Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 8
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1 ' I The Triumph of Low Prices / And Truly Marvelous Value Giving-, makes this the busiest store in town, It has made us the leading Dry Goods Furnishers for economical buyers in Logansport. This week will be long remembered to Economical Pay Day Buyers tor will offer special Bargains in Wool and Wash Dress Goods, Parasols and Umbrellas. Table Linens and Toweling, Duck Suits, Shirt Waists, Domestics of all Sorts. and in many other lines. Price Wonders never cease heare we don't let them. Just give us a look and you will be convinced that this is the place to buy, THE GOLDEN RULE. PROHIBITIONISTS They Held a County Convention Yesterday. QUESTION OF FINANCE Richest and Best Bargains FOURTH STREET Causes a Split and Free Silver- ites Quit. HOT!! WELL SOME! >'&.-'. burning ti)i In those shoes tlml lire inirl ivaiorpiool 1 . NAN ALIVE! iiet u piilr of tuns from Wiililon's—Cool, lUlit. ottsy, don't di-iiw tlio Vont—they're (lie oiljCsuiiiiiiersliuu—haiiilsonii', stj-lisli and they wear. HATTER OF PRICE? Any Price $1, $1,50, $2.00. Any Price to Suit. THE BIG CONVENTION. Report of Sunday School Meeting by a Logansport Delegate. Miss Chrlsrinn Marker! 1 I'lu'uishi.'s tin. .lJo'wi.nig repCB't of tiie iirucoedings ot •i.hu Suue Snud-a-y Sehoul eonveution nt Bring This Ad and We'll Knock Off a Quarter. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that he must have blown a trc- meudous gaile towards Fisher's, 1'or they have straws of an tlie new shapes and sizes, stiraws iu straw color fuicl any other color you wish piled on their sliolvcs ami waiting to lx> called "the last straw" in rho newest slylc bought .•it Fisher's by every pleased resilient of Logansport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and ja.un.ty handsome bicycle caps are wlliat we Iun;e a big run 011 now. • flORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. HEADQUARTERS CHANGED. Vandalia Division Offices From St. Louis to Terre Haute. Though ho punctured his tire twice, G. It. Broadbect brought' dowu the Australiazi 100 mile road record to B.-'Jj.-OO, breaking (he-Australian record nineteen minutes. The American record Is 'i:JO:00, held by A. Bl McDonnel, of Toledo. World's record is 4:21:40 hold by A. E. Walters of England. Pocket Kodaks at the Burgmau Cycle Co. No tandem runs hard with- cue's best girl on the front seat. The rioc-twing for ladies. There <uc more of these wheels used in Uils city than all other makes oC wheels. Tx>vo aud toll-gate keepers differ somewhat. Tyove never asks for pay lii advance. Have your bicycle insured against theft. Biirgmnn .Cycle Co., will do It, To the Ladies^ Those u-hoare ititi-rcsted In denaatol- og.v should call on Mrs, Stringbam, who is Iwaled in the St, Klrno building on Broadway ;ind be convinced that dcr- •nmtolow is what evwy ivorann of in- toUiseiicfi a.iul relh;einent needs. It Is conceded by our lie.<t minds Hiat a beautiful complexion Ls a necessity of the- Nlnel.pen.tli ceutmy, nnd which civilization imisiMiavo; and eveiy ivortliy Lus- band or bi-othe.r will hike Interest Iu aud those who are suffering- from any cutaneous disorders .such as ec/ma, totter, free-Idas nemo, liver spots, birthmarks a«d superfluous hair are successfully -treated. Brig-lit energetic girls wishing to work for ,flO a week should call and sell Jfrs. StriDsIwuirs preparations. CafteriDe StriDghain. OERMATOLOGIST. Torre Hatitu Trilnuie: One of I tic Ion;; talked of Vandalia changes was fou- sum-uuitud yesterday evening, when train No. '2 arrived, brinjjinjj W. W. llity, chief dispatdicr, and several as- sistauls from St. Louis, who 'will hereafter make this city their he.idiiuarlers. The division headquarters are being removed here. Train No; 12 also brought six more assistants, who went to the new otlicL'.s on rho third floor of the depot 1 bulIdiiiK. It is expected that the. other change's, which have been an- noniic-ed from time to -time will soon take place. A force of men is now working upon the renovation and repair of tire old depot and with the other cha-npos will b.e ween t-he removal of some of the oflices to'that building. It ix s;i.!il that the car acc-ourifad's office and that of Chief Engineer G'lbbons will be removed here and it is possible Stipt. Ben McKeen, of the P.eorin d-fi'i- siou, will take iitiartws iu the depot. 'Mi: McKeen aind ijuporiulendent Hatch, of the Michigan division, were down Inspecting the bulldi'ng yesterday afternoon. From 'l.'h:e. bcginni'Dg to tlie- close ol! Hiiis grea.t <.'0uvun-(:itni a deep iutnrust was iiKinilfested in the Sunday school work, ami Hie eai-!/iisJa.Si» ran higl), : aml Cro.ni all parts of t;lie State tJi.o, d«lu- ga.rus Iwoirg-ljt 'mwsagiis O'f love for die Master and devotedness to his work. Tlie ninsie in cJijirgL- of Pro.!'. E. O.. 'Kx- eeH. of Ch.icago, and Trot'. Shook, of Tcrro 1-Iaute, wa,s one o.f i-lie plea-jsi-Bg Ci.'anii'L's o.' 1 l.ho tonviintion and added new li'l'eand ln.sj)iraMun to the worker?. T'he State Secretary and- Slate Sii]:er- iii-tondyiiit's' rejioi't -sliinved a great isi- criiiseln the work during t'he past yc;»r, Following are a .few items of jiroKress: 'l.'wo liunrl.red. and lifty-jinne neiv .Sunday sMltools- were argimteed: over 100,(JOO new scholars were gadiured inlo tiho vai-idus st-liwls; 13S school*, havo the n.Miie Cla.-is Department work with an onro-MniLMit o>f ri.tiij-J numbers; l.'U conn- ly co-n-veirllons we.re ;U.eld dnriug the yi-a.: 1 and S-IO towjish-i-p eonveutious; Cass cini'iity reporved 40 towas-hip eon- vc'Uitions. the largest number hehl in any o-n*; couu-ty Iu. the State. Man-y new 'methods and pla,ns for advanced Sunday st-lwol work \vi;re ex- plainod and adopted by -Luc convention, wiliiicih will insure a great and 'gra.nd work din-lug the coming year, The new State oth'eer-; were elutted. and installed by Illie Rev. ,T. M. Dim- can. pivsi'deu.t of Coato's college, -TOrre Manife. The ollicew are as follows: • P res-id rait— Charles F'. Co3:ii, Indinna- poiis. \"ice Pre.sidou.c-— Gliarles I-r. Ross, Crawfordsv-'iil-le. Sea-etony and Trea.=u.-er— C'lwrlw L, Weaver. iiKlianapolis. SirpcrintciMloiii.!-— Charlos vD. Meigs, India napnfe. S/npcricte.nile.nf Home Class Dejiart- jmint— Chiii-jliiiii Marker!, Logansporr. The e.\ec'u.tjve boaj-d co.nsisis of C. P, Colfi n, C. L. Weaver, ,7. U. McKoely. V. McCree, W. C. Halll, of lin.lia.ua.polis; .1. -i. Olom-ca; Uev. W. S. Stott. Frankforl: L. JJoblf-y, Coln-mbus; M. E. bnrji, GuiLford; K. S. Boyei-. A.n- ler.--on; W. F. Taylor, Stra.wtoi>; I£, .W. ''ark, Sullivan; C. W. Uoss, Crawl'ords- •-ilJc; Uuv. W. M. Garr, "Greenfield; N. .7. Burkhart. 'r;i]ito.u; Kev. .T. C. Kanff-. man and ChrisHna Slarkert. Logaus- ]iort. . I Tronlilu over the lin.-uiohU question is not wholly confined to the Democratic party this-ye.-i.r, though that body .seems to have almost: a. monopoly of the "scrapping." The Prohibit.loui.-ts held a bounty ci«ivenUoji yesterday al'tei'- uoo.ii In the now court rooui at ihe Court house, and tJie convention iiad hardly convened before trouble began. The couwathni ui-ga.n-b.ed by ihe election of J. H. I'o'arer. of Clay t'ownship, as c.ha.irmah. a.nd Ellitoi' C. O. J-'eiitmi. of tlw Times, as secretary. The Mrs! 1 ' Ihlng .to e.nwigi' the. attention of the twenty repre.sentar.ivcs of tlie parly present was t'ii-e tlna'iicial question, and this proved to Ije a rock on which their ship raunilercd. T-woIve of l.he repre- sema.tives were for free silver, and eight: were sound money men. The discussion became almost acrimonious and -it was decided iili-at an agreement could not be reae/hi'd. so vlu 1 twelve free sil- vei'ite.s, or "XatiO'iiaJists," as the now silver wiing of the Prohibmon pany. headed by ITele'.i JI. Cougar and a few kindred spirils, i.s called, Ivolted the convention and left the eight, in possession of the Held. e. uiglrt: proceed(.'d to tlie noHii lion of a co-uniy ticket, and after miicl discussion, anirl anxious iriqulnes as tf '\vho was a Xatiu-nalist and who was iof," b;-ougJ)t I'onf.'i tlie following icket: licpreswifcifive—JJoiuer Ke.ss'ler, J gansporl. '.•Kilii'er—Dr. D. L. Overholser, 1 HARRY FRANK'S Great Closing- Out Sale FOURTH STREET Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices, are a blessing these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Wrth of Goods For $l. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SEEING IS BELIEVING! Complete base ball outfit | gratis with boys' and Children's suits. B. OLDEST ENGINEER. Ft. \Vayne Santincl: Isaac Shllo, the oldest engineer In time of service on the Wabaslu Iras just passed' a crod liable i for color .blindness, etc.. n.ud has taken. his ran again between Ft. Wayne and Toledo. Mr. Sidle a shout time ago completed his thirty- seveii'tih year in the service of the Wa- CHANGES ON THE \VABASH. ' '\\ r . S. Ijiiucolu, chief of the Waba.sh ongliieering corps, has resigned, A number of cta.nges ate baltig made. In rlie engineer's deportment of the road In Mi'e way of economiteaJ measures, and a reduction of-the force was found necessary. Mir. JVmcoln is an esteemed citi- zeai of Ivowuispoirt He has been connected -with the W'abash engineer corps for. twen'ly-flve years, luid has ahvays •been an efficient and obH'glng officer. PRETTY POWDEK PEDDLElt. Frankfort Times: Charles Netiro, known here as "the hairless barber," at Logaiispo-nt met liJ's recreant s'woot- heant, Hiss Ada Fofl.ngcr, . whom Charles accuses of having bilked him of $22, 'Ncbro and Mis* Pofinger met hero first, w.h'eu she was sc-lliing a face powder. He thought it was'a mutual ;ulmira-ti:o.n society, aud had no hesitancy ..in Hiving the fair Ada $22 to keep •for him. TMs was a t Elwood. She kept if, bwt for 'herseJif. s.o he told the officers at Lopuuspart wueii his eyes behold -her on TJmrsday. His . story seemed to have little weight, however, as when lie had anblied his evidence the pretty powder peddler -,was]tlis-'i charged. Clerk—S. S. Hopkins. Koyal Cenrer, 1 Sheriff—T, C. Barnes, Lowmsport. Prosecuting Attorney—Charles Warren, Lofrausport. AV&ossor—.Tames 1 II. Wisley, Royal Center. Surveyor—Charles Anderson, Royal Center. The selection oi candidates for co:u- m'issiujie.r was lei'r to a cummin e<' composed at', the chairman and secretary. The candidates were named, most of them no:, being present to accept or reject, but one who was present arose when lie was proposed for an ollice and said: "1 would rather you would nominate n:e for s-ctme utlier ollice.' I don't want to rim for this cilice; in fact, I have premised one of the candidates on tii-e ticket of one of r!ic O'.'d parties that I would vote for him." XoiwichstajHliug hiy plea, lie was placed, on bile liirkei: and was told that lie could vote for ilic oil her felJow, am? ihe other -I'ellu-w could vote fur him. The "dither fellow" is .(ol.'.-i Bliss, tlie present Clerk. Another man's name was pro- poswl for a,;] oflici'. and so;)ip one remarked that: the genillenian was a Nationalist This was disputed and the •inalTer was finally senlcd by one of the eichi: volunteer-ing illie information that 'That man is my son-iu-law and I know be is a Prohibitionist, and m>: a Nationalist" That: seHtled it. and his name went on thy ticket. The convention adjourned without providing for central. conwi'i'iieemon or for mea'ns with wh.ich to run the campaign. HARRY FRANK 3i3QFourth Street. FLAG DAY TODAY. Anniversary of Adoption of the American Flag. On June l-lt:li one hundred and nineteen ypais ago the Continental Conss passed the resolution adopting tine present flag coufcijjiing t-he thirteen -:t i-iipes. aill:erna.fe red and white, with :hc tihiirtfien white stars in a clear bl Hold, one to represent each State iu the "Union. Today is the anniversary of rha't .day. and it. lias been suggested inat it would be notililns more than right and proper ;o celebrate tlie event. A U-beraJ display of Amer-k-au da^s in tlie audience rooms of the chm-ches and in nhe Sini'day sc-Jiool rooms would be a •sermon, in iitsdif. The choi.rs misbt. ap- •proprjtifcjy sing- "Tlie Star fpnnsiml Banner" .for a voluntary; vlie miuistci-s jin-aeh iiat.rioitic sermons and the services cmK'lMde. by (.lie eonj:re?ati.on sius'.ijjfrii.hat trnnxl oJd liymn which has a prominent place iu all liyinnals WARNING TO ALL. C.TC-IOJIO AViil Arrive Monday Morniu? .Tune inrb. and Will Dcsti-oy The Prices on .Men's and Women's Tan Shoes— Pill-ing's Shoe House. Choice of men's tan shoes, ia i-hf lior.se. including our l-'or-ty-live stai« innw shine in tliat Held of bhio wiiere oiK'e but thiriwn shone.- AVIiy not. throw to the breeze •today evory Aiutirteni fla.^r in the city? any shoe 0 and $7 reduced to $3.4S. Choice oil men's ami women's tans, worth ?3 to ?3.50. reduced 10 ?2.-lS. A big reduction wUl be made on all spi-inff and siwnmer slwes. Men's, women's and children's— everything goes. Don't miss raiiu.tr's si5ec-iaJ sale of snmnner ^oods. You- know when Pilling, advertises a special sa-le that it is no humbug. He has provcii iiu's fact in ihe past. Pll- lin.cr wants your trade and has made •i bid for tlie same. Tills sale is s(ri?uy (.•ash. Aaiy ?oods that are charged will be sold at regular prk-e: no reduction: the cash buyws receive the benefit. PJlllnfr's sli<x? house, -112 Broadway, Locrauspoit. Indiana. OUT FOR A PICNIC. Dr.",John Lintner Has His Class Up Eel River. "Doctor" Joliu L'intuer w.iU take his olass of convalescents up on Eel river today fo'r an outing. The "Doctor" has IKK! wonderful, success in treatinj; t'.ie vni'jons t'onn-pliicated diseases his patients 'hiave. imagined themselves at- (licted with, iind t.hiinta it is due them that they be treated to a day's owing. Among rlrosu who mill accompany the party will- be Georgo A. Schaefer, Samuel P. Andci-son, "Prospector" Donglas,j and C. ,T. Pantaii. Thero will be ol'Jiei-s, but 'these four will require constant attention to keep the-m busily engaged making, nniri pies, btiildiijig; Iwnses on the sand, and such jiivuivile cntprt'a.in- incut. l-t may as well be stated iu'advanci: that tJic picnic is a success. BECK GET5 DAMAGE5. Jury Returns a Verdict in Case of Beck vs. the Pan Handle. Marion Chrouiek: The case o.f Ilich- ard..M. Bock vs. rlie Panhandle RaJJway comjwn.v was subnii'ltixl to the jury late Thuwday aftornoou. They arrived at a verdict before bed lime and separated until this morning, when ilicy returned lit into open cotnt. They answer two sets of interrogatories, fifty-eight iu all and tiud for the plaimii'f. in 1.he sum of $SOO U' tic law be w.it.h htm. but if the la.w be wiiitli tr.ie defeiutint ihey liud for the defendant. This is looked upon as a safe verdict for the plaintiff. KEEP OFF THE.STREET. " Your boys aud girls, and scud rhcon tf> Hall's Business;' college. Spechil summer term begins. .Tune 15th', aud will continue eJg.ht weeks. Students o£ all ages admitted during', tbte term. In- stii-nclton given hi any branch desired. It doesn't take much medicine to care Mni'la;ria'l Fever, provided .you.' take Simmons Liver Regulator. It ia just the remedy for Malaria and- all .Spring a.ilments. And you don't need .to take much oif it. "Simmons Liver Regulator broke a case o.f Malai-lLl Fever of three. ye. r u« standing for me, iuul less than oue" battle did it. I stitll rise it when' in need of any medicine."—C.' Hiraroid, Lancaster, Ohio. ' BACK TO LONG CLIFF. Grace Plum, wlio was released from Long Cliff on a furlough a few weeks ago and- sent to her home hi South Bend, returned to tlie hospital recently nnd greatly surprised the nn- tJhoriWes at ; thait ' place. Her parents know nothing'of her whereabouts until they received a telegram from Long Cliff telling that she Jiad returned. She was hvo days on t.lio journey and says itliat-shesluj-ed.aJHai.gJit In Rochester wh.iJo" enroute here. NONE LIKE .lUl. Peru Chronic-l.e: Hon. James K. Sl.ii'tcsma.n. notwMistaiKl'iug the wixy was oiwii for K.m to succeed himself as a candidate for joint i'e]>r.>s'jntatfve. de- cli-ni'd the honor. H.'ts friends urged lito wi.th i.1:e most forceful arguments, bnt he was i'uexorable. He accepted •Itlic ciiainnausliiip of the con vim Hon. however, wltieh was tendered him on a gold platter, and-'his address was a mighty effort for Major JfcKinlcy. They have no sncl; OIVII<M» ai Logaus- I>ort ns we have ,it Pern, anyhow. ODD FEL-LOWS TO DECORATE. ' The I. O. O. F. lodge of Young, America --wi'II celebrate Decoration day exercises -today. -The K. of P.. lodge of (lie same town will hold a similar'exercise t'he '2ist. THK FARMER IN POLITICS!. The tanner seems to be gelling to the front, Matthews is a farmer. Boios is a farmer and Jim Mount fs a fanner. They aiU nre ;uftor offices. It can't be said of this in-io that farnraig don't pay. for somehow they managed to make ends meet each, year anil had a good piile loft over for a winy day—or for p imposes.-—E x~. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but' necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d* pecds on the appearance of your lace cu rtalns as poorly done-up cmtalns spoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anyUimg else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we KCOW we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year ot laundering: shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. t Campbell Bros/ 429 Market St.. The WatesJi Times informs us that Hie NorMieni hospital for Insane con- tate niiiMity patients. TJie Times. Slio-nld havo. said -niix'ty in addition to tlie population last year. There arc over 500 paiienifs no.w at. tihe lnstd,tu- i was very easily satisfied, as'he left a Won... , .•' , nuanbcr of valuable things untouched. THE] FIRST NATIONAL BANK _OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL, $250,000. A. J. Murdock, Prcs. W. W. Ross, Cash. J. P. Brookmcyer, Asst. Cash. DIRECTORS: f. S. Rice. t. J. MnrdocK, B. F. Yantls, W. H. BrlnBhurst. Dennis usi. f. if. Harwood. vr. T, Wilson. Banking- in a!.' its Departments promptly and carefully' done. Safety to Customers and Stockholder! eousrht for. BtronB Reserve Fund maintained. ROBBER TAKES SHOES. A th'ief broke into the shoe shop of. Clem Schloss Friday night and stole three pairs of shoes nnd a package of sniokuijr tobacco. A back window was broken, but the door leading to the.' front slwp Ijeld fust, so the robber tried the frontdoor, forcing it m: The thief

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