The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, TONE », 1949 BrVYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NTtWS WOE ELBVEB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople MA.' an, MA.' I THINK IVE DISCOVERED SOME- THIN'.' VS/HEN I WHISTLE AW MOVE MY HEAD UP ANT DOWM, TH' MOST BEAUTIFUL TONES ECHO FROM TH' CAMS-ALL PtFFERexrr/ WAIT, I'LL COME BACK THERE... •WUGSTTWOSe CAMS IKlTHAT TRASH BARREL; VOUR EAR FOR MUSIC AND MINE ARE WMV, M UOVJ WtLL-*3O UXX— WAR-BUM PH ?— FIVC 16 MY-— •\MHKT AILS -fue VJORI.O* IS MV FA'JORVre TOPIC? , Of THE LADIES' LAVOki LIWCW AMD UTeRARV CLUB — V*lt HEARO FALLEM IMTCJ L THE BEAR CAG& A.T, ZOO/ ADDRESS VOOR. AND Y4AI-ST YOO TO LECTUCS US Ort THE- SUBJECT,? WHAT TH6 VJORLT5?"- USUALLY HE R£A.T_Ly, IS GETTING TO 6& A. BIG Mftri Form Supervisors, Plan Fayetteville Meeting FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. June 20. Wi—County farm and home supervisors of the Farmers Home Administration in Arkansas will at| tend * five-day training conference «t the University of Arkasa* Col| lege of Agriculture June 27-July 1. College of Agriculture staff mem- j bers will provide the Instruction. I'HK S'l OH \ > »irUMdr« *J • •4 a dynawtir *xplo«l«M wJi • hriier »•* wry little I** FM and AM 7 'Tubes Plus Rectifier Listen to (he Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D H EIFI S Mttl Draitin ... Wear Hia»« .(Hi Hi:.M \i\i\ M , WUMIVIUI UN Mnllir "<!««• »>• »rher» XXXII DY the time Bea reached the shel- tcr again, the bits of smoking wood had been thrust into the pile of kindling. Mabel and Harding crouched beside it, trying to coax the red glow into flame. In a few moments the kindling pile was blazing and larger pieces of wood were added. It was obvious from Sill well** breath he had bartered for whiskey, too. Even though he had prob ably hidden it em the trail somewhere, .with the blazing of the comforting fire no on* mentioaex the fact "George's got himself a coz; little establishment down there,' Fred said. He Looked at Nona am smiled. "Two flres going, and Mol lie outside trying to roast a slal of mutton. She doesn't act ver; pleased." "How'd b* cut up a sheep? Bea asked. j "George has a big sheath knif< George has matches. George dry and comfortable inside Lh cave working on the whiskey. Sillwell looked around the circl of faces and put their thoughts int words. "In fact it looks to me lik George was pretty well prepare (or what happened. 1 * * • • 4 UL, that night 'the nee bume - A brightly, sizzled occasional! as water leaked through the she ter roof. At nrst the flre and the rookin of strips of meat had brought comfort that found expression ir talk. There was speculation abou •scue. There was planning of Beacons. Methods of moving rock om hidden stores were discussed. AD night someone was awake. There was a constant movement. shifting of stiffened bodies. And iany trips oul into the rain for lore fuel with [he necessary 'termath of clothes drying. •ra was.a mere lightening of loom. * gradually increasing raynesa. The rain Eet up a little ut the clouds were lower, tested oistly OB Speare Island. There was little morning talk There was silent irritability, leth- rgy. despondency. One by one they wandered off nto the mist. Fred Sillwell re- urned smelling of whiskey, and eceived glares. No one spoke to im. Henry Harding returned and •t by the fire, poking it aimlessl-i with a short bit of stifk. Nona anc Agnes made some effort at wasting in rain water dripping from he shelter roof Mabel came back ilenlly and threw a few Hal scorched and half ripened vege .ables into the bucket of stew 3ea did her best with her snarled lair without benefit of comb washed carefully around the grease-covered scorched places. "For heaven's sake!" she blurted at last. "What's the matter with all of us? We've food of sorts, and shelter. We wont starve for while at least. There's more mut ton where 1 got that. Who'll com with me and help build up a nil of wood so we'll have a beaco when it clears up?" "What's the use?" Agnes sai< "Nobody could see it in this kin of weather. N-nobody ever come this way. Nobody'll ever com Mr. Harding knows it. You know it And what good will do to go out in this awful rain?' "It won't do any good to sit her complaining," Bea snapped. '*Oh for heaven's sake." Non said, "go be active and optimist somewhere else.!* Bea Cosgrove bit back a reto le fished a piece of meat from the icket with a stick. She carried it ith her out into the mist of day, * • * HE walked briskly along th* trail toward Fisherman's Cove, hewed on her meat and tossed lost bit of gristle aside. Move- lent took some of the stiffness om her muscles, and the circula- on of blood carried away a part f the depression of spirits she had ell with the rest. A fire burned before the en- ance of the cave, but Bea saw either George Ba scorn o* nor lollie as she hurried past- Cap- In Oak had said he would re- urn as soon as possible. Bea won- ered if she should believe him, if his presence in the tunnel lat night was a preliminary to ie explosion. Her first sight of the cove told er ol the exact truth of Harding'* words. Nothing human could live n that broken water. Huge waves wept across the reef with scarce- y a check and dashed white thun- !er against the base of the cliff. There was no sign of any beach. ?here was new wreckage caught iere and there on cliff projections, o«sed into the break in the wall where the trail had led down to and. Idly, moving cautiously, she poked about in the debris. "The last of the Gullwing." She found a section of splin- ered rail with a tightly lashed while circle still in place. She .ugged, managed to turn it over so she could read the black lettering of the word Simpatico on the white canvas. She looked quickly again, out over the water, found no reassurance there for her fear. She searched now for bodies among the wreckage. Even when she found none she felt no better. The clouds opened again in gentle rain. She began retracing her steps slowly. This time when she passed the cave, George Bascombe stood in the entrance while MolHe Slnrk bent over the cooking fire, Bea hurried past, did not turn when the man shouted. She was soaking wet, but the rain brought a greater visibility than the inist. She stood on a rock, looked around the island. She -hivered. (To Be Continued) "Thi» new couple >eem to b« nice people, Gvorge-—she told me they're }u*t ms far behind wrth their light and phone bill* u we ire!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Reconciliation A VERY MELUFUJOUS VOICE. UK. WAYNE. HEARTIEST' FeUGTATIOMS SIR/ I AM STILL ADAMANT COrJCERNlMG Y OSTENTATIOUS HOSIERY, SIR .' HOW- ELVER.NEWS OF THIS MAGNITUDE TCAN- SCfKIDS MERE PERSCMAt- DICFEBENCES' PRLSCILLA'S POP Alum's (he Word BY AL VERMEER GOOD <3\RL? AFTER THE WAV YOU ACTED TONIGHT. DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOOD GIRL VIC FLINT Jumping Beans uuatt "it HY MICHAEL O'AIALLEY and RALPH LANE Read Courier News Want Ads. THF GR,\\F.> COMPANY Real E»tdt' Phone 521 &M THfMI i Phone 30751 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 4% HOME LOANS Kilberl .S. Johnson The Equitable Lile Assurance Society Phonr Vii» Eieningi PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. L'£ Inch to 41 inch, plain or reenforccd. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool shed.s. We deliver Call us for free estimate . . Phone. «9l. "Wilt you woit o minute, dearie? ... f see today is a good day to get a foan on my cor from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The IdeaJ wa; to remember tpecJaJ •reajioni AIM other type* •( camera* for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3n47 TUDEB NEW STUDEBAKER '49er Cuts Cost Amazingly c o WHATS ^/ DOM't you THATOttCMY T REMEMBER?THAli TONE VDO'BE ]*LA CUCARACHAtTHE WHISTLING,/ TUN! THAT AWN VtC? ~J WAS WHISUING WHfM. YOU SENT HIM ON A „ _WtlDGOOS£CW»Sf. S PINK CARNATION W THE BUTTONHOLE AND WWSTUNG THE RIGHT TUNE. THIS MUST B£ SEMOR AlEX RAPP. WOUID YOO UkE JOSE TO PICK OUT A COUPU FOR THE YOUWG MAN, SENOR? LOOK HERE, TACKY. EVER SEE JUMPING BEANS BEFORE? PRETENDS THE MEETING IS CflSUAl. WASH TUBES Lew Kasky Worries BY LESLIE TURNER WHAT IS LEW O PI5TURKEP ABOUT LATELYf TWEY TURN PILCHER. LOOSE AND TW TOWWi SOOW CKAWLIUS WI1H 000 CUAEACTERS ASK.IU& SUSPICIOUS (jtie&Tious! GK; SAYS THAT WISS DOE EUEU WANTED TO REWOPEL MS 8UILOIWG'. ANOTHER RASH O'HUNT1 tie FOB THAT 8ANK LOOT (MKV nnm IT UP, ANO i- <WE*T SCOTT!!..NOW WHWl nil* is A FINE HOWPV-DO.. HAVIUS TO OO THRU THAT WORRy AGMU, AFTER ALL THESC VEAES: BUGS BUNNY Kconumy I>o*sn't I'ay I GOT TH DOUGH Fta A.TICKF.T...BUT 1 AS WtU. SAVE A, BUCK; IF I CAN .' OSCEOLA CULVERT CO. JiY V. T. HAMI,1N ANP THIS TIME THEY'RE NOT FOOUHS... 1OURE BM2N RIGHT HE yeti FOLK'S &er 2\VAKCl..ri-L. TRY O BEACH HER.' TO STEER. INTl? THE VICINITY A SMALL OF UN1NHABJTEP I5LAPMD5. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN K's a new kind of (ruck—with new that gives top Rasoline mileage—with new structural stamina that tan take punishment indefinitely. So don't just trade models — TRADE MAKES and Ret a truck that thousands call, "THE THRIFTIEST TRUCK IN TOWN." Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studehaker Dealer* Railroad ft Ash Phrtn* US* TUDIBAKE

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