The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, TUNE 20, 1949 BLYTHEVn,LE (ARK.) COURIER KEWS PAGE KINE Trial lor Slayer Of Officer Begins Penalty of Death To B« Asked for Kenneth D. SpcegU YELLVrLLB, Ark., June 30. MV- A 24-year-old AWOL. soldier who admitted slaying an Arkansas State Trooper and a retired railroad man 'Jfc this North Arkansas mountain emintry, began a fight for hl« life today.' Charged with first degree murder, Kenneth D. Speegle went on trial here lor the policeman's death. Prosecutor Eugene W. Moore said he would ask the death penalty. I State Patrolman S. V. Pavatt was wounded fatally last Sept. 2S by a rifle bullet (lied from a lonely mountain cabin. He was invesligal- ng a series of farm burglaries In he area. While hunting for the killer, au- horlties found tlie body of Zoe E. Crook, who owned the cabin, buried n a shallow grave. Papers found in a nearby cave started an extensive manhurH for Speegle, AWOL from his Army post at Fort Lewis, Wash. He was ar- jestcd about two weeks later near Oklahoma City. Dr. George W. Jackson, superintendent of the Arkansas State Hospital, declared Speegle sane after examination, but Jackson said the young soldier apparently suffered amnesia as he said he could remember nothing which occurred it the time of the killings. Weapon Found Last month. Lt. H. R. Peterson, ,-a.d of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Department, announced that Speegle had admitted killing the two men and had feigned amnesia. In Little Rock l"t night, peter- announced the recovery of a • shown by ballistics test to have ?n the one which killed Trooper Pavatt. Peterson said the weapon was ound in Alamosa. Colo., "the re- i of an outstanding piece of defective work." Speegle told officers he escaped prom officers soon after the shooting by boarding a freight train, leaving the rifle in a refrigerator V»r when h« Jumped off the train day. Peterson reported. Special officers of three railroads |)oined in locating the weapon. lew Rent Control Act Be Debated on Air Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama, Harry Cain of Washington, Housing Expediter Tlghe Woods nd William Russell, general chair- nan of the Metropolitan Fair Rent Committee of New York will debate |the new rent law on "America's own Meeting of the Air", tomor- at,,7:30 p.m. over radio station VMPS, Memphis. question to be discussed will "If Our New Rent TAW Fair Tenants and Landlords". . C. A. Cunningham, area rent Director here said that he has rned that Expediter Woods will nswer many of-the questions now sing asked by tenants and land- Jds about the new rent law, and rill also discuss revised regulations or increases in rent. State Weekend News Briefs »J The AiwiaU* Pre*« Postal Clerka Elect HOT SPRINGS—Th« Arkansas Federation of Postal Clerk» has re-fleeted Edward Putmau of Fort Smith aj president. The woman's auxiliary named Mrs. C»rl E. Helimeman, Hot Springs, as iU president. The two organizations closed tlielr annual convention here Saturday. SUylnj Suspect O«t on Bon* PARAOOULD — David Monroe Scott, 18-year-old farm lad accused of the fata) shooting of his father, W. B. Scott, 50. has been released on HO.000 bond. Young Scott Is to be tried on first degree murder charges In the December term o{ Greene County Clrcui Court. WalnwcUht t« Speilt LITTLE ROOK—Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Walnwrlghl. hero of Cor- regldor, wilt be guest speaker during tlie 59th reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans here Sept. 21-M. Named HUhway Director LITTLE ROCK—Deimison Yates of Hot Springs has been appointed personnel director of the Arkansas Highway Department. Aluminum Workers Laid GIT LITTLE ROCK—About 50 workers have been laid off at the Reynolds Mining Corporation's Hurricane Creek Alumina Plant at Bauxite. Ark. The personnel reduction is part of the present trend which other Industries are following in the post-war deflation, said Plant Manager W. W. Blnford Saturday. The firm's Jones Mill plant near Hot Springs is nob affected. -larvdrd Balks At 'Hunt' for ^acuity Reds HARVARD BALKS 24 CAMBIUIXSK, Mnss.. Jim* 20. i — Harvard, U.e nation's oldest mivorslly, will not t.unl for Com- Suits for $61,000 Filed in Deaths In Bay Jail Fire JONESBORO, Ark., June 20. -Suits totalling Ml,000 have been filed in circuit Court here seeking to recover damages for heirs of two Jonesboro men who were burned to To LOVE-1N-BLOOM T —Jeanne McArtrey is delightfully cool, and makes the same kind of picture, swinging and swaying on the boom of a sail boat on Tampa Bay, on" St. Petersburg, Fla. Education Fond. Distributed LITTLE ROCK —The Arkansas Education Department has distributed $441,027 in state transportation aid to local school districts. Pastor* Appointed FAYETTEVILLE—The North Arkansas conference of the Methodist Church closed Its annual session here yesterday with announcement of pastoral appointments by Bishop Paul E. Martin. The conference voted to hold its 1950 meet Ing In North Little Rock. Seventy- four ministers will be. transferred to new churches, beginning Thursday. Sneezing Boy Finally Stops after 37 Days LONDON, June 20. lfP> — The sneezing boy finally has quit sneezing. Fourteen-year-old Michael Hippisley, whose 37-day siege of uncontrollable "achoos" attracted worldwide attention, was reported cured yesterday by a London nursing home. All the nursing home would say was that "Michael's condition was of a psychosomatic nature and he was now being treated successfully." Tne statement indicated the sneezes wrre the result of a nervous condition. amation says In Us first reooit on Alaskan resources. Heads Printers Union LITTLE ROCK—A. T. Dorid of Lltlle Rock Sunday was re-elected president of the Arkansas Chapter of the International Typographical Union. Don Rothman, also of Little Rock, was re-named secretary-treasurer. The Early Christian leaders sometimes nad 'difficulty persuading religious nthusiasts that a baptized person ad n .right to be married, own property, engage In war or eom- nerc* or hold public office. Price War Cuts Cost Of Bread to 6'/ 2 Cents QUANAH. Texas. June M. UP)— A price war knocked the price of one-pound loaves of bread down to i 1-2 cents Saturday. One grocer recently opened » branch store In Oklahoma City and obtained a bakery to supply boih stores. He undersold other stores here until-three of the larger local groceries banded together to lease Idle bakery equipment. Now all four stores sell bread at t 1-2 cents. Navy Well Brings Oil Fluid at 70 Below WASHINGTON, June 20. M TDe world's largest oil clalrn^ the northern shores of Alaska, has produced a honey-colored oil tha smells like gasoline and will pour a 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. The oil came from a test bon in the Navy's 35.00fl-square-mile Pe troleum Reserve No. 4 in the Poin Barrow area, the Bureau of Rec on its faculty. do so, the university says, endanger Its American freedom, its academic integrity. 'Hi* university's views as expressed by a spokesman chosen by President James Bryant Conant l.s: "There will be no haiTRs.sment fit professors for engacing in open and .(-cat meellnRs. There, will he no anparattn of Inquiry »nd 'closer watch/ 'The harm done by the effort necessary to discover even * single clandestine Party Member would outweigh any possible benefit." Harvard's President Conant agrees with '3 en. Eisenhower and other educators that proven Communists should h« barred from teachinR, but Harvard .s not going to "police" its professors simply because there i* a suspicion ihey might be Communist. The university statement says [hat to search for "reasonable grounds" for douhUns the loy.Uty of any facrlty man would "disrupt Harvard or any free university/' Harvard's stand on the Communist-hunting subject was marie public in response to a question raised by an alumnus. It a nawered a H a rva rcl ma n , Frank B. Ober, class of '13. prominent Baltimore, Md., attorney and chairman of his state's commission which recently drafted legislation against Communism. death In a fire at the Bay Jail on the night of Dec. 5, 1948. Widows of Carl Rorex and Walker Newland have filed the suit. Defendants are former Sheriff Leor Brown of Jonesboro. Constable Tom Winfrey of Bay, and the American Surety Company of New York. The complaint charges that Winfrey was acting as a deputy under former Sheriff Brown when he ar- lested the men near Bay and plac ed them In the Jail. The jail burned about an hou after the men were locked up and both succumbed. mar* picture* about th* character. They own all right*, but, it would «e kind of nice,' he added wlst- ully, 'If I could get something whenever they use the character.' "We went to see Floyd Hen- drlckson who for 25 years lias been fallur confessor to the Metro ot in addition to being head of ^he legal department. "We explained that this was no hardship case (actually CoUI«>n was loaded) but we were putting It entirely on a basis of fairness. He listened gravely, 'You renllzc. of course, the author sold out lock, stock and barrel. We don't owe him anything—but I'll see what can be done.' The studio filially agreed to pay Colllson holt ol the original purchase price for each picture made. "Collison died soon after, but to date his wodlw has collected on ft ' dozen sequels. You may call this a pretty little Hollywood Fable, but we feel It Is Just mother time'., when we heard a corporation's heartbeat." . • . More than 100 bells formerly used m locomotives, since junked by nne }. S. railroad (the Southern Rail- vay System), are now used churches along the railroad. Hollywood Continued from Page I not. Listen lo Story Agent H. N Swanson: 'One day writer Wilson Colllsou walked Inlo our office and said: 'M-G-M Just made a book of mine called 'Malsie. I bear it turned out well and they plan to make I The tme-cslltid Animal iiAVcr gvows old and never riles, unless it is eaten by another nnimal or meets by'witU an accident. To propagate. It simply divides Itself in two. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You P1»M Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 1 BLVTMEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Shu* Start* tteekxUja 1:M p.«. iturda? and Sunday: ConUnawv •kuiwint from 1:M pjn. Time Today (DOUBLE FEATURE) "NOTORIOUS" with Carjr Grant. Innrid Brrrman, and Claude Ralna "ALWAYS TOGETHER" with R»btrt Hutlon and Jft-yce Rr.ynnldft Also Cartoon & Late World New* Service — That's Our Motto! We spare no effort IB providing in EXTKA evarydt* prescrlptlcr. service which meant extra convenience to you Feel Iret to can on us it any time Prompt delivery service Phone 607 WOODS DRUG STORE Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba JL SWIFTS PBEIKIUM - *•> BRANDfD BEEF ! Nationally Advertised j Feminine Apparel; < In th« most exclusive ! Tuesday THE LONG NIGHT" with Henry Funda, Barbara B*J Geddei and Vincent Price A Is* Shorts lines at the j Accessory Shop! J Feminine Apparel I Mabri Roran - Jemle Srite J HOTEL NOBLE BI.MG. I BIjrtheTille Arkauau NEW Box Open* Week Days 7:N Matinee SatunUy A Smndaj at.-Snn. 1 p.m. ConV Showing Manila, Ark. Shows CVERI NIGHT Time Today ['COMMAND DECISION' Clark Gabte, Walter Van Johnson Tuesday )LD FASHIONED GIRL' Gloria Jean, Jimmy Lydon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "EVERY GIRL SHOULD BE MARRIED" with Car? Grant & Betsy Drake Warner News A Shorts Tuesday "THE LIGHT ETERNAL" A BibliMl SUf* Play sporoored by Women's Society •( Christian Science with Local Cut mnnn THEATRE LUXORA -"E CO^^L" Dial «-•«] Box Office Open; at ! Snow Starts a ( 1:3* THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE »*i <>ftic< USKM at 1 Week Menu Show Starts a t 7:3* Matinee S*tanla> it SHnd*y il '. o m wiu> cnnUncomt ihavint milrtf *•> *'»" 15 mi\e, t*r 111 Cam An., Say It ... With Flower. THE FLOWER SHOP Gleneo* Oolldlnt Ph*n Mil •> 2747 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Last Time Today 'I WALK ALONE" Bert Mncasler Llubeth Scott Kirk Doiglu Warner News * Serial Cp*. 1 •( "Salman * RoWn* Tuesday |"SMOKEY MOUNTAIN MELODY" R«y Aeifl •Mt Roy AIM Shorts Last Time Today "FOUR FACES WEST" Joe) McCra Fra nces Dee Charles Btekferd Newi of the Omj * Cartoon Tuesday Murr's Bargain Night All Tickets IV "SILVER RIVER" Em4 ftynn ABB SherMaa Ah* Shorts When you look at a Nash Airflyte, roll gel a whole new rti«tur« of -what >o«r car dollar buys. L»k art rfmlsjn N««h, alnnt. is completely streamlined — from bumper to bumper, without even » fender opening! Look «t aiao. Look «l tb« room under roof—more bend- room, le«;-room . . . seau are 10 wide they can become Twin Reds. Look err v*foo r»otiif«« — a curved, undivided » indstiicld in all models ... the safety of the Uniscope . . . (he unmatched Weather Ej-« Conditioned Air System. Look an o.o*omy. No othor hill-«ir.e or—only the Nnsh "600"—given 7011 a reriSed 25 phll miles to the gallon at average highway speed.* Com»«r«. rMa> — with any cur at J«r price! l ; eel the daz.7.1ing performance of Unino-Jet carburction. t'eel how coil springs on all four wheels iron out the bumps. Feel new security on curTea. Only MOJO* can build this value, because only iNssh has a Girder-built Unitir.ed Hody-and-Frame. $•• y*«r Nantli do«l»r and let him dcmnnjtinte. Compare size—compaire features — compare price. You'll know why Nash is America's greatest motor car value! ONLY 1931" DlllVttlD Hltl Here I* the only Car acler dealftned with Alrder-bulFt uniiinre body-and-fr»m«—one aolld,weld«l low-alunft unit—The ftreatea-t ha*4e improvement In 4* yeara. Eipanda Interior room . . . adda 3* percent ftreatvr rigidity . .. eliminate* u««' lew eiceaa weight... preventa body iu«ks and ratlin —Hire* you a (fter, tatter, aafer car. Nash Airflylf "ft*0" -Super Series J-Door an, Ttilly equipped with Twin Beds, Weather Condl- ioncil Atr System, l>e- rosters, Koam Rubber Seal Cushion*, and Oil Rath Air Cleaner. State nd local tatcsfif any), cense and title cura. GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigeralnrs Household — Commercial • • • • Air Condiliuninx • Radios—Record ('layers * * * • Washers • Gas Engines We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. Main Phon* Zt?l We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking; Space PIANO TUNING :'he world's finest — done with (he famous STROBO- JON N and EXCLUSIVE to his territory. 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