The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on March 20, 1981 · Page 10
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 10

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1981
Page 10
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10-A Frl., Marrh 20, 1 001 siinFVFPonT-iioif:R The Timet The weather Temperatures rvwm u ' . - u vv . f miiOK ou'hii mvifi NOAA tl of f . 0 ntrnra SHREVEPORT High Ydttordav M Low Yesterday )l High Year Age 51 Lew Year Age 41 Record High If In IUJ Recerd Lew n in W3 Rain none Rain lor year 7.J7 Sunset today 4:27 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow t:Ne.m. The National Weather Service forecast for today predicts snow for parts of Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and North Dakota. Snow flurries are forecast in parts of Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. (AP Laserphoto Map) Forecasts 'SHREVEPORT AND VICINITY - Sunny and mild today. Rortly cloudy and cool tonight. Increasing cloudiness, wind ond warm with a chance ol showers Saturday. Southerly winds 7 to IS mph. High today upper Ms. Low tonight mid 40s. High Saturday mid 70s. LOUISIANA Fair skies today. Increasing cloudiness Saturday. Highs today in the Ms. Lows tonight in the 40s. Highs Saturday In the 70s. . i 'ARKANSAS Mostly sunny and warmer today. Partly cloudy and warmer tonight and Saturday. Chance ol showers Saturday. Highs today In the Ms. Lows tonight In the 40s. Highs Saturday upper Ms to mid 70s. 'EAST TEXAS Increasing cloudiness and wormer today and tonight. Mostly cloudy and worm with o chance ol thunderstorms Saturday. Highs today 67 to 74. Lows today 4 to $2. Highs Saturday 70 to 74. EXTENDED FORECASTS Sunday-Tuesday "LOUISIANA No precipitation expected. Lows low to mid 50s Sunday cooling Into the 40s Tuesdoy. Highs mid 40s to the mid 70s. ARKANSAS Scattered showers ending early Sunday, otherwise, dry through Tuesday with near seasonal temperatures. Highs in the 40s. Lows In the 40s Sunday lowering into the 30s and low 40s Monday and Tuesday. EAST TEXAS Partly cloudy ond worm Sunday though Monday. Fair and cooler Tuesday. Highs from the mid 40s to low 70s Sunday and Monday lowering into the Ms Tuesday. Lows in the 40s. Fraud unit certified i BATON ROUGE (UPI) - Attorney General William Guste said Thursday the federal government has certified his office's medicaid fraud unit, making the unit eligible for federal funding. ; Guste said the Department of Health and Human Services recertified the state's medicaid fraud unit without conducting its usual on-site inspection because of the unit's 1980 performance. He said the fraud unit collected $164,350 in fines against Medicaid defrauders and identified another $476,000 that could be recovered in potential civil suits against Medicaid providers who may have submitted false claims. Last year, the unit obtained 21 indictments and 10 convictions against violators of the Louisiana Medicaid program. Guste said the 11 other suspected violators will go to trial this year. AtoiondrM , oisn RouM lotovvttt Lokt Charm MWM..., Mw Or Man Albany Aibu4urau AmarlHo.... Anchor m AthcvHI Atpn Atlanta Atlantic Cltv Auttin M.n ioitlmort Bllllnw Birmingham Bltmarck Bolt Botton Browntvllia Buflolo Burllnaton Vt Caar Choriatton SC Chortotlon WV... CharloMt NC Crnvtnn Chicoaa Cincinnati. .. Citvaiond Columbia SC Cotumbut Oh Pol Ft Worth Dayton Donvar , Dot Molnot Dttrall puluth CI Pom Evontvlllo Fairbanks Forgo FlaottoM Groat Fall! Horttord Htlona Honolulu Houston Indiana poll! Jackunvlllt Junaou Kontot Cltv MOIONAl lo hi IX eiioil ,. M 4IJ Oraomm- ,. It 1 M Joint .MUM Oalvotton .. J M Lonovww Mil UDoroM , .. Tourkana MM J I IS , M St J .4111 i U . ! tt i mil j NATIONAL lahlac ... M M ,. M M ... It II M .... H 41 .1! ... M 4) 00 So botow M 4 .00 4t .00 .... M M 00 .... 41 .00 .... IT 41 M .... Ji si m ... 1J 41 W .... 41 SI .01 . 11 IS .00 ... 47 47 .00 17 14 .14 .... II JT .01 ... 17 41 .01 .... 41 Jl .0 .... 14 11 OS .... 14 41 00 .... 11 44 .00 .... m n oi ... 11 11 .00 ....MM. IS .... 40 S4 .00 .... 11 11 .00 .... IS 41 .00 .... 17 11 .04 .... M SI .00 .... IS 40 .00 .... 11 It .01 ... It II 00 .... 10 7t .00 .... JO IS 00 ... 17 40 .00 .... 1140 .00 .... It 5J .00 ... 07 It .01 ... 14 40 .00 .. 14 M 00 .... II .00 ... 41 45 .00 .... 13 11 OS ... SO 41 .01 .... IS 4t .00 .... 17 SI .00 Lai Vooot SI 41 .00 Lltll Dock 14 57 .00 Lot AntMH, St 44 .44 Loollvlllo It M .01 Lubbock MO 04 Momptill IS SI .00 Mwml Oaach 7 00 00 Mldln OdM..,. SO 41 00 Mllwauk t 0 03 Moll St ul IS 41 .00 NokhvllK U 4S .00 Nw Vr 14 It .00 Norfolk V M 40 .01 North Plan 17 si 00 CttMhMM Cltv 141 .00 Omoha II 4t .00 Orlando , M 4 Ji PMiaaoiphM 14 14 .00 PiwobH Js 11 to PlttMurth It 17 14 Portland M . I JS .00 Portland Or It St .00 Provlam 17 JO .00 Roltloh . 10 41 .01 Room City JI 41 .00 "no 40 SI .14 Richmond 10 41 .00 St Loull It 47 .00 St Prbo Tomoo 51 a .01 Solllokocltv 31 54 00 San Antanl Jt 70 .00 San Plto St 44 .00 San Francltco SI SO .04 Son Juan Pr .. 74 14 00 St St Mario 14 It .0) Soortlo 4t 40 .00 SMui Folll W 44 .00 Saokan 17 54 .00 Svracuto II It .04 Tootto It 54 .00 Tucun 4t II .00 Tulw ... II 40 .00 Washington it 45 00 Wichita 14 SJ .00 Notional Eitromot Low w J at Watertown. N. V. Hloh - 04 at Coolldao. Arli. Atoon: llattrMtatta.m.i tnw stoth, M Inchtti now mow, nan. River Stages FS STO 14HC RED Golnosvlllo 15 10.1 1.0 RIM Arthur Cltv 14 4 1 NC DtKoib 14 I I m lnd 15 4.10.1 Fall Fulton 17 4.1 01 Fall Shrevtport 30 7 t O.t Foil Crond Ecor 11 11.1 1.4 Fall Alexandria 11 7.1 O.t Fall CLOVER Glovor., 14 1.1 0.1 Fall LITTLI ldobl 30 4 4 0.1 Foil Horotlo 17 t.O 0.4 Fall Millwood Lok 15t.ll NC SULPHUR Wright Potman MMI 0.1 Fall CYPRESS Lak-o th4 Plnm 121.74 0.1 Fall Caddo Lako- Mooringtport WIS NC SABINE eiodwatr 14 4.1 0.1 Fall RESERVOIRS Doniton Dam 415 to M10 Toldo Rnd 147.47 145 Pdtmon Dam Jll.ll 1474 OUACHITA Comaan 14 M l.t RIM Monroo 40 1J.0 0.) Fall BLACK JonttvllK SO 34 1 0.0 ATCHAFALAYA Slmmnpot 41 1ST 0.1 Fall Malvlll 41 11.111 Fall Bt LOROM M 13 14 Fall Morgan City 04 1.1 1.0 Poll - PEARL Jockion 11 I 510 Porl Rlvtr 11 I t 0.1 Fall ARKANSAS Llrtl Rock 11 7.1 0.1 RIM MISSISSIPPI St. Loult 10 Mcmohli 34 Helno 44 Ark Cltv 44 Notch! 40 Btn Rouoa is IS 4 I t Fall Now Or ln 17 4.4 1.4 Fall nvmlsslng NC-No Chang 31 0.1 Fall 4 5 1.1 Foil 13 4 1.1 Foil lit 1.1 Fall 13.1 1.0 Foil Stage Forecasts RED Nth list Fulton 4.7 4.1 Shrevcport 7.1 4.4 Alexondrio 4.3 5.5 Middle Red River A continued falling trend is forecast tor the next few dovs. Little and Glover rivers, southeast Oklahoma, southwest Arkansas Oniv minor changes are expected. Coddo Lake. Moorinasport - Stationary lake levels will continue. 5 more struck by meningitis MORGAN CITY (AP) A Morgan City teenager and a third grader from St. Bernard Parish were added to the growing list Wednesday of state residents stricken with meningococcal meningitis this year. Doctors say both youngsters are expected to survive the often fatal disease. State health officials said they have found no contact between the 39 people who have suffered from the disease in Louisiana this year, 10 of whom died. The Morgan City boy, in his mid-teens, is believed to represent the first case of meningitis in St. Mary Parish in 1981. State epidemiologist Louise McFarland said doctors are predicting it will take about two weeks for the boy to recover and be released from Lakewood Hospital in Morgan City. Meanwhile, the nurse for the St. Bernard Parish school system said the third grader diagnosed as suffering from the disease is in stable condition and expected to recover. Two of the deaths have occurred in the last eight days in St. John the Baptist Parish. However, McFarland said that no link was established between any of the cases so far, so that there did not appear to be ' any type of epidemic. In LaPlace, Jeffrey Cupit, 18, died Monday of the disease, which attacks the membranes covering the brain or spinal cord. Four days earlier, 13-month old Jeremy Entre-mont of Reserve also died of the disease. Karhi Gnrina Conference March 22-25, 19&1 Sunday Afternoon 3:00 PM Monday-Wednesday 10:00 AM & 7:30 PM Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Word of God expounded upon in depth. Join with us as together we unite to glorify the name of Jesus and learn to walk in. the authority of God. Charles Green -Pastor of .Word of Faith Temple in New Orleans. He has authored numerous study books, teaches on a daily radio broadcast and is the principal speaker on his daily television program. "Reaching Out:' Garlon Pemberton- Well-known international Camp Meeting and Convention speaker. Now associate minister of Word of Faith . Temple and appears regularly on its daily radio and television program. Michael Green -A dynamic young man with the anointing of God on his life and ministry. He is the producer and co-host of the Word of Faith television program. Reaching Out. I Garlon Pemberton Make plans now to attend these special services and see what God has in store for you. We look forward to seeing you and know you will be richly blessed. Nursery Facilities Available (Bilrisuan ?r r j) o'itf fifinr tfiiiiaiir-wtsui Charles Green ; o L i i " .irf tl 2419 Meriwether Road Shreveport. Louisiana 'The Church That Love is Building" PHILLIPS 3 Complete Music Store Has I CYMBALS 673 TODREE IR. SoirthficK Uttt Mr. Stereo Repair 1 Mcintosh Pioneqt Sony Sansui & others MAJOR'S. , t 865-8811 V 1 " i ' V " . 4 ' I 4 ' - ; r. ... ' i' 1 f Hi .3 I if. tjv; .ih Brownbuildsr CIsirEi lyles Mark T. Lyles, from New Orleans, is a Louisiana Brownbuilder at work in Louisiana. Mark joined Brown & Root in 1972 as a tack welder and later became a cost accountant. He's now a cost engineer, checking contract performance and labor productivity. A second generation Louisiana Brownbuilder, Mark enjoys hunting and fishing on the weekends. Mark is part of a team of Louisiana Brownbuilders. Many of them first joined Brown & Root at project personnel offices near their homes because Brown & Root has a policy of hiring locally first. And, Brown & Root hires and promotes solely on the basis of individual ability and merit. Anyone willing and qualified is eligible to work. Brown & Root came to Louisiana in 1934 to perform site preparation work for an oil field at Roanoke, near Jennings. They later built the world's first offshore oil platform, the longest over-water highway, the largest refinery constructed in one phase, and the nation's largest natural gas plant. All in Louisiana, built by Louisiana Brownbuilders. LouisianaBrownbuilders generate a multi-million dollar payroll each year. The money they spend here, save here and pay in taxes here turns over many times, helping to keep Louisiana growing. r Mark Lyles a Louisiana Brownbuilder helping to build a better Louisiana. Brown "Rootlnc. Ana Associated Companies Q A Halliburton Company Serving Progress m Louisiana An Efludl Opportunity Employer . Wool O We mat tohevurfanritt store ll f i i 1 j ' - " l A ' & '&!&$$ " Prices Effective thru . . . HflR. 21 , CN "Y OPEN SUNDAYS )( ) 1P.M5P.M, J . WHEELBARROW nn 1 DELUXE ; reg. s.87 GAS EDGER S "CI flR Sturdy braced V- fifflffiElS. 2 lb. bOX duty double II I legs, all steel ZwW&ks. ig fETJft handle finger- (I handle,, durable PWVJ S "I 00 , h U U baked enamel S L "1 f whed attach V J Jg V REG. 209.00 cluded J 2 5 KJ $01700 fe-t'$1? prlS . 1 RE6.274.00 jj '" mid-wallbraces for extra support. J. PINE BARK POTTING SELECTED BEDDING seiecTi1 cow NUGGETS SOIL SKRU3S PLANTS Manure, Organic Peat, - "$?50 $1" $2" $15 2,t. $100 I REG. 2.87 REG. 3.67 REG. 1.97 FCR REG. 1.87 Decorative pine bark 40 qt. bag of potting soS. Includes Ligustrums or Large selection to choose Your choice in 40 lb baos. nu99ets- Boxwoods. from. Ready for planting. I' ' Si . f n."-. frrr SHOP DAILY; 9 a.m. f o 9 p.m. MOM, thru SflT. j L .. .. 7. . BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! I mmm JUH t.wv k SHREVE CITY SHREVEPORT-BARKSDALE HWT. -A- SKREYE WEST 70th at MANSFIELD tFr.; to my t worn co

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