc last Friday to assist he personnel in the county office 11 making a program for 1045 The members of this committee arc: Prank B. Dean, Whilton; James 2. Bright, Blytheville; and VVil- inm J. Faught, Highway 61 Bly- hcville, Mr. Faught .succeeds Vance H )ixon, whose appointment expired on June 30. The committee will low three other meetings this month in order to complete this vork. The commltte is making an ppraisal of community rsources in rrier to coordinate these resource* ith thc problems ot thc individual amihes In the community. This nformation will be formulated into n animal program of work which vnl definitely point to a belter ;arm Security program In Mtssis- ippl County. Mrs. Floyd Alford, Route , Bly- hcvilie, has put up 160 quart,-; of "lit and vegetables, and has good rospccts for tomatoes and other cgetablcs In her fall garden Mrs. Dorsle Pierce, Uoute 1. Matin, has canned 402 quarts of veg- tables and fruit Ibis year. The bright colors of autumnal fo- age are caused, by nnthocyanln, nnlhophyll, and carotin, pigments n Iho leaves. Home Demonstration Notes A meeting of the llox Hitler 4-H Club was held Friday, Auttust •!, with •J. D. Ho.vgowl presldliiu. Twill y seven club menibeis and two lenders were pivsi'tit. '1'lif group sang "Amcrlfu" which was led by Ixmlsc Klchardson, sin, K caplnln. Miss Com Loo Coleman, home demonstration agent, gave n demonstration in culling heiUfcfov ITK production, Karl) dui, cnplaln nave H report on the progress of his club. Miss Coleinan told the diiu lhal Ihe dale fur Ihe County Fair hii.s been set. she urged (he club to gel nil llirlrr.vlilblt.s- together. The president wns asked to appoint a committee lo advertise the County Fair. She told of the Coimly -l-ll club Hiilly wlrich will lie held In Illythe- ville tin August 25. An exci'uttvc bonrd meeting, of thc -l-ll Club will be held at the IVoiile's Drug store, Oni! purpose Is to make rules nilcs and regulations ol the County 4-11 Doy/o Brady Heads Lost Cono 4-H Club The 1-osl Cimo -1-1J Club held n mi'elhm TiiiLScliiy, August" I), W llh Doyle Iliudy, president, presiding Tht'ie wurc 68 club mtmilicrs pix's- I'nl. Tht' newly dcclcd officers were us follows: president, Doyle lintd.v vice president, Dorothy Hrudy; K ec- rcliny & Irciumrer, Silo Vnslblndcr; reimrliu-, Muxlnu Flucher; unit semi; rniitnlu, fionnic liratiy. 'lliose appointed to si-rvo on Ihe Fall cominlllcu were: Cluirlps Clouciiey', llurolti Lnle.s, llinoltl iff Robins, Clluiulu Ix)ll, Ulllli. Mi, ( . l.tnio. Sully Whllby, Uorjs Hlitulleld, and Hcbn Cloud. Miss Colemiin, home demonstration ngi'Ul, discussed exhibits for the full', iind liellh' IMIbrey, «HIH- ty iigiMil, iliscnssetl •!-!! Club recre- allnn Kully and .Softball Tounuiiiii'iil, Mr. (inriier uvi;i;d ciu'li club mcin- bt'i- lo keep up wllh his or her record uookii. Missouri Stock & Grain Farm. Hills & Valley ilil ni'iTs, Ilir. rulllvullim, t:tO ncn: h-n-l t-rei-li liulltuii, Irut-lni- tm- rraleil. Normal siM.scm ,,||| j|,.|,|.f,u I,,,. n , m ,„.,. „,.,.',, H1 lu ,,. ( . s wise limber. OIK-II MIIKC. plenty tcalcr. l,;ir|;i' h.un -)2'x70' (,'oml * room linusi! uilli Hci'lrlrlly. Outside rdlur, g v a u n r y , fiunim-, M'HikK limisr, ni:irliliit> iiliril, iimillry hniise. On n <i cul Cimiilv jjnivd roiul. bus In NI K li St-hiiiil. Ill'll |i>- ilnur. II mil™ Sn. IJ. I ii-ihnitnl, Wayne County. Tuxes S1S.OO. 1'rlt'i! ?IO,OOO.UO. TVrms run lie arninjjcil. IVws.vlim Dcienllier. T. H, Vinyord Forms For Sale, I'tiplar UlulV, Mil. is the time to order SEED CQRI1 Delta Implements, Inc., Blythcviilc Bowden Bros., Joiner J/D. Hicks, Burdette Cromer Bros., Osceola Lowrance Bros., Driver looked them al! over. We compared and we investigated and we reached thc same conclusion you will reach ii you compare. A Guilds Automatic Water System Gives You the Most for Your Dollar Vou caa depend upon it to give troublc-ftco service year after year. Its efficient design makes It low in upkeep. Its extra strong pans prevent breakdowns; Its exclusive features make it outstanding. Come in and let us show you why the men who v,u.-i: the most for their money buy the Goulds. Planters Hardware Co. 126 W. Main Phone 515 ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brltk, tte. • W» OM big turptU* irW uo&> -"•*«• ywi rwUcorate • m* witf mi tit tnllp^w 0« fan hM* M* «• AM* TrVi «• AA m t* •It. m 6. who!, **, rf gfc taw nllt may b« la\Mf wiihtd wllh mild •Hy mni wow. • ' PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE :- : ARKANSAS Published Ily The Delta Implement Co., Rlytheville V«t 2 Friday, August IS No. 51 II MHIICIII-S liiitt (hi; Johnson K rass . Kfls it lilile worst' in-lhis vitinily every year. TliL-rc! are relii)|>!e t'lieniiwifs' for killing oul liiis p«st on the rmirkct. . . Take a tip' rrnin a miy. who's hcen there—it's a 161- wisicr I» geC rid of if yim start early. . ^\'o I vc two good used disc lianwH on our used lot; a McCormick-Dccnng 7-13 imcl a McConiiiclc-Dccrini' H-B. • DI M'c sec in yesterday's Courier News where J- M. Slovens Jr., of Dell, reported missing siiK'i: June 7th, in a prisoner of war. We're awfully happy for Ids family that he's alive. —-DI '" J. I/. Austin, farming 1 1-4 miles west of Holland, lia.s a Farmall A with cultivator, plow, middle busier, plan lor and disc harrow tlial lie'll .sell at, ceiling pi-ices. The equipment is in good condition. —DI . Now equipment deliveries of this week inclwte: an al) purpose rtlcCorrnifk-Dcering farm trailer (o John Armstrong of Steel; ami iMuCormiek-[)ccnii(f 7-Ii disc harrows to Olio Koehler, of Dell, and H. G. Bunch, of Varljfo. DI Several reports of Army Worm damage have Hlruady come into our office. We've a few cotton dusters on hand—speak for them early if you've seen signs on your place. -DI- I" our -shops this week: a Farmall M for strain dean ami paint for D. I, Shcppard, »f Knscliind; a I)-2 Infernational Pickup for overhaul for Giff on i Si|(CSi of I|a , f Mco]) . iM'arnuill nt for transmission repair for M . '. HrowMlcc, of Dell; and an InlcrtialionAl "":' lruck /»r overhaul for A. S. Darboro « Co., of HlyllicvilJe. —DI— ^ Our 19J4 allotment of elevators for handling corn, hay ant! soybeans has already been received.. Don't wait too late to put your order in if you need one. DI Bob Van Hooscr, manager of our parts department, still has a,5 h. p. outboard motor (o sell. ICs been used very little, and is a bargain nl'§78; \ TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DOM'? MAVI If trad HAiFWAY town

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