The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1949
Page 15
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/OCTOBBK », OUR WAY By j. j Wiliidim Our Boording Houst With Moj. Hoopla '-..•• /i*TP?-'' "V^&*V WHY. THlJTSTmi; : fM — -- .^J^JSr"^™"'^~ 1 ™T > ~^ < ~»^»»»»*^™iia«i. K-TTHEVILLE fAMty CQCTICT MPW8 •TOP. STOP THAT- XXTU. BE txjes . PAPPV USE DAT 6ONDL6 - A PILLOW . 8K.L-— SPUTT-TT/: /~ 1 LIKE; Tb UrJstR »o OJ6 PLAC& TILU -TH6V START C>yS?- LOOKIUG you tixe A 80ST60 OMSCELLA »>) THE HALLTKeC/ -~Kse£'s A LITTL& SOWl.1; TO tfSMeMeefc IT'S JUST . TACKLE AKT BALL-CARRY •sl- RRAC'TlCE-- WE've GOT TO GET IN SHAPE HOB.TH' Someone to FOR SALE Kft. H4, IT NU mvici,!«. r v n HO. U. ».>« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY Calch On, Mr. Weldy? PAGE FIFTEEN ^ Concrcl. culver li 12 Inch la U inch, plain or reinforced Aha Concrete Buildinj Blaeki cheaper (fun lumber for barm ehicke* houses, pump taooses, tenant houses tool shed* We drlifet Call us for free estimate Phone 631 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-flLT£RS o. qLiTy SHOC SHOP H . With Huwert THE FLOWER SHOP Oltncoe Hulldbi[ Pl.onr M91 M Z7« PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Out vears ot experience assure you that when you present a prescription ordei to us, II will be expertly compounded Erom fresh pura drugs You can be sure at Rothrock's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gtwranteerl B«t Kric«» Kirby Drug Stores Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store VOU'D have thought Jenny 1 4- Polcska was a bride, dressing for her weddino, the way all the girls crowded around her in the big models' dressing room at Max's salon bhc straightened the collar of tier brown velvet suit, and stared at her reflection in the mirror, feeling self-<jonscious and uncomfortable. . "Vou look positively wonderful m brown velvet, with those eyes « yours, Jenny," someone exclaimed. "Now put on the hat!". J«nny set the brown velvet bonnet on her head and tied the demure tulle ribbons under her chin. 5>he tipped her heid. The hat did give her face a piquant look, ac - cenUng the brightness . . ot . her brown eye* and the well-brushed f£" ,?* her short bro »"> curls. Golly Jen,- one of the other girls cned "the guy won ^ even usten to what you have to tell him once he sees you in that hat! You look like a doll!" ",.'... "He'H listen all • righti" Nina Cushin.B put in. "He'll listen, and hate Jenny forever for having told nim. . ~ Jenny colored > iim e ^ ^ turned away from the mirror and Picked up her short brown la pin '' her b*^ W««<i- ^ern, aps Nina wasn't right about .her .gains meet .•£<«. . Nina spoke again, her voice cyn- icat and angr,...«i .>tiu,cin't s« L« .sked you to meet hi m ; ' We ve been over all that,- Jenny saxl wearily u she reached for ner glove* and purs*. "Tod and I are such old friends that naturally she thought ot me." : c." 1 ,*"^ Li* >» J"«t malicious, one knowi you're crazy about the ' - r.»- " • ' .' 'DonVb. s*y,Nm.r Jenny's « «•« « little, -f had a taen- criMb on Tod. We grew up . »«1 I aoojehow (o4 tb* e» I «ru in lov« with him. But ^»»* » Ion* time ago, and it's all for thrtT'ye.r,^ 1 *"* "* hlm The girli^were silenf, and -"~ ihe wu .gam and that her hand. w«r» thakine a* abe pulled on h«r Klovw and started for the door. • • • « snowing outiide, one of winter ' f~ti * ° wner ' ««»' leathery lakes swimminB lazUy down. Jenny thought, of taking a , then decid *<« »«««>»« it. e had plenty of time, and the snow was nice. The shop windows were filled with new spring togs, pastel suits, bouquets of spring Rowers and new hats and white gloves. But her mind wasn't on the Siop windows. She could only think of Tod. "Somehow I got the idea I was in love with him. But it wac < long time ago, and it's aU over now." The words hadn't sounded con- Wh C ? 8 ' CVen to her own «•«• Why? Because they weren't true. i>he was in love with Tod still After all this time. It was silly, but one couldn't help such things. She ought to be planning how she would break the bad news about Liz to him, but instead she kept remembering Tod the way he used to be. before he ever got to running around with the crowd on Ihe hill. . .-it," Nina ?.&*?*. for «er '« nayinc dpri't amount to a tinker's, dam taken as a whole, Jenny, but Tod's different, almost like he didn't belong to them. Now if your mother was alive, I suppose she'd have a fit about your seeir' so much of him, because she never lifcecj any ot em. But I'd be pleased if you WM to end up marryin' Tod. He's lot good stuff in him, that boy " Jenny used to blush and protest ignly when Pop said things like that. But inside it'had given her satisfaction, because no other bo "••r ever interested her in th leMt Then Tod had met Lii Con owe aomewhere and started run 5"* Wlth the crowd on the hili At nr»t Jenny had beeri invited ti their parties too. But after th summer Tod had begun dating Li steadily, she'd not had more than * P*wtn« glimpse of him. ' . r p«AT summer there'd been „ Jot of pictures of Liz and Tod in the Sunday rotogravures. Jeri ny rtill had one ot them tucked away in her handkerchief box.. A lood picture of Tod, showing his infectious smile, the reckless look of laughter, in his eves, the fine high forehead topped with a mass of dark curling hair. Tod was so handsome! That fall he'd gone to the State University on a football scholarship, Liz had gone there too A few passer In high school she h*d been his girl. en s Summers on Sunday after' wo °* th «™ u*d to go .T.V >^ UM:IU uaea V3 go with her father out to the dshing shack on the river to jpend the day swimming and fishing. It had been such tun. She didn't suppose Tod ever thought of ehose good times any more, or all the other fun they'd had together. The Duncans had used to live on Catalpa street then too, and Tod uiwd to spend more time at Jenny's hotne than he did at home. Pop had liked him. He used to say to Jenny, "That Duncan family N THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKSAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS Thomas Jolley, Pltf. .. vs - No. 11,036 Irma Jolley, Defendant WARNING ORDER . ! rf ? efer ? d » nl . Irma Jolley, Is arned to .ppe.r fn the Chancery Court for he Chick«sawb'& District ! fi?, Ppl Counli '' Arka thlrly days and tiuwer -«-, ,.nu £uirc tnere too Sometimes Pop would sec Tod's picture on the sports page of the newspaper and point it out to her. Hed become a nationally known football player in three years Then at the end of that third year an injury had put an end to the career. There was a long stay in the hospital in Capitol City and then an even longer stay in the East where some sort of an operation waj performed on his back. He was coming home now to Capitol City. The society page of the Gazette had been full of the coming nuptials for weeks. He and Lit were going to be married to 'he tune of considerable fanfare The only hitch was that Liz had eloped with someone else yesterday. Her heart began to pound »i she went up the long steps of the big imestone Union SUtion and through the swinging doors into the vaulted waiting room. The tram caller's nasal tones echoed in the huge room, mingling with the rumble of baggage trucks, the voices, and the thin reedy wwl ot a fretful baby. . "Train from New York coming '" <» track two! Train from New York!" . Jenny hurried lo the gates, he : : : complaint o[ the plaintiff, Thomas Jolley.' WITNESS my hand as Clerk of aia Court and the sea! thereof on Jw the 17th day of September, Harvey Morris, clerk ; ' ' By Anil*, flykex, D.O. O. W. Barham, aUorney. ••.;• >v .. I hereby appoint Ed B. Cook »l- torney ad lltem in this cause.'" By Anita Sykes, DC, H«rvey JtorrU, Olerk •M him.-.. face anxious, looked back as smiled. They probabfy thought sue was meeting a lover or husband, for her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright with eagerness. And now her - thoughts were really racing. What would she siy to him first? Should she just blurt i out about Liz and be done with it, or break it gently? • • • gHE saw him coming at Irurt. ,„ was close enough to louch her before he even recognized her, and when he did he looked surprised and a touch embarrassed. "Weli hello, Jennyi Fancy seeing you here. .Going somewhere?" He was being polite, and already Jus gaze was circling her, looking for someone else. "No," Jenny »id quietiy, came to meet yo«, Tod." U was an instant be(b*e the words seemed to register. "Came to meet me?" "Yes. Liz told me you'd be on this train. She asked m« to com*." 1-iiT Has something happened!" He dropped his bags and reached for her shoulders. His touch made her shiver involuntarily. _, in a way something"* happened." "For heaven's sake, Jennyi" The color drained out of hi. face and he gave her a quick shake. "She's not hurt—" -No. Nothing like that," Jenny Mid She was aware people were hesitating to watch. Tod saw too, and toe* his hands "Well," he said gruffly, -wh«t ic he matter? Where is Liz?" "Vaybe we'd better get out ot her« : before I try to explain." Jenny's voice trembled, in «pit e of her effort* to keep it steady. Tod w»« even more handsome than he used to be, and he was angry at her too, just as Nina had said h* would be. And she hadn't ever old him about Liz yet. Outside Tod hailed « cab..The mow W.F still falling. "I" ..the privacy ot the e»b, Tod turned to her. "All right low enny, what is It?" "Llz^iJz U married." Tod'r-'jlue e y«* searched her ace in disbelief. "Married?" Shi ould see he didn't believe it You're kidding. What kind of a »g U this? Who thought it up?" here was not even the old friend- in«s« in hi< eye* now. H« would hate her *1way« for aving told him th» humiliating lece of new- *-- leakly. (To Be I accept this appointment. Ed B. Cook 9,19-26-10,3-10 Television receivers located between transmitting stations of the same network operating ; on the f" me -channel will be subject to lite, it «ny, Interference of one station with the other when frequency ditrcrcnce Is eliminated by » new method known as television ctirier iynchronJt«Uon rJOTSO FAST, StKLS I NOW OKAY, IF 7WIRP' ISNT /*W INSULT, WHAT IS ITT THE BATTUE-C«Y OPTVIE JUNIOR _ BIRD-WATCHERS? No! SEASON AS W FOOTBALL AND- . MARBLE/ YOU MEAW SEASON AS IN SALT AND , PEPPER! AMD WAY- FEVER "S«vent««n. and h»'t t«lking ..bout 'getting married— itwt that boy ever going to grow up?" PRISCFLLA'S POP AND HOW ARE VOU GETTING ALONG WITH YOUR NEW TEACHER ABOUT YOU? HOW DO KNOW SHE STARTS PULLING HER am. iw JT.IJH[jmni. 1 CANT. 5« IT, BUT IT SOUNDS Off THAT WAY. I'VE REMOVED THE DRAIN PLUGS.THIS HUL'K WILL STAY AFLOAT ANOTHER SIX HOUBS.THEN-- told me of j seeing , Manthorp ;*nd Vera I Darkling -ashore, we heard a motor boat. ! THINK ITS^ .•ME'VIKING'S* WWER TENDER. ITS SLOWING DOWN, SHEETINGS. AWNTHORP. HAVE VOU DONS7HE JOB? CAPTAIN EASY A ijf Opportunity BY LESLIE TURNER AHi I'VE DBEAMEP OF iSBSMYMIiTAKEI 1 WAS TOO MUCH OF A v (SEWFLEMAW TO BE FI"M AND TEACH VOU BOTH VW...WHAT you aor IN M«JP, MR. JACKSOV? .. OWE o 1 MAMMA'S OLE HUS6AMCJSJ HE'S OUTA HOUSE MAMMA PlfOVf VOU PLUMB RECTI^y THATWOW. BUGS BIJNNl Kconomical Cat TRAINER/ HIWRY...MAN INJURED/ WATER/ SIM Vie SOME WATER/ HOW ABOUT SMELLING SALTS ? NICE CLEAN BANPAGES, MAYBE/ I WAWT VUCTEJtl AINT VA 60T NOME?.; I HAVE GUVNOR \LL RIGHT, EiUT WHA1 , ANP HER •EFFICIENT MOO VI AN COMMANDOS THE LAW SWARMS DO\VN ON THE PLACE? ALLEY OOP FROM THE HOSPITAL! HENCEFORTH ' Of THE GRAND V/I2EK, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY BD'GAR MARTIN * &,%

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