The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1946
Page 5
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___TUESDAY. JULYJ8, 1940 Paris Conference Bean Much Fruit Byrnes, Vandcnberg See Brighter OuHook For World Peace WASHINGTON, July 1C. (U.P.) --Sen. Aiihur II. vnndonberg n Mich., planned (o give Ills n|>- liiday to Secretary of Stale ]>roval road to Bread Rationing In England BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS -• Hyrnes 1 optimistic report Hint "\vc are on the peace." He also was expected to underline heavily Uyrnes' pessimistic wariimi; that Germany Is Hie key to Ihe European peace and (lint things are NOT going well (here nt ^ull among the Big Pour. Eymes charged in u radio ad- <in-ss last night that Russia by being hostile to hfs plan for a •yj-ycnr treaty to keep Germany disarmed, had created suspicion inat the Russians wanted to use oermany as a pawn in a strug- Ute between the East and the He also accused both Russia and France of violating the Potsdam agreement to treat Germany as an economic unit and threatened to go ahead with economic cooperation with the British Zone only. Vandenberg. w h o w itii sen Tom Connolly, n., Tex., has served as Byrnes' advisor at both foreign ministers meetings I'ni'is. will tell the Senate his version of the latest nieclliifr late today. Connally is scheduled to M>fak lomorrow. Byrnes' report to the American people was unusually hopeful and optimistic by comparison willi those h e has delivered after previous foreign ministers meetings. Peace. Prospects Brighter ire .saw "bright" prospects or being able lo sign and seal peace treaties with Italy, Romania. Hun- f'.iu-y. Bulgaria and Finland (his summer. He hopes to do il at the 2!-Nation pence conference which opens in Paris on July 20 Answering critics who have accused him ,,f compromising to pet Big Four agreement on the satellite lrer;ty drafts, Byrnes said Ihe agreements were Ihe best hiimar wit could obtain ami implied that they were necessary to prevent possible irreparable break wi the Soviet Union. His report on the outlines the Italian and Balkan treaties was a summary of lh c decisions readied nt Paris and made publi. al Ihc time. He revealed he hac Ri'own to like the compromise 01 Trieste—to internationalize tba city Instead of giving it. to cithe Italy or Yugoslavia. He said hi also was especially fond of the decision to defer disposition o < the Italian colonies because if tin. •i-Big.Foui^.Etill disagree a-year fron •now the United Nations will make Hie . decision. He added that, he reluctantly had agreed to let Rus- sm collect .$100.000,000 iu repnra- lions'from Italy. Bur his optimism chanrrcd rjuick- lyMo pessimism when he turned to Ihe Austrian and German problem!;. He admitted frankly Ihat "no progress at all" was made on them during his recent mouth I,, Paris. But he had a hopeful nole even on these problems, saying: "Perhaps the time taken in discussion was not wholly lost because our experience suggests that understandings, particularly with our Soviet friends, cannot be reached until «: C have through rounds of verbal bat . . . Critical of Molotov "I sometimes think our Soviet friends fear we would think Ihem weak and soft if they .agreed without n struggle on anything we v.iantcil. even though they wanted il. too." His most bitter statements wove reserved for continued hostility by Soviet Foreign Minister v. M Molotov (o his long-term disarmament treaty for Germany. H C recalled again that Premier Josei Stalin had approved il in principle last. December a claim Mol- olov has challenged. Prance and Britain have welcomed It. Byrnes, \vith an eye obviously lo Moscow in Ihe hope that Stalin will read his statement, said he couldn't believe the Soviets real- i/e "Ihc doubts and suspicions" they have raised among other countries by "the aloofness, coolness and hostility" with which they received his plan. "Had America been a parly to such a guarantee (lo keep her- many disarmed) after World War I. World War II would never have occurred, and the Soviet Union would never have been attacked and devastated." h 0 said Then he implied that the way lo prevent World War HI was to get the big powers to subscribe to his Plan for keeping Germany disarmed this lime. "To Ihat. question there must be an unequivocal answer, for equivocation will Increase unbearably the tensions and strains which men of good will everywhere are striving (o relieve." As for economic policy toward Germany now during occupation Byrnes served notice that Ameri, can military representatives in / Germany were being notified this J^ week lo cooperate with any one 'or all of Ihe other three occupying powers In essential administrative matters such as finance, transportation, communication, trade and industry. PACK mm Teen-AgedGroup Calls on Truman President Explains Necessity for Helping Hungry Folk Abroad WASHINGTON. July 1(1. U)l>>._ ivsidnil Tninmn (odiiy loia ;M 'l'ii-aiie buys and ulrls Ihal I lie United .Slides probably will h.ive > continue, aiding Ihe world's turn* in 1 ureas lor another Iwo or 'ears, "Wo are KOHH: 10 neip tiu'in nil we lundreds of British housewives join bakers in protesting bread rntioninjr in Kngland ions were held before the Food Ministry Building In London. (NKA Telephnlo.) These demonslra Jewelry Firm Makes Repairs On West Main One of the most modern Jewelry stoves in this area is expe?tcd to •esult from the complete remodel-, iiB woik of Guard Jewelry Store lion West Main, upon which worl: is itarting this week. The building, owned by the jewelry store, is to have a new from, lew floor, new dropped ceiling, and other improvements, ineludln.; new ighl fixtures, and display cases. It is expected that at least a month will be needed to rebuild the interior and front. While the work is underway, the optical department has been moved the second floor where customers also may call for repair work, it was announced. * Dr. J. L. Guard and Dr. Jamci Guard will have offices on the second floor during the remodeling. When completed, the optical and repair departments will be a part of the main store. Stomach Pump Helps Officers to Recover Evidence of Gambling BOSTON. July Ifl. (UP)—When police closed in on him. Ai-'lrew Joyce .slurred a handlul of 'uonk- niakini; .slips into ),i s mouth -and swallowed them. Police hustled him >ff to a hospital where a strm.ich Jump retrieved (he evidence. Lower Utility Rates Sought In W. Arkansas gone com- House Approves Memorial Coin To Honor Negro WASHINGTON, July Ili. (UP 1 .— The House yesterday passed and sent a bill to coin a special 50- eent piece in honor of the laic Book- T. Washington. Negro educator, after hearing Rep. Howard W. Smith, D., Va., plead for racial tolerance. "We have loo much race prejudice In Ihe world," Smith '.old the House. "Those who indulge in tho nefarious practice of eriticfeinij minority races will find retribution n3 did the Nazis. "We' need the cooperation of ail our minorities in this, our greatest hour of trial in history." Washington, a former slave, founded Tuskegce University, Aia. The memorial coin will be sold to finance a memorial at his Franklin County, Va., birthplace. Tigers Enter Independent Tournament The nlyllievillc Tiger Independent baseball team will go to Caraway tomorrow lo enter the Independent baseball tournament lo be held I here Wednesday. Thursday and Friday. The Tigers will play Farogotild Wednesday. The Blythcville nine has wor ten Bames this year and have dropped only two games, one to the Caruthersville Brown shoe Factory Independents and one to a -strong Parkin team. -Frank Ellis will start on the mound for the local nine and Burl Wilson will catch. It is expected ./hat sonic strong teams will be in the tournament, such as Paragould. Jonesboro and I'ocahouUis H ( „... .... ,,._. LITTLE HOCK. Ark,, .Tilly Iti HJi'J—The AiKunsas Public Seir <•(.• Commission hns ordered tin .Southwestern Cias and Electric G'< if Rhreveporl, La., to appear Si-pi 0 and sho-.v pause why it shorn ml reduce rates on all electrlcil (Old in Western Arkansas. The order followed an informs invcstlKtillon of the company's rales made by the commission on UK own motion May n. Any reduction In lutes will be retroactive lo loclny. Armorel News Mr. and Mrs, T. n. Watson's children and their families Jinvc i.rrlved lit (ho Wntson home for several days visit. They Include Mr. and Mis. K. J, Watson imu children, Dela, brfor* of Charleston, Mo,, and Mrs. Lois| derwn's parent*. Mr. and Win i Tnusch of Helena. _ Anderson,- of. Dexter. Mo., be Mm, Jesslo nidncour of Shreve- returning ;hwne.' porl. La., formerly poslinabtcr at " " Armorel Posloffice, spent a brief vlsil In Armorel wllh friends. Sho Is the houscEUcst of her sisU-r. 'Anne ami Tommy,' Ml ' s - n - "• Robinson, in Kelser, whilo her dniix'.ilcr, . Anna, Is undergoing treatment In Ihe Adult Crippled Hospital In Memphis. phis Kdrjle L. nee, son of. Mr.: anil Mrs. Kdd Roc, has beeri returned to civilian life through Ihe Navy's personnel center, Memphis. Of his Ki'cul luunnnltarltui'Ideals (or which we toughl" by contlnuliiK its famine relief program. Walhiee said tiuccesu In the j'lnl. ^ujios of the relief ]>roiM-iim and reports of unUdimlcd high ui'aln crops here and abroad had brought n tendency oi\ Ihe part -if iu;niv people to relax "wllh the iVehiiK thai the crisis Is' no longer serlour,.'" "You know," lie (old the croup, "we cam.ol. allow ourselves lo be Manila News misled by appearances In the sen uon of plenty." Mr Trunmu siilil "It Is JTO|;VJ to lake nnotlier year or Iwo. ii'r.ybe thvee" bckire llu> world's Uun'ury nations—can return to a v:'nlue- tlon busls "so that (hey (an i-ven can with Ihu machinery unit tools iiiKl Ihe wherewithal In YuHf food," Mr. Trutimii said. ' r uiil it will bn' some time before those tluslroyo'.l ics can Kt-t back on a busls where they on feud Mit'nisdvos " The PnviliU'iil urged Ihe members 'il Ymilh United for Kainlnc HHti't [conti Ibutc Iu their own support," I 1 " i:» hoiiu' ami convince "onr pro llu Mild the United Htnlc:; was pie" nl Mir need for continued fond | proud of Its pnst contributions to (iinscrvnllon and food shipments to fiiinliw ureas bill lluii 11 WHII "iiiith- r.milne areas. I m 1; r ( ,r us lo brnu abiiut." He spoke nl a While llouso ;>nlli- "W^ fnrnlshr-d those ,'oad '''''"I!- | bi'ciiuse we hiipiieurd lo h,- the Secretary of Commerce llenvy A. | country llml had Ihem." he s'lld. Mr. and Mrs. Kcl Anderson and daughters. Jerry and Charllne. Tif Miu'ia. Texjis, are Ihe quests ni Mr.s. Anderson's niolhcr, Mrs. I'M li{. for a few day. 1 ). They will also visit Mrs. Andorson's sister, Mrs. Milton Fisher, and Mr. An- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Barricklow and children of Ben tori Hutoot, Mich., spent a few days of* &ft week. w ith ; Mr». .Ruth Maynard; Mrs. Ruth Boyt has returned to Flint, Mich., after- spending a !<"»' days with Mrg. Ola Wright and relatives, . / 10 months in service. 11 months were spent In the Pacific Tl^ ter. Forest, fires cost the. United. States from 30 to 45 million 'dollars annually. Wallace said II was (he duty of Americans lo^'not only save lives lull preserve the world's fallh )n the. "Thill doesn't mean I hat everybody, while hit did not starve, received enough lo enl." Minnie Lcc Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawbo lilytbrvilU', Legion Juniors Forfeit Game In 10th Inning STARTS TOMORROW! QUANTITIES LIMITED! A wandering aiDalross flew miles in only nine days. 3000 The Junior American Lcylon bnse- bn)l Irani was home today tifliT a prnme with tlic Lo])iinlo IncUnn-n- clcnts which \vus forfcUL'd by the visitnr.s after ft had rntcrt'd the- 10'h Jnniny' with the score -1 mill -I. M:iungcr Mnrslmll ttlnctcnrd the Lcyion Juniors .said the un \vns forfeited of what he termed Ihc miBpoi'tsinanhke ulil- tutle lnki:n by .some of Ihc. playoff on the iiKlependcnt team. ''BUI McBay' 1 "nhcl j. A. Tjloyd snv\ niouml duty for the Jitniar;;, am T. n. Foster worked behind the plate for the Blythcville loam. The Hat Was No Longer New But Never-the-Less The Buyer Got a Bargain ATLANTA. Ga.. July 10. (UPt MoskVs Store sells almost anything including hats of all styles, shapes and colors—and usiialy for SI. But Ihc proprietor. Moskv Y.ilo- vilz. goes to n more exclusive store for -his own hat".vcar. He came back with n S10 Panama Saturday and put it on the counter of MF store. Yes. you guessed it. One of his own salesmen had sold it for 51. PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin T>iovisanrtffchatif;o Kroana logrlna. Use a real f/or/or,* - formula for distress of piles 1 font druggist* by • nolod Thornton Jt Jllnor Clinic. Surprising QUICK pnllln- tive rolic( of pnhi. itclt, sorcncaa. Helpa Forton ti.ird p^ro; Icnci? lo shrink swelling. UHU rfo.'lor*' way toiiny. Gel Uib« Tliornlon ,t Minor's Ointment or Thornton & Mlaor HccUl Suppositories Jf not delightecl. low cost Is renmilci At nil good drug »lorcj everywhere. Construction Firm Workman Electrocuted NEWPORT. Ark.. jui y 10. IUF') Jnck Shannon, about 35. of Tuck- ennan, Ark., was electrocuted near here yesterday when n cabTc he was holding connected with a hltfv tension wire carrying 1.300 volts Shannon was working for the M. F. Carroll Construction Co. setting guard poles at the inter section of Highway 67 and the Newport airfield road, four mile." north of here. The cable was attached to n boom on a truck, am the truck backed Into the nisi tension Arkansas Power and Ligh Company wire. Rattlesnakes, dwellers of tin deserts, cannot survive 15 minute; of brilliant sunshine. LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY; M EALS TURNED TO GAS One Indy said recently that Her stomach used to IK like a "gas factory! " Thai Is, when she ale a it seemed to turn right Into gas. Sho was always blo.atcd, had awful stomach gns paiiis, dally headaches and constant Irregular bowel action. Now. however, this'lndy says she Is FREE of STOMACH GAS and she says the change is due lo taking INNER-AID. Her meals agree wttn her. No gas or bloat after eating. Headaches and constipation arc gone. "Oh! what relief I" states this lady. "Why don't other gas and constipation sufferers get INNER- AID." INNER-AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse • bowels, clear gas from stomach, net on sluggish liver nnrl kidneys. Miserable peo- AID. Sold by ail drug, stores lure In Blythevlllc. CUSHION DOT I'KISCIU.A CURTAINS Piiir I5EAU DURA RAYON PANTIKS I'air DINNKRWAHK SET .!!i! Pieces AUTO SKAT COVKRS COHIKJROY OVIORAI.I.S SiJics 1 to (i ALI, iMKTAI, SCOOTICR ROI.IJCR SKATIOS QUART THKRMOS HOTri.B WINDOW AWNINGS .'ifl Inches TAHI.K iMODKI, RADIO KADIKS FANCY HANDKKRCHIKI-'S I'OSTKR HICDROO.M KIMTKS ROSE OAK HKDROOM SUITES KI.ORAI, CHASM DRAI'ICS I'iiir STARCROSH WUNDA TOWKI.S (i for AI,-I,ONITK IM.ASTK: i>n,i,ow COVICRR NYLON HRASSIKRKS NFOW FAI.T, ri.ASTIC IMIRSKS NK\V "CARROI. HRKNT" SWKATRRS HOWS SLACK SUITS "RIVKRSIDK" I'ASSKNfJKR TIHKS B.OOxKi NliW FALI, LADIKS (JADARDIN1-; SUITS COTTON YARN RUfiS Size 2,'ix.H; DOUBMC COII, HKI) SPRINGS 39 Inch INNKRSI'RING AIA'ITRKSS H!) Inches ALL METAI, 59 ?2 - .$«..!» "% S 15 C 169 129 S-1.2!) * 2r SO.75 w r MONTGOMERY WARD DRASTIC REDUCTIONS! LADIES SLACKS REDUCED .lust BOYS SUITS REDUCED liny now wliili- (he price is cut! lie will nowl diem Tor Kclionl. I'rit'os hcuiii nl 12 pair r § l.i)N. assorted ni/.es anil colors I jinit one paii- FINAL CLEARANCE LADIES COATS TIRE RELINERS REDUCED FROM $2.09 , Ccmcnlc'd relitKTS in mosl passun^vr si/es. In- $crease life of worn (ires. <!e1 exlm savinjjs. .. SALE! 54 INCH CABINET SINK \Vixxl sink cahinct, linolcuin covered lop with ? cliina .sink. Complele with fnucel and slniiuer. SOCKET SET REDUCED Complete your wardrohe at duelions. Iti'j,'. from $H).i). r > these drastic r -$2-1.95. Now .77 SALESWOMEN'S COLORFUL SHORTS Full Keiluced lioni riiii);e <»f si/.os 1.50 fo clear our stock. iissorled colors ?4*. .II 97' SPRING AND SUMMER PURSES ll-pici'c suchcl sot pi!f|)ose .sel ol' Draslii'iill.v reduced. \Ve new fail tnerclrandisc. Hi .'!-S drive, a handy (|iinlity. llc-(j. ?! 0 must make ^ bargains nmm for $<.(>7 : Rcnei'nl ?' 511— now i f.75 NEW SHIPMEr ^CHENILLE SPREADS..; 7 ' fl9 ROWJ of cfosely*spaced cheni!!* In lovely, colorful designs on pre- jhruntc sheeling! All bed sil*tl m SUCH PRETTY BIB STYLE APRONS <>r.o Ihey'll save many a iVess! Bfighl, frcih floial liln conlrosl pipina. COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC IRONING TABLE 4.93 Ali ilccl undoriliucturG v/ilh wcod lop. Juit hold board horiionlolty and 'oas ,olJ ooonl 5-1x15". ADDS YEARS TO LIFE OF BARNS 1 CW.(,y, T j 9 Long-lmllng waterproof finiih won'l chip or peel. Bright red. CLEARANCE CHILDREN'S WEAR! Tills sun suits—all si/.cs 87c (lirls skirts—llojiilJii' SI.1!) f<i $1.50 !>7c Girls Sweaters—Itvi;iil;ir SI.Si)—now §1,17 Special Training I'finls <)(• Girls (Visits—si/cs 1 tn li—KcKiil:ir 57.<)8 Sfi.77 Girls Mid-rif Kails—regular ?:?.!IS ?2.!)7 (Jirls Piny Sliiirts, assorted si/cs—Keg $l.!tS .... !!7t' (Jirls Striped Skirl.s—Kegnlur $1.19 «7c Tuts Checked Crceperalls—Reniilar (i. r ,c .I7 C To IK Seersucker Snh Suits—Kcguliir S1.0;) .... >S7<; fioys I'lay Sliorts, sizes 10 to 12 nly. 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