The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1949
Page 12
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.FACE TWELVE Chef on Liner Features Fowl Special R«cip« Used In Preparing Food For Passenger* Chief chef Oaston Magrin of (he H« de France luxury liner, fa- mom Jor its food, uses a hen or a plump chicken to produce a wonderful dish. He gave your food «ditor the recipe, written in mouthwatering French. However, it Is aster <o follow and just as nioulh- waterinu In plain English. OiU-knn "He d France" Use a hen or a plump chicken. Draw, singe, and clean well, Stuff with truffles between the breast and skin. Pour a glass of good French cognac in the cavity and allow to stand In a cool plate for 2 hours. (Omit brandy if preferred.) Make a broth with '.he giblets and » pound of beef shanks (without using turnips or • Mjagc.) Pare celery stalks Uvra per person) and .cut In pieces about 4 inches long. Cook stalks lied in a bunch and the rest of the celery in the broth, but be sure (o remove stalks after 25 minutes. After the celery stalks are cooler), place them In a .separate dish with some of tile broth to keep them warm. For gravy, thicken 1 pint of broth and simmer down, stirring often, for about 30 minutes. Then >dd some heavy cream and allow to cook very slowly for 10 minutes. Keep warm for another half hour before serving. .Cook the hen or chit ken in the broth for 30 minutes. Prick leg to test if it is done. If the juice Is pink, It indicates that it is not sufficiently cooked. Cook for another 3 minutes, repeat lest, and cook until done. • _To finish preparing gravy, cook dyer a slow fire, adding approxi- matley ?i pound sweet butter In small lumps, stirring until smooth. Season with salt and the Juice of V4 lemen. Strain the gravy into a large gravy boat. Remove hen and place on a platter and sin-round with the cooked celery stalks. Sprinkle fresh, finely chopped tarragon, and serve very kot, Ground Meat Helps Answer Menu Problem ^Whenever that "what to serve today" question arises there Ls sure to be an appropriate answer from among the wide array ot ground meat dishes. These are economical dishes, too, when the homemaker choose* the less demanded cuts of meat for grinding; according to the food expert, Reba Staggs. c Among the thrifty cuts she suggests the beef neck, shank and ehuck, pork shoulder, lamb and veal •hanks, breast or neck. When ground these lux tender cuts of meat produce savory baked loaves, tootled or part-broiled patties or perfect braised or stewed dishes, ss In the case of meat balls ami incnt tftnoes. For variation, there are clever meat farls. Greased muffin or tart, tins are lined with seasoned ground meat, filled with cream potatoes and baked. For a change about, ground meat is slutted in Ere-sh tomato, green pepper or onion •itd baked. Meat balls en brochette are another unusual serving, small beef or lamb balls are threaded on skewers alternating with tomato and onion slices. Before broiling they are brushed with melted butter or margarine, then placed on the rack about two inches from the heat and cooked until the meat is done, turning occasionally. .Still another different touch Is cooking meat balls in onion sa'uce. Seasoned ground meat is combined with milk-and shaped into balls. The balls are browned in a small amount of hot lard, a can of onion soup added and the combination allowed to cook slowly for about 20 minuter or until the meat bulls are thoroughly done. Bevin Late for Lunch \ I WASHINGTON'. Sept. lS-,—I The Senate foreign relations mm- 1 mil lee tre.-Ued Hrilisii Foreign Min- I iMer Etne.4 Ilevin yesterday to a ! typical American disli- itpple pip topped by a slab of cheese. It. cappeti a Itinciieon given in the committee's meeting room. : Other gue.sls inclurted Sir Oliver Secretary ot State Acluson. yice Pi-ank, the Briti.sli ambassador; President Barkley. democratic leader Lucas of Illinois and Republican floor leader Wherry of 'icnraska. Preceding llie pie r^ine: .shrimp cocklail. filet mianon. stuffed baked polato. Tieili broccoli, green aatad and hot roll.v, P. S.—Bevin was 17 minute* late. Tasty Desserts Are Good Hints For Apple Uses Apples arc on the list of plenlt- fulfoods, prepared by the US. Department of Agriculture. And the new book "Favorite Desserts by Chicago Home Kconomists" gives. tu'O monlh-watcring h;nt.s on the use of apples in pudding. Old-Fashioned A[>|ile Cake 15 servings! Sliorlcake Dough: one sncl three- quarters cups sifter cake flour. 2 tfastxionx baking ponder. 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 teaspoons salt. 1'i tablespoons butler. :l tablespoons lard. 9 tablespoons cream, 1 egg yolk. Sift together dry Ingredients. Add butter and lard to flour mixture. Mix gently until a fine crumb is obtained. Add cream lo slightly, beaten egg yolk and mix well. Adi) liquids lo ftnur mixture and mix Ifehtly Knead until It holds together well. Tilling: three quarts apples, a;inch slices, 1 cup sugar, 2 table- poons all-purpose flour' '^ teaspoon cinnamon, 4 tablespoons butler. Line an oWoug cuke pun with shortcake dough rolled >; inch thick, so ihe dough cornr up half way on sides of pan. Press thinly 1'lacc a layer of sliced apple.s M'4 quarts) evenly in n>ws „„ (ile dough. Sprinkle with half (ho amount of .sugar anil f],,,,,- mixture ami pan of the einnamou. Hut, with half of ihe butter. Make « second layer wiih remaimlPi- uf apples, sprinkle with sng-i-. flniir aiitl cinnamon and dull! with rest of the butter. Trim dumjh from lop of pan, .so that It comes just even with Hie apple.s before baking. Bake in moderate oven *3V5 degrees F) until apples are soft, approximately one hour, and 10 minutes Cover cake the last 15 minutes lo puff Hie apples. Cut In 15 portions and serve warm with whipped cream or hard sauce. Apple C'utiMrr (8 lo it servings) Four coups peeled and sliced apples, 1 cup sugar, I teaspoon cinnamon. 6 lo i) slices cheese 13 cup shortening, 2 cups sifted"all-purpose flour, 3 teaspoons bakine powder, >i teaspoon salt, 1 cup ' Enameled Utensils Useful on Gas, Oil, Electric Ranges Porcelain enameled utensils are as practical and useful, for cooking on modern efficient gas. electric or oil ratines as they were In the days of the huge wond-binning stoves, fr fact, continuous improvements in the processes of manufacturing cnameledware have resulted in utensils which withstand either high or low heat and are resistant (o food-acid slains. Porcelain cnRine]ed\vare Is made by fusing phss onto strong steel shapes at extremely high temperatures. The result is utensils with a hard glossy fmMi which !s nonporous and easy lo clean. Whether used on gas, electric or oil ranges- enameled utensils will give long ami efficient service if si few simple rules are followed. First of all, when using enameled utensils for cooking on top of the range, enough water or liquifi should be used to cover the bottoms of the i.jiis. As' soon as the contents of utensils reach the boiling stage the heat should he turned low. Low heat will keep food simmering without danger of utensils boiling dry I 1 timing the n eat low also nrevcnts unnecessary waste of fuel. Thirorgh uiisbinu j,, warm sonnv water and a hot water rinse will keep ciiampkit utensils bright and clean. To rrmove burnt food, add about three t.-iltle.vnnon.s- of baking soda to each quart of water and boil until food is loosened. Snack Pleases Hungry Child After School THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1949 milk. Combine apples, sugar and cinnamon nnd nrrniiRe evenly over the botton of an a x x x'2-inch taking dish. Cover with slices of cheese. Top with a drop hlscuit Into 8 flo'iT -' CU!U " R ''"''•K-nliiK Wiied with bak'fig' |»«lcr' ! »n,J C ""] 1 t" \\ nen mixture fa of n coarse corn-' nieal-like texture, add all O f ,, 1 i|) c mid stir until moisture is evenly distributed. Bake, in „ modorntely hot oven <4(Jli degrees Kl for 35 to 45 minutes, or mini m]s t is brown and lopping Ls baked Serve with cream while still warm. Catholics Oppose Aid UNION. Mo., Sept. 15. (,T>,_-Thi> latholic Union of Missouri 'nic.?- ay adopted resolutions opposing federal aid to education nnd supporting Ihe principle of separation of church and state. The resolutions were the same as. those adopted lost, August at the national convention In San Francisco. Tuesday's meeting marked the end of the Unions 75th annual convention. Alger Miss is Slated To Face Trial Again NEW YORK. Sept. 14-Wj-Alxcr Hiss, former stale department of- Iictnl, will g 0 on trial aoaln on Perjury clnirges del. 10 in federn] court lu-rc. U.S. Attorney John p X. McGohry nnnounccd tile dale yesterday. The original trial enri- «l July 8 in a jury disagreement A federal B rnuc! jury indicted Hiss irisl nee. is on two pprjury counts «lt<'r he dcniptl (jiving stale de, uiu-iment .secrets 1 o Whittnker Clianibers. self-styled courier for a l>rc-war Soviet spy ring. Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas P. iMnrpliy. clifef of ( | le criminal division \ilio prosecuted Ihe previous trial, again will represent, tile government. The trial judge was not an- npiinced. At the conclusion of Ihe *figinal trial. Federal Judge Samuel H. Knufinan said he would not preside at a retrial. The Hnya weaver-birds, of India, fastens fireflies into tlieir nests. Children coming home from school usually make a bee-line for the kitchen, Welcome them with energy-giving .snacks that can come rlBht off the pantry shelf. Packaged cereal and milk, cheese and crackers, tall glasses of fruit Juice nnd cookies are a few of the quickie combinations which will please Ibe youngsters, It's whe, loo, to encourage leen- BRors to try a hand at making Iheir own snacks. Ix;l llicm start wilh something simple like hot chocolate or cocoa. It won't be long until they'll graduate to preparing Saturday lunches for ihe family. When the children cook, porce- ain enameled utensils fit the bill They heat quickly and are convenient lo handle. Even more import- anl Is the fact lhat (he shiny gloss Mil-face of enameledware Is extremely to clean. Children usually like to cook hut frequently need a bit of prodding when it's time lo clean up Ihe kitchen nf tor wards The easier (he utensils are to clean, .the less discouraging this task will be. Here Is a good beginner's iwipr- for hot chocolate, made the safe double boiler \vav. HOT CHOCOLATE 1 scjuare il ounce) chocolate 1-2 cup lint water 1-4 cup siiK.'tr 1-4 teaspoon salt i 3 cups milk j Hlate chocolate and water in 1op purl of enameled double boiler. Set over lower part of boiler, conuiniii" ! boilinj. water. Heal, stirring frc- I quclitly, until cholocale is melleri. i Stir in susm- and salt and mix un- ! til smooth. Pour in milk, a little at ' a time, stirring until all the milk i is itscd. Heat thoroughly. Remove I from heat and beat with an egg' Ix'.-iter until frothy. Serve with ' marsiimallows or whipped cream Miikes 4 to 5 servings. '• Daughter ot Berlin Divorces New Yorker | RENO, Sept. 15. «>i—Mrs. Mary EUin Burden. In-iug Berlin's dau- i ghter. was divorced Tuesday. She ! won her decree from the socially • pron-.uic.nt Dennis Burden of New ' York on grounds of extreme men- '• lal cruelty. The hearing was private. ' Properly rights were settled In a sealed agreement. • : Mrs. Berlin, the former Ellin ' MacKny, accompanied her dauxhter' to court. The Burdens were mar- : rierl July 3, 1948. They have no 1,924,000 GRAINS ._ Mtffellftll CAREYS Announcing..... CHANGE of OWNERSHIP New Owners: J. W. & J. G. Gay Krwh, Golden Rip» Ronlav BANANAS ,, 13' TOMATOES 3 N 1J S 24 C I'irni, GfL'on CABBAGE MI. g||Bjg5 lib f* f\' s< H -" 58' RED POTATOES "X '3.35 D H A C Vita Bcst Blc >ckeye f* No. 300 *> ^ I L,/\J Crowder, Purple Hull £ com ^ ^ g -MEATS- Krey's Brand FRANKFURTERS -39* Home Dressed ,;. S . ( ;,..„,,,,, (;OIM] FAT HENS ,,, 49 C CHUCK ROAST ,,,. 55 C Slrt-ak 0' Lean ,,,59 SALT MEAT , h IT Swift's American BACON SQUARES ,„. 25 C CHEESE FOOD 2 IJM 79 C — We Deliver — CITY SUPER MARKET . Home Drwsed ERS Sinokcd Jowls or 109-111 West Main Phone 2668 KROGER PRESERVES CMC bALt 'BERRY 1(i ] il ,35 PEACH r APPLESAUCE KROGER — Made from choice applet PEACHES DEL MONTE Sliced or Halves. GREEN BEANS Standard Cut. CAMPBELLS ' Brown— Quick Meali TOMATO JUICE .,i-o, |gc Cherry or lli-oi 1 ,. Red Xasplierry Jar *•-,- JEWEl £ fc SWIFT'S Shortening. KROGER FLOUR ....'5i bK T 8 Plain or Self-Rising PURE LARD ',!!;:, 7 5 C Firm \Vhile—S II). Pail 1 ,|<) CHEESE FOOD Sv 79 C Windsor Club COCA COLA ,, |U X Pause That Refreshes DOG FOOD Top Kick BEANS Great Northern TUNA •Standard Grated SALAD DRESSING ;,!!, 39 hmliassv MACKEREL Standard SARDINES Standard PORK & BEANS Kroger LIMA BEANS School Day Green and While 2 46-oz. JAc Cans 43 2 No. 1 JCc Can 43 No. 1 . Can O No. 300 Cans 2 No. 303 Cans Mb -fCc Brig 13 No. '/t Oftc .. Can CU FRYERS HTib59 Lb. 59 C Buy your favorite pieces—cut-up. ! , 5l ' c;lsls "'• !)S « Wings Ib. 5oc Necks lb 19t l ' e ° s !b - S3c K;(cks lb. 39c Gizzards lb. 39t DUCKLINGS Michigolden Oven-Ready BRISKET 0'BEEF Lb 39 U. S. Graded Good or Choice CHUCK HOAST U. S. (Jnuled Good or Choice VEAL ROAST Lb 59- Boneless Rolled *' SALT MEAT Lb 29 C Streak 0' Lean, Center Cut SKINLESS FRANKS Lb 49 A !,..„„ ' L*0. TW Lb DIXIE FRY & Puts a lasiy golden / crust on fried chicken. HI HO CRACKERS Sunshine WHITING Dressed 2 Ibs 35 Always in Stock\J/ Frirnr]linc5s is a coinn^otJitv 'ounil in All Kroger stoic an ilcm lliat is new o •'Jock and never oul of 5 Kroger employees every know Uijii a friendly smi •^ choet fill v. ord nia ke youi Ping and Iheir joijs more anl. VVelik* lo think of "Kioger • as another word for "frien.iii. ues.s. 1 ' Ki-ngci- Hot-Dated Roaster Fresh SPOTLIGHT COFFEE i-ib. Bag 3-Hi. Hag St.21 Save 5 to 7c on Two Loaves. KROGER BREAD / Loores Twisted Dough for Finer Texture. STEWART'S Potato Chips -or Cello, 49 C GRAPES IblO Top Quality Red Tokays CABBAGE 50ib bag 1.79 it, 5 * Top Quality Colorado Green Kroger Corn Flakes 78-01. Pkg. WINESAP APPLES 5 lb. Mesh }Q 4 * , b Peck .PQ-, Full | QA Bag J/L I L Kraft Bo, J71 Bu>h «' ! |7T

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