The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 8
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r>AGB EIGHT ULYTHEVILLE (A^K.) COUR1EK NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 19-14 McWhorter Hits Triple In Ninth ' • • * : •>•'• ••• ; ''•••.. ," Parnell Strikes Out ^;12 As Blytheville '.! Advances In Series ; Mack McWhorter tore n page from ficllonal Frank Mcniwell as .;'"••'••'• '" mis snow icr me nrsi he baited the Blylhcvlllc Army Air | lmc -, ,™>y «rc Black Angel, owned Held Fliers to a thrilling 2-1 vie- V ™ L !- 5ful ?<""* ^ Mnrlnnua, lory over the Lockbourne Army Air J'c * s ™ worlds champion, and also Field Filers Irom Columbus, Ohio, ""• «'""«* In thc Hlylhevlllc Horse here yesterday in the second round ?' low ' <" ld Mrary Wilson, owned by of the the AAF Eastern Flying ur ' , J ' ",• Werner of Joncsbcro. a Training Command LUlle World !" uc " '"'kcd about blue blooded Scries tournament. i beauty, exhibited th c first lime this The climax came In typical sllr- y. 61 "' '" tnc Jonesboro Show when ring stor- book fashion. It was thc u copped the walking horse chain- 70 Entries Already Received For Osceo/o's Annual Horse Show ~ $2000 In Prizes Offered r%, s n r,^ra,- m,^^.,^r L e^ £» evening performance nl 8 Horse siiow, where their entries OSCEOLA, Ark., Aug. 11—Arkansas' best In horse ftcsli will lie paraded before spectators at the second annual Osccola Horse Show hero Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 23 at Halo Field. Principal contenders for the jiliith Inning. The home team had Other outstanding entries in this Just pushed over the tying run. "uicr ouuMaiwing entries in this Walt Blalek, Blytheville catcher c ass '"chide Merry Dell, owned by who drove In the run that knollcd f' m Grnln, Katie Merle, owned by the count, was perched on first.' W ' J - Drlvor J r-. Strolling Merry Only one was out and somc 2,090 |9 0 . 5 '; mvnc() b V 1JI ™» Wylle; Llme- shoullng officers, GI Joes and civilians were on their feet yelling themselves hoarse as the big first baseman and cleanup hitter strolled to the plate lugging ash bnt looked as big as a wagon tongue. Finish Taeka Drama Big Jim Telford, brilliant Lockbourne righthander who had handcuffed the local Fliers most of thc way, took n hitch at Uls pants and delivered a sharp curve that failed lo niche, the Intended outside corner and Umplr e Buck Campbell yelled "ball one!" The tension was somewhat broken anil many fans sank down In their seals as Tclford got ready for thc second pitch. Obviously disturbed by' the Intense pressure, Tclford look his time, carefully sized up the hitler as he toed the hill again. Alop the platter, he looked over his shoulder at the prancing Blalek who was Ink- Ing a big lead off first. 'Then he pitched. There was a resounding crack of the wood on llic horschidc Bnd Ihe already excited throng again leaped to their feet in unison as Ihe while pellet .sailed high Into left field. Outfielder Don Marcell look on c look, turned and raced lo where he thought Ihe ball would be before peering over his shoulder, He wasn't even close. As Ihc ball passed over it was at least 35 feet light owned by Noble Gill. Old Glory owned by Gean Go[f of Faycltc- ville nnri n horse owned by Cecil Wright of Luxora. Scvcntv horses from seven slates already have been entered In Ihe event which promises lo be an outstanding show of Its kind, with 100 cnlrlcs expected. "Ihc show will be held In bolh thc afternoon and evening, ance Ihe o'clock. The Soulli Mississippi Livestock Association, which sponsors tho event, Is offering totaling more than J2000. Also awarded to winners in nine of Ihc 1« classes will be silver lovlim cups. The winner of thc Arkansas Slate Championship will be awarded a silver trophy (or thc Achievement, and also ;i 24 Inch cup. valued at $500, which'will have tho name of thc winner engraved on It. The stable which K'|(W Ihls evedl for three years will be given the cup permanently. Awarded trophies In their clnss winners of the llirco-gailcd, five-galled, walking, walking mare, two-year-old walking, three-year- old wulkliK', fine harness, and junior five-galled horses. Enlrlcs will represent Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabnmn, and horses from Texas also arc expected, Well known stables which have won their share" of blue ribbons In shows throughout Uic nation Include the Klmuel Stables of Cape Glrnrdcnu, Mo., Harris Stnblcs of Kciinelt, Mo., Magnolia Farms of won thee entries ribbons, and two , second places, nn<l an entry -owned by Mis. Bill Taylor of Memphis whose horse won In the indlej open five-giiltcd class In the Lexington show. Other fnmlllar entries xcli youngsters ""'"say, Mar- From Lockburne AAF Mcm . Ihc from Helena, tha J'olk, Arthur Fultnor Ellen Stollenwcrch, all of phis. Thc sponsoring , organization ' Is composed of 65 pin liters and businessmen of Mississippi County J H. Grain of Wllon Is president The commlUoo in charge of the show Includes W. J. Driver Jr. Bon F Duller. Charles R. Colcman ami U C, n. Young, The Ladles Committee In charge of social events and registration has as clialrn „,. ""n Mrs. J. H. Grain. Clber members nre Mrs. Butler Mrs. Rufus C. Branch, Mrs c J lowruncc Jr., Mrs. Young,' Mrs.' Hale Jackson, Mrs. Colcmaa and Mrs, Driver. Thai (he event has already gained In popularity Is evidenced bv thc number of oul-of-lown persons reserving boxes, Including ninny per• so "s f""n over Ihe MidSoulli ' DOPE BUCKET J. P. KKIEND KU1NS BIO OUANCK The Navy big wigs have ruined Ens. Bill Godwin's chances of paiv UclpnUiiB "In the all-slur foolbnll game nl Chicago the night ol August 30. A .ruling of Ihe laic Scc- relnry of Ihe Navy Friink Knox no individual or team would in Ihe air and going sirong. It bc J'«'inllt«l lo participate In any landed some distance In front, of contest or gnmc which required n 1 him and kept, rolling. Bialek. scorcj easily with Ihe needed run, while Hero McWhorter pulled up before reaching second when he saw his teammate wns safely home. Although the lick easily would have ueen good lor n home run, It goes into the records as only h triple. ';'.. Act". Waco Due 1 . •• Telford and Mel Parnell, the Uly- thovllle sice southpaw, hooked up ,in'a'nifty pitchers .battle, with the visiting star holding a slight edge until the payoff. Both hurlcrs scnce from thc station foi mow than 48 hours, exclusive of air transportation was given as the reason by Admr. Arthur 8. Carpenter, commandant »f thc Ninth Naval District, who issued Iho order. ... I had sovla entertained a tlc.slie to be on hand and see 13ig Bill perform. , . Guess I'll listen to 11 now. . ..'.Corp. George (Buddy) Doyetl Is getting tjuitc a collection of spoils souvenirs since entering Majors LOPKBOURNE'AAF AB R H PO A E Field, Greenville, Texas. . . Last year he was awarded two miniature gold balls lor soflball and bns- kelbnll. ... Now he has n Ihlrd, nnolhcr one for sotlball. . . His' team won Ihe championship, . . And .speaking of collection, my as- soi'lmeut of souvenir papers and books depleting camp life and whiU- hnvc-yoii In (lie various .service camps w,as swelled a couple lasc week. Sergt. J. P. Watiien sent a copy of Hie Alliance (Neb.) Air Busc News, nnd "They Get There First" The Story of thc First Troop Ciuv rle'r Command, for which 1 j>ni deeply grateful and oiler my llianks. J. P., a former manager of Ihe 131y- Ihevllle Chicks, writes Unit he feels like n bird oul of a cage and he doesn't mean a gilded one. He has Just been released from Ihe hospl- lal al Alliance (Sec. C. COntli AAF Box 837, AAH, Alliance, Nehr.) utter 57 days. Nothing serious, hc reports. . . lie has learned that Capi-. J. P. Holland and Licul. Hal Moore nrc Ihcif. . , Sergl. Waldcn i>nr- tlclpatcd In lin-co' major engagements, North Africa, Sicily and II- aly, before being returned lo (he States. / GETS "SMOHTLV" .MIXED Boy, did 1 get lhat grandfathc.- slory of Mike Meroney all Iwlsi.ed. First, I said he was A grandfather for tlie fourth lime. It was llic fifth. I snid It was a granddaughter, FIK| it WHS n grandson; a redheaded one at that, and his first. I said two ;if formed Ills wife, 'tlie former Miss PJW Unite . , Sergt. Danny Wnrrlngion, who carved out a line career will. Iho 'Chicks In several sport.!, mostly football and basket- bal has a formula for losing vvelfhl -rnUcnd Ihc radar school at Scott Held. He has peeled off'40 pound' In a very short time. civrs NOVKI, IMJTIATION' Ucut. Clarence' Webb wrote an ai.nuslng account of the Initiation '"" . . Railed before the Vi'^ wllli oil, hc (old Charles Short. Ills slslcr, Mr Among Die boys who have recently been returned lo thc States are Sergt. Dick Hancy onc of Ihc boiler baseball player; before he went, away; Slaff Sergt Walters, n very -promising Brldder and boxer during i,( s p rc j> days al BUS. and Lieut George (Duster) Cross. Dick was In the. iMivopcau and Mediterranean Ihe.i- Icis for more Ihan two years and wears three combat, stars. . So docs Horace, only he got his h, the Pacific during the 30-months Ih-re He sailed the day after Peart Harbar. . . . "Busler"i who sports a silver bar, completed his missions as navigator In North Africa and Italy, ... He saw Henry (Doc) Davis miite often In Italy. . .. p er . sonal to Mrs. W. M. Crawe, irufT- _ ... " mn: ' rl "'nk you so much for youc his daughters were twins. They were my ' m - v " lcc teWor. it, | s the nicest born n ytvif npnrt. One thing t did' ™ m ;illmcnt I have ever been paid Yankees To Lose Rollie Hemsley Backstop Will Leave For Army and Club May Have Problem NEW YORK. Aug. 17 <Ul')-Thc New York Yankees may t;o a different ball club after Friday when Holllc Hemsloy goes off lo war. . Rollicking Rollie has become one | of Ihc most Imporlant guys In the ' Yankee .setup this season due lo Ihc irouble Marse Joe McCarthy has had behind Die plalc. First there was the-Induction of big Bill Dickey, then aflcr Joe Glenn had been brought in lo fill •he gap, he too wc«t Into Ihc Navy So 'ihc Yankees finally talked Ifcmslcy inlo coming bndc to work with thc team, riolllc was running his farm In Missouri ami had a deferred classiflcallon. But Ihc Vienna, Mo., draft board decided c 37-year-old base-' ball player belonged In thc Army so Rollie reporls for Induction Friday . i Rollicking Rollie is a very unusual baseball.player and has been ever since h c first came up to thc WB show 1C years ago, As a youngster he worked in thc coal pits ofi his native Syracuse, Ohio, nnd dreamed of 4 (he days when lie would be a foreman and make all of $fi a day. Then In the mltlsl of a strike, nollie went to work for a baseball (cam lo while away Ihe lime until he could go back to work mining •?nal. But Rollie did so well at the msclinU game that he never ngniii iscd a pick In the mines. And ;rircc years later Route was with :llc I'lllsburgh Pirales and Hint's vben he began lo get.))is rcputn- ion ns (he wild man of the major cagites. Down through Ihc years he has >assi>d from' the .Pirates, llic Cubs, Reds, Browns and finally the Cleveland Indians. yielded four' hits apiece. Two of Soppy, 2b 4 0 0 1 1 0 B ct right, and that was lhat no was| alul [ sllnl1 cherish It always. Blytheville's quartet were of thc Miller, rf „ 4 0 0 0 0 0 " grandfather, and is he proiul of scratch .variety, whil e one 'Lot/- Btizzelll, 30 30002 o-thnt boy I . . . So sorry, Mike, there bourne safety was an infield Up. Marcel, If .... 40110 0 w(ls Just loo much noise during llic The others off Parnell were solid Harden, c ..' 4 1 113 1 oiwrestling match lo gel the fact.-, knocks,.all singles through thc in-, AJaikhmlns, Ib ... 4 0 1 6 0 i 1 straight, I guess. . . . Ueut. Bill ner- defense. Telford recorded 1J Cninmno. cf 30020' OjBoyrt was trudging down ti dusty strikeouts and Parnell sent an even dozen back to thc bench vis the three-strike route. One stretch Tcl- forri retired 14 batsmen In order. • For six innings tile Rnme was as close as the proverbial Scotchman nnd had all the earmarks of n double shutout as both chunkers granted just a sinple scratch hit nplecc. Bui. the scoring famine was broken In the first of the lucky seventh. Catcher Wilbur Harden started it with a sharp single Just out of Second Baseman Bcrl Dares' reach. Frank Meskiunlas .twice fouled off attempting.'to bunt and then singled to, left. Mike Canuane moved both up with a sacrifice, Parnell to Dares covering first. Harden scored as Dares tossed out Harry Horosco. Telford fanned. Toss Away Chance A piece of faulty base running cost the locals a chance lo tie to score '" the last half of thc eighth. Stan Wlotko had a slow roller to deep short beat out when Horosco threw the ball into the crowd back of first: Ihe big rlphl fielder continuing on to second. Dares dumped a neat bunt to Ihe pitcher as Wlolko raced for third, with Ihe counl 2-1 on Parnell at the plate Wlotko foolishly attempted to steal home and was out as Parnell vainly used his third strike on Ihe pllchout trying to protect him com- Ine into the plate. After Parnell cut down three in a row. including two by strikeout, following Marcel's single to open the uoper half of thc ninth, the homelmgs sot busy with Ihc willow. Max Vickers, who turned In a fine performance dcapllc a severe cold, gained life, and revived hopes when plunked in the back with a pilch and trolled to first. LaGrul- ta. back "home" from furlough, sacrifice,) nerfecllv to Ihird. Bialek came through with his drive and set the stase for McWhorter's dramatic winning swat. The box score: $' Dr. XI. Guard Optometrist | ot ^ Guard's ^ Jewelry 209 W. Main Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL and FILL YOUR COAL , BIN NOW! Co. Horosco, ss Telford, p ' 3 Totals 0021 11 French mad when lie heard some- 0102 o-one yell. He turned nnd snvv Pvt. • —I Pal Ohllinou and Corp. J. D. Davis, 31 1 4 ajx 1 2 ... Naturally, Ihey had imi.iy x—Only onc out when winning run scored. ULYTHEVlUbE AAP AB n, H POA E Vickcrs, ss 2 1 0 1 1 0 LaGiulla, cf ..... 3 0 0 0 0 0 Blalek, c 4 1 1 12 McWhorlcr, 11) ... 4 0 210 Sproull, It 3 0 0 1 Travis, 3b 3 0 0 Wiolko, rf Dares, 2b Pnrnell, p ........ 3 01 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 Q 0 a 1 000 3 3 1 040 Totals ....... 27 2 4 27 10 2 Score by Innings: Lockbournc 000 Blytheville 000 000 000 100—1 002—2 Summary: Rims batted In— Bla- lek, McWhorlcr, Horosco. 'Ihrcc base hit— McWhortcr. Sacrifice hits — Dares, uiGruttn, Cnpunne. Stolen Base— Vickcr. Double play— Telford to Harden. Hit by pitcher, Vickers (by Tclford). Base on balls —off Telford 1; Parnell 2. Strikeouts— Telford 13. Pnrnell 12. Umpires— Campbell and Clark. 8ULBERNAQEI, & CO, INC. little Rock, Ark. things lo lalk over, mostly- alwiit home. . . , They have Ihc same APO, 403. . . So does Pvt. Edgar Cain, only llin ex-Chick is with ilie 4th Alls. Surg. Op. . Roland Wnrrlngton Is recovering rapidly from shell shock snflcr'-J m Fnusrt. . . . In an English hospital, Uo- Innd's hearing has relumed, lie m- Yesterday's Results ! SOUTHERN LEAGUE Nighi "amcs: - / • Nashville 2, Atlanta' of' New Orlrans 4-4. Memphis 1-2 " Little Ruck 0, Birmingham 5. ! (Only games scheduled). '' llj AMERICAN I.EAGI/K New York 11, Cleveland 8 Dctroli 4, Boston 2. ' Nlghl games: Chicago 7, Washinglon 2. '. Phllattclphla 4, SI. Louis 2. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 3. Cincinnati 1. Chicago 'II. Boston 3. Philadelphia al Pittsburgh, rain. St. Louis 5, New York 0. on HER FEED and CARE g*^-'- ALWAYS BUY ' INTERNATIONAL scientific dairy Foods, ... oped through many years of experience, are -ID sorvo you beHer by helping your cows produce moro mill. Remember, the, closer the dairy cow approaches her full capacity'of milk and bulier- faf production, Ihe greater will bo tho efficiency of iho ration. If pays to feed good cows good feed up to their capacity. INTERNATIONAL scientific feeds are balanced, providing a succulence that is essential to efficient dairy nutrition. Place your order today, BUY DAIRY FffDS AT YOUR DEALER'S OVER 100 MIUION BAGS ALREADY SOLD . . . : THEY First Matches Played Today In Tennis Meet Because of ihc large number of entries In the Junior Chamber of commerce Tennis Tournament originally scheduled lo start tomorrow afternoon, the loiinmiiienl got under way al 8 o'clock this morning at nussell Harli am - s gh, on North •Highway 01. IJolh' junior and senior malchcs were played today. Six junior mal- ches were played and after 4 o'ciock the senior mulches, including bolh singles and douhlcs, were to be played. Around 30 tennis enlhiisliisUi filtered Hie compelilion, Roland Bishop, clinlriiiun of tlie committee In charge, announced Only four ijii-b culered, however, and u icir sel)U . Ilini^nialches will be played Satur- In this morning's games in Ihc 1 junior bracket, lien Lancashire dc- leated Charles Warren, 7 to 5 <uid (1 lo 2. Jim Smart was Ihe winner over Dan Ciildwcll with (i score of (i to NATIONAL LEAGUE New' York 5B' 52 Cleveland 54 in Chicago 53 50 Philadelphia 52 '63 Washington 47 C5 Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Allanta . ,30 13 Na.flivllle 3fl H Memphis 25 18 New Orleans 21 25 Little Hock 18 24 Mobile 18 20 Birmingham n 20 Chattanooga 15 28 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis . noston . . Detroit 67 40 GO 52 59 52 Pel. .097 581 .407 .128 .409 '.3tl Pel. .594 .527 .•no .473 .451 .410 81. Louis . Pittsburgh . Cincinnati . Chicago . ., New York . Philadelphia Brooklyn . Boston . ... .W. U Pet. 80 28 .740 fil 45 .575 Cl 40 .570 49 55 .471 50 01 42 62 44 07 43 «; .450 .404 .390 Angler Catches Strange Looking 'Goldfish' Here Wan-en Jackson, fishing at Armorel Lake yesterday afternoon was astonished when he yanked out -i large ml nsh, Ihe like of which he never had seen before. At flm glance, tho creature appeared lo be a elgnntlc goldfish. The coiorinc was similar, but compared lo the common variety of goldtlsh there were dlflereiice.? hi u le ni\s which Indiualo this may have been sonic other species. Jnctaon said the fish weighed aboul one and one half pounds and put up (tuitc a fight when hooked The nngler was using a fly rod and a "black gnat" artificial lure Many local "experts" cxamlncci the /)sh this morning, Some said It looked like an overgrown goldfish and some suggestively guessed it to be a red snapper, ii suit water species usually seen hereabouts only 3, and 0 to 1. Defaulting In the morning nmlch were Joe Ferguson to Stanley Hood, and Eddie Uegcnold to Chester (Jaklwcll. Men, Women !JH It 40,50,60! WartPe'p? Wart to Feel Years Younger? Ill you Maine cxtiauMrc). WorJi-oul fetJluc on nee? Tlini^iiitsnirmmltitHlnt ft lll(lilPM>iiInRii[>«lth (HlTft I.M ilotic. CoiiLiiltij tonic inany iited u[ *0. .'.0, fiO. Tor body old MiVlviircAiuetowln Iron: ulsa ('rojiLvtotlJc ilftifd vllauifii Jl,.r.ildurn. IMV ccwll lntrin|tir(i-jry hlic only asd Try O.iircx TtjulQ lolilcisjuriicw DC[I, Vuuuac/Ieeliiig, (M-s very da}-- At fl " ^^K "Mi « everywhere -- li lllytljevillo, a t Klrby l)ru|f. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL . PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. p), onc FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Redeemed. High Purity and Germination. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. In nsh markets. Hut Jackson wouldn't yield on this point, Thc nsh came right out of Armore] Lake, l,e declared. THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show SUrU at 8:15. 8ATUKDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts J:15 Thursday and Friday "ACTION IN ARAB)A" _ Willl George Sanders. Virginia Hriioe, I-cnore Aubcrt * Gene Lockharl Selected Shorts Housewives! Storekeepers! .,,. ^?.:J^-.. t WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Clip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today 'Whata Woman' wilh Rosalind Iliisscll ,t Brian Ahcrne News of (lie Day Shorl. Friday and Saturday 'Wildcat of Tucson' with Wild 'Bill Hickox SKRIAL: "Desert Hawk" Short New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday' Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today "BETWEEN TWO .} WORLDS" with John Garlielil it Paul lit Fox News * Sliorl Kriday "ARIZONA TRAILS" uilli Tc.x Uilkr * Fiuiy Knight SERIAL * SHOUT CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st Bt, Sal. starts 12:45; gun. starts I:t5 Might shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat and Bun. Last Time Today Double Feature "THE MALE ANIMAL" with Henry Fonda & Olivia UcIIarlland and 'LADY WITH RED with Hopkins Friday and Saturday Double Feature "HOME IN WYOMING" with. Gene Aulry "KNOCKOUT" with Arlhur Kennedy SERIAL: "Adventures ot the Flying Cadets" Comedy

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