The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 11, 1047 Senators New FEPC Study BLYTHEVlLLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PACE New Yorker Presses For Federal Ban on Racial Discrimination Farm Price Support Program Endangered by Potato Deals WASHINGTON. June n (UP) — Hen. Irving M. Ivcs, K.. N. Y.. today described dlscrlinliinry employ "311; | practices as an" "American fy a " WMlt ' n must be solved. Henestified at the opening of two weeks of Senate Labor Snbcommit- Ire hearings on his bill to forbid discrimination i u employment because or race, religion, color or national origin. The bill had strong support'from Republicans and Northern Democrats, nut it appeared unlikely that an attempt would be made to pass H tills year in the face of already- promised Southern Democratic op- bc position. ' "" Ives said the right to work regardless of race or creed was part of the Sermon on the Mount, the 10 commandment!, the Golden Rule, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. WASHINGTON. June 11. —Chairman August H. Andieseu of the House Food Investigating Subcommittee charged today that j the Agriculture Depar'.iuen!, s poi tato policies are "Jt'opniviiinig t:ic 1 entire farm price su.nx.i'i program." The Minnesota Republican sti.1 that unless the potato price support program Is ariminisl-.-reil wisely this year there is ivcut-.' darger of a domestic potato scarcity ncrit Winter and Spring. Andiesen made the charges as his subcommittee recessej its investigation of last year's potato surplus which cost the uoveriitncnt about 543.000.COO. The subcommittee is seeking ways of preventing such .surpluses in the fuiuv!. Amtrcsen said it seemed o'ld lo speaking of scaroitios at a time when the government, is buying up surplus early potatoes. Hut he said unless the ,1c|)»riment disposes of its surpluses wisely, iwlatops inay, be short i.tier on. "Were . importing ixnatoes Jrom Canada right now,'- he sn'id. "And one of tile big.reasons i:» thai the cent reeout going si'e "And yet. our failure as a na- , government. destroyed 12,- tion to live up to it constitutes the 500.000 bushels of Maine pjtat,o35 Bravest, anomaly In our American ' last fall. Those potatoes could tradition." he said. "We may differ , have been stored and soid .this nmoiig ourselves on how to meet , Spring, mid overcome this so-called American dilemma, but at the same time we must recogni/e that, it has to be met and that it has to be overcome." Ives said anti-discrimination laws could be of the punitive type, the educational type or a combination or the two. He said his bill represented the combination approach and emphasized that it made conciliation mandatory before conipul- (U.P.) ported yesterday that potato pros- IKcls on Juno i were 73 ' of normal. This Is eight pe below last year when crop was harvested. Andresen also critlci/ed the t'.e- purlment for pouring k^roseiie ua surplus potatoes to make ihcm inedible. U. S. Smith, chief of th? Ass!- 1 , culture Department's Fnut and Vegetable Branch, told tlw su!> committe yeslerday that it would wreck the polalo price Mipport program if the department gave surplus potatoes to groups free of charge. The government as a result of action by Congress *i obligated a support iMlato prices a; 90 per cent of parity until Dec. '.',!. 1048. Since potatoes .uc a profitable crop at this price love!, there hns been n sharp , lilt) ease in production. The crop* last year totaled a.COO.CCO bushels as compar"d with normal consumy.Uou of about 350,000,000. As a remit, t'.-e Agriculture Department, to support the price, bought up nv mail-: loans on some 100,000,000 bushels at a cost of $£5,000.000. . Missco Students 3et Degrees or State University linil- ul by . who believes llu' Infants \\vi\- pulled ;n,ni it'lr eilbs by oilier I'hlUI j>iuk':it.s "I'm not sure we're have enough potatoes hrough this crop year." The Agriculture Department iff the same time, there were indications that House Republicans mv,^j^ press for action this year on two other measures opposed by most southerners — proposals to outlaw the poll tax and to make lynching a federal offense. May Brills Bill Up House Speaker Joseph \V. Martin. Jr., said there was "considerable sentiment" for anti-poll lax and anti-lynch legislation. He said he was canvassing other OOP leaders to decide if one or both should be added lo the House calendar t'or this session. Sen. Allen J. Ellcnder.'D.. "La., a member of the Senate Labor Subcommittee, charged that the issue of discrimination in employment was "loaded down with politics" by groups contesting for the Negro vote. He expressed hope thai Iv bill would nol be brought to the Semite floor this year because it would merely "precipitate a lot debate and lengthy argument." Although Ives has denied that his bill was another proposal ;Cor n FEPc — Fair Employment Practices Commission — Ellender said there was "no difference in principle." "It's dressed in n different garment, Uiat's all." he said. The SpPC, a wartime agency established by presidential order, was long a target of Southern criticism before it expired. Because of it. filibusters by Southern senators delayed some appropriation bills. But they succeeded in blocking it only last year when legislation to make it a permanent agency died in both houses. The Tves bill, modeled after the New York stale anti-discrimination la\v, would prohibit firms employing more than 50 persons or labor vmr ions from discriminating against persons because of race, religion color, national origin or ancestry. Tlie 550 students who received degrees In commencement exorcises Monday niglil nt University of Ark- ansus, Friyctli'VlUe, Included sev- ernl from Ulythcville ami oilier points in Mississippi County. Mlllnrcl Clayton Ectds of Blythc- I'llle received a Bachelor of Science degree iind Mary Virginia Helchel, who now is Mrs. Jnmcs Terry, received her Unt-liclor of Arls dem'cc- Mrs. Mnry Fil/serald Jenkins of Hlylhevllle received a Bachelor of Science degree In Hiisiness Adminis-- Irallon and Ruth Burr Stewart .of Hlytheville received a lincheloi of Science In Home Economics. Betty Jane Brunch of Joiner re- | ceivcd a Bachelor of Arts degree and | Howard Talmadgc Bonds of Uepan- i lo received n Bachelor ol Science | In Civil Enginecrhm, Mary EII/.U- bclh Kcnnetl of Leiichvillc received a Bachelor o[ Science In Home Economics and William Ro- tcil Olive of Joiner, n Kiichelor of Science In Electrical Engineer! I :• Dr. uvmbnr Hunt Ouden. pastor of Napoleon Avenue l' Church in New Orleans. B«ve .Uiu bnccuUuirenle address,. "The Secret of a Happy Life." Murdcr of Two Babies conclusive, Still Pwzz/es Imcstiqators ' "''' 8l """" ns ">V™UM iw 3 . Inns nl a press confereciie en j\l A SSI I.I .ON. o., Juno 11. cui'l 1'Ollce Chief Stanley Sw'itor. —A i-hild psychintilst said lodi.y Him ilillclren In a Ully l!os;>llul WHIM nexi in a nursery In which two Infants were slain 1'Viiliy ttetiuiiely saw "sumeUUug llml cmo- tloniilly uustt them." Di. 1'erMs Simmons, chief psychb-j ti'lst of the Uiireiui of .Juvenile Ho- semxOi In Columbus, said her iliiy-loiif iiuestlonlni; of Hie children yesterday hud not been and fatally Injured. . Di. Simmons said 30ir.<; ,<,: Ihe children (|ii< slloncd are tiijoylng the publicity liroughl them by the cose, Others, he siild, rtre maWn« a im- cerc effort lo describe whnt. snw. Their mmf Bw The principal. iu» .of famous windmill* 'u not , plying »attr, but (or OtU«« rid of It by pumping superfluous wa- Troni the poMen Into drainage Too Late to Classify Chicks. lUuylock Hiilclit'ry. Phone :tl72. N. Huv. (il. (i II pk 7 11 Sim Was first Helium was first discovered on Ihe sun, the discovery coming dm- itig a solar eclipse of 18fi8. Helium wiis not found on the earth until 1BS5, in the rare mineral known us clevcite. For Sufciy First j Cud chewing is a safety first device.' Animals that are hunled ' can ciuickly gather grass out in Ihe open. Ihen relire to a gmm-1- I ed spol to chew il vip. It really those fighter cakes HuMKo KIRBY DRUG STORES 75c Doon's Kidney MAIN AT SECOND — BROAD WAY-DIVISION 35c GOLD MEDAL HARLEM OIL CAPS BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS Sb)ru<j Store 100 ASPIRIN S-CRAIN TABLETS. Save ffow! (limit l). . 39 s 1.25 Petrolagar 98c WE CURRY THE COMPUTE LIME OF FAMOUS MI.&REEM PRODUCTS C.-ugj wtti a Repitittw Ptrftctfan HAND CREAM 9-O2. Jar • Metal Sprayers 59c Nail and Hcnd Brushes 25c to $1.50 Pills 59c 29c 1.25 PinkhamV 98c 75c Bayer Aspirin 59c MERCUROCHROMIjIc Vz-OZ. WITH APPLICATOR (Li,,,u i) •• ANUSOL SUPPOSITORIES, $1.50 Oscco/o News Dick pi-cwilt arrived hnin.; this week from University ol Arkansas to spend a few weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pie- witl, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Honk of Memphis spent a brief vi.-,'.o wit!] Mr Hook's mother, Mrs. J. H. igjk. this week. 'niomas Nick Jordan of M'. Vev- non 111. is spending a fc\v weeks in the home of his i;v.ui<lmo;h- cr. Mrs. W. D. Flann'.ijlli. Mrs. Robert Himcs of Uooi villc, ):flL been a ^uejt of l:er sister,'^8j-s. Searcy 7>tc.ns, tne past ten days. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hunt, returned from Ornvill. Miss. Monday, where they allem'.od t!ie Mississippi Sl.ite Tr.\p School held June e. ^ and 3. Wh-la there, they were guca'.s of Bill Emcacl of Camrion. not^d mark.s- inan formerly of Osccola. turned lo Greenville, Miss., Man-' clay for his home in St. Loir.s r.f- ter a short stay with hi> mother, Mrs. Madeline P. Campbsii. Only One of Her Kind Although 20 fillies have been entered in the Kentucky Derby since 18"i5. only one filiy ever won the race. She was Regret, who won S34.C93. and was the 1015 champion. 49c 25c Soff.'o Griffin SHOE WHiTENER SOe Siie BARBASOO SHAVE CREAM Seaforth Sets $2.00 to $7.00: Scaforth Single Items $1.00: TIDY Deodorant ICE COLD! Old Spice Sets $2.00 to $3.00j iream-Liquid—Powder] Qld SoiCC SHOVC LotlOH .... $1.00] Old Spice Shave Mug $1 .OOJ Watermelon Red Ripe and Delicious Biytheville CURB MARKET 1.10 K. Main 1'honc 973 Home Permanents AMAZINGLY EASIER with new, round PLASTIC CURLERS Pipes - Cigars Lighters FOR GRADUATES HOME PERMANENT THE CREME COLD WAVE Wi«n You W*nt Qjiilily $f,,'H Smi'f. . Wtlcom. 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