The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 6
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Urges Improved Cotton Quality Specialist Talks Jo Gihriers* dn'd ' Farmers Af LeachYilte ' LEACHVILLB, Ark., Aug. 17 — Northeast' Arkansas glnners \\eie (old here Wednesday -they musl seek lo help farmers Impiove the quality of cotlon 'and at the same time jofter pi eduction anci piocess- ing costs if cotton Is to compete with sjntlifetlc products in postwar economy^ .,,,,, , A' large crowd of both farmers and glnners -was > present 'fll the one-day meeting.; >-. Principal 4 •• speaker was • Fred Johnson, . federal Extension gtn s-peclallst ."of the FeHera'l Cotton laboratories' of Stonevllle, Mies., who pointed out the new !tnpro\e- mcnts -coming in "lite -glnnliig Industry • arid warned" ghiners i they must moke ready If they- wish to keep up with the industry Short cuts, in -ginning practices vveie described b\ Mr. Johnson, who also described several prepara- tioiis which are now on Hie market to put out gin fires 'and thus save considerable cottoii nn'd insurance fees. Other speakers were t J. E. Hltc, agronomist iofUhe United States Bureau of Plant Industry, nnd Dale McGregor, -extension cotton specialist of the University of Arkansas . College of Agriculture, who discussed cotton production, supply aim demand ' nnd new varieties ol cotton. New derelopmc'nts sucli as the cotton picking machine, cotlon defoliation and spinning requirements and properties ,of each variety of cotton were high points In the discussions. 1 ' • • ; . First Combat VYas Lost for Co/. McHair SEVENTY - SEVENTH ARMY DIVISION COMMAND POST Guam, Aug. 17 (UP)-The full story has come out on how the first taste of battle proved the .last for Colonel Douglas McNnlr. McNali- died In action like his father, Lieutenant General Lesley McNalr, former, chief of -Army Ground Forces,- who was killed-in Normandy,- .Young McNair was Killed by five enemy snipers as he and a small pm-ty wore recomialt- ermg a new site'for thenth Army Division : Cbj!iniand Past; , The colonel and his party reached a clearing • in : the jungle 1000 yards behind the American lines About lo^ards away.-jthe Japanese were entrenched in a thatched hut They could-be seen moying past a wmetow. Sergeant 1 Alfred Cawley ol Swansea.i-Mass:; wha:was with Mc- Nalr, tells the rest orthe story: "McNnir/called to me'and told me to stand' guard while he went around the house. He disappeared and m a moment I heard him fire four shots.' Then he-called out Sergeant;.-they're In the corner, let them have it." . Cawley .goes on to say, "I sprav- ed the' with clips from mv Irenade." ^ e " lhe J '" '*«»» Wild shooting followed After It was over; C a Wley say,'he found McNair. lying on the ground'•• A five other men'verecalN • ..•' ' ' (Nauiy pliol'o from NEA)The baltleflekl scene above shows a U S. Navy medical corps,™,, Hiving a Marine, wounded in " ' ' • '__ ' • Guam lighting, iiislpot cooling waler frojn life cunlccn. • Me way to mi did station. 'It was his first tnstc of combat and the last. • ; Major Robert McKithnn of Tem- n I, w^'J )elpctl rei "o v e McNair n . 8 *ep.-. He-ss w ,McNair died'on AAonster Likes . r-i J- '-Ali'v ! —I'', f". les For K!I '' iwi^'v •• '^L iNoct.urnarDtet . • !'.,) ij; i \\ \; i...'|iv . DENVER, Aug. 11 (UP) — William Weigele o[ Denver isn't eel- ting much sleep these nights. He's on the look-out for « phnntom-likc creature who-'has develoiwd a yen for biting luniks out-of his house The .Denver man told authorities hei<a\«>ke one morning - some time ago ..toifind 'holes'-lm<! been ealen-lri.nis roof,' ;.-. . Aftei-.'a few strained explann- tldus.' touch with a-rcnnl- man. ! ;- , ,?.... .. ' But. Sunday niglu he nwakcncd to ft crunching and clashing -overhead. Out he: went, armed .with' a flashlight, to get a look at the -Intruder, who preferred such an MII- iistrardiet, .,••'.,' On the rooftop, munching a nicuthfnl of shingles, the unruffled creature glared right hack. Then nc ambled off Into the darkness. Woigele described him as having bright yellow eyes, rounded ears and a head the sta ol 11 fox. He hart left holes in the roof large enough lor a mm, to wiggle through. Zoo experts c.vmnlticd (he muddy lootprmts going up the side of n rain spout, but came to no coivlu- ston. Wicgelc just shrugged "nn;l summoned another repair man Bids y/ilf Be Received For 7 Highway Projects LITTLE ROCK, .Aug. 11 (UP) — Chairman J. H. Craln .of the Ark- rinsn&'-CHlBhwi))' CommlMlon- snys the Cpminksioii will receive bids on seven ..highway and road construction, jobs Aug. 30. Road 'projects on which the bids wlll'> be'i received include: Phillips Cqunty—two miles of gravel s.ur- fnclnu on the Ferguson-West, road. IJentoii Comity—one reinforced concrete bridge oil the Garfield- Eui'ekri Springs road. Carroll County—two-tenths of. n mile of-grading, minor drainage structures, gravel surfacing and one 500-foot reinforced concrete bridge' 1 over White River at Bever.' • ; When disturbed, woodcocks grasp their young In their feet-mid fly to safety. I gel more good strong cups per pound from LUZIANNE COFFfriCHICOBV . NEW ORLEANS,U.SJ». Just Received! These heavy walnut-finish suites have been?one of our most popular values. Consists of poster bed wirh massive 4 inch posts; 44 inch dresser with 36 inch ™ n< L extra he <"y P'°K> glass mirror; sturdy bench- and 34 men chest of drawers with 5 large drawers' This is the first carload shipment we've received in over a year . . . Compare this value! ' ' ' : ***** Our stocks of bedroom furniture are unusually complete at this time •, • Odd pieces,priced: Chifferobes - - J9-.95 Qdd Chests of Drawers - -17.50 Dressers -,,29.95 &<~* HH-- 1 5" fe^J:\_ Blytheville, Ark. Company OKIMNANCK No. 461 AN [ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OltUINANCE PASSED AND ADOPTED BY •' THE.'MAYOR AND THE CITY COUNCIL OP TUB CITY OP BLYTHEVILLK ARKANSAS, ON THE OTH'DAY OF JUNE, 1931. . . BE IT OUDAINED by Uie Mayor und the City Council of the City of BlyUievllle, Arkansas, that that Ordinance No.-> 316, passed and adopted on the 9th day of June, 1931; and now appearing in the Uecoids of the City. Council' at Pnee 090-1, entitled "Licenses and , Privilege Taxes" be and the same is hereby amended In the following particulars, to-wll: SECTION ONE: • •liy adding thereto under the Section designated as "9",-the. following designation and subject for privilege tax, to-wlt:- • •• .. Organiser, -Promoter, etc., meaning thereby and Including therein, all persons, firms, clubs, associations, corporations, their agents, of- nceis, servants or employees 'and others, however the same.may be designated, and by ti'Jiatcver name the same may be called, whose,bust- ness it is to organize employees-of any employer Into any group, 'association, membership,, society, or union. The License for .said vocation -sluill be $100 for enciv persoiv firm or corporation so ^employed or engaged, which fee shall cover a calendar or any part thereof. Such licensed to expire December 31st of 11 ic year granted. . . , . SECTION TWO: Provided that no person identified us above, shall be granted any l.'-msr. as provided lierem .without first having applied in writing, to lie .!ii«l with die City Clerk. In. which saltl applicant shall specify his, or their name, the name 'of aiiy''par- organization to or with which e f," d to afflllfttc ' ••*> •** set forth the purpose and scope of the business to be'done by It SECTION THREE: y • Provided further that ll,e llcens- iig of sued applicant shall be upou the approval by the Clty.councU after a hearing had upon sudi m" pHcation, and In passing U po,i suTh application, the City Council S be guided by the test-interest , the City of Blythevllte, shall take into consideration we -addition^ police facilities made nece^arl bv he- granting of said - license and the effect same will have upon the peace- quiet, morals and safety of lute!" s of lhe City of B " tl! °SECTION FOUR: •• Provided further that uny person who may transact -business within the corporate :limits or said Citv without,having am obtained such license and paid therefor, shall be deemed In violation of said- Ordl nance/and upon conviction thereof In-the Municipal Court of said Citv shal be fined In any sum. not" ex-' cceding $15, Each day that said person or persons KM\ transact business In the City of Blytheville with out first having obtained:said permit shall costitutc a- separate, of- SF.CTION FIVE: Provided further that before the aforesaid License can be issued to any applicant, the. applicant- must iiovo been a resident of said C'tv tor a period of twelve months preceding the date of the filing of said application, and shall not linve been convicted of any .felony, or other crime Involving moral turpitude SECTION SIX: .. ... : Be It further ordained tltat should any section, part of section, or provision of this Ordinance as amend- . AIJGUST 17, 19<J4 ed, be declared Illegal or void, such Illegality should not be construed to render any other'sectlon, part of section, or provision- of said Ordinance void or Illegal. ; SECTION SEVEN: Be it further ordained that all Ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. SECTION EIGHT: Tills ordinance being deemed necessary to the • ireace, health and safc-ly ol the inhabitants.'of-the Oily of Blytheville; Arkansas, an emergency. Is hereby declared to ex- ist and this ordinance shall be in lu'l force and effect from and alter Its passage. E. R, JACKSON Mayor. Attest: Frank Whittvorth Citv Clerk. Sons Spunk Slolhrrs CHAMPAIGN, 111. (UP)—Severn! hundred ' persons watched nhu boys of tlic Sii-iter park neighbor-, hood here bent their mothers, l-l lo 4, In a game of Softball. 4#) LOANS present Lpqris Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation, COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLEJNCOjE BLDG. PHONE 3131 New Fill Coat Arrivals ited are but four of the many styles already on our floor M ake y° ur selection NOW while size ranges are complete! Ui4ite>ie taut go.,, '.ifr 'r ft.- fi&-\\. jC\i. You'll finii this roa > good rainpani<in-equ<)ljr smart orw luilurr.l lulls snJ lofl/dre^Jei. "'" h's a iiiijhty^svtKc'/oL'with iu vflveiVdje'd collar, laprlaiiii pockeli.'its'inS-erl'fj pica, lia'ck." You'll love Ilie fabrir.-'ali -.\Vool Pfliliie Suede iti olive, Lrowo, grec;;, ruii, cerisi, rhwiiaic,' liliia', , : jre> and black. Sim 10 lo 20/ ' Ut GO/OJI in $35 Oui COACHMAN COAT Il'r tlou1>le*breasl«i! and very liiihilsouie wiUi its velvet collar, wide lapels and welt poi-ki'15. '" . • The tailoring (^ masculine as can be-iihe Ibtal tffeci; Orumatically faninine. Here's a coat to live iu iinl loVe for'doieris'df ilifforenl J1 uccaUoiif.'>Ionlfl]o' l 'Ail WooJ Fleece in cherry ml, lirovin, Vlflrk; Llue, phiin, purple, green, ruil, grey atul heaver. Sires 10 Co 20, $39.95 tkl* " to set off your friniuLnc I'lmnn, TKe irig, luiloreil lilies 'ire so lif-aiilifully Iinlaiireil --tlu: '" " ' ioaltlcra sot so Wftl-lhe sl A Here's llie tailored'ira'at'you've'' ecii looking for— an" all' round tiiiBrtic if \\'t:\f, *veV seen tjhe! All Wool P*-li(.lc'SHfdc iri s * "" oHvc ^rern, Iirown, rust cerise, liluct, cJiamois, blue, and grey, ...... $32,95 ,USE OM? LAY AWAY A small deposit wilt reserve your selection. The New FASHION EDITORS lease copu... •• : ''• • ' i. • ),*•'- From IIP velvet collar lo ila rounded lapch—from iu •rroWhcad pockets lo ils ncal *l«»)ted Lack-lhis coat is tie finitely high fashion. Ils linos are claiiic the way you like them — 'and different details put it right in the groove foe 1 snprr smartness. 1MI \Vool S Fabric in hlack. foresl greeit, apple green, olive green, hrown, ' " Mue, brick, purple-, plum cerise, rliamoij, n»l, grey indreii. Size! 7 to IS. Store $35 Blytheville, Arkansas / .

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