Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1967 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1967
Page 2
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PAGE A4 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 7, i%7 Berserk Vancouver Sniper Kills Couple, Wounds Two VANCOUVER, B.C. (AP) - A tall, gaunt sniper with an arsenal of rifles and ammunition opened fire in a quiet residential area Thursday night, killing a university professor and his wife and wounding two others. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Webster, parents of four children aged six months to 10 years, were shot down in the back yard of their home. After 20 minutes of terror, the gunman surrendered quietly to police. He would not say why he started shooting. Mrs. Pattl Barriss, 19, was hit in the leg. Flying Glass Mrs. Helda Baxter, 56, was struck by a bullet and flying glass while sitting with her five grandchildren in a home across the street from the gunman's attic window. Police said the 30- year-old sniper, whom they would not identify, walked from a house unarmed with his hands in the air. Canadian law forbids public release of a prisoner's name until charges are filed. Charges were expected to be filed later today. Police seized more than 10 rifles in the house, including a U.S. Army automatic and two submachine guns. They are not sure how many of the guns the sniper used, but said he did not use the submachine guns. The gunman began firing from the second story of his home, police said. Two shots smashed through the window of a home across the street occupied by Mr. Julia A. Donald. "The first one missed me by inches," she said. "When I was getting up, another one hit a wooden flower pot, but I was not hit." Turning his attention to the house next door, the rifleman unleashed a fusillade through the window of the home in which Mrs. Baxter was sitting. She suffered a bullot wound to her legs, was severely cut by Another Dram Insurer Folds Highway Insurance Co. of Chicago, another large carrier of dramshop insurance in Madison County, has agreed to seek liquidation, the Telegraph learned today. Telegraph reporters were present at a meeting months ago when one of the company's agents sought quick settlement of/dramshop cases on the basis the company might.go under. The agent was writing: checks for quick settlements throughout the area. Less than a year ago, St. Law- Power Company Asks for Help .BELLEVILLE, m: (AP> — Illinois Power Co. officials at IJelieville, HI. have asked their customers to come forward if they^paid their electric bill June 21. 'A spokesman said records of receipts on that date have been lost in the mail. The company expects the problem to be solved sooner or later, and probably in about a month when new bills are mailed. rence Insurance Co. of Chicago, another firm providing coverage for numerous Telegraph area taverns, was taken over by the Illinois Insurance Department. Just before St. Lawrence's failure, Lincoln Casualty also was placed in the receivership of the Department of Insurance. Lincoln also provided considerable dramshop coverage in the area. Woman Dies Saving Boy MONROVIA, Calif. (AP)— Allie Mae Johnson died Thursday while savihg Bobby Coleman, 4, from a passenger train that bore down on their car. Mrs. Johnson was forced to stop the car on railroad tracks when a car in front of hers stopped for a traffic light. Then the barricades came down in front and back of her car. Mrs. Johnson, 58, pulled the boy from the car and threw him to safety. But before she could leap, the train struck and killed her. High Bid on Oiling (Continued From Page 1) sioner's acceptance of the high bid. Elble retorted by mention- tag-, a special meeting- whiqh I^idgewater did not-attend, and 8t which the highway commissioner was questioned about the bid by the board of. auditors. Bridgewater also referred to work done by Strohbeck on a road on Elble family property. Elble then said he has already given the Telegraph copies of bills for the work. , Eardley said he did not .want to discuss reasons for his not taking the low bid. He made a comment about Counton bidding differently to other areas. In .East Alton, Counton was awarded a contract in June for submitting a low bid for spreading and hauling road oil and asphalt. Elble and Bridgewater also dashed over adding two extra board of auditors' meetings to the township agenda to facilitate payments to road workers. Elble said he did not want to ask,the.cost of the extra meetings 'to the taxpayers. Bridge Water, then began to discuss reason's ,for Elble's economy program and was ruled out of order by the supervisor who called for a vote on the issue Two extra meetings w e re added to the township agenda with Elble casting the only dis senting vote.. In a discussion of the audit, the highway commissioner said he would pay for his share of the work. The former highway commissioner refused to pay for his share of the audit which was critical of his financial transactions. The township board of health met after the meeting to discuss plans for fogging unincorporat ed areas to eliminate mosqui toes. Tax Boost to Be Asked (Continued From Page 1) a cent, he said, will not be sufficient to fulfill the needs of Alton, among them being an increase in both police and fire department manpower, equipment and service, building maintenance and such things as inventory control. The mayor said he would prefer using the additional sates tax for increasing manpower in the 44-member police department, for instance, to bring it up to the accepted standard of 60 men. There also is a need for additional personnel in the city clerk's office and public works department, he said. City employes in Alton, Wiseman pointed out, already have been given an increase in wagei of 11.4 per cent in the last twc years, since the 1965-66 budget The mandatory raise granted b; he General Assembly amount: to another 7 per cent for t h i policemen and firemen, thi mayor said. Another revenue bill passec ay the legislature broadens th< iales tax base to include sonv services, Wiseman said, but h did not know the details of th measure. He did not feel, how ever, that the revenue producec by it would be sufficient. He said the Illinois Municipt League was studying tlu's broat ening measure and expected t release a bulletin on it by nex week. Alton Evening Telegraph Published Dally by Alton Telegraph Printing Company PAUL S. COUSLEY President, Editor, General Manager. RICHARD A. COUSLEY, Vice President and Classified Mgr, HENRY H. McADAMS, Secretary and Assistant General Manager. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PHESS (The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited In this paper and to the local news published herein.) Subscription price 40c weekly by carrier; by mail $13 a year, $7 six months in Illinois and Missouri. J20 a year, $11 six months in all other stales. Mail subscriptions not accepted In towns where carrier delivery is available Second Class Postage paid at Alton, Illinois G2002 MEMBER, THE AUU1T BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Contract information on application at the Telegraph business office. Ill Ea»t Broadway, Alton, 111. 62002 National Adveitislng Representatives: The Branham Company. New York, Chicago, Detroit and St. LovtU. Sears BUY NOW! SAVE NOW! Look for Sears Home Appliance SALE 12-Page Color Supplement in this Paper! JULY 12th SALJbJ STAlt'rs JULY 8tU SKAltS KOKBUt'K A: CO. 30tf J'lASA, AlVl'OK, 1LJU PHONE 465-5511 Today, one area attorney said e had been retained in a death ase involving dramshop insur- nce with the Highway Compa- y. He mentioned another case nvolving injury to a state troop- r. The Illinois Insurance Depart- lent used recently acquired ower and took control of High- r ay Insurance and an insolven- petition was filed Thursday lorning by Attorney General llliam G. Clark. Circuit Judge Cornelius J. arrington ruled that the insur- nce department has the power reinsure holders of policies ith an insolvent company. The ower was granted by the Illi- ois General Assembly at the ast session. Illinois Insurance Director John F. Bolton did not disclose the amount of the company's financial trouble. Youth Killed Digging Tunnel JONES BEACH, N.Y. (AP) A 17-year-old boy died on the beach Thursday when a sand tunnel he was digging between two four-foot deep holes collapsed. Police identified the dead youth as David Riddle of Queens. Police said the youth and a companion, Paul Diamond, 17, of Manhattan, had dug the two holes 12 feet apart and were tunneling toward each other when the tunnel caved in. flying glass and was reported in serious condition in a hospital. Two couples were on the street during the shooting. John Walsh, who was with Mrs. Barriss while waiting for her husband to return home from a business call, said they ran out of the Barriss house nearby after hearing the first, few shots. "The next thing I knew there was another shot, and Patti fell. I stopped to pick her up, but thought better of it and hid behind a car," Walsh said. Took Cover The other couple also took cover behind cars parked on the street and were not wounded. The sniper aimed several shots in their direction but didn't hit anyone else on the street. Police said the sniper had a history of mental illness. Webster had heard the shots and ran iiito his back yard, which faces the sniper's home across an alley. The gunman at the same time made his way to a rear window. As Webster reached the yard he was hit by a single shot and died instantly, police said. His wife was killed by another single shot as she ran to the side of her fallen husband. Police said the dead couple's children were found later huddling in the basement of their home. Police then surrounded the sniper's house. A police spokesman said no motive was established for the shooting. SUNNY AND WARMER — Showers and tliundershowers are expected Friday night in the Carolinas, Georgia, the Dakotas, parts of the northern Plateau and in the southeastern Plateau. It will be wanner from the Great Lakes through New England. (AP Wirephoto Map) GUNNED DOWN — This man and wife were slain in their own back yard Thursday night in Vancouver by a sniper who also wounded several other persons. The sniper refused to tell police why he began shooting. (AP Wirephoto) Teens Booze at Park (Continued From Page 1) adults. Howeer, Judge Conway said he took action collectively and handled all the cases in juvenile court. The drinking party was the first discovered in the park area by Jersey County deputies "for quite a while," Sheriff Adam DeSherlia said. The sheriff said he did not think the drinking problem in the park area was bad, considering the number of persons wfao visit the park during the summer. He .indicated however, that his Woman Allowed To Visit Pet MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP)-A wife has been awarded custody of a cocker spaniel and dog visitation rights have been granted to the husband in a divorce case. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Clark had been childless. Circuit Court Judge George D. Young ruled Thursday that Clark could visit the dog, Pepper, at reasonable times. * * * * Weather Forecast ALTON and vicinity—Fair tonight, low around 60., Sunny and warmer Saturday, high in 80s. iunday sunny, chance of showers. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Temperatures will average 2 to 5 degrees below the seasonal nor- mals for the five - day period Saturday through Wednesday. Pleasantly cool temperatures will continue through the weekend but warming is expected early next week. Normal highs are 88 to 93. Normal lows in the mid to upper 60s. Precipitation amounts will average one-quarter to one-half inch, occurring as showers and thunderstorms mostly toward the middle of next week. DATA AT THE DAM 8 a.m. at Alton Dam — Temperature 67; Tailwater 16.9 ft.; Yesterday's High 83. Low 5fi repres tative about our LOW-COST Homeowner Insurance Coverage. See ytrur MIULEKS MUTUAL Man Today! Gene Davenport Office: 465-5551 After 5 p.m. 466-1111 MILLERS' MUTUAL Of H.L.INOI* INSURANCE •»- AUTO • HOME BUSINESS Jour dollar buys MORE shoes at Snyder'sl reports are made' only on the number of arrests made. Teen-age drinking in the park area is growing despite reports of authorities, the Telegraph has been told. Youths seemingly have found the park an attractive place to drink and hold parties. Winding roads obscured by trees and brush offer a haven of security. Thus, many drinking parties are not discovered by authorities, the Telegraph has been told by some parents. Auxiliary Police In Alton Insured •I . • On Active Gallup Auxiliary police working In [ton are< covered by insurance c but only for specific details, Telegraph check showed today. Unlike East Alton where, fne police auxiliary has come into leated conflict with the city administration over insurance and other factors, Alton has a harmonious relation with its auxiliary police. Dissension erupted in East Al,on recently when Mayor Chares Vanpreter outlawed auxil- ary policemen from getting on the job training with regular city policemen. One of the reasons he gave was that auxiliary police were not covered by insurance. In Alton, the auxiliary policemen get their training through M'Ograms in cooperation with the Civil Defense unit. "Our auxiliary policemen come under the Civil Defense program here," Mayor Clyde Wiseman said, "and as such they follow their rules." Wiseman said that the only time an auxiliary policemen in Alton carries a sidearm is when he is also a special deputy sheriff and therefore has the privi lege. East Alton no longer per mits auxiliary police to bear sidearms. In Alton, insurance for auxili ary policemen is effective each time they are on duty rather than on a year-'round basis. When auxiliary police are to be called to active status, Po lice Chief John Heafner determ ines how many to call and sends the information to Mayor Wiseman who, in turn, contacts the Illinois Civil Defense for in surance coverage on the men for the period they will be work ing the special detail. Auxiliary policemen are usec to help control crowds, assis with parades, and Similar dut- es in Alton! "Auxiliary policemen are never used to carry out the regu- ar duties of a policeman," Wiseman said, "but only to assist with extraneous matters where we don't have enough regular policemen to cover." The mayor said that tat tra case of an emergency a phone call is made to, or a telegram sent to the .Illinois Civil Defense ,o arrange the insurance coverage. Years of working together in Alton has created what the Mayor said was good relationship between the auxiliary and egular police. "They work in harmony, and that's very important in this kind of a program," he said. Boy Shot in Gang Fight A 16-year-old Alton boy was shot in the right leg during a gang fight in Salu Park Thursday afternoon, police reported. Roy Williams of 2600 Humbert Road was admitted to Alton Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the .22 caliber slug. Williams had been involved in a fight with some eight other boys, most of whom were using chains as weapons, police reported. A bystander told police he saw the barrel of a .22 rifle and heard a shot, but did not see who had the gun. Police questioned several boys reported to be in the area at the time, but none professed to know anything about the shooting. Bruce Tries to Be Brave (Continued From Page 1) before, but the boy only sobs, "I'm never coming back here again!" The doctor works on. The emergency room report lists multiple puncture wounds, scratches, and bruises. Cause? Mother says dog knocked youngster down and bit him. She has called the police. The boy's ordeal is over and his mother cradles him in her arms, waiting in the hall for the police to arrive. They never came. The subdivision where the Maxwell's live lies in the county and within the sheriff's jurisdiction. Little can be done. There is no dog-leash law in the county and, even in areas where there is one, it is seldom enforced. The owners have the dog tied up. They are nice people, says Bruce's mother, they regret the incident. Bruce is at home today, his leg and nine stitches covered with bandages. The swelling caused by the bruises had bloated his leg to twice its size. But he does have a syringe-squirt gun and a tearful experience from his visit to the emergency room — a fear of hospitals and now perhsps an even-greater fear of dogs. ftiriirft DOWNTOWN ALTON. ILL NOIS Phone 462-9751 Coolest shoe in town. Dozens of perforations add a breeze of comfort to the new Strata. 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