The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVn,LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 17, 1950 U.S. May Survey Economy of Iran Reds Threaten ' Rich Oil Land Of Middle East Bj- John M. HIslltoiwr WASHINGTON, April 17. <AP) — A : U.S. survey mission soon inuy be •wit io strategically-Important Iran —now In the grip of an economic erUU and rising R«d pre-ssuie. The M( question: What, If anything, •on America do? No on-llie spot study has been decided upon yet, it wns said. How- •vw. Secretary of State Aohcson Is Mported deeply concerned over the Jwmlan situation and has assigned H a high priority among tlie urgent problems under department consideration. The ultuatlou Is complicated by the fact that Iran, along with Or«ce and Turkey, is on the front Mrie of the Cold War In the oil- rich Middle East. It Is under con- •tuit Russian propaganda pressure from the outside while n Communist, political group, the Tudeh Parky, Ic gaining strength inside. Situation Changes For mnriy months, the State Department had considered Unit conditions In Iran were stable and the country need not be a source of major worry to American Cold War strategists. That situation began to change about the first of the year, when a series of alarming reports began pouring in to Acheson froir the American Ambassador to Tehran, John C. Wiley.; A month ago, in order to get a new look at the situation, the State Department sent William M. Rountree, deputy director of the Office of Greek, Turkish and Iranian affairs to Iran to investigate and report back here. He returned last . As top officials now understand the problems, Iran is suffering the rwults of last year's cereal eroj: failure, mainly wheat. People began to go hungry and fcmners' income dropped. Relief measures were taken and import* Increased but In many instances the'goods have piled up in ttie ports'because would-be buyers eouldn't pay for them, some busl- nmmrn fn'jrl At present, stocks at goods are greater than they were ft year ago but business activity is *own because people lack the monej to' buy wen at lower prices. ; •eon*.degree of political unrest •too hu set hi, according to the fetMt information given Acheson Itoe fovemment i£ said to be running Into serious financial- dlffi- Mdtfe*' because it L has, had to dig Into H* reserves of American dol- lan and British pounds in order t: food for the hungry. Help 1« Asked .•:, ;"• ; .' */, privately! concede thai the situation had become .T^y bad by the end of last year— Mi hog after the Shnh of Irar ••gida U* highly-successful gooc nil tour to the United states—the •tafc* Department was reluctant to beHev* Mat Iran was In serious ^••uMi and needed outside help. The Iranians have repeatedly K^Wf^r^-- COMING ATTRACTION-Th first Indian actress lo play a top roi« in an American movie Kndh.i Sri Ram, above, of Ma Hadha is one of India leading classical dancers. INSIDE THE "FLYING CLASSROOM"—This view, looking forward, shows Interior arrangement of the Air Force's Convair T-29 navigation trainer. Forward compartment, which can be separated from main cabin by curtains, is the radar training section, with facilities for four students. Ten student or instructor stations are located in the main cabin. EDSON Continued from Page 8 chants of house furnishings. AH this housing tinta can then be couptcd with nns\veis to the most controver.sla] question of all, which every fifth pcr.son must, answer. It Is, "Last year, how much money did you earn working as an employe for wages or salary/" This will provide a good basis for determining what income groups need what housing, and what pricf, they can tiff ore! to pay for H. This Is (he key to all housing legislation, The question on employment— nbouL 20 of them—are going to give an accurate!* answer to unemployment conditions. There has been much criticism of present Bureau of Census sample surveys on unemployment. The present figure of over -i,(iOO,000 is considered Jow, i that it does not include workers aid off, temporarily unemployed, r working only part-time, If nil icse categories were included, im- mployment might be over (3,000,000. Census questions on how many T eeks anyone worked last year, and ow many weeks he .spent looking or work, will give a more accurate icture of the length of unemploy- icnt periods for people not in the late unemployment insurance sys- ems. This is the basis for hills now XJforcCongre.s.s, aimed at increasing unemployment benefits. Three questions which every fifth lerson will be asked to answer over the amount of schooling he ins had. Answers w'ill provide data m whether there Is need for federal lid to education, A bill to provide uch aid has passed the Senate, but s stalled in the House. Negro Chief Visits White Wife SEEIOWE, Bechunnland, April 17.4- rt'j—Eeralse Khnma has come hack this mud hub tribal capital for five-day visit with his white wife nd his felow African Bamangwnto •ibesrnen, who want hlni to be their tiief. •':The British government, which i as banished the young uhief- R.sienate from the reservation, al- iwcd Seretse to return imlil Friny. His London-born wfle, the oniier Ruth Williams, Is waiting ere to have their baby In June, he refused to leave the tribal escrvntion where she. has lived nee last December. Under the -watchful eyes of arm- d police reinforcements Serelse's rlbesmen gathered from miles n- ound to greet him yesterday. But British authorities have told him must not paw-wow with them bout his chifetninship. • i London of rid A is aenieti his five- ear "exile" was ; 'qrdercd because f Seretse's marriage to a while irJ. They said, however, her pre- ence has caused and hostil- ty among some tribesmen. Seretse was permitted [o come nly to fioe his wife and Lo clear p personal business. Ruth ran down the dusty road t midnight to meet her husband s he drove In a truck from Lob- t,sl. 300 miles away. The former London typist has ejected a British offer of 'medical Ucntlon during her coining con- inement. She said she has "full onlidence" in her present Negro ihysician. will be permitted to re- urn for the birth of the child. 40 of Every 7000 Americans Working On Public Payroll WSAHINGTON, April 17. (AP) Of every 1,000 Americans, 40 are on a federal, .state or local public payroll. And that't include members of the armed forces. The Census Bureau snid In re- or ting thai figure yesterday thai ie total number of public employes i October was at a record 6,201.000 more than one-tenth of all U.S •orkcni (53,000,000). Their pay for hat month was $1,406,000,000. That .amounts to about $16,870,00,000 a year. The Commerce De- nrtmcnt lia.s estimated that when 1,500,000 service personnel are icluded tthc total annual public nyroll runs to about 421.800.000,- XX). Of the total government workers he federal government accoimtec or 2,047,000 the states 1,037,000 and mailer governmental units—cities ounties, schoo^ and the like—3, 20,000. , - Agriculture Economist Says Land Values Down ITHACA, N.Y. (AP)—Farm land raluos in New York state declined hree per cent from July to November. 1949, according to a Cornet University agricultural economist. Dr. C. A. Brntlon, extension economist at the State College of Agriculture here, ; said November lam nlucs lost yenr were on per ccn 1 below those of November, 1948. asked the United States for eco nomlc assistance. They obtained a loan of $26,00,000 two years ngo tc buy surplus military equipment anc they are getting some military at under the current foreign arms program but no economic help. MO PRESENTS ••»- DftD = rSTROME 1 STRONG a AND HIS ORCHESTRA APPEAL" Ages 60 to 85 Buy Hospital Insurance BOTH MEN AND WOMEN JUST PLAIN "BILL"—Because his smiling face attracted hundreds of friends among American soldiers on the Hong Kong waterfront, this 11-year- old Chinese boy, known only as "Bill," inny f,ct o chance to become an American citizen. Army Sgt. Robert Curlis and his wife, of San Pedro, Calif., are making f ran lie ellorls lo cut immigration red tape ond bring Dill from Yokohama, Japan, to this country for adoption. The couple look Bill from China to Japan, but when they came to the United States were unable to bring him with them. Air Force Buys 1,250 New Planes WASHINGTON, April 17. (#}— The Air Force will have bought auou', 1,250 new planes and alrcrufl equipment, at a cost of approximately {1,300,000,000, during the 1/4- month period indlng June 30. Officials said the Defense Department will make these figures public soon, possibly within a week. The Air t\>rce has been preparing them for several months, but.the totals still are subject lo change due to the contract recognition and switches in specifications. President Truman lias asked $1,350,000.000 for new Air Force and Navy aircraft in ihe fiscal year starting July 1, but some Congress members have urged a boost of it at least $500,000,000 in that sum. The Navy said last week that its purchases for the current fiscal year will conic to about 700 planes at a cost of $235.000,000. Equipment is not included in this figure. Armored cars were in use by the Marine Corps as lar back as 191G and those early types attained speeds as great as 60 miles per hour. Too often overlooked are the men and women ages GO to 85. Hospitnl Insurance is now made available to is age group for only a few cents day. Would you be forced to use your savings or borrow money iC hospitalized? Let this policy help you! It covers both accidents nnd ,-ick- ncss. A policy will be sent for FREE Inspection. No obligation—no agent will call. Just send a penny postcard (state age) to Old American Insurance Co.. Kansas City 6, Mo. Dept. II-403B. FOR SALE Stale Certified DPI/No. 15 Blue Tag Cottonseed 80 '/u Germination OGDEN SOYBEANS S'J'i Germination EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas' Phone 2S11 or 2161 BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Fishing & Hunting License. "Jinimie B" 12 f(. Boat $<19.35. Aluminum Boats, 12 & M ft. Fly rods, Casting rods and guns repaired. Shoes for every sport. 421 \V. Main Phone 6762 FARMERS We Have H Small Supply of Chilean Nitrate of Soda While the supply lasts $ / / per you can buy (his prov- 00 «ri fertilizer for only BlytheviHe Fertilizer Corp. South. Hi way Gl> hone 4-171 PRESIDENT OF CARPENTER'S UNION WITH DOLL HOUSE THEY DESIGNED Mr. B. S. Shcltdn is head of the local carpenters union which designed aml.huilt this doll house for (he .JayCee 'Taint Up—Clean Up—Fix Up" program. Union Carpenters can do your job host, loo. . .so during this pro' gram, or anytime, call 3372 for a union carpenter. LEGION AUDITORIUM May 2 Advance Price . . 1.20 person At the l)(ior 1.50 person Tickets on Sale at Kirby's BIG DISCOUNT en brand new 1949 APPLIANCES Th« '50 models are here so out go the Mil's! While fh«y last you can get big discounts on Kelvinator refrigerators, ranges, wafer healers.. .Apex wash- «rs, dishwashers, dryers, kitchen cahincts and sinks. Also 1 1950 Kelvinator range offered at special discount because the porcelain was slightly chipped hi shipment. HURHY! E. B. GEE SALES CO. Smith 2nd Street Phone 2026 SAVE10MHISWEEK 'Paint Up—Clear, Up— FixUp" Specials End Saturday! Now is the time to Jonify" your home ivith JRUt-TAGG FINISHES . . . rou CAN I KUE - I AGG f Over 50 years experience aa Paint-Makers for our Southern Climate has won for TRUi'.'S 100% PURE PAINT the unqualified endorsement of Master Painters throughout the South. What higher tribute coul<1 !>e paid! Contains only 100% pure White Lead, 100% pure While Zinc and I'itanox Pigments combined with 100% pure l.inseed tDil and Dryer. Thij ij the »e»son to see us for ALL J'ourpaint needs—«nd today's* mighty fine <layl BLYTHEVILLE GLASS & PAINT CO 136 Eo,t Main TRUE-TAGG PAINTS SAVE 10% DURING "PAINT UP—CLEAN UP—FIX UP" On Our Complete Stock of PITTSBURGH PAINTS Mississippi County Lumber Co. ALUMIHUM CHIMNEY COVERS Wrestlers from 22 slates wer» mong the 231 entrants al the rent 60th *annual national AAU rappling championships at Hofstra ollcge. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cas« invetti-. flated in several hospitals arxfli' flinicj, subnormal Kidney function' was improved, Bladder pain ond discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. I* •» delicious, pure-tasting, and •wy b« consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Concrete Culvert Tile r She* KP to 36 in- Corrugated Metal Culverts Size* up to 84 ta. AKtomatic Floud Gate* Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bt«: Price* ' Wt UeUi A. H. WEBB J SI al Slate Ua» Phone 714 • PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Xirby Drug Stores The State Financial Responsibility LAW !s Very Strict! liefore you hare an accident, call 33G1 for automobile Insurance protection For small premium, we in 1 chide $10,000 Personal Li ability. '.'/. M. BURNS Insurance Agency "Soy It With Flowers" BlytheviHe FLOWER MART Memphis tliwaj Phone 6002 Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. BUILDERS SUPPLY . CO., Inc. So. Hiway 61 I'hone 243.11 SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! • Prompt Service Kxpert Workmanship f Hfll_T€RS iQUflLITY SHOE SHO i 111 W. M « I N ST. RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Cameras Call 3617 — West Main BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Coll 6911 for BlytheviHe TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete Sheet Metal service. . .gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duct work. Call Taylor Lay ton, shop manager. * Mad* from Aluminum • 80^ Lighter In Weight • Rust-Proof. . .Warp-Proof * Never Need Painting - Always Fit ... Snugly ^ • U»« Year After Year * without work or worry H«t. .r. window » C[ ., B fi.rr. M to -T. r«»l bv&utjr lo 70111 torn*. Alum«-Fab blight and new . . . (01 * IfMlm*. And. «o Iigbl 1o walybl, .o **i 7 lo h.ndl. « T aa « S ji!nq*t.r can put tliwro tip trllh *•••. •t AluniK-FBb . . . iay voodbr* lo window icr*«n xciV and wotiy. Amazingly Low Price I II'. tru.l Aluni-rab com ,]a,on •• llltl. ai old>l««b[an«d xood fraiae*. But you a»\ cuKtom.made, cuitom-Htlad ttamei al ALUMINUM. Phon. or wiil. lor FREt Manufactured In Blyfheville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main Phone 4469

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