The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on November 22, 1936 · Page 13
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The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 13

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 22, 1936
Page 13
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D A I L Y M A I L ' , S U N D A Y M O R N I N G , N O V E M B E R 2 2 PAGE THIRTEEN HOLDS STRONG FORDHAM TEAM TO 7-7 DRAW s... If RALLY IN THIRD QUARTER Eastern Eleven Sees Its Rose Bowl Hopes Crack After Deadlock CROWD OF 35,000 Southern Boys Outplayed by Wide Margin, but Have Great Luck NEW YORK, Nov. 21 (UP) -- Georgia jolted Fordham out of the Rose Bowl picture today. Before 35,000 amazed specta- tors in the Polo grounds, the scrappy, scarlet-shirted men from Dixie smashed the Rams' dream of "Rose hill to Rose Bowl" by Holding them to a 7-7 tie. It was the second tie this season lor Fordham and, coming from a team that had been soundly thrashed by Tennessee and Louisiana State, was just as bad as a defeat in so far as the Rose Bowl records are con- strued. ,-' "Fordham had to come from be- hind to earn the deadlock. In the first half, Georgia threw back Ford- h a m s mighty- line--the so-called seven blocks of granite--and, early in the third period, took to the air and grabbed a 7-0 lead when Half- back -Maurice Green flipped a 30- yard touchdown pass to Otis Maf- lett, an end. · That score--the first touchdown recorded this season by any of Ford- ham's major opponents--was made wfeile Ram substitutes were in ac- tion.. "Sleepy" Jim Crowley, Ford- ham coach, quickly threw in the iirst stringers who, with Joe Dulkie and Captain Frank-Mautte leading charge, ripped off 70 yards on as they smashed to a West Virginia University's Basket Ball Card Announced Schedule Includes 23 Games, 11 of Them Slated for Morgantown Court; New York Contest Set MORGAN-TOWN, Nov. 21.-- The West Virginia university basket ball schedule for 1936-37, approved today by the Athletic board, includes 23 games, 11 of which will be played in the university fieldhouse here. ? - 1 - · - the -··*. .·-·· the ground touchdown. Fordham outplayed the boys from Dixie by a mile--but the breaks fa- vored the Southerners. The Rams made 12 first downs to five, 11 of them by rushing. They made 19 yards to 88 through the line. They made , 84 yards against 35 through the air--but except for that one sustained scoring drive, the Rams couldn't deliver when thev reached "pay dirt." Fordham (7) Paquin LE Franco ... ..... LT" Pierce LG - ' Wojceichowicz C..".' Lombard! RG. Barbartsky . . . R T . . Druzc RE.. Palau. . .QB.. Gurske LH Mauttc RH Dulkie ....; FB ern Intercollegiate conference. Two games each will be played with Georgetown, Pitt, Carnegie Tech, Temple and Penn State. The schedule opens with Waynes- burg as a feature to the annual basket ball clinic. Marietta and Akron will be met on the road d u r - ing the Christmas holidays. 'A highlight of the program f i n d s the Mountaineers meeting St. John's, of Brooklyn, as part of a feature double-header in the New York E-Iippodrome. The Temple game at Philadelphia will also be played in large athletic hall. Coach Marshall (Little Sleepy) term will have to replace Albie Colebank, brilliant forward, and Andy Mestrovic, capable but under- ated guard. He believes he has ood boys in Lothes, star sophomore uard from Elkins, and Stanley D'Orazio, clever forward who trans- ferred from Glenville college. "Squinty" Phares, one of the best guards in the East; Jack Gocke, high scoring forward, and Babe Barha lanky center, return from the firs' quint. The schedule: December 12--Waynesburg at Morgan- town. December 31--Marietta at Marietta, O January 2--Akron at Akron, O. Jamiary 5--Wc'sleyRn 5* Morgantowp. ·January 7--Geori»etov/i. =t Morgan- town. January .9--Salem at Clarksburg. ·January 16--Carnegie TB-A at Mor- gantown. "January 19--Penn State, at State Col- lege, Pa. ^January 30--Pitt at Pittsburgh. February 2--Duquesne at Morgantown. ·February 5--Temple at Philadelphia. February G--St. John's at New York. ·February 8--Georgetown at Washing- ton. 'February 13--Carnegie Tech at Pitls- MOUNTAIN MEN INFINALGAME West Virginia Eleven to Play George Washington Thanksgiving Day State at Morgari- Washinglon at A: Jefferson FORDHAM GEORGIA ... Touchdowns: .. Dulkie, Mrtffett. after touchdown: "Young, Palau. ) Georgia , ... Davis . Tinsley Lumpkin Hall , Badgett . Candler ., Young .. Causey V a n d i v e r _Hartman 0 ~ 7 0 -- 7 0 7 _p--7 Points burgh. ·February 17--Penn town. February 19--Geoige Morgantown. February 20--Washington at Washington, Pa. February 24--Washington Jefferson at Morgantown. February 27--Wesleyan at B u c U h a n n o n . March 3--Marietta at Mor»anto\vn. March 5--Duquesne at Pittsburgh. ·March KWTemple at Morgantown. ·March 13--Pitt at M o r g a n t o w n . * l -- D e n o t e s Eastern I n t e r c o l l e g i a t e conference games. ·:-.·*. Higli EBeats Qiarleston . .(Continued from Page Ten) was' the best player on the field would be expressing it mildly. Charleston U ) '(» Mnrimninu.-n Dale LE Arthur U Huddleston .LG . Haddad ...,C ..... Kessell RG Eice R T . J . . . Rust RE Thurman . (Co-C) .QB..... Gies ..tCo-Cj LH Condit . . . . R H . . ; . . Frufett FB Bowling Standings (Continued from Page Twelve) 98. Haynes 93. Dzurochin 93, Stahr 9! Abslom 89, Buriord 86, Pairisb 83. Winner of blind prize, Kennedy, Me- i Million Motors, most misses in throe I games. Teleo Girls' Team MORGANTOWN 0 CHARLESTON 0 Mclntvre Gulp .. Poland ., Croston .. Jabours Ratus , Crockett .... Maust Ellis ... D'Bate ^Liyengoocl T~6 (3^6 0 0 0--0 No. No. No. No. No. No. Touchdown: Morgantown--EHLs. Substitutions: Charleston -- Tibbets, Peters. Halstead, 'Vickers, P o w e r s , Gregor, Moses, Marks, Tucker. Brecker, Tillis. Morgantown--Renstrom. Davis. Referee--Hoi Slutz, I n d i a n a ; umpire-- Grant Hall. West Virginia; head lines- man--Steve Harriett. West Virginia. Statistics Chas. Morg. League S t a n d i n g W. I,. Pet. 3 (Tendl) ..'.-· - 5 1 5 i Patrick.) 4 2 4 ( W r i g h t r 3 3 6 U-Intnrkki 3 3 2 i Derm i 2 4 1 i R i d e v i 1 5 .167 I n d i v i d u a l A v e r t i ^ e s Tendl 104, Dean 101, Rider 98, Smoot 9(J, Palrick 95, Evimz 92, Wright 92 Hcdrick !0, Stebbin;; 80, Hamrick 81, Hughes 80. Hessom «0, Slack 77, R i c h - ard 7G, Cook 76, Stniughan 73, Bek 72, Kenna 72, Lytton 71. Wilbus-n G9, Y o u n g G'A. Hobinson S3. Jennings 63, Noyes 62, Storck 60, Hayes 59, Hogan 89, Cliildress 50, Vineyard 56, D u n l a p 53, Green 52 .Bailey 4t. High single game (I:id.), Dean, 187: high single game ( t e a m i , No. 2, 477- high two games f i n d . ) , -Rider. 256; high two games I t c - a m K No. 2, 891. S c h e d u l e November 23 No. 2 vs. No. 6, alloys 1 and 2: No 3 vs. No. 5. alleys 3 and 4; No, 1 vs. No. 4, alleys 5 and 6. WASHINGTON, Nov. 21. -- Dis- counting its rival's three defeats as any sign of weakness, George Washington university's eleven is preparing for its hardest test as it anticipates the Thanksgiving day game with West Virginia in Griffith stadium. It is the last game o£ the season for both teams. West Virginia's losses to Western Reserve, Georgetown and Pittsburgh revealed no particular vulnerablt. spots in the Mountaineers' armor as far as the Colonials are con- cerned. As a matter of fact, scou reports of those games indicated to G. W. n o t h i n g about its foe that might occasion overconfidence. The Colonials have been enjoying their most successful campaign in years yet they expect West Virginia to prove tougher than Rice, the only team to beat them. Coach Jim Pixlec-, mindful of West Virginia's strong line and ver- satile ba-ckfield, is d r i l l i n g his Colo- nials strenuously on He is trying to improve the r u n n i n g at- tack w i t h the hope of piercing the Mountaineer forward wall, realizing that success with a line attack w i l l make G. W.'s pass attack that much more effective. If the Buff and Blue can force its opponent to concen- trate on defense against line thrusts, the way w i l l be opened for a potent aerial assault. George Washington is extremely anxious to win the forthcoming fi- nale as victory not o n l y w i l l estab- lish the Colonials as the best team in the school's recent history but also will prove them to be the strongest eleven in the m e t r o p o l i t a n Washington area. Right now the un- official title is a matter of heated discussion between supporters of Seorge W a s h i n g t o n and George- town, whose team defeated West Virginia two weeks ago bv a score of 28-0. With the exception of A r m a n d o Salturelli, center or tackle, the Colonials will be at f u l l strength for the Turkey day clash. Guy Renz- aglia, scrappy guard, is fast recup- e r a t i n g f r o m a foot i n j u r y and w i l l join the squad in practice before Three Greenbrier Military School Squads St. Anslem's College Ties With Holy Cross WORCESTER, Mass., Nov. 21 (UP).--Little St. Anselm's college, playing its second season of col- legiate football, remained in the select group of undefeated east- ern teams today by holding Holy Cross, an overwhelming favorite, to a scoreless tis oefore a crowd of 15,000. The only scores recorded against the visitors from Manchester, N. H., this season are two safeties. FIGHTING IRISH PULL SURPRISE Big Ten Champions Are Beaten as 55,000 Fans Watch 'Spellbound (Continued from Page Eleven) bom, 192 pound fullback from Cal- umet, M'ich., crashed through North- western's left tackle for a yard and a half and a touchdown. A bad pass ruined the extra point attempt. Gcyer Goes Across Notre Dame staged an 89-yard march for its fourth touchdown in the fourth period. Leonard Skoglund, substitute end, took a shovel pass from Jack McCarthy, substitute half- back, and raced around North west- ern's left end for six yards and a touchdown. Deinor, another substi- tute, converted. W i t h t h e i r ranks filled with sub- stitutes, the Irish defense cracked before a final desperate Northwest- ern roily. The Wildcats traveled 78 yards to get their score with Don Geyer, North western's blond f u l l - back, plunging over Notre Dame's left g u a r d for two yards and a touch- down. Gcyer failed to convert. The game ended a couple of minutes HARVARD TEAM LOSES TO YALE KcIIcy Scores Again as Eli Wins Game From Old Rival, 14-13 ;|J67 | the enci o f - t h i s week. 'Saluirelli is '.500 [ definitely out with a twisted knee. .500 I Owens-Illinois League Team Adm in istra t J ve Mold Repair . Maintenance Steinies Stubby- First down total 8 9 First downs, rushing s 7 ,,_ · , v First downs, passin g 2 2 S°"^l Yards gained rushing ...'..... .140 164 Yards lost rushing -...,.' 2 27 Net yards gained *...13B 13 Forward passes tried ., ,. 8 Passes completed . . / . . . . ; 2 Gain on passes ;,,.. 28 3 Net. gain--passes, rushing ...-.166 17 Number of punts 8 i Jo-Average on punts ............ '24 33 Number punts returned 4 1 Yards return opp. punts ...... 51 6 Number of kickoffs ,.....' 0 3 Average yards kickoffs 0 43 Kettirrr of kickoffs 62 0 Futnbles recovering ball 1 2 Fumbles losing, ball ;... 3 -0 Yards lost on fumbles ......... 6 0 Nujriber of penalties 1 5 of penalties ......... 5 25 Individual Statistics ·gantown i D'Bate ... Llvengood Maust" Totals ... Charleston Gles Pruett ... Condit , . . , Tibbets ... Tucker .... Brecker ... Marks Totals . , Try Gain Lost Net Avg. 19 . 75 6 3 12-19 12 60 13 3 11-12 13 26 8 1 5-13 1 3 0 3 ,.. 45 184 Try Gain 17 9 5 3 1 1 1 54 3(5 37 7 2 2 2 27 3 2-45 Lost Net Avg. 2- 0 o 0 0 0 0 1-17 2-5 1-3 37 140 Madison Bows In Seth Battle, 40-0 SETH, Nov. 21.--Seth high school's Sherman Tide rolled over its bitter rivals from Madison to the tune of 40-0 here Saturday a f t e r n o o n , scor- ing 15 first downs to the Skyhawks' -three. Hendricks led the touchdown par- ade f o r ' t h e - T i r e , crossing the Madi- son goal twice. Standings vv. 18 16 14 14 ., 14 13 1! L, ) 11 13 13 13 14 IS 19 Pet. .867 ' .593 .319 .510 .51!) .481 .407 NIMROD ANGLER Service Accounting I n d i v i d u a l Averages George 17:',, Stephens 172, Barcus 166, M o n t a g u e 159, Aley 15-i, Keener 153 Stebblns 152, Alien 152, Tryban 151, BIoss 151, Bowen 150, J i n k s 148, Myers M7, Washing 145, West 14!!, Taylor 142, Mc- Keown 141, H. Johnson 140, Moore 140, Lelsse 140, O f f u t t 140, Posllewalte 140, Glass 139, SJwann 138, T u r n e r 138, Bovine 137, I.. Bonharn 13B, C u r r y 134, Nelson 134. Godby 134, Gregor 133, Eoiick 133, Clark 132, A. B u t l a r 131, J. B o n h a r n 129, Oaborn 128, W h i t a k e r 128, H. Rousch 127, S m i t h 127, Howell 127, M a y n a r d 12S, Tascher 125, p'eln 123, Hudson 12;!, Burgess 122, G a n d e e 12", Evenilz 121, Maranda 120. Roberts 119, Kenney 119, Baker 118, K. B u t i e r 118, Westley 1!8, Davis 115, Hosklns 114. Edwards 113, Har- less 111, Henstey 107, Cornell 107, Pet-olio 107, Walkup 106, Secgmiller 104, F. J o h n - son 102. Dearien »7, Keller 93, M a t t h e w s 92, Welker 8fi, B i r d 8:3. City "B" Team League S t a n d i n g * W. I'd if; . r 16 16 10 8 8 2 A v e r a g e s L. 4 8 14 10 Ifi 22 .840 .872 .872 \ Seth . . . : Madison 0 0 26 0 : Scoring I HendricRs : Thompson, touchdowns: Burnette, 2, Brown, McCormick, Extra points: Brown 3. JUST IN SPORT (Continued from Page Ten) »'^ Greenbrier Military school Jsv.vys hits a slump at Laiclloy field . . , But don't believe them. . . . The Fighting Cadets have been tough enough all season and they'll still be t o u g h enough Thanksgiving day . . . You won't have m u c h trouble convincing '·Irish" Garrity that the Lev/is- burg boys are hard to handle . . . He probably knows it belter than anyone else . . . Herb Thomas, South Charleston boy who is play- ing a mean brand of backfioid for the Cadets, is said to be one of the best on the team . . . He's as smooth, it is reported, as the good '-'.Organ Grinder Swing." Blue Ribbon Independent No, 2 Elk Motor ........ . I n d e p e n d e n t No. 1 327-37 George Washington pally Mail K a n a w h a Mfg. Co . M. A. . C I n d i v i d u a l Smith. 180, Trumbo 174, March Sleeinan IBS, McCoy 163, DcWeese Scrgent 159, Bendat loll. M n r c u m H a l lite in 159, Lai-man 151), M c F a r l a n i i , D y n i e l r j 137, A l e x a n d e r 154, D a v i d - son 15,'i, Earner 152, K e l l e r 152. H u l h a - j way 151, S t i n e 150, W r i g h t 150. I R u f f n c r 147, 1-48, H e a f e v 144, G r i f - fin 14, r (, C a r r o l l KJ(), K u l i l.'ii), C a r d a n l-'U. Wiek;.- 132, L i n d n e r 121), Thompson 1211, C r i c h / i o i d 128, A r l l u i r 128, H i l J a h o i d Ufi, Wiley m, SwHi-brick 123, L. W a l k e r 114, Bosijs 109. S t a l n a l t e r HIS, Seward U7. H i g h .Scires for Wei'lc Three games, team, B l u e R i b b o n . 2!)82; one game, i n d i v i d u a l , H a l l s h - i n . 23.'!. 7 -- 40 This Week's S c h e d u l e 0-- 0 George W a s h i n g t o n Life vs. G. M. A. C. on alley.* one and t w o : E f k Motor vs. Blue R i b b o n on alleys t h r e e a n d f o u r ; Daily Mail vs.. I n d e p e n d e n t No. I on a i - '(.'ys fi-.'e and s i x ; Kanjav.-ha M a n i i f a c t u r - ins; vs. Indeix'ndent No. 2 on a l l e y s sev- en and e i g h t . Shepherd College In Victory Over Wilson WASITfNGTON, Nov. 21 (UPJ.-- Shepherd college, of West V i r g i n i a . defeated Wilson Teachers college here today, 21-14, before a. crowd of 3,000. The West Virginia team scored in the first, t h i r d and Xitial quarter.:, 1 w h i l e holclijig the local tencher.s 10 two tallies. M a n n a , W i J I a r d and Mitchell starred for the Rams. H a n n a scoring two touchdowns on b r i l l i a n t runs. Appeal to Haulers Across the fields where coveys of. q u a i l are likely to be found goes word f r o m the Conservation com- mission: "Don't shoot any more quail this year." The appeal to h u n t e r s was m a d e while Director H. S. Shawhan and his 'assistants continued e f f o r t s to solve the mystery of the . missing q u a i l which were reported f a i r l y p l e n t i f u l a.s late as October. What happened to those birds? That question f r a n k l y puzzles the com- mission. All investigations so far- have failed to e x p l a i n the shortage. The f a r m e r who saw covey;; in. his f i e l d s three weeks ago doesn't know; the sportsman and the game pro- tector who tramped the bottom- lands can't understand the discrep- ancy between today and early fall. Major Shawhan, explaining t h a t the legal machinery through w h i c h the commission can close the season would require two %veeks to com- plete, said: "Self-restraint on the p a r t of the sportsman today w i l l , pay great d i v i - dends in the next, two or three years." Chief. Game Protector E. H. Mor- forcl said: "There isn't a n y type of h u n t i n g I like better t h a n going out for q u a i l . Even today I can guarantee you that I can flush a couple of coveys, enough You'll find j u s t about, any k i n d of a football team you're looking for at Greenbrier M i l i t a r y school, Lewisburg. Here tire three squads t h a t \vnar the G r e e n b r i e r colors. At top are the Colonels. Back row, Evans and Coach. B a r t h o l o m e w , Micl.lle row, Baker, Faison, C h a p i n , Fawall, Gongwer and Frazer. Front ro\v, Tabor, Cruden, Dick, C a p t a i n Marsh. P u g i i a , Mortens, and W i n i a l s k i . In the Midget squad, center, are, back row: J l e u t c n e n r e u t h e r , W o h l k , R. U r l i n g , Schneider, M u r p h y , Coach McLaughJin. M i d d l e row: G r a h a m , Hrees, Pickard, Scarola, Claffey' Front row: A. J e n k i n s , W i l h i t e , Wise, C a p t a i n Angus, W. Allen, F. Tripplelt, Hallett. In the P i g m y squad, below, are, back row: Coach R i c h a r d s o n . Third row Hub- bard, J. M. Moore, Weaver, M c G r a i h , B e i g h t i e r , VV. Shelton. Second row: R. Snider, Roecler, Higlit, Rosen, Moss, Fowler. Front row: F. Leon, Battle, Waldner, Cole, Captain W. Trip- Boiarsky. later N r or Ih western Kpvalch .... Gibson Schreiber ... F u l l e r R e i d ( c ) Voigts Zitko V a n z o Heap . . . . . . . Jefferson . . . Ge_y«r _ . . ' . . _ . . Nor l'" western Dame Touchdowns: (6) (26) . LE .. . LT .. . LG ... . C Notre Dame O'Neill Steinkemper . (c) Lautar ., . . Mundee RG K u h a r i c h RT RE QB LH RH _FB __ . . 0 . . 7 Cronin . . . . Zwers .. . . Puplis Wilke McCormick . . Danbom 0" "6--~G _G 7--26 Wilke Shingleton, D. Koelzle, Broh, Staten, PI. Thomas. Kincaid, Hirsch, Rosen, Moss, plett, Samson, Gray, B. Allen, Large Crowd Expected To COLONELS WIN Watch Marshall, Wesleyan Stale College Teams Will Resume Rivalry. Gridiron in Annual Contest al Huntingloii on to provide some s h o o t i n g and workout for my dogs. "But the investigations I have per- sonally made with Major S h a w h a n in all parts of the .state convince me t h a t very m a n y more of the birds on h a n d c u n n o t be k i l l e d if the .,,.,, . b r e e d i n g stock upon which f u t u r e .672 | h u n t i n g depends is to survive. .420j "f.'m t h i n k i n g of the h u n t i n g in ·:j:^j'j the years to corne, as well as this MM fall." G. IT. Overholt, secretary of the commission, pointed out that, a n o t h e r factor which must be considered is i HUNT1NGTON, Nov. 21 -- The largest crowd to see two state col- lege football teams in action ( h i s reason is expected here at Fairfield s t a d i u m Thanksgiving dav. when the very hot feud between Marshal! and West V i r g i n i a Wcsrieyan w i l l be renewed. There are m a n y angles t h a t make t h i s one of the f o o l a b l l chivies in the state. The r i v a l r y is .11 years old, and the Bobcats from B u c k h a n - non h a v e won seven games w h i l e one lias been n t i e . The great "Gip" Battles led Wesleyan to victory three times and the c u r r e n t Bob- cat b a c k f i e l d , rated one of the balanced in the n a t i o n , lias two Marshall scalps. Three Senior Backs Jack LaBa.y, 194-pound blocker and defensive star, lends tin; way for "Cookie" Bachlel, Ui5 pounds, and Nelson Peterson. 170 pounds, w h o have r u n wild n i l season from (he h a l f b a c k posts. These two boys h a v e stolen t h e g r o u n d - c a i n i n c show from Leonard "Feeis" Bar- n u m , n i l - A m e r i c a inelion f u l l b a c k , who can s t i l l .smack the l i n e and lEickle w i l l i the best of t h e m . .Labay is a . j u n i o r w h i l e the o t h e r backs are seniors. Three Bobcat l i n e m e n w i l l also bo p l a y i n g t h e i r game for Cebe Ross. Th are Bud the a n n u a l loss suticred in w i n t e r | Barker, end. and two ni«cd wards. H a i l a n d Dave G o o d w i n . --The A r m y - N o r t e Dame s c r i e s opened in 15)13 w i t h a 35-13 upset of a g r e a t A r m y team by N o t r e Dame's f a n c y a e r i a l a t t a c k - - - w h i c h consisted of the Gus Dorais to Knutc Kockne i tosses. ,. * when snow and predators take a toll among game birds. The commission has almost ready for d i s t r i b u t i o n a p a m p h l e t on f e e d i n g and s h e l t e r i n g q u a i l and other game d u r i n g this critical, season. It w i l l be d i s t r i b u t e d to a l l interested. S h a w h a n , e m p h a s i z i n g the need for v o l u n t a r y action, at once by h u n t - ers, offered a theory a b o u t the r u f f e d grouse, which also are under the estimated .strength. He said: "1 believe t h a i w i t h the coining of bad w e a t h e r , more r u f f e d grouse w i l l be seen in the gullies and a l o n g .spring runs. Thesn birds h a v e one of the most varied diets of all game, and we believe they arc: feeding in the deeper woods and w i l l not come out u n t i l forced to by the wealhei "The grouse, one of the sportiest birds t o . h u n t , is generally well able to take care of itself." Association Helps The K a n a w h a G a m e and Fish as- sociation is t r y i n g to help in the d r i v e t o reduce q u a i l s h o o t i n g t h i s .season. .Letters h a v e been m a i l e d to m e m b e r s of the o r g a n i s a t i o n , as f o l - lows: "Tho q u a i l t h i s season h a s proved t h a t o u r q u o t a i s low. I t matter;; not w h a t the cause or reason may be, t h e c o n d i t i o n e x i s t s and the f u t u r e o f t h e q u a i l h u n t i n g i n this .state for y e a r s is e n d a n g e r e d . "The C o n s e r v a t i o n commission has suggested iiiat all sportsmen, over P i t t all-oppo- M a l l was g i v e n the erigc g u a r d s on Wayne.sbm-g's n e n t team last. year. M a r s h a l l does no! have m a n y sen- [o_rs__on^ its team, but the Herd is w i l l r e f r a i n from h u n t i n g o u r native q u a i l or Bob-Whites. "Here ;.tre .some .suggestions we t h i n k w i l l help: "If you h a v e a f u l l day or more lo h u n t . go to the m o u n t a i n s and h m i l . grouse. There arc plenty of and y o u ' l l h a v e m u c h more .'·'Port f,ha n h u n t i n K fur q u a i l this .rear. "If y o u d o h u n t q u a i l , remember lluil. six is the bag l i m i t and that a covey of less t h a n six or eight can not .survive any winter. Do not shoot at a covey of less t h a n eight and do not. reduce a covey to .less than eight birds. "In the event t h a t we have no more lairds n e x t year than we have now, the C o n s e r v a t i o n commission w i l l u n d o u b t e d l y close the season. That, puts- it .squarely up to each of a n d we have; proraised t h a i a l t w i l l conie t h r u i i K h Cor the you of you q u a i l . " -- W a l l a c e Wade, D u k e imivcMit.y m e n t o r , i r t - k k r d to the Jlosc Bowl in 19M a.s a p l a y e r w i t h Brown. Later as n coach a I. the; University of A l a b a m a , he took the - there three times. eager to sooth Its d i s a p p o i n t m e n t for not w i n n i n g the Buckeye con- ference crown. Carii Henderson's line, especially at the ends w i l l out- weigh Wesleyon. b u t the Bobcats h a v e a decided edge in the back- f i e l d . Marshall is the highest, scoring team in the n a t i o n , w i t h 315 p o i n t s in n m o games. We.sleyan crashed i n f o n a t i o n a l p r o m i n e n c e this sea- son w i t h a 2-0 v i c t o r y over a Du- quesne team Hint had j u s t defeated Pitt, Wesleyan had the ball inside the Duke's f i v e - y a r d l i n e twice. M a r s h a l l G e t s Rest The Bobcats also defeated Cath- ohc U. to prove t h a t they have one ol t h e i r best (earns in years. Wesleyan defeated M a r s h a l l 12-0 last year in a sea of mud and slime when Baehtet .smashed t h r o u g h a hole made by H a l l and Lnbay lo plow 5(1 y a r d s for a score in the last- two m i n u t e s of play. The Bobcats o u t g a i n e d M a r s h a l l c o n s i d e r a b l y b u t a f l a t pass t h a t gained 05 yards had tied t h e .score. The opposing coaches, Ross and Henderson, were rivals for several year.s before Henderson moved from Davis and E l k i n s (o H u n t i n g l o i i . I.he r i v a l r y j s stronger ( b a n ever now. Marshall laid o f f t h i s week in or- der to devote p l e n t y of time in prf- P f i r i n g for (he Bobeals. However, Wesleyan played G l e n v i l l e on Fri- r i a y a n d w i l l n o t have ns much t i m e to d r i l l for the T h u n d e r i n g Herd J he h e a v y a d v a n r e t i c k e t sale in- dicates t h a t a crowd of a b o u t 12,000 w i l l .see (he Turkey day battle. Marquette Loses To Duquesne Team, 13-0 ( C o n t i n u e d from Page Twelve) Ten-one, i n t e r c e p t e d a n o t h e r B u i v i d pass on the o n e - y a r d l i n e and raced it back to the D u k e ID. In the last period, the ( i d e s w u n g to D u q u e s n e a g a i n . O n l y Y e o m a n w o r k e d by the M a r q u e I tc l i n e pre- v e n t e d one score a f t e r Dukes had made a first d o w n on the M a r q u e t l c 3. A f t e r t h e k i c k - o u t , Malsik on first p l a y raced 38 yards to the IN TWO GAMES Young Cutlet Team Takes Tills From Covinglou and Cliflori Forge Notre Dame, 2, Danbom and Skoglund. North- western, Geyer. Goals after touch- down: Pupils, Beinor. THE CHESSBOARD Horowitz Coming Although the league race is one of the closest in years--with three teams s t i l l very much in the r u n - j n i n g -- y e t Cor t h i s vyeek the big local chess a t t r a c t i o n will be of another n a t u r e . On Monday night. I. A. Horowitz w i l l again visit Charleston and stage j a n o t h e r exhibition of s i m u l t a n e o u s i p l a y i n g . This time the a f f a i r will be he'd at the Kanawha hotel at 3 o'clock. There w i l l be no general a d m i s s i o n b u t a fee of $1 will be charged the players who take part in the s i m u l t a n e o u s against Horo- witz. Players should, by all means, bring their own hoards and sets even though they do not actually in- tend to take part. Horowitz will give a short talk before he begins p l a y in which he w i l l i n c l u d e .some helps toward better playing. As he has taken part in chess play in Eu- j rope on at least two occasions, Mr. | H o r o w i t z should have some inter- esting t h i n g s to relate. Horowitz · made a f a v o r a b l e impression on the ! local o r g a n i z a t i o n , three years ago and his coining v i s i t should gain him new f r i e n d s in Charleston. NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 21 (UP).--Led by the irrespressible and almost irresistable Lawrence Morgan Kelley, Yale today defeated Harvard, 14-13, to capture the Big Three football championship for-the first time in three years. The Yales struck twice in the sec- ond period and then sat tight the blue strategy of protecting its 34 points proved a winner when Ver- non, of Harvard, struck, missed his second attempt at conversion. Thrilling Finish It was a glorious climax to the thrill-studded career of Yale's new- est football immortal but Larry, along with the legions of the Blue, got the scare of his young life when an angered Crimson team started to town in the final half. But once Harvard had missed its' chance to :ie, the game was over as far as the Crimson was concerned. The final cannon found Yale heading steadily for another tally. Harvard put on a brilliant march n the first period, moving from its own 37 to Yale's 17 where Struck, who was later to become the "goat" of the game, made his first miscue, a fumble which an alert Eli recov- ered. The second period was barely un- der way when Clint Frank, ace of Yale backfield, ran 43 yards to'Ha'rv- ard's six. Al Wilson', of Sharpies, W. Va,, bucked over for the touch- down and II' Humphrey added the p o i n t . - Starting from midfield, late in' the same period Frank whipped out a perfect pass to Kelley, who 'trotted eight yards to the second tally, 'and Humphrey place-kicked what was to prove the winning point. . It was a fighting Crimson which returned after the rest period. Tak- ing the kick-off on the eight-yard line, Harvard moved without a halt across the Blue Tine, the important play of the advance was a pass of George Ford to Bob Stuart which moved the b a l l from the 24 to 2. Struck bucked the difference and booted the extra point. Misses 'Extra Point M i d w a y through the final period, after a 15-yard holding' penalty, Dave Colweli made a miserable punt from behind the 'Yale goal line, the ball going out on Yale's 23. On second down, Arthur Oakes passed to Stuart, who ran five yards to a touchdown. Harvard and Yale fans alike sat in almost complete silence as Struck fiddled around m a k i n g ready to try for the point. Finally the ball was snapped and, although the Crimson line blocked well, Struck got off a weak kick, the ball passing under the cross bar (IS) Harvard LT! Green LT Kevorkian LG C . . . . . RG RT . . . ' . . R E LH... i , LH RH FB Y a l e ( U ) arey Scott . . . . Caracciolo Beckwith. . W r i g h t John Kelley . . . E w a r f F r a n k . . . . H u m p h r e y Miles . . . . . YALE HARVARD G a f f n e .... Jones .. Kessler At Us Dauehterp ... Wilson Oakes Stuart . . . Struck 14 0 0---H 6--13 Touchdowns: Wilson. Kelley, Struck, Ford. Poinls a f t e r touchdowns: Hum- phrey ( 2 j , Struck, LEWISBURG, Nov. 21. -- The G r e e n b r i e r M i l i t a r y .school Colonels, coached by the h a r d - w o r k i n g Don B a r t h o l o m e w , have turned in f i n e p e r f o r m a n c e s in their last two games, to d e f e a t C o v i n g t o n reserves, 0-2, and C l i f t o n Forge "B," 7-0, Nebraska Closes By Winning Title LINCOLN", Neb., Nov. 21 (UP).--- Nebraska won the Big Six confer- e n c e football championship and marked up two new conference rec- ords in thrashing Kansas State ccl- 4.0-0 before 26,000'fans here to- H is, of. course, not known just how m a n y w i l l play against the in- t e r n a t i o n a l l y known master and chess editor, but. probably most of the fol- lowing group will be on hand and ready to play: Landis Marks, West Virginia's ace; Mrs. T. A. Snyder, state women's champion: Ed Foy, lo- cal c h a m p i o n ; John Hurt, former ! city c h a m p i o n : V, C. Klug,-two-time The .first game played in Coving- i winner oC championship of state of ton, f o u n d 'the Colonels .scoring in i Washington;_ O. C._Lang, president the second q u a r t e r when S h a n n o n end and latereled over. Lewis, Murquette 6. baugh broke for the score i nr.sne (111) P k i l u l d s Mara." A m n n n . . . . . , Basrnk r e ) Barko ' C r l l c l i l i e l d l-lcrforli: rtMTonc: 3 r u i n l ; i u j { l i ... C n s s i l i o Knri-s In three plays over the r i g h t B r u m - guard ..LE. ..L.T. . . LG . .. .c.. .. RG . , . R T . . . H K . . . Q B . . . L I T . .. n H . MArUJUKTTK . . . T o u i ' h f l o w n s : 1 Point, alter touchdow' Mntrquelit* Anderson . . . S i o f e r t , . J e n n i n g s i | s t a r t e d a r o u n d I to Dick, who ' Colonel r i g h t tackle, blocked a p u n t about the .'30 prior to the t o u c h d o w n march which terminated in Dick's j a u n t . A pass f r o m center w h i c h was out of A l e x a n d e r ' s reach gave the losers two p o i n t s in the t h i r d q u a r - ter. Humphries, Terry, and Carter stai-red for Covyiston. Lewis, for I the Colonels, recovered a f u m b l e a t | a v i t a l m o m e n t , and blocked a p u n t to give the Cadet.-? t h e i r scoring chance. S h r e w s b u r y played a star game, for Grcenbr'ier. Coach Bar- t h o l o m e w s t a r t e d Puglia a n d W i n - i a l s k i at ends, Lewis and A l e x a n d e r at tackles, Shrewsbury and Aborgast at. g u a r d s , a n d t h e d e p e n d a b l e W a l l y Fraxer at. center. Backs were Gong- vver. H. B r o w n , Dick, and Shannon. Against C l i f t o n Forge. S h a n n o n scored in the t h i r d q u a r t e r a f t e r a delermiiscd m a r c h down t h e f i e l d by the Colonel's. II. B r o w n a c c o u n t e d for the extra point. P r i o r to t h a t lime, the game had been a k i c k i n g d u a l , j i H h o u g h t h e Colonels hnd been on the visitors' IS-yard l i n e n e n r the end of the h a i r . C l i f t o n Forge backs broke through the line to toss w o u l d - b e l a t e r a l passers for losses, and the visitors took the b a l l , only to f u m b l e . G r e e n b r i e r recov- erocl. but the Cadets were held a g a i n . In the second hnl'f, Greonbrier pl;iyod s;ife f o o l b a l l , tossing no j passes b u t p o u n d i n g t h e l i n e a n d r u n n i n g t h e ends. Brown a n d Evans kept th« v i s i t o r s n e r v o u s w i t h t h e i r I o n s gains. C l i f t o n Forge broke loose w i t h n b e a u t i f u l passing attack in t h e f o u r t h q u a r t e r a n d g a i n e d plenty ol' u r o u n d in t h e i r t e r r i t o r y arid m i d f i e l d . but boused down when w i t h i n scoring distance. of the Charleston Chess club; Wal- ter Crede, Reid Holt, R. B. Park- hurst. Dr. and Mrs. Seletz, T. A. Snyder, .John Wiles, A n t h o n y Foy, G r i f f Schilling. Miss Ada Cunning- ham, Mr. and Mrs. French, Dr. and Mrs. Nairn, Dr. McClue. George Woo, Jesse Church, Ralph Porter, K e n n y Andrews, William Trusiow, W i l l i a m H a r t l i n g , B a r k e r , Eckstrom, Koppe.s. C l i f t o n Ripley, Alan G i l l i - land. John and Ernest Carver, Dana Hughes. Eddie Older, Oscar Cart- lidge. Ted Wolfe, etc. The C h a r l e s t o n club is d e p e n d i n g on tho help and cooperation of the local players to make this exhibi- tion a great success. Will the play- ers respond? Here is one of Horowitz's victories in the P h i l a d e l p h i a A. C. F. tourney last summer. His opponent, Pol- l a n d , is a strong player, too. H U V 1,0'FEZ The Cornhuskers ended the home season with a record of five victo- ries and no defeats in the confer- ence. They won their seventh cham- pionship in the nine years that the Big Six has been organized and es- tablished new offensive and defen- sive m a r k s. In five conference games, the boys coached by Dana X. Bible ran up 134 points while their opponents were getting five zeroes. It was another great set of backs, three of them making their final home appearance, who ran hard and fast behind a quick-charging line today to crush a team that has been Nebraska's nemesis for nine long years. The three seniors in the backfield, Lloyd Card-well, Sam Francis and Ronald Douglas, had never partici- pated in a victory over the Wildcats until today. W h i t e -- P o t l a n d 1. R. i), 10. 11. 12. 13. 1-1. 15. 1(5. 17. 1R. li). | 20. ' J o L n i i t e r b a c h Lumb Cooper . Art Clio PC . (c.-'i I B u l v i d S o n n e n b o r g . . . _ . _ . . . C u f f I ) ' 0 ~7--l.'l t7 0 0-- 0 East Bank High Seeks Thanksgiving Day EAST BANK, Nov". 21.--Although Bank high Tilt school's f o o t b a l l team hns played the last, game on its .schedule, the Pioneers s t i l l feel the desire to grab the old pigskin. Bit Calvert',' bead coach " oE the C a b i n Creekers, is seeking an oppo- n e n t Cor a T h a n k s g i v i n g clay contest, and says t h a t his boys wil'l play at | h o m e or away, f'.' Brumbaugh". I Coaches interested may arrange a ·Brumbaugh. ' game by calling Calvert here. P-K.I K I - K B 3 B-K'13 BxKt KI.-B3 P-Q4 QxP K t x Q B-K:i O-O-O P-B4 7-Ct-BH . P-KR3 KR-1C P-R» R-K2 B-Q2 QR-K Px.P Kt-QS fi-D2 KI.-KH K t - R 2 ri-Bn Hrsljjns. Black---Horott-itz P-K4 Kt-QBS P-QR:i QPxB P-B:i PxP QxQ B-Q2 B-Q:! P-QKI3 o-o-o KI-R.'! Kt-sa KQtl-K P-B4 B-B:I P-QKH P-K15 PxP B-KH B-Bi R.vP Tho league news is just about crowded out by news concerning the big program Monday night. How- ever. Daily Mail is still in first place, a half match point ahead of Gazette and a full match point In front of the third-place Canton team. The .seventh round will be held Wednes- day, December 2. D a i l y Mail Gazette C a n t o n Carbon Slatehouse Sport M a r t . - . , - . . M o u n t a i n e e r s - .. S. Sp'cer Moore Kamiwha C a r b i d e R o u n d s i x ton 3','j Matches s '-· 5 ;lVi h 2'a 2'ii 2!4 1 (Hi (H 1 I'.i h 3'.i Carbon 1 G;i 'A; D a i l y M a i l G.fines 17 13 Vi 14M; 13 V4 11 13 11 10 7 9 '/a 7 10'/a 9V ? 1.1 11 13 1.4 16 li West Virginia State Facing Feature Game (Continued from Page Twelve) This bis i?ame with Wilberiorce. .Hist about the "tops" in. Negro foot- ball, JS usually played in lar«e cities. The last four years has found H staffed in Columbus. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Detroit. A crowd about as large as would attend the same in these cities is expected Lakm field, where extra seats be erected to care for the Wilberforce can West confernce the State to kill of at will overflow. win the Mid- crown by defeating 1 eleven. The Jackets want . two championships with a single victory over the Ohio team, btate is depending upon its "Rock Gibraltar" line and its host of speedy backs. In Roderick Price all- American h a 1 f b a c k. Richardson, Walkms, Dick Burtotn. Meadows and Robinson. State has plenty of backs w i t h speed to burn. Captain Burroughs, Pinky Carter, the Bates brothers, Vasco Hale t-urvis. Jackson and Corbin are all determined to do better than ever on the l i n e to give State its sought n a t i o n a l championship. Wilberforcc Wins XENIA, O.. Nov. 21.'' (UP) --Wil- berforce scored its sixth consecutive victory of the season here today when it defeated Lincoln university' of Missouri, 20-0. .- * Wilberforce drove 60 yards for its first marker and 55 for the second! The third came on a 20-yard - skirt of end by Clarkson, a substitute haltback. Lincoln never threatened the W-il- perforce goal. long- Wilberforce Lincoln . ,. 0--20 0 -- 0 Touchdowns: McGinnis, Lottier larkson. P o i n t after touchdown, D' Raines, Clarkson. . bido 1; S. Spencer Moore" ri;' iXrciuYilninecrs 1; Sport Mart I'/a, Statehouse '!» -The A t l a n t a pennant-winning 9»scbail club used only 22 player.* J-ast season, being the smallest-ag- gregation in the Southern associa- tion, j. '

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