The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, APRIL if, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Blood Test Helps Find Cancer; May Aid in Discovering Cure 'o//cemon Saves Girl Friend By Shooting Assailant to Death By Alton L. BUkeclt« Associated Prcvi science Reporter ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., April 17. (/PJ—A new blood test Is 98.6 per cent accurate In detecting the presence of cancer, four researchers have reported. The test Ls one of a half dozen new ones, all based on finding that -micer does something to human Waod. The hope is that this test, or one of the others, will help solve one of the most serious problems In human cancer. This problem is finding the people with cancer early enough to cure them by surgery or x-rays, the two standard cures now. New Test Described The new test was described yesterday to the American Association for Cancer Research by a team of four scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles and the Veterans Administration Hospital In Los Angeles. They are Drs. H. S. Perm, George C. Hall, A. H. Dowdy ant) A. W..Bellamy, The text mixes human blood serum with an extract from the livers of people who had cancer. The test indicates cancer If solid particles form and the cloudy solution becomes clear. It was tested on 4,500 people. It was known that 830 of them had proved cancer. The test said "yes" on 98,6 per cent of them. In this group, nearly 1,000 persons apparently were healthy. The test Indicated cancer, maybe wrongly, in only five of them. It still Is not known whether any of five may have cancers not 'detectable by other tests. Answers Were "Yes 1 The test gave "yes" answers In 13 per cent of 2,435 people In hospitals suffering from other diseases than « er. These included tuberculosis rltis and cirrhosis of the liver ;e diseases can be detected by other tests. The next step Is to learn whether the test *' 111 b e helpful In cancer examinations "of apparently health;, people, about whom nothing known so far as cancer Is concerned Will it detect most of the peopl< who have unsuspected cancer? Wil It miss many of those who really do have cancer? A blood test that does these thing will be a tremendous aid in th fight against cancer. It will help spot the people who may have can cer, segregating them from thos who don't. Test Can Save Life Th« ones who may have It the can be tested further to learn whether they really have cancer. Any such test doesn't*have to be absolutely perfect to be a real life- Raver, said Dr. Charles S. Cameron, medical director of the American Cancer Society, Even' a ' reasonably Imperfect sawening test, if simple and easy, ,'HPd cut c&ncer deaths by 50 per cent, he declared. The test shouldn't mUs any people who really have cancer, he said, but It would be all right U it gave "yes" answers one-fourth of the time In people who didn't have can- wr, but had some other serious ttswwe. Dr. Hmfl Wefaw of People Hospital hi Chicago, In a report to the association, told of another new test. This one Is based on mixing human watching the changes In color. Dr. Weiss said It was SO per cent accurate in detecting cancers of all types. It is estimated that only six out of every 1,000 people taken at random would be found to have cancer. The problem is to detect them, and do It early. Many cancer experts attending this meeting feel that a blood test to help In doing this is (Very near LI' STARS 'N STRIPES—Lovely Joan and Mary Hull do things for zebra stripes that the zebras could never do. They wear them in , two pieces on the sand* at Dayton* Beach, Fla. Premier Bidault Asks Peace Council Of All Liberty Loving World Nations LYON, France. April 17. (/P) — he added, "to make more concrete Premier Georges Bidault wants lib- more simple, more efficacious th erty-lovtng nations to unite eco- solidarity of the free countries i and militarily under a Atlantic council for nomically "supreme peace." Bidault said yesterday he hopes the organization of such a council will be discussed by the Big Three foreign ministers when they meet in London May 8. The proposed new council, he declared in a speech here, should concentrate first upon economic and defense problems, but later might expand its Influence to cover political problems as well. The French premier said the Atlantic council would be the logical outgrowth of the Brussels pact, the European Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) nnd the Atlantic Defense Pact. None of the functions of these bodies, he declared, should lose their identities and aims, but should eventually be absorbed by the council. Without mentioning Russia directly, Bidault said peace could be maintained only by avoiding any "tragic misunderstanding" about the strength anci peaceful, desires of the western world. order to release more strength fo peace through more mutual confi dence." He warned that the high expend! tures involved in current Atlanti defense plans might be wasted un less the Interested nations unil solidly in other fields. "The need for defense cannot denied." he continued. "But if, I order to satisfy it, each nation mu compromise its economy, the secur ity mach'ine would soon Jail for lac of support." A'total of 184 stakes races'wi an added value of $3,371,000 a schedules for the spring and su mer at the 16 Thoroughbred Racln Association tracks that will operal NEW YORK, April 17. «>)— Af policeman saved his girl lend and himself from an abduc- r early yesterday by breaking free his clothes-line bonds and shoof- g the assailant to death, Patrolman Anton Stayduhar, 27, f-duty and dressed In plain clo- Food Ministry Officiol Quits was sitting in his car at a. m., talking to Miss Ann ics, 30 ____^ andles, 21, in front of her home. The car door was Jerked open 'd a Negro gunman shoved a pistol i Stayduhar's face saying it was sllckup. He tied the policeman's wrists Itli clothes line and made him get n the back seat. Then, according to Stayduhar, he ook a long look at Miss Satidles, lid into the front seat beside her nd said: "I want you baby." He started the car as Ihe girl hrank away from him. "I'm going to give you a show," tayduhar said the man sneered ver his shoulder. The car had gone hardly locks, however, before Stayduhar wriggled free and went for the gun his shoulder holster. When I got the gun out, I put rack of him," Stayduhar told his uperiors. "He spotted It and threw his lands up. I did not know whether 5 had a gun in his hand or not. "Then I fired." The abductor slumped on his side, dead. The car bumped against x>le. Neither .Miss Sandles nor Stayduhar was hurt. Police Identified the dead man' Freight Wreck Kills One Boy ADDIS, La., A p r n 1T .' W _ A neavlly laden freight train left the tracks here yesterday, tel«coped 25 cars and burst into flames, killing one boy »nd causing »1,000,000 damage. The railroad station, loading sheds and 19 cars were deatroyed by the fire. A few hours l»t*r Carriers Called Nemesis of Subs OLEND4LE. Csllf., April 17. <JP>— The wny K> aeieat ui« submarine menace— "a menace with which we are threatened," »«ys Adm. William F. Halsey, ii to "attack them at their source." "The most efficient mttna to do (his Is by Urge carriers, capable pi carrying and launching ylanes that can handle the most destruct- killed In world wax II. "It U amaxlng to me, whs saw so much of the carriers In World War II. to find people believing In the ihort period of ftv« yean that they are of little or no u»»." Halsey, now retired, formerly wu commander oJ the Third Fleet la the Pacific. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. as Artus Davis, 23, and said he had a wayward minor and unner. of Brooklyn, record policy game Rats Tunnel Town TOKYO. April 17. W) — Ratsl said the people of Isogawa village. The banks of the village reservoir collapsed. So did two houses and a bridge. And water filled 30 houses. Villagers discovered rats had dug too many burrows in the reservoir banks. Five hundred engineers are studying the problem. DO YOU HATE amtt of mi In 1949, a. total of 520 stake rac with a value of $7,101,979 were ru at tracks Jn the United States. Do you suffer from hot flushes, nervous tension, upset emotions — due to 'change of life' Oft to 62 ;e*rs) — that period when fertility ebbs away, when embarrassing symptoms of ttila nature may often betray your age? Start taking Lydla E. Pinkhaxn'a Vegetable Compound to relieve >uch symptoms.-No other.medicine of thia type for women haa such a long record of success. Taken regularly, Plnkhain's Compound helpi build up resistance against such nilddle-ag» distress. A great mecilcine made especially lor women- The woman''* friend! NOTE: Or you may prefer Lydia K. Pinknam't TABLETS with added Iron. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S SSSJS LONDON, April 17. W)— Following the body of Roy Washington, 4, was bitter criticism by Britain's farm- recovered from the debris. ers, Stanley Evans resigned yester- we possess," he said gone lo the station to get water. day from his post as No. 2 man In the dedication of Seven tank cars loaded with crude the Ministry of Pood. memorial to 44 news corresiwndenls gas, fed the flames. by state jwlice. The Texas and Pacific Railroad, whose train is Investigating the derailment. However, In announcing his Air Force and Marine Corps. Other anticipated appetites from the 1950 fruit and vegetable pack Prime Minister Clement Attlee die merited: "Now everyone can be hap- Include 10,«7,000 pounds of peaches, py. The N.P.U. have my scalp un- 8,495,000 pounds of tomatoes, TP1S.- charged, during the 45 days he held pounds of corn, and 7,714,000 pounds his new Job as parliamentary secretary In the food ministry, that Ev- between town and country. Armed Forces Seek Applesauce ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency WASHINGTON, April 17. (AP) — The armed forces are shopping for 5.649,000 pounds of applesauce. The Arm}' Quartermaster Corps. Main Bear City Drill Blytheville. Ark. which Is doing the buying, estimated today that U the annual applesauce craving of the Army, Navy, AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT '26750 1,000-Galkm Storage Tanki with all hoM and fittings $497.50 '297.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co. CHILD'S DOLL HOUSE PAINTED BY LOCAL PAINT UNION MEMBERS South Broadway Phone 2911 In cooperation with the JayCee "Paint Up—Clean Up— Fix Up" campaign local Union Painters painted this doll house to be auctioned off Tuesday. If you see this little house you'll realize why it's best to call a Union Painter for your own work. Call 3372 for prompt service. blood with three different dyes and "I Judge that the hour has come," Can your automatic drive Naturally, there's no clutch-pushing ever ... no gear-shifting •nywhere. And those are just the first things you'll notice •bout Packard Ultramatic Drivtl Packard Ultramatic Drivt is new—and exclusive. Triumphant achievement of a Packard 16-year research and development progfam. Available now, at reduced extra cost, on all models! Come in—try it! do this ? SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mill*. Cutoi Shearing up to 1/4 inch thicknew. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway . Cruise without slippage? Packard Ultramatic Drive saves gas, ends "racing engine" sensation—and gives you more responsive performance— because you cruise in solid direct drive. V Rock your cor in the snow? Packard Ultramatic Drive lets you change from Forward to Reverse— instantly—without clashing. Yes—you can rock this car in the snow! V Give you «of«, positive control on slippery roads? Packard removes the risk of "down-shifts," which might cause prolonged skids on slippery pavement. Opens the way to new wallpaper treatments of every room in """ your home. The two patterns illustrated offer compliments in soft gray, blue and rose to dominant feature colors you are using. These restful, color coordinated wallpapers represent the arustry you will find in our all purpose selections. Beautify Your Home Now During "PAINT UP—CLEAN UP—FIX UP" Builders Supply Co. Inc. W. H.PEASE Hiway 61 South J. WILSON HENRY Phone 234 2 V AcccUrat* without j«rV or clunk? In Packard Uhramatic Drive, there's no jerking because there's no clutch- pushing ever ... no gear-shifting anywhere, any time. Be Thankful For Health lf°U nn'li" * h ° It Is only when - hav. experienced th« pains and .mitring that sr "»' we CID funy "«*•*• •*••>« Tn^^T than . nft t r< i Ur ye»" Chiropractic ha., been delivering an ever Increasing health service to sick and suffering humanity nrlcta/^'n*, V^ *?" dlS " nCt h " Uh sclen «- Tn* Chiropractor does not treat, heal or cure. He uses no drugs and h. ?sTo"c toTtt 8 mC< " C ! r f St " Se , ry .- m «««P"«W. Hi! °bject£ to th, v H " transmission of nerve force from brain ustln, ,* " ."I*"',' 5 ' ? USC ' es " nd tUsues of '»« body- ^ ad" rtetral • blu *" tl <»> "I*' b creating Interference to Climb long hills without overheating? Packard Ultramatic Drive lets you cruise in solid, direct drive— in your choice of High Range or Low Range. No ilippage when cruising. Giv« yog "sofety-tpf inl" acceleration? There'i no lag in Ultramatic, wailing for gean to »hift. For instant bursu of "safety-sprint" acceleration —juit "cramp dowol" Available now, at reduced extra cost, on all models! Lindquist Chiropractic Clinic Phon. 3170 615 ChiekoiWba Street Biylheville, Arkansas F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 North 2nd — Just Call 2192 LAWNMOWERS D/uve, BLACKSMITHING Power and hand mowers sharpened and repaired... picked up and delivered. ASK THE MAM, WHO OWNS ONt _ MOTOR SALE S COMPANY 217 West Walnut, Blyth«rf1l«, Arfc. WELDING Plow points receive prompt and expert sharpening. Acetylene and electric.. .In the shop or on the job. Satisfaction guaranteed. MACHINE WORK We have the experienced men and the equipment to do your job riffci,''

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