The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNI3 11, 19.17 BLYTHBV1LLB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS FACT FIT! Chinese Protest Mongolia Mack Responsibility Charged To Russians in Note Dispatched to Moscow Hv IKIIIKKT f!l II'iMAX (I'Miled Press Staff Correspondent) NANKING, June U. (Ul>> — China eharge.i IJussia today with I'SI'^sihUitv for the Ouiei 1 »«nn- iltack on remote Sinktang and dNiiilfhed stiff diplomatic protests to Moscow. | The Chinese ambassador tn Moscow was instructed to advise the S'ovict govcrnmenl Hint China views tile invasion 01 Slnkinng} with "deep concern." The ambris'jador \ V n<: im-'mf'-H to make similar representations to the. Outer Mongolian minister in Y. 7,. Chang, foreign off ice spokesman, said Hint China regarded Russia as responsible for (he n^'i^ns ff ouier Mongolia which i s closely allied to the Soviet Un\m through a treaty of friendship and all'anco. "This is no ordinary frontier incident." Chan': said, adding thai Ihc government v.lnns to dispntcli a high-ranking ofticht to sinkiang tr ''"ndiii the situation. The action of Outer Mongolia was viewer! bv government quarters as a veiled -Soviet attempt to ex- Inul her influence among the COO,000 Kiixakhs wlio Inhabit a portion or Riukirxr.g Province, the most Western i>\ C'llm. The nrovince adjacent to Soviet Kazkhslan rfncl 111" Chines,. Kax»i:hs r>re closely related (o those living in the So . Viet Uniim. Information here was that 200 Oulcr Mongolians attacked the Chinese border town of SmiRShviko, June 2. This wns followed June 5 tCk another larger scale attack or P'W.shan, 117 miles Northeast of Chi3«i near the Chinese-Outer Mongol^ft border. In the scnnnd attack a battalion of Outer Mongolian cavalry snn- porled bv four planes hearing Soviet emblems was said to have been cmnloyed. The area in whicli the fighting is KohiE on is one of tho most remote in the world and frequently has been the scene of irregular clashes ajnnnt; tin: Nomadic inhabitants. The Kazakh nopnlntion of Sin- kiaiig is largely concentrated in Hie Inin;. Hi nnd Ashan areis. Hi is already largely under Soviet influence nnd is ruled bv Li Ri-Han who is known for bis Soviet sympathies. Li technically is the special commission of lh-> Chinese proyin- cial government for the Hi region. Us-Man. who is pro-Chinese, controls the Arhnn area which lies southeast of Hi along (be Chine-:e- 1 Outer Mongolian border. Since January, it was understood I i has been carrying out attacks <,n ' (he Ashan area. aUemntinir to outs Us-Man. Finally on March' 27 Un- Miin was forced to'nvaeuate'Cheni; • chua which is the capital of On district and lies 27S miles north of Tirma. -^ Us-M?jl then retreated to Pcita- shan where he was attacked June 5 by outer Mongolinn troops. 8 Men. Horse Cause Incident The immediate cause of the pro- rent outbreak was siiicl to be a border clash between Us-Man'.s forces and troops of Outer Moncolia~~in which Us-Man captured eight Outer-Mongolian soldiers and one horse. The Outer Mongolian border defense commander sent a note by hand lo the Chinese company com- iraiidcr in Pcitashan, Ma Chirt- Chen, charging that Us-Man : s troops have violated Outer Mon- poliaii sovereignty nnd damap^J Chinese-Outer Mongolian friendship. The Outer Mongolians demandncl the return of the eight men and Wheat Harvest Begins Young Slayer insane, Jury Says in Report High temperatures and clear skies have combined their efforts to B ive Ihc wheat country (he go-r.honit signal for cuttlne 'opcmlir.ns. in a field near Seymour, Texas. Kansas combines. opcmUi-.f in tlitir first Texas wheat this yc.'.r, mnke short work of the small ac tracts. Early reports indicate that in good fields the yield v,«V, be as lii R h us 25 bushels per neve. HlBh moisture content In tin: tirsl .-ause the price to drop a little but with continued 'warm weather and clear bkics this situation should disappear rapidly. mission. Committee mebers said he had >KCII approved by the National I'arks Service to »dmlnl»t*r federal aid II and when the bill Is passed. ', " ' ' E. M. Jolly, longer chtef 'v»ttat Investigator of the revenue department ,was appointed «aktant lU- leclor 1 neharge of ceoitiui'ttoti urns (NEA Telepholo.) the horse and the rcmoviil of Chinese troops from two small border towns, Chi Li-Shan and I'alaor, within 48 hours. Pensacoln Naval Air Station was C cc l e »: os tica/ Court arrested today on charges of steal- "CJESJasilCOl <_OUft ing government property. j Tries Clergyman on . J. j. cicnsun, FBI special agent 1 Misconduct Charncs Sung SlU-Lien. supreme National-1 said that two tnickloacls of Navy, %.n«f-n.3 ist commander in Sinkiang, heard property, including baud instruments were found on Allen's Perdido Bay estate in Baldwin County, Ala., just across from Ihc: Florida line. The stolen property was estimated at $5.COO. Allen was a regular Navy officer holding the rank of commander until he' retired recently. of the incident and ordered the release of the Outer Mongolians ,uiJ their horse. However, it. was understood, Jor unknown reasons Sunn's orders were not carried out. Chinese said the matter conl-' easily have been settled amicably but that the Outer Mongolians seized it as a pretext for their a'.i-iCk. Soviet quarters in Nanking .said they had no information about Uic trouble but were inquiring of Moscow for any news of the situation. Ex-Navy Officer Arrested For U. S. Property Thefts MOBILE, 'Ala.. June 11. (UP) — Dolph Chadwick Allen, former commanding officer of Branson Field. Pin/, an auxiliary field of the huge "Oscar G. Wilson of Wancu. Brewers Commit fee Meets LITTLE ROCK, Ark., .lullr- 11. <U.P.)—The Arkansas ' Committee of the United'• Stales '• Brcwcr.s Foundation met here today. 1-ic- sidiiiB as committee chahimri was w. M. Pnfford. Texarkni grocer. Other committee -member.-; are George Campbell of Pine Bluff, Ed Bauni of Neivpr.rt, p.ns- sell Harrison of Hrinklcv, MEMPHIS. Tenn., June M. tUP) —The press was banned today Irom. an ecclesiastical court trying tliu Rev. Vcrnon VV. Lane on c:iar- RCS of conduct "unbecoming a cicr- Eyman" in Administering church connected school and home for Ijovs, The Rev. w. J. Loaiing-Clark-, the court's presiding officer, sn'.cl thai details of the charges w not made public because "it :s purely a church mailer." The trial court authority is limited to recommendations. Final d2- | cision as to whether Lane will be unfrocked rests with Bishop E. P. DandridKc of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee. Memphis WomanAccuscd Of Slaying Father During Quartet Over Pet Conine ST. JOSltt'U, Mo., JIHM U U.IM—SUmrt 11. Allen, 10. fosi»r ion of an l-4>ls.-n|:all:in minister, said today u liiry'8 rlct!lsl->>i :.r- liillttnu him of uuii'der because of criminal Insanity was ".iiut.; pcr- :cl," The Jury found Allnn' linineenl Vy reason of Insanity of llw innr- cli-r of John Frank, r>U-ye:ir-i>li| sexton of his father's dnimi, nnd reciuumeiidiMl Unit ho lie siMileiiue.d to u menial InstlliUlon. Coiivlnllou would have meant Hie death pen- ally or llfo Iniprlsoiunout. Ironically, Clfcnil Juilgo Duval Smith now must commit Allen to the Klatc Mental IIos;mu| a t at. Josc])h,'opernled by Dr. CUX Furman, superlnleiuienl, who t's- tlflcd during the trial tin!. Allen was :iime. Allen paled when v'lc • verdi'.t was read but c'oinposv'd hiiUM'lf nml nonehalandy waved »t the crowd. Tho jury found that Allen w:is insane now nnd on Apdl 1 wli-m atlinltledly bludiieoued 1'rir.k death wllh n hannuir u-ul liMl holes in his body t'i •'niiihe ure" he wus cleud. 'ark Director Named; State Seeks U. S. Aid (MEMPHIS. Tenn., June 11. (UP) —I don't know why 1 clid It—I'm so sorry," Mrs. Marian, sobbed totlay as police prepared to charue her with murder in tin slaying of her father. iA quarrel over a ;:ct dos culml natcd in t!in fatal shootins of Car •Halstcad Dcird, Jr.. 42. with the .44 he once cai'rlct policeman, j>ollcc Read Courier News WBM Ads. CHllbcr pistol as a motorcycle said. iFJcitrc! was rciMirted to have kick cd !\l Max DmiRHii's dng line when his son-in-law objected, to! him:. "If you don't like it, I'l kick you." The two men firapplcd. Mr: Donsnn becnino "excited," got the pistol nnd shot licr father on::c In the li^ck. He was dead on arrival at a hospital. UTTLK KOCK. Ail:., June! 11 rU!')—The a]!!:olntmenl yesterdaj :>f Bryan (1)111) Stearns of Little Hock as iiai'ks director made the tule or Arkansas ellKiblu for p:ir- tlcijmllin-. in a slate parks aid bill low pending in Congress. Stearns was appointed by the I'ni'ks Committee of Ihc Arkans-is Iiesoiirce s and Development Com- HEAT — Not Moths Is the Greatest Enemy of your FURS Certified Cold Storage Send us your woolens, toD! The cost of storage is so slight you cannot afford to be without this protection. Absolute Protection We Invite Your Inspection. Blytheville Steam Laundry Phones 418—419 FITZPATRICK'S The safe, sure way to guard your new home againsc termite damage is to see that foundations, floors and other parts in contact vith the earth arc built of concrete. READY-MIX CONCRETE \ helps your builder Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniform in quality, accurately proportioned to the correct •"mix" for your job. There's no mess to clean up because our trucks dump the concrete neatly into forms. 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