The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1966
Page 5
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Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News - Friday,'August li, 19M -. 'White Man Will Humble Or He Will Crumble' (Second of a Series) By TOM TIEDE 'NewspaPer Enterprise Assn. NEW YORK - (NBA) - For years the National Memorial African Bookstore off 125th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem carried an imposing sign in its window which read: "God Damn White Man." Today the sign is gone. But its implications of hate remain. In Chicago and Cleveland, Los Angeles and St. Louis, where- ever the Negro population is divided into factions which to dude militant extremists, there have been colored Americans with an a 1 m o s t neurotic contempt of "WMtey." Lewis Michaux is an example. He owns the 125th Street bookshop and for most of his 72 years of life has preached the "ghetto gospel" that white America has "raped our women and thrown the bastard children into the Mississippi River." And for this, he p r e d i c t s: "You Crackers will burn." Michaux, for all of his brimstone banter, is in person pleasant, gnome - size man who carried on a conversation with a white reporter like the punster in a two-man comedy act. "Where were you born?" "In hell, down South." "Have you ever met a white man you liked?" "Only in graveyards." "Do you believe in racial violence?" "I believe in striking down the devil." What do you think force will accomplish?" "The white man will either humble, or crumble." Michaux voiced these sentiments amid the "all black" decoration of his musty, 210,000-volume store. Pictures of Negro heroes line the walls. George Washington Carver, distinguished educator, hangs alongside Patrice Lumumba, late of the Congo, and Malcolm X, founder of the Black Nationalist movement. Small flags of new African nations crowd the shelves. Negro - oriented brochures are piled knee-high on the floors. "That picture there is Crispus Attacks," he points out on a tour. "He was the first man wounded in the War of Independence; black fellow, of course. These here are beads from the Congo; blackmade, naturally. And up over there we got a photograph of Dwight Eisenhower." * * *. Michaux made the astonishing statement that Ike was in his gallery because he has Negro blood. The fact is that Ike hangs in a spot once occupied by a picture of Abraham LinColn, who is no longer a black hero. Not surprisingly, the shopkeeper allows no white books, magazines, pictures (other than Ike) or historic items in what he calls his "Black Museum." A< drawing of Santa Clans is >rown - faced, and so are several statues and likenesses of heavenly angels. One is claimed to be an actual photograph of Pope Pius XII kneeling at the altar of "Our Lady of Czesto- chowa," the so-called Black Madonna. Jesus Christ is also portrayed as a Negro. And on this Michaux was especially Insistent: "The Bible says that one drop of Christ's blood wiped away all of the sins in the world. Now that got to be a powerful drop of'blood. Therefore, it had to be black blood." Anyway, he added with a sardonic, raised eyebrow, "The fact that they crucified Jesus proves he was black. White men don't crucify whites ... only blacks." All of this emphasis on black supremacy Is not without purpose. Michaux's shop had long been the meeting place for militant Negroes and has more recently become the cultural center for black nationalism and the earthy (violent) translation of the term "Black Power." He did not disguise the intent: "We advocate violence to overthrow evil." He was not interested in compromises: "While we talk right now, Negroes are begging for subsistence from white welfare agencies." And he has run out of time: "I'm old and don't care no more how we get what we want. I just want it. Now!" There's a new sign in Michaux's store which sums up his views, and the views of a faction among U. S. Negroes. It reads: "Move on over, white man, or we'll move on over you!" (NEXTs The Black Muslims.) - ~, - - " sOMEs'turned out to be. What looked like « large rock on land being cleared for a General Motors proving ground at Milfoid, Mich., turned out to be merely , the exposed portion of a huge glacial boulder. It took two bulldozers to move the 40-ton, 35-foot circumference boulder from the building site. School Must Submift Desegregation Plan; EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) U.S. District Judge Oren Harris ordered Thursday that Junction City School District 75 submit within 30 days a school desegregation plan. He turned down a request from federal attorneys to order the plan submitted within five days. They said this was desirable since Junction City schools open Aug. 29. Juncton City, which is about 15 miles south of here, operates separate schools for Negro and white childr-' A number of its pupils and teachers live In adjoining Junction City, La., or'ar Claiborne Parish (County), I*. Claiborne Parish is alreW under court order to desegregate its schools. •>' •>',<• • • Don't say "aspirin"; WORLD'S Shutterbug Is Zeroing on Moon By ROBERT COOKE PASADENA, Calif. (AP) After a series of rolls, twists and a burst of power, America's shutterbug Lunar Orbiter is reported on course today for an egg-shaped orbit around the moon. The 850-pound craft - which resembles an open flower with its solar panels extended — obeyed commands Thursday to fire its main rocket engine and correct its course to the moon, spokesmen for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said. If everything goes as planned, Lunar Orbiter will go into orbit around the moon Sunday after its thrust rocket is fired again to slow it down 550 miles from the moon. Orbiter's goal is to take 352 quality pictures of the moon, helping select a spot where Apollo astronauts may land before 1970. The main photographic target is a 3,000-mile strip along the moon's equator in which nine areas have been picked as possible Apollo landing sites. One of the sites is where a Surveyor I spacecraft settled gently on the moon in the dry Sea of Storms. Lunar Orbiter will try to photograph Surveyor. Orbiter also carried devices to measure radiation near the moon and detect micrometeorites. The first planned orbit ranges from 120 miles to 1,150 miles bove the moon. This is to be, we can get it into orbit. The changed a few days later, bring- only uncertainty is the lack of ' " ng the spacecraft down to 28 miles above the target area. ¥ ¥ * The stubby craft was boosted toward the moon Wednesday 'rom Cape Kennedy, Fla., aboard an Atlas-Agena rocket combination. At a point 49 minutes after launch, the craft's sun sensor jicked up the sun properly, but Drbiter's other light sensor — designed to pick up the bright star Canopus — did not do its job. "We're not sure what's wrong yet," said Jim Martin Jr., assistant Lunar Orbiter project accuracy for the photographic mission." Martin added: "We will try to get Canopus again if we feel it's possible, because the moon will be out of the sensor's field of view by tomorrow. Later, we may be able to use the earth as a reference point, but we're too close now." Scientists said the craft has to have a reference point, such as Canopus or the moon, so they can plot its exact position before ordering maneuvers. If Orbiter attains its planned moon orbit, it will be the first ^ _______ ______ _______ _ . successful lunar orbt for Amera "lot of noise in the sensor's i ican spacecraft — after seven electronic system that seems to block out the Canopus signal. "We've ordered Orbiter, instead, to lock on the moon as its reference point. We're confident failures. The Russians achieved lunar orbit last April, but scientists said it was believed their spacecraft carried no cameras. Tocfoy In Washington By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP)- Senate subcommittee will open hearings Aug. 18 on proposals for a nonprofit satellite communications service. Sen. John 0. Pastore, D-RI., chairman of the Senate Commerce Communications subcommittee, made the announcement and said the hearings would continue through Aug. 23. The Ford Foundation has pro- losed use of communication: atellites to expand educational and cultural television .exchanges. McGeorge Bundy. brmer White House aide anc now foundation president, will >e among the witnesses, Pas ;ore said. FIVE GENERATIONS - At a recent Blytheville family eet together five generations of Renfros were represented. The arrival o little Angela Kay made Ellis Renfro (sea ed) a great'grcat-grandfather. Holding Angela Kay .s her father Chester Jr. Next to him is Chester Sr. p and on the right is Clarence Renfro. WASHINGTON (AP)-The !overnment has awarded three contracts to determine the 'easibility of turning night into day by using gigantic sunlight reflecting satellites. The Defense Department is interested in possible use of such a mirror spacecraft to illuminate combat areas, such as in Viet Nam. CAPITAL FOOTNOTES The Agriculture Department reports the number of milk cows on U.S. farms totaled 14.6 million on June 30, down 6 per cent from a year earlier. The House Committee on Un- American Activities opens hearings next Tuesday on a bill designed to make it a criminal offense to attempt to interfere with movement of men or materiel to Viet Nam. CPITAL QUOTE 'President Johnson has taken no steps and shown little leadership in this critical situation except to urge everybody, particularly the housewives, to spend less money"—Senate Republican Policy Committee in blaming the administration for inflation. HUFFMAN BROS. 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