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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · Page 105

Baltimore, Maryland
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Sunday, February 24, 1952
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PAGE 4D THE SUN : BALTIMORE, SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 24, 1952 Scala Jerry Signs Contract To Become 13th Oriole To Join Flock CRAIG TO RACE LIFTING CHAMP BULLETS WIN RED SMITH'S - Views Of Sports OH MD. TRACKS BY 81 TO 80 IS BOY OF 12 HIT FOR .272 , LAST SEASON Outfielder Expected To Be "' Mainstay For Birds Coast Owner To Bring Har Bill Marsh Holds Indiana Defeat Syracuse In N.B.A. the horse room and he'd hang ness Stable Here This Year Game At Coliseum New York, Feb. 23 Butch said that if Frank Erickson or Estes A.A.U. Heavyweight Title, around and see that one of the guys there taking bets would be running Kefauver himself had told him, he low on change. "You need singles Pres Jenulne, newly appointed . By I.OUIS M. HATTER '. Muncie, Ind., . Feb. 23 MP) racing secretary at the Baltimore Duke would ask him, ano ne wouio (Continued from first Sports Page) say, 'Here, take this ten and go get Baltimore still' apparently safe never would have believed that a day would come in this town when an action guy couldn't get any action. No action at all; Butch is an action guy who has dedicated himself to the task of teaching this me singles for it.'- Raceway and . the near-by Laurel Raceway, but . now serving in. the same capacity . for .the daytime on tOD. 64 to 54. S". Around Gaston, 12 miles northeast of Muncie, they can't see anything funny in the old story about the football coach who scouted rural talent by asking the direction to town. ' Twenty .seconds into the Anal "Duke would take the ten and co over to another guy working in auatrer. O'Shea's three-point play hopeless mathematician the art ot mousing a basketball game that the Joint and say to him, 'Soaadso wants ten singles.' The guy would give him the change, but Duke If a boy. picked up .a plow and meets at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park in California, reported yesterday that L. W. Craig, banker and owner of the Craig Cimmaron Ranch, Lemoore, . Cal., will bring his stable, to compete at the Free s. neoging nets at such advanta. made it 67 to 54. 'or tne next lour minutes, the Bullets couldn't , buy a basket, and Rocha and Noble Jor-genson seemingly couldn't miss for Syracuse. pointed toward town, he got an athletic scholarship. wouldn't hand over the-ten-spot, geous odds that it is Impossible to By C. M. GIBPS It'required a bit of a "rassle." but .Tack' Dunn has finally secured the signature of Jerry Scala to a" contract. 1 The 25-year-old outfielder had been going through the motions of ! a holdout, but finally capitulated to 'Dunn's salesmanship and notified 1 the -Bird boss by . phone yesterday Whether there is any importance ,in it or not, Scala was the thir-1 tecnth Bird to be announced as hav-jingonked his pact. Played For Buffalo The former International Leaguer , who.moved to the White Sox from ' the Buffalo Bisons early in the 1950 season, is expected-to be one of ithemairistays in the earden. He'd just let the guy think Soandso lose.. The reason thats - not funny state narness tracers again tms was borrowing ten singles oecause To be sure; Butch conceded, the ltwas 68 to 68 with eight min around Gaston is that there's a utes left: then 70-all. and tied ne was in a.nurry. way conditions are right now a year. . 12-year-old farm boy in the community who could 'handle an otdl- 'Duke said it used to be he could Jenuine nas been lining up tne fellow who does know how to top West Coast stables for the again at 72,75 and 77. Scplarl, O'Shea and Mlasek keeping .pace with Rocha. Walt Osterkorn, Gerry nary walking plow like a toy. keep going around like that getting change for maybe four different guys and ,by then he'd have 40 Heavyweight Champ Calabrese and King. big meets at the two slster-tracKs here in Maryland, just as Dick Hutchinson, Jr., president and general manager of the Laurel oval He's Bill Marsh. Indiana A.A.U. By now. less than three minutes mouse a game is no better off than any schriook because he can't get action. Not that it is absolutely impossible to find a bookmaker In town but it Is next to impossible to find a book who can be trusted, which makes it Just the same thing bucks to work wltn and ne'd taKe the 40 over to the book across the odd lifts champion in the heavy remained on the scoreooara. . weight class. street and get in action there. Then O'Shea bucketed a free Bill is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs "But even guys like Ace don't Jerry comes this way from and general manager of tne Baltimore oval, has been contacting the top trotters and pacers, .now in Southern harness tratnlng.centers. throw and Miasek dropped a pair of fouls. Billy Gabor drove in for 185 pounds--all solid muscle. get action any more. There was a as no acuon at an. Sacramento in a trade that sent Whether or not BUI ever heard a layup that made It 78 to u, was time before they started making i Bill Glynn to that club. He is not Talent Scouts Draw Bet "What I mean is professional you bet the point spread on nasKct the plow-pointing story, his weight lifting Drowess resulted from ambi rated -as a heavy sticker but as a Laurel Raceway's 20-night meet extends from June 12 through fouled, but the little Syracuse guard missed the charity throw with 48 seconds remaining and fans ball when you could get down on tlons to become a pro football action," he said. "Sure, there's July 8 and Baltimore .Raceway one team to win at the odds. There was some point betting, but not player. action in the crowd, guys sitting from July 9 tnrougn August, and spectators alike going wna. When he was 11, . tne husky arouna making bets with them j rulehas a commendable record in thegruns-batted-in department. He smacked the ball it .272 clini,last season, and transported 72 Kins over the counting, station. Ninjty-eight of his 113 hits, were Pacer Buried In infield . W th 26 seconds left, alter two everywhere It was inevitable, of course, that "This was a few years ago. Lefty youngster went to the ' Muncie Y.M.C.A. and asked John Millikan, selves. You can't get the official line on basketball anv more, so steals by Walker blunted Syracuse drives, Barksdale flipped in a foul toss for 81 to .79. Then Mlasek Loute came to Ace and said, former, national junior weight lift instead. of trying to bet the scores know a way you can mouse the we sit around in the corner candv Craig would want to return .to Baltimore Raceway, .paradoxically enough the . scene of one of his greatest heartbreaks as well as one of his' greatest triumphs. fouled Jorgenson, and the big game tonight. The Philly warriors tiiines. ne swipea seven sicks, ? Z Has Good Record ing champion, to help him build up his physique for football. Milikan sent him home with some weights store watcning tne games on tele Nats center converted, with are 8 to 5 on the. line in New York. His record through the years in vision and betting who'll set the seconds to go, 80 to 81. You get a beard and bet the War outstanding player award for the T?ni- ir.uac at trip pniasici men- Rocha Misses' riors for you here and we ll go and told him to come back in year. night. way oval .that Craig's most . prom Syracuse grabbed the ensuing therainors is good but not sensa-lioml. A World War II veteran, he letted the ball for .339 in his first- two seasons, and -came back down to Philly arid' I can show you how to mouse the game betting Whatever you re betting, you're Gradually Increased Weights toss-up near the Bullet basket, and ising 3-year-old pacer,- uimmaron P.hldf rilpri In IflSO. a sucker if you don't make a studv tne points. Baltimore hopes teetered as Kocna twisted up with a shot that bounced WitS .342 at MemnhW in 4R; of the game, because you got to Track officials, realizing-,'Cralg's ' TIP FOR TOT Chris Durochcr, son of Leo Duroclier, manager of the Giants, gets some batting pointers . from Third Baseman Bobby Thomson, whose homer put his team in Ihc World Series. Like the Greek wrestler who picked up a calf every day until it was a huge bull, young Marsh Warriors Lose jjxt he divided his time between protect yourself. So what happens, off the rim o the hoop. luss,. ueuiueu tu . an tfui .-tu. iwn- 'So Ace leaves a beard in New So one of the guys, I think it Joreenson. on tne other side practiced daily with gradually in the White Sox and Indianapolis clutt moved to Buffalo in 1950 tapped too strong, and Scolarl came York to bet $800 on the Warriors to $500 a beard is a guy. you get creased weights. When ne reported back to Millikan, he could hoist where he hit .311 in 45 games be. was Smoke, buys a book on opera. Rimsky-Korsakoff and Shostako. vlch and Sibelius, already." up with the rebound and hung on to make your' bets for you and he for& being lifted by. the S6x, and bar bells that strain big men. as tne ouzzer droned. goes down with Lefty Louie to BUU.KTS SYRACUSE uiea moving to tne coast. BUtcn signed deeply. He was GIBBERISH And so - it was that last year a handsome monument was dedicated to Cimmaron Chief on his burial spot on the infield,. -' ' . Enters Casanova " - Once again the. Craig's ha"d traversed the continent, this. -time' to be on hand for the dedication-and Philly. OPT Iginn makes it known that Tom practically morose. O. T. TV 1 1 1 M. GIBBS Millikan hurriedly stopped Bill from overdoing it. He intends to bring him along slowly because of 8ehave.f. 0 O. O Q Down there the Warriors are Mlasek.f. , Kudelka.f f "The way it Is." he said, "when 1 3. 3 s Rocha. e . . 0 .1- 4 31 Casagrande. who was an announced sigrier Friday along with Dwain UeNlnrr.r 1 1. 1 .1 the favorite by eight points. Ace Calabreie.f 11-13 Ratko'ci.t 4 J. 3 S is going to take the other team, his age. He s liueiy to Become noted muscle man, Mllllksn says, Seolarl.a. . T S lit hloit. Seine a member of the Na otierKorn.1 3 o. i -Jorte n'n.e 5 5- 5 1 It was just the cops, there was no trouble. The cops understand that gambling is a biological urge. But when Uncle Sam starts putting the Minor.! . . l 3. l er, just to see whether it psys off, tional Guard, will not be able to O'Shea. i . 4 0-14 17 like it did for Leo. the ex-Lip. Ihe $3,000 Cimmaron Chief-Memorial Pace honoring their late star. Tn -arlrlltlnn ih.rhA nnrj5P flrfllc? repfirl to the Oriole camp until walker.s. 4 I- I Calhoun. K '10-3 . . i i- i ,i Oabir. r . 3 3-4 7 Seymour. 1 4- fi. R Klni.i. . . 5 1-3 11 Navy Swimmers A COLD CLAMMY hand reached out and touched the assembled Yanks as they opened their training season at Miller Huggins Field at St. Petersburg on Friday. neat on, .men the guys listen. plus eight points. That way. if the Warriors win by any score he collects $500 on his New-York bet. If they lose, he wins the bet he's going to make in Philly and he loses nothing. And if the Warriors o l Not Nice after March 11. ' Phils' Bonus Player 38 39.31 n' Easy Way To "Get Money was offering a shining trophy and the most costly blanket ever. given NOT EVERYONE, however, is try Totals 11 18.31 SO 34 33 1781 TopPeim,61Tol7 This does not interfere with the BULLKTS Nats 17 15 It's like when you were a kid ing lo De a nice guy. 15 34 3680 Grume business inasmuch as Casa What happened was they were as a race prize to. the .winner of the Memorial. - ' :': :' you could always run from the cops ror instance, there was Phil Riz- win by anything less than -nine points. Ace wins both bets. graride. a first baseman turned Philadelphia, Feb. 23 UP) The greeted with reports that George zuto, Yank shortstop par excel Lakers Beat Royals Rochester. N.Y.. Feb. 23 (PI Out of sentiment, Craig entered United States Naval Academy niitcher, and Phillie bonus player, Dut your old lady would come along and say, 'hey, meat and potatoes, and she'd grab you by the ear and well, this is Just after one of Weiss had engineered a telephonic turned In Its strongest swimming ps aqt expected to do more than his newest 3-year-old' -pacing star Casanova in the event,' -'- '; . The Minneapolis Lakers belted the lence, with a date to meet George Weiss and talk dough, the other A.M. trade-talk with Clark Griffith at "worK out with the Flock. performance of the season today. you'd go along. Well, that's how it those first basketball scandals broke, and the hall in Philadelphia Is crawling with cops. Every time Orlando. Driver Dana Cameron,' who han Kochesler. Royals. 83 to 73. in a National Basketball Association game sweeping all ten first places to is when Uncle Sam savs the word Being a holdout Rizzuto was ex Stoat, a veteran of the mound wars, once having belonged to The news that several of them trounce Penn. 67 to 17, in an East dles all the Craig horses, prepped the youngster for weeks in a de "We were sitting around talking tonight. pected to bo waiting for the Yank Lefty Louie sees a Philly gambler and starts for him, the gambler ern Intercollegiate League dual boss to get up. Brooklyn, is counted on for much ef the relief work. He is a left might find themselves shunted off to Washington, should the deal be about It in the candy store, John the Boss and Smoke and Ace and George Mikan twirled in 26 points as the Lakers beat the de meet. turns and walks away because he s Instead Phil didn t even show nn termined effort to. take the event. The result was a" race which Maryland fans will never forget. Pointing for the traditional Army Lefty Louie and the Duke, and the consumated. was more than merely fending champs for the sixth time afraid of the cops. So Lefty Louie for the confab. Weiss must have felt as upset as Phil during the flabbergasting. Some felt their In seven starts this season. Hy win can t ever get down and when the Casanova raced to victory , in 2.04, uke was reminiscing about the way conditions are. Duke was remi hander and quite a hitter for pitcher. Army Five Beats ning, the second-place. Lakers game starts all. Ace has got going meet next Saturday, the Middies used their top men in all but the 400-yard freestyle relay and captured everything but the sprints by worm series when he took a throw arches sagging at the .news. sliced Rochester's Western Divi niscing about how tough it is when tag Stanky sliding into second is tne $huu . nis oeard played for The dirt is the Yanks aren't cer the. second .swiftest time of tne Maryland' season and one of- the fastest times ever' recorded at a Mnrvland trntflnir trielr. action guys can't get any action. sion lead to 1 Vi games. only to discover the ball was bounc mm in New York tain about their center-field re 10 or more yards. He was saying how it used to be The Lakers took the lead half ing away behind him. Harvard By 65-59 "Sure enough, the Warriors lose and Ace blows S800. Lefty Louie 300 Mmler Relay Won br Navy Fred placement material for DtMaggio when you might wake up empty Nalr ntrd. Charier Oray): Andrews. (Mickey Mantle. Bob Gerv or o o Fogbound and you d say to yourself, - some apologized that he was .sorry. I way through the first quarter, widened it to 17 points early in the second half. The Royals made rcnncl. Prnn. Time. 3.04.1 230 Fire Style Won t)T Jtin Vincler.v lulu. Navy: eeond. clenrte Bhllllnirr. c 3 Jackie Jensen) and drool for Irv how I got to raise a couple of buck West Point, N.Y., Feb. 23 (P so I can get In action.' In the old don't care about the $800,' Ace says, .'but think of the lousy train rirle we ant in tnki nnw all thn Noren, the pro gardener of the Army won an uphill basketball THERE IS nothing too clear in the official standing of the ball throwers in the Professional National Navy: third. Dan MrlMer. renn. Time. 3.23.9. SO Free Style Won by Oil Rlndahl only 24 or 78 shots, while the Lak crs were hitting 28 of 71. days, Duke said, -there was always battle with Harvard today. 65 to 59 Open Mon. & Sat. 'til 9 Senators, i . , Navy: arcond. Tom Halnln. renn: third. wav hnrlr tn Njiuf Vi-lr 1 " a way.- after trailing for virtually three ootball League. At least there is Uil MicXInnin. Navy. Time. 0.25.0 Mlkan's 26 points enabled him to regain the circuit's scoring lead z 1 "Duke said he would go down tollHeraJd Trlbuna Net's Service copyrlehll quarters. Years ago Griffith led a crusade against other clubs in the league makine any deals with the Yankees ISO Individual Medley Won 1t Bill urr. Navy: aecond. Vauahan Wllion. Navy: some confusion caused to the in nocent sldclincr. Behind four points at the end of from Philadelphia s Paul Arizln. who was idle. Mikan has' tallied tmrc. Howie Ainir. renn 'jniin Ptnn finished rcond. but -a dt-auaUned) For instance in the passing busl that would strengthen the Bomb Time. 141 the first period and again bv 36 to 32 at the half, the Cadets did not eet command of the situation until niiinewon ov Jim Annersnn. navy ness, taking the first three men. 1,320 points to Arizln's 1.296. . MINNEAPOLIS RpClrtSTKR teconri, dene Clark. Penn: third. Oa-en ers. They were too good, the league had to be saved, and this was the on discover that Bob Waterflcldi Davfpii. Navy.arlnntna. tootntx: 119.1 x. q, r, T. MlkVfl'n.f 4 4. 4 14 coUman.r 3 1-15 Calami only way to do it Soeari. 100 rriealyle Won br OraT. Navy: tee, ond. HeiDtn. Pann.: third. Rlndahl. Navy Time. 0.S5.5. . ... . . Bchulti.t. .1 3-4 5 a . 3 1- 7 13 four mlriutes had elapsed in the final period. Then set shots by Richie Cardillo and Kent Poore is rated as tops. He had 13 T.D. tosses and completed SO per cent of his heaves. 4 IK Johnion.f. 0 I. 3 1 i-ouara.i . j But you are told that he is very responsive to this Idea. As long as 0 0-00 3W uatasiroav won ny niiDit. nnj mnd. Kit Petem. Navy: third, tir. Ca Rtatn.r . lo Hannnm.e 1 4- 0 34 4. 4 A n 10.10 20 gave the Cadets a 54-to-50 advan ant and Dick KiiaaDrra. ooin oi renn 0- 0 4'Oarlr.i 3 5-9 11 3 3 Harmon. i Mlkan.e. . Hllrh.c . . Saul.f Hutton.K . . Martin. . . Norman Van Brocklin. also with 3 T.D.'s but with 51.5 per cent Time. 233.7. . . J he can get the players he wants in return he doesn't appear to mind tage to which they clung the rest inn iireakmiroEF won dt turn, navy 5. A lllHolzman.g o o- t o I- 1 lWanwr.a. S 3- 3 13 3- 1 n the completion business was necond Carlo Alvartn. Penn.: third. Oeorte Balbach. Penn. (John Boyn Nary ilnlihed giving the Yanks what they need second. second, out was aisouaiuira.t umr. Totalu 34 35-34 73 Toull His crusading spirit to save the 2S 37.33JI3 440 Frirstvll Won by Tom And down in third place is Otto Mlnneanolls.. 24 19 IS 33 S3 tmra. Nvy; affront, omilinirr. niij league bas given up the ghost. of tne way. Harvard set the pace throughout the first half on some fine set-shooting by Bill Dennis, who scored 22 points: Poore paced Army's attack with ...17 11 'ii 1i ,J Mtiitcr. rem trie Graham with 17 T.D.'s and a 55.5 completion average. nn. -Tlmi, 5.15.1. itylt Relay Won by Nvy (J Rill Mllei. Dick KellT. C R Chin Rirrinn. o o Certain Uncertainty ChftpUO; confPyin,.Jim?.3.5l.5 New York Wins, 82-77 New York. Feb. 23 (P) The It probably is all right when you become technical. But to the non- EXPERTS WITH the Giants, way 19, while Teammates Bill Hannon and Fred Meyers recorded 16 and New York Knickerbockers had to Y.M.CA. Lifters Win out yonder in Phoenix, Ariz., offer technician it borders on the foggy side. p into overtime to defeat the Fort 14. the opinion tnat me oaten ot rooKie In State Tournament Wayne Pistons tonight, 82 lo 77, hurlers with the club. Including ex The win raised Army's reason record to .500 with eight victories o o Popularizing Night Ball for their seventeenth consecutive Phil-Oriole Jake Schmltt. traded N.B.A. home' victory. Y.M.C.A. weightlifters won the and eight defeats. NIGHT BASEBALL in the National off bv Philadelphia for .lack Trailing by seven points, 57 to 50, team trophy with 37 points last League will become more popular Lohrke. face an impossible task of Solng Into the final quarter, the night in the State weight lifting wan the players this season. At breakine into the Giant mound championships held at the Central New Yorkers rallied to tie It up at 71-71 when Harry Gallatin bracket. least the arcllght tests will be faced with more favor when a club is on Y.M.C.A. The Knights of Col N.Y.U. Beats Loyola, 19 To 8, In Wrestling N.Y.U. defeated Loyola. 19 to 8. clicked for two free throws with umbtis placed second with 16 the road. This reminds that the big five of the Giant staff. Sal Maglie. Larry .lansen. Max Lanier. Dave Koslo points. minute and 12 seconds left. FT. WAYNE NEWYORK The added two bucks per day for Three defending champions, an yesterday in a varsity wrestling eating money on, those days an arc o. r. ti . o. r. t. and Sheldon. Jones, have reached Y.M.C.A. lifters, retained thel 3 scnius.t.. J 7- i ii Kalian. r o j. 4 Kerrli.t.. 1 3. 4 5 aimmoni.l. a-10 10 llght contest is played means he the stage where they may have 30 titles Wilbur Drcycr, In the 165 V win collect S8 in all for groceries, L.iosi,i v...' j-.i-iilion.c. . a t. t trouble climbing in and out 01 tnei pound class: Walter Blddle. 148 FOUSt.C. This will remove some of the dis wheel chairs. 7 1. S IS O'irtln.e. .1 4- 8 ft 3 3. 3 Z-sl'faxy.a S-1J 34 5 5-8 17 D.MVre.i 3 5- 9 11 pounds: and Edward Barker, snare.c. . Brlan.c. . like for the after-dark business. Lanier is the oldest at 36. Jones match at Evergreen. Mike Ford got Loyola off to a good start by taking his 123-pound match, but N.YJJ. came back to win three in a row to gain a lead they'- never relinguished. Jack Cyphers got the only other Loyola triumoh in the 157-tound division. l. 1 13 vo'w'une.i i 3- s 1 Johnson.! heavyweight 6- 0 2 LumDD.a. While many of the boys have al Iddlem'n.r 1 endlef.a. 0 Victor Chlndl. also a member of 4. 4 4 the baby at 30 years. The ages of the five total 162 years. The most certain thine, about pitchers who the Y team and 181-pound champ 25 27-33 771 Total.. 35 32-45 83 Total" ways been rather, good hearted about getting new baseballs from the club and autographing them last year, captured a new title by have crossed the 30-ycar line is I '' . m i a Ml I I :i k:vI'l'':y II Vrin " Si triumphing in the l9a-pound divi 123-Pound Clui Ford. Loyola, decl- for mends their good nature will Pt. Wayne... 23 14 21 14 B n Near York 18 13 19 21 1182 Olympians Triumph aionen Hviaver. 7 to n their uncertainty, that's certain. 130-Pound Class riayasm. h.y.u.. oe- MtlnriiVf RitrW 4 tn 1 likely not be so pronounced now that the clubs are going to charge N.Y.O.. decl 137-Pound Class Bofl. Wisconsin Rapids. Wis.. Feb. 23 oo Aping Leo Script them two bucks per baseball. slon. 132-Pound Class Won by Allan. K. ol C: necond. Frame, Y.M.C.A.; third. Charles Carroll, unattached. 14R.Pounil Class Won hy Ulddlr. Y.M.C.A.: second. Brodeur, Y.M.C.A.: third, nureer. unattaehed.i 105-Pound Class Won by Dreyer. Y.M.C.A.: Manson,' unattached; third. (pi The Indianapolis Olympians de- sionea uonanue. j to 1, 147-Paund CUftsMcCaUuin. N.Y.U. i-lafnnH Jnrnhtrn. A tn O. OBSERVERS at Vero Beach have bo the National clubs loosen up 157-Pound diss Cyphers. LojoU. de- trailing in the first quarter, turned on the heat in the second period on meal dough and tighten up on noticed a change in Manager Drcssen. Having tried to act like cistonea Meijicen. to j. 167-Pound Class Hirschhopl. N.Y.U.. de-t tinned daiiand. 7 to 2. the business of giving away new tonight, then romped lo an 86-to-59 Sapninston. Y.M.C.A "I only asked if you had the time!" UMt&Jjf WWW ll "I always have time for a man who shaves with fc class Won br fltevem. K. 177Poun. Class Pfeifer. Loyola drex pellets. It s fair enough. ini'i'ouno National Basketball Association vie Durocher had always acted, last year, and got himself In bad with V.M.C.A.: third. wtih Pumnervoln. 1 in 1. oi c: second, innon, tory over the Milwaukee Hawks. Hravjwertht Class Forfeited by Loyola, McAldlne. Y.M.C.A. t . . , o I) Well. Favorite Wins MILWAUKEK !NLIiAWArul.I lUH-rouno l-iass won ot uniooi. y.m. C.A.: second. Smith. Y.M.C.A.; third, Crlm. everyone, i;naney nas cnangea jus script. y Ci FT. O. F. T. SPARTAN VALOR'S victory in th K. ol c. . . . ... . , Mrhrn.r - S 2. 3 12 Barnhorst.f 3 2-2 8 rich Widcner yesterday had an cle He is said to be copying the new fueavyweigni i-iass won Dy. nariter. .M.C.A.; second. Oarrett. K. o( C: (no Hutchlns.f 2 1-2 5 Jones.'. ? 3' 5 S wiUftm.f H A. I AlMallard.I. . 1 3- S S ment of surprise. This nag was an Durocher technique of being one of Burns. I... 1 o 1 J,rarr.i. . u the nice Buys who drip with good overwhelming favorite with experts Otten.c Solunar Table PEBP.OAHY 24 TO MARCH 2 y JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT intra). Dunrlalk Y Wrestlers Waltner.i'. S i? 1 8-11 14 0- 2 io 1 1 2 fellowship. ... DeLanB.C Kirk. I. .. 3. 4: 1 and bettors. In addition he had be'en'nomi 3- 8 15 1. 2 3 O'Brien,!. B Tuahefr.a.. 1 3 Boven.c J' Crocker. s. 3 2- 1 S Lolsram.f 4 4, Beat School Of Blind C7 Xs f PH nated for the big New York stake events. In spite of these things he this comes aDoui oecause oi me ill feeling against the Brooks'last season as Dressen tossed his weight around and got other clubs sore at Totals 20 10-38 591 Totals. 30 2637 8(1 ii i w. rr.vx-A i ii sr iwr-s 11 I J n HliTiZJ it . -... .. The Dundalk Y.M.C.A. scored won, even while the mile and quarter Widener was the farthest The schedule of solunar periods indicates the times when, if you plan your day so that you will be him and his Bums, and went all-out Milwaukee 19 10 21 HS9 Indianapolis - 16 28 16 2588 Knicks Lose Boryla three falls yesterday to defeat the Maryland School for the Blind he had ever been asked to run. to beat them Seems 'to be an up and coming wrestling team, 22V6 to 2OV2, on the I ffTL. crsn n ITI TL 111 vv ai " 1 fishing (or minting) in good terri So the new plan apparently is to losers mats. ii laViraairrrm i l j i ii iitv i tory, you should find the best sport put on a nice-guy act like Duroch-track star. For Rest Of Season that each day has to offer. Each team took five of the bouts but an extra fall gave Dundalk its close victory. The final test ended The major periods when fish and New York, Feb. 23 (IP) The New Bainbridge Navy Prep Hopkins Rifle Team York Knickerbockers announced to game are most active are hown in beld-faced type. These begin at the I I isW - 1 1 I I swar aJti'5j -ia in a draw. night that they had lost the services Tops Army Prep, 74-57 Tops Junior College II laW uflifli) fSiMASi III - o 80-Pound Class Hllllni, Dundalk, pinned of Vlnce Boryla for the remainder times shown and last for an hour amd a half or two hours thereafter. 'os-'Pound Class Hali. Maryland, de. of the. regular National Basketball Bainbridge, Md., Feb. 23-i-Bain- Johns Hopkins defeated Balti The minor periods, shown in light- Association season. more Junior College, 1,341 to 1,115, bridge Naval Preparatory School CItlonea AorownosM, 4 u. 110-Pound Class Chmleletulil. Dundalk pinned MCOInn, 1.49.. . , . , faced type, are of somewhat shorter The former Notre Dame, Denver piled up points through three in a rifle match, on the Homewood range. duration. liu-rouna uiasa uixon, raariu, vnv ned Spcllman. 5.55. 120-Pound Class llarvej. Maryland, de and A.A.U. star reinjured his right knee in the Knicks' loss to the periods and breezed to a 74-to-57 OEastern Standard Time TJsedl basketball victory over the Army Harry Adler, of HopKins. was high man with a score of 273. . 125-roUncl t-iass wsrrenorraer. mij- Warriors In , Philadelphia Friday night. Preparatory School, of Ncwburgh land, pinned Muence, 3.09. . impound Class Fneht. Dundalk, Sunday Monday..! . . . .4.30 S.2S 8.20 11X0 12.05 1.00 N.Y., here today. clsloned Whltacre, 100, ... 133-Pound Class Duflield. Dundalk, pin, nert Smith. 2.45.- .. . . F.& M. Wrestlers Beat .. 348 , . 330 .210 .. 212 . . 208 The Navy squad was paced to its KlUhuln.. 27?! Waltr... 2J9 aerwli.. 288 Snrder 262 11.10 , iiis M 2.1S 3.00 ' IAS 4J 9.00 3.55 .6.50 7.40 i 8.30 0.15 10.20 11.15 7.10 . 8.00 . 0 Tuesday ..... Wednesday.. . Thursday.... Friday fi.tnrrfaT. Klerli Conner Baas , Resell Jenklna Totalu .'. last game of the season by Ben 1.S4 3 3.J5 4.10 1.00 9.45 I s i.y.a. iWaBHe I sis. Shn asi sa aw I Johns Hopkins, 33 To 3 Thompson, with 21 points, and Jim 1.341 Sunday 10.40 Totals.. 145-Pound Class Sellln, Maryland da. clsloned Jordan, 9 4, , . . 185-Pound Class Thomas. Maryland and Narotowlci. DundalH foufht to draw.-. Mitchel, 20 tallies Lancaster. Feb. 23 -The Frank. Army Prep came hack strong In the final quarter to score 24 mark AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE lin and Marshall College wrestling team gained an easy 33-to-3 victory over the Johns Hopkins matmen iwsg mm&m iSffiS S 1 m f&m (I1X ers but the game was far nut of FISHERMAN'S LUCK Tide Table from February 24 to March 2 Bun. Mon. Tuea. Wed. Tmir. Frl. But, reach. Army was led on the of Cincinnati 2 . . Syracuse 1 4 Cleveland 4 Buffalo . , trom Baltimore here last night. fensive by Louis Peterson who . 123 Founds Hen, F.t M. pinned Wo-ttl. 2.32. Sun. dropped in ten field goals for Hall 2 SS m' Binned 20 points. .. &2S 6.19 7.11 8.03 8.58 8.51 10.47 11.47 Baltimore.. tf3Efv4i&a& jk0t o mass -turn KSMb rffi '',vrv',-'f:'' Pound Potter, .lohn Hnnlrln,. ri. 131 ;7 20 10 18 11 Nevr Prep. , Army Prep 1774 2457 ciaion over Eaton,- i. Seven-Foot Knoll 3.10 8.04 eM 7.48 8.41 938 10 32 11.21 AnnarxJlls-Severn River. W S.14 S.57' 8.08 7.0t 7.59" 8J2 tS2 - ji rouna uoutneriy, M., clslon over Btlck. 10 2. Ocean City 8.18 7.05 7J2 8J8 9.24 10.11 10.59 11.48' . V.M.I. Cagers Triumph Blacksburg. Va.. Feb. 23 (IP)- 1S7.pounda Hltilna, r,te M pinned Crook, 5.08. ' ' - 187 Pounds Schelllna, F.Ac M., pinned 8icayplnskl, 5.38, ... 177 Pounds Barbour, T.k M., pinned O Conner. 2.10. Heavyweight Mueneh, T.h M plnnM Underdog Virginia Military Insti Dr. Jos. L. Sachs SUROEON DENTIST 408 E. BALTIMORE ST. nar Helllday. St. (2nd "Floor) MUlberry 8934 Olflea Maura: Daily A.M.: U 7 P.M. "Oaan lundayst' 1 A.M. to 1 P.M. Note Star' ) Indicate 9M. high-water time; Only daylight hlgh-wa.ter time given. For Behoboth (Del.) high-water time iubtract 20 minute Irom Ocean City. Eastern standard time ud. , . tute came from behind a 12-point halftime deficit here tonight to reanca, .db. . WHEEL t FRONT END ALIGNMENT snap an 11-game losing streak with a 56-to-53 Southern Conference basketball victory over arch rival Pete ChsmblUs, editor of Fisherman's Luck, will resume his column in The Sunday Sun shortly. He is convalescing from a mua MIC VISUAL MACHINE TUT UNIVERSITY FORD MOTORS i Virginia Tech. inne".

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